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  • Listening to: Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye
so yea...the other night I accidentally stabbed myself in my hand with a pocket doesn't hurt too much...although I feel stupid as hell and the tetnis shot I got makes my arm really sore...

also...I'm going white water rafting this weekend with a friend...woot!
  • Listening to: Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye
1: Find Lucky
2: Steal his lucky charms
3: Throw the lucky charms at that rabbit
4: use that rabbit as a blugeoning object to depose the new Cookie Crisps mascot and reinstated the old chubby one
5: go bowling with above forementioned chubby mascot
6: Fresca bomb West Ridge* (see below)
7: Finish my research so I don't feel bad about being paid for it

1: Suprise a cat
2: startle a sturgon
3: kill a kitten
4: amaze a mouse
5: bewilder a wilderbeast
6: eat eggs bacon spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans and spam
7: expect the spanish inquisition

1: '...' (fine it's the thing I type the most...but it's problematicly common...see...)
3: yello (as in hello)
4: the
5: a
6: 'scrn' (fine...this one's an alias [or shortcut] to a command on my computer to bring up the screensaver...but I use it a lot)
7: 'ls -F' (this is another command on my shows the contents of a directory...and I use this one even more than the previous...which is obviously why it comes second...)

1: Space Balls
2: Spy Hard
3: Airplane
4: Airplane II
5: Naked Gun
6: Naked Gun 2 1/2
7: Naked Gun 33 1/3

1: pretty much every game...I mean...
2: moving object in front of me
3: that's amuzement enough...
4: and I play a lot of games moreso to find out what happens to the characters than to say I beat it
5: which might be why I'm generally just as content to watch people play games as I am to play them myelf
6: yes...I said myelf...
7: it's an old old joke from middleschool...

1: Do you like animals?

2: Have you ever met an online friend in person?
well...I have friends who I've talked to online before I met them...such as my freshman roommate...

3: Are you athletic?
not insanely...but I try sometimes

4: Are you thin, fat, athletically built etc:
I'm on the thin side...

5: How much do you weigh?
currently about 130 lbs...but that's because they're starving us haha...ususally I weigh between 135 and 145...generally on the low end during the summer when my laziness diet kicks in (i.e. the kitchen is on the other end of the house...I'm not walking that far too often) and on the high end during the winter when I'm at school and eat 3 to 4 times a day...

6: What's your height?
according to my license...5'09"

7: Shoe size? flip flops are 9's I think...but I think I might generally wear a 10 or 11...

8: Girls- are you tomboyish, girly, normal, etc?
idunno...but if I were a girl I'd be the bearded lady...

9: Guys- are you girly or guyish?
I'm the middle man...

10: How old are you?

11: When's your Birthday?
neunzehn von April

12: Do you like to receive gift art?
i s'pose

13: Are you sociable?

14: Do you have many friends?
i guess

15: What's your race?
to the finish line?

16: Do you like to talk on the phone?

17: Are you single or taken?
very much single

18: Do you eat meat?
"pass the pig carcuss" to quote one of my math proffessors...(our math department has a lot of since he's not a vegetarian, he likes to say stuff like that)

19: Are you paranoid?
at times...

20: Do you read a lot?

21: Do you listen to music, what kind?
yes...old rock...videogame soundtracks...jimmy buffet...deep purple...queen...

22: Do you play an instrument?
no...but it would be cool if I did...

23: How long have you been drawing?
a long time...

24: What's the meaning of life?

25:who do u love?

26: Now tag five of your friends. They MUST take this quiz and post it in their journal.
~Bocaj-Claw ~sadako21187 ~magnifiedplaid07 ~gingerrose ~kaoshin

*Fresca bombing West Ridge:
1) Fresca is a soft drink that I find has a horrible's fine until you stop drinking it...genius...I know...
2) Fresca contains Ester of Woodrosin...I swear it's the truth...
4) I live in South Ridge Residence Hall whilst I'm at uni...
5) West ridge is across a small courtyard
6) the two ridges are almost identical...but different enough that we have to hate them because their's like...the law or something...obviously
7) South ridge has a third floor balcony and is 3 floors tall (although there's a standard room that block the view of west ridge)
8) We plan to build a trebuchet on the balcony which will mean that west ridge will not be able to see it
9) We will then load full, shaken Fresca cans into the trebuchet and, using the high accuracy of trebuchets...proceed to bombard West ridge with fresca cans...
10) we don't really hate west ridge...
11) this prolly won't ever happen
12) we also want to go squirrel fishing from said balcony
13) this is also likely to never happen
14) trebuchets=cool
15) mearly being associated with a trebuchet will make you
16) I built a trebuchet (it didn't work to good due to weight ratios and lack of home depot being able to cut lumber to my specs)
17) this instantly makes me super cool
19) that is all
20) really...that is more...
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woot...I made a new avatar after having the same old edited megaman sprite for about 2 years...this one I'm really proud of as I made it using written code instead of pointing and clicking...I still might change some stuff...but I think it looks fairly good...especially as this is my first time drawing something in this fashion...for anyone who is interested I made the avatar using a program called FlyDraw...which is basically the same as a program called Fly.
Tagged by :iconbocaj-claw: so six random things about Dr-Morph

1.) The first thing I thought of when trying to think of something random was "HI MY NAME IS BRAK"

2.) I then realized I got that from the SpaceGhost C2C episode where they show the 1 second cartoon clips

3.) I next proceeded to contemplate posting a link to 4chan's random board...but I figured that'd /b/e uncalled for...

