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BMW E36 Turbo Widebody

By dr-phoenix
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Jonsibals own BMW Turbo Widebody.

Reupload of an old vexel.
The car is Awesome!

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This car is mad asf
Lil Broomstick by AnotherBMWfan  
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Beautiful Beimer.
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that's tight right there :D
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I have those rims!
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He does have a sick Bimmer, I want mine looking like this XD
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Sick work on the vector.
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I have no idea how I never bumped into this piece!!!

...... I still think someone on here, and I don't even care who, but someone should do an M Coupe eventually like this!!!
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well done!!!!!
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This Car Is A Legend !!!
Beautiful reflex on the side... a masterpiece just for that particulars... :)
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Excellent work :)
awesome!! Looks so cool :P
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Very very very cool!! Love everything in this!! haha Hey how did you manage to make the cloud reflections? Did you lightly airbrush white over the gradient sky blue/body color?
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I would say for sure that this piece is one of your best. Not other to say than excellent.

On the other hand I'd found the eyelids a bit wrong, but no biggie.
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one of the best thats is posted at this time ;)
An other strange thing on it is the reflection around the A-post looking a bit wierd.

Thanks :D
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i have done a pencil drawing after yours :D hope you don`t mind
(changed the rims .. i was in a hurry ..and those rims took too much to make them :D )

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So so great. I love it!
Your vector is sweet and your freinds car is perfection
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great work!
awesom ;)
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