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Pennzoil Nissan GTR Super GT

Made a Super GT version of the New Nissan GT-R.
Made it whit Racing bodykit and Pennzoil decals.

This is NOT 3d, but a 2D render made whit Adobe Photoshop ;)

Hopes you all likes it ;)
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Man, this looks awesome!!
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I only saw Pennzoil with R34 , but with a GTR :D . its GODZILLA! :D
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holy Sh1t.... u my friend are a GOD!!!
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even awsome wud b nthn 2 describe ur work!!!!!!!
great job!!!!!!!!!!
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Made with photoshop :wow:
This really looks like a 3D render! Awesome!!!
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Looks amazing :D
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great picture
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You are a very good designer, join this contest : [link]
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Nice! Although I do believe the real GT-R S-GT09 (that's the internal designation) has a pretty large front splitter, doesn't it?
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Yes it has, thoug I made this super-gt concept before the GT-R S-GT09 was shown for the first time :P This is not a replica but my own design.
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Oh, I see. :D Still looks very awesome!
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WTF!!! THIS IS AMAZING! I thought it's 3D! Damn, you're GOOD, bro!
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This sis simply fantastic!
I'm amazing with the amount of details.

May I request another GT-R but with the CALSONIC team? Would be awesome!
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Hey do you have Calsonic Skyline Super GT? That's my favorite!:D
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Holy shit dude, I have a LONG way to go with my PS skills.
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Is there any chance of getting this picture in 1680x1050? And maybe with the 2000 Loctite/Zexel livery? :D
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Dude! You are a GOD!
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