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Tarot cards: The Sun

By Dr-Pasta
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The Sun is about vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression. It also means, what soon you will get, what you want. This card shows, what you are full of energy, which will help you to gain one's point

After a long rest, I back to the cards and, how I promised, on this card, you can see male : D
So, why I choose "Sun" for Kanine?
Kanine is out-going person and sometimes he can act really optimistic. This is the property of the card "Sun". The sun - a source of strength and energy, it brings growth, the desire to live. As we know, Kanine has such type of person, who will try to help and support his close friends in their hard time. He, as the sun, brings desire to live.

I hope, what I didn't make the wrong choice and this card is better for him than others kaomoji set 1 1/19 

And I small picture from me:
Sun and Moon kaomoji set 2 61/67 

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That fits him so well and the sun motiff i awesome on him!
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They almost like they make a perfect couple.
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I love how the sun and moon cards look perfect together. ^^
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Aah, I gotta say, I LOVE the shading on this one! You did really well :0
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Such beautiful colors <3
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