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Sakura and Ryu - Beach time!

A work I did for :iconjaimito: and for Street Fighter's anniversary. The idea is doing some street fighters on bathsuits and so...
And yeah, Ryu is taking a bath in karate-gi...
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Truly, Ryu-senpai has finally noticed. Sakura might have planned that bathing suit on purpose so he would realize that the fight wasn't just all! Very cute and I love how bright and colorful it is!
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Now he has to wonder if he wants to really be put on that list, go door to door when he moves into a new neighborhood
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Sakura and Chun-Li have one thing in common,  They're both Children of NatureFlowerpot ,  their spirits one with the Earth and right now
Saku is "feeling" mighty fine! :happybounce:  Better pay attention Ryu babyFlirtatious !  The Fruit is ripening FAST!!Horny! 
Great artwork!
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Dunno which I like more.. Sakura's bikini, or Ryu's expression! ;p Priceless.
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Muy bien hecho! 
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XD Sakura is all flirty and flaunting herself there... demonstrating her love to him, but Ryu is so clueless and dumbfounded. He doesn't know what to do.  Great pic, love the emotions and expressions this is giving. Keep it up.
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Ryu:This is even better then satui no hado,

Sakura:Damn straight, Ryu-san.

Chun Li:But...................But what about my chinese dress?

This comment made my day
Looks like a Sakura ending scene in which "the loser must obey whatever the winner says" and what Sakura wants is pretty simple: Spend a good time at the beach.
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...with Ryu, of course. :P
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Sakura : Ryu-san!

Ryu : ...........

wow, Ryu is had lost the soul! :D
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poor Ryu he doesn't know what he's feeling
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Dan probably really MAD now!!
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Why would he be? Dan sees Sakura only as a student and treats her as a little sister. Ryu on the other hand has very conflicted feelings concerning Sakura and doesn't see himself as even being worthy of actually being her Master. Sakura on the other hand is in love with Ryu, as per SF IV where she acknowledges her feelings for him, and sees Dan as a Master and elder brother.
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Keep trying Sakura...
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Ryu´s face!!!! It looks like he "Hadouken" in his pants and doesn´t know what to do XDDDDDDDDDD
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XD! Awesome work. ^_^
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