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So, I must admit to everybody right now, I am really not sure whether or not I will really be posting much on DeviantART by way of stories. There are several reasons for this:

1. Pay-to-win. It seems to me that on DeviantART, if you have a subscription and a bunch of fancy, flashy doodads on your page, people will flock to your stuff and you'll get loads of hits and exposure.

2. Whore-to-win. Similar to number 1, but this point stems off of how hard it is to actually have a voice on D.A. Much of the time, the only reason why I was able to even rake in views for any of my crappy, older writings is because I simply spammed the crap out of the forums. This, to me, is basically along the lines of fishing with dynamite. You don't actually know where the fish are, but if you blast a large enough area of water, you're bound to get something. This leads me to my next point:

3. Vapid feedback. I've noticed this a lot on DeviantART. It isn't particularly any one person's fault per se, but the issue stems from the fact that prose artists are given a very marginalized platform to show their work on. Unless you have a shoddy, fan-art story that community members will latch on to (simply because they recognize the characters, mind you, not because the writing is actually good) a horrible piece of flash fiction, or a very short free verse poem, your writing will not be seen or commented on.
If, by some miracle the prose you manage to craft IS commented on, it will be something to the effect of "kewl stayreh. i lyke how u had characters n' stuff." The feedback that D.A. produces (On a whole, grand scheme kind of level) isn't particularly the most rewarding or fulfilling.

4. Copyright. Since I'm actually trying to get back into the swing of things and potentially publish something of my own later on down the road, I'd rather not display some of my more prized writings on this website. Due to points 1, 2, and 3, I doubt very sincerely that a court would rule in my favor should a work of mine get pawned off of here and published by somebody else. I could cite the creative commons license that the website puts on everything, but due to DeviantART's downhill slope, I feel like the CC license that this site provides has really lost a massive portion of its credibility.

Over the course of time, I've tried several things to try and spur the interest of people with my writings:

A. I tried to have a point based system where people would answer questions / provide feedback and turn in their accrued points for rewards (Just so I could gauge who read and who didn't). This project was a cataclysmic failure, as not a single person participated in it.

B. I've purchased premium memberships in the past, and created polls for people to vote on, but the relationship between "Seriousness of the poll" and "Voter turnout" was rather disturbing. If my polls were related to what flavor of ice cream you most enjoy, I would get high voter participation. But if my poll related to how people reacted to a character that I'm trying to develop, I'd get *a* vote, or maybe two.
So, although purchasing these premium memberships solve problem number 1, problem number 3 decides to manifest, kick me in the balls, and lead to this initiative down the path to cataclysmic failure.

C. One thing that I tried in order to resolve problem number 4 was PDF formatting. Rather than copy and paste text from Microsoft word and have DeviantART's abysmally shitty format software rape my story and mug it for every indent, special character, footnote, and otherwise significant typographical keystroke, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. When I thought of this idea, I remember saying something to the effect of "Hey great! With PDFs, I not only can protect my stories with encrypted documents, but I can also make the stories easier to read for people by having the proper formatting and a customizable viewing experience via adobe reader."
It sounded great in theory, but then I came across the issue of the download button. For some reason, no matter how many times I put a label on my stories, descriptions, journals, polls, notes, and preview pictures that said "THIS IS NOT THE STORY. CLICK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON TO THE RIGHT >>>>>>" people just simply wouldn't do it. I'm not sure if people didn't read any of my labels, if they just (somehow) didn't get it, or maybe they were willingly ignorant. Whatever the reason, my list of people reading was easily cut by 2/3rds of my original readers.

I consider this initiative to be my greatest and most damaging cataclysmic failures. And not by a small margin, either.

With all of this evidence in mind, I am not entirely sure of where to go from here. Because of these points, I feel like DeviantART really didn't help my writing in any kind of progressive manner. Sure, the people I've met on here were nice, and I've made a few friends along the way. However, college and actual face-to-face workshop with my stories have shed the hard truth on my writing. I had good imagination with my stories when I started out, but I ultimately sucked pretty hardcore when it came to writing.

Yet, nobody on D.A. told me this with any level of constructive criticism. The only responses that I seemed to constantly get were "dis ish good." or "u f***ing suck you f***ing f**got. im gunna *** *** ***** and **** ****."

My reluctance to even post on this site anymore is by no means set in stone. If somebody has an alternative solution or can propose an idea of how to handle all the nonsense that I put up above, I'd be more than willing to have a discussion on the matter. However, as it stands, I feel like my little hiatus from DeviantART may last a bit longer, until I compose more pieces of scrap writing that I am not particularly attached to.

For now though, I will continue to work more on the prospects of combining my "Forge of the Glass Ants" storyline with "The 13 Royal Plagues" into some kind of composite novel. This feels like it could lead to some very interesting dynamics and plot development.

As I said, nothing in this post is set in stone. I'd be happy to discuss these issues at length with people. But, as DeviantART's "artistic" paradigm stands right now, I just can't justify being a writer on here for the time being.

Best regards,


Michael Iseman
United States


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