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turtle shell pattern

this is the pattern I created for Coral's shell (my oc)
I have been wanting to upload it, but I always forget.
hope it is of any help
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thank's for the stock image, i used it here:
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thank you a LOT for sharing the link with me :D
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Thanks for uploading this, I hope you don't mind I actually used it as a guide for a logo on a project XD;
Turtle shell patterns and I are not great friends.
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hehehe. I'm glad to read that it was helpful :P
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Would you mind if I used this in our assignment? we're supposed to make a brochure of a theatre... and I'm planning on using this as a background... I'll show you the finished product once I'm done :)
Thanks in advance :dummy:
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sure, its okay, I uploades this pattern for people to use for free, and if you want to give me credit that would be extra especial for me and I would be pretty grateful
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This is a great shortcut, thanks!
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I used this a while go on one of my pictures. It looks great and I intend to use it again, thanks for putting this up! :w00t:
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omg...this is genius!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I will be using it.
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horray. hope its of use. a little tip, in some angles the patter looks better if you use photoshop's filter (distort>spherize)
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I will use that! Thanks for that tip!
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why didn't I ever think of doing this O_o It's a really good idea :D
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lol. thanks. I just wish I had remember to submit it sooner
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