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Leonardo's bad girls

okay people, Lotus and Karai aren't my favorite charas in the tmnt universe, actually I used to hate them at their time, and I think Karai is stupid and Lotus is butt ugly... don´t give me that look, it´s just my point of view; but latelly I saw a few pics/fanarts of this two individually and I though 'hey, maybe "we" deserve the chance to change the way I see them' so I decided to try make them look pretty... and okay, I´m happy with the result.


Lotus/Karai: DIE¡

KYAAAAAAH, LEO¡ YOUR FANGIRLS ARE ATTACKING ME AGAIN. UGLY UGLY, YOU ARE BOTH STUPID AND UGLY (I´m joking, but they don´t really need to know, right?).
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Oh man if lotus is in the new series * sniff * I smell love triangle
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i don't hate lotus as karai. I hate karai, i hate that bitcht. at the start i liked her but then she shows as shredder. DIE KARAI!! too bad that your name is cool
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But in the end, Karai returns as an ally of the turtles. ^^
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Boy you have to feel bad for Leo he always gets stuck with the girls that are liable to break his heart and stab him in the back all at the same time so it will all end in tears. I know the saying goes keep your friends close and your enemies closer but I don't think this is what it means.
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I liked the way you did this it looks a lot better. :D
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I think this is amazing. I wasn't a big fan of Lotus. I liked Karai better, but I really liked what you did. :D :clap:
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TBF, only the 4Kids version made Karai into a douche. She was quite honorable in the Mirage and 2007 movie.

It's so rare to see Lotus fanarts, which is a shame, the whole "female ninja who is uncertain because of Leo's code of honor" was hers first before Karai even existed. 87 Leo having a crush on her and her leaving her trademark flower for him was, and still, pretty cute.
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yes. I really didn't like 2k3 Karai, but I have been searching about her and the comic version seems pretty cool, also I enjoyed her appearance on the 2007 movie.
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I heard they plan to bring BOTH Girls back for The new TMNT show on Nickelodeon, Except Lotus is the sole survivor of a rival clan that Shredder and the foot wiped out, and FYI Shredder is gonna be human again
BlueRoseKelly's avatar
Oh man is Leo going to be in a love triangle then? poor guy, that is going to be really weird for him.
Gojira012's avatar
So far that's all i know
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Pretty good drawing. Leo always gets the violent girls. lol
Dr-Innocentchild's avatar
good boys always like bad girls ;P
Cristinity's avatar
Ey! esto está genial!!
Dr-Innocentchild's avatar
gracias. estoy bien orgullosa de este dibujo; a la fecha sigue siendo de mis favoritos :P a ver si alguna vez vuelvo a hacer algo asi
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i have to agree with you, because of these same reasons but...for me they're alright....they're OK to me LOL but