4.) daggum...the font on my computer is tiny

5.) mayhap that's because I have some sort of crazy high resolution currently...need to look into how to change that on a linux machine...

6.) I'm hungry...

I wonder if this would be called stream of about waffle house has really made me hungry...Hauß...I wonder what waffle is in german...the plural of Hauß is Hauße...

:iconbocaj-claw: :iconvauxhaulastra: :iconsadako21187: :iconbocaj-claw:
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  • Reading: "man" files...i.e. manual files...
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  • Playing: freecell
  • Eating: spagetti
  • Drinking: sprite
I got my computer up and running...named it Icarus...and now I take this time to proclaim:

Icarus Lives!!!!!!

anywho...I built Icarus from scratch and after a whole bunch of complications in the ordering process and having a bad motherboard (which might have been my fault) he's up and running...
what's really cool is he's duel booting windows xp and Ubuntu I have the best of both worlds...I do most of my gamming in XP and everything else in linux...

in other highly related news...I feel all proud of myself as I just finished transfering a whole slew of files between directories using the linux terminal...similar to the windows command prompt or the dos-prompt...

and no...I'm not doing all of those things at once...but that's what I've been doing today/will be doing soon...

*bounds off to the next project at hand*
  • Watching: Pilot Candidate
I just totally finished watching Pilot Candidate...which is definately my all time favorite anime...even moreso than Full Metal Alchemist...although FMA is right directly behind it...

but man...the ending is totally like "oh...but I want more..."...but it's so awesome in that because it does make you want's like...what happens to them in the future...definately an awesome anime...not to mention it's importance in the progression of anime...totally the first anime to use computers to enhance the animation...sigh...I wanna go buy the manga now...
I've been listening to this song a lot...

Pictures of Home - by Deep Purple

Somebody's shouting
Up at a mountain
Only my own words return
Nobody's up there
It's a deception
When will I ever learn?

I'm alone here
With emptiness eagles and snow
Unfriendliness chilling my body
And whispering pictures of home

Wondering blindly
How can they find me
Maybe they don't even know
My body is shaking
The call of the black footed crow...

I'm alone here
With emptiness eagles and snow
Unfriendliness chilling my body
And whispering pictures of home

Here in this prison
Of my own making
Year after day I have grown
Into a hero
But there's no worship
Where have they hidden my thrown...

I'm alone here
With emptiness eagles and snow
Unfriendliness chilling my body
And whispering pictures of home


I really want to get the studio version...all I have is a live version...and it TOTALLY rocks...
1) Real name - Chip Helms
2) dA nickname - Dr-Morph
3) Horoscope - one was April 19th...
4) Favorite food - er...hmm...2 eggs over easy, some toast, an order of hash browns, and a waffle house...only costs me something like 4.59...
5) Favorite drink - egg nog is a the bomb
6) Favorite movie - many of fav physics laser disk is the one about the structure of an atom where the guy has a gieger counter and he trys (and fails) to act suprised when it gets a reading from the side...
7) Favorite song - hmmm...right now...lets see...The Battle Rages On - Deep Purple (the title of this journal is actually one of the lines of the's currently jammed into my head tighter than a porqupine on crack...)
8) Favorite type of music - a like a lot of stuff...but my favorites are generally the rock such as the older Deep Purple stuff and Queen
9) Favorite singer - hmmm...idunno...Jimmy Buffett...or Billy Joel...
10) Favorite band - Deep Purple
11) Best male friend on dA - Bocaj-Claw
12) Best female friend on dA - sadako21187
13) Physical appearance- liscense says 5' 09''...but that's a guess...umm...I've got sholder length brown never shaven faint mustashe...generally clad in denim...with a denim've got contacts if it's raining I'll generally be trying to find someway to be outside...or I'll be glued to the computer examining the various conditions of the atmosphere and talking with anyone who will feign attention about said conditions...
15) Favorite character you've made- er...hmmm...idunno...SuperMoo prolly
16.) Artistic goal - to understand the inner workings of Apophysis's triangle editor so I can make fractals look how I want them to from scratch...
17.) Favorite vice - grips are cool...
WOOTAGE!...finally back in asheville...definately feels more like home to me...anywho...classes started today...I've had Calc III and Tropical meteorology so far...both of them rocked...tomarrow I have german I, weather analysis, and meteorological instruments...all of which will also rock...this semester's so gonna rock! other news...I got Deep Purple's latest album...Rapture of the Deep...I've not yet listened to all of it...although so far it's just not quite as good as the older cd' The Battle Rages On and Perfect Strangers...
Hey all!

I'm currently in Knoxville attending MathFest 2006...woo...Math conferences are a the the fun is hanging out with all the people...

also what's really cool is you get to meet famous mathematicians (at least famous in the math world) and realize that they're really the same strange weird person as you are...and I learn all sorts of at the last conference I learned all sorts of stuff about Graph Theory...which is really just a more complex version of connect the dots...and there's all sorts of neat things about them...and just today I learned about a type of graph called a stuff...and there's been several things about teaching styles of math...then there's also wandering around discussing practical math stuff with my math professor and his colleages...things like important parts of student teacher intereaction...stuff like well as just talking about random stuff...such as how the trollies at knoxville never seem to stop at the stop next to the convention center...anywho...
Taken from catluvr2 who took it from DivineError, who took this from delSHARK, who took this from AtomicStoney.
(reminds me of futurama...=P)

Fill in the blanks!

1. I ___ Dr-Morph.

2. I want to _____ Dr-Morph.

3. Dr-Morph is ______.

4. Dr-Morph and I are _____.

5. If I was alone in a room with Dr-Morph we would probably _____.

6. I wish Dr-Morph could _____.

7. Dr-Morph should ______.

8. Dr-Morph reminds me of _____.

9. If Dr-Morph was an animal, he would be a ________.

10. One day, Dr-Morph and I will __________.

11. If Dr-Morph leaves I will ___________.

12. If Dr-Morph stays I will ___________.

13. If Dr-Morph was a noob I would ___________.

14. If Dr-Morph dies I would __________.

15.If Dr-Morph asked me out I would ___________.

in other news...note to self:
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
I posted this in one of the forums...:lol:

1) the first game you ever lost at was risk and you want to show the world what for...
2) you're getting paid by some corrupt politician...I mean...evil madman attempting to dominate the world or boring old politician stealing money from the tresury...which will you pay more attention to...
3) kicks and's so cliche it's bound to result in at least a few good laughs
4) because you want to see if it's possible...
5) because you're job is boring and you have waaaaaay too much free time...
6) that's what the career test results said you'd be best at
7) pure whim...
yup...I've been on DA a year now...I've a commemorative Deviation for it...which I'll load when I get home..or mayhap I'll make a new one as I'm not very happy with this one...anywho...YAY FOR ME!
so ja...I'm working on coming up with a title that reveals absolutely nothing about the plot...(mayhap because I have no plot...mayhap because I like torturing those who are curious aboot the's mostly the second...although I definately don't have the plot worked out entirely) far my ideas have been as such:

1: something that is general plot revealing...yea...I decided against it also sounded far too cliche...

2: recycling the Midnight Aire title...just because its so cool

3: recycling the title of the comic that never physically was, Midnight Crest...which I was originally just going to rip the Midnight Aire name for...:lol:

4: procrastinate more on coming up with a title...

5: hold a contest for the title...I figured this wouldn't work if no one knew anything about the comic...

6: making it something in a foriegn language (most probably german as it sounds cool and I'm excited about my first german class next semester) that is random, unrelated, and sounds cool...

7: making up fake ideas after the fact to make it seem like I was working harder than I actually was...this, of course is kinda where numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 came from...although its not really after the fact...

8: then I got the idea of As The Plot Thickens from a combination of the updated discription for Dr. Denim - Sketch 2 and the skit from the old All That! called As The Schoolbus Turns all of my fractals have borders...well...all except for the three fractal collages I've made (I'll add borders to those later) and the one fractal I have in's a list of my fractals
A Crow Left of the Murder
Ghoast Spike
Jet Engine
Angel Wings
Just Volts and Amperes
The Carnival
Dark Passion
Black Nova
Flight of the Spirits
Battle of the Fates
Fire Cross
Mohogany Flora
Ionic Inferno
if they're not updated with a border yet...then I've yet to get to takes forever to update these things with dial up...also...I have to figure out what to do with Time and Pinwheel...which are the same fractal that I accidentally uploaded twice...
Last night at about 11:00 pm we had an 3.8 made the ground shake enough to vibrate my bed, although it didn't cause things to fall off my desk or anything, and there was a deep rumbling that lasted for 2-3 seconds...the epicenter was 20 miles south of Greeneville TN which is about 30 miles from the UNCA campus...everyone came out of their dorms and gathered in the common room thinking things like "WTF" and "Damn kids and their rock and roll"...

Here's a site that shows the epicenter:…
...yup...tommarow I'm leaving for college...and I have never seen my desk so clean...there's a big hole where my printer/scanner/copier used to sit...I can't wait as they have high speed internet as opposed to my ACCURSED dial up connection...if only I could still have my broadband connection that I had before we I might not be on during the weekend...depends how fast I get setup...and if I don't get my deviation, The Great Fox, loaded then hopefully I'll be able to do so there...anywho... it is...4:49 am...and I can't sleep...been up all night...either too hot...or too cold...or too...erm...low on dopamine level in my brain to trigger sweet sweet sleep...
...aaaaannnd...boredom strikes...
anywho...I made a mosaic of sorts using satilite images from hurricane denis...I wasn't sure if it was okay to use them in a deviation you submit so I asked about it...hopefully it's okay...the mosaic looks a little bit cluttered...but other than that it looks good...I like the fact that there is several different images in it...I believe there are six seperate images...there might be more...I can't really remember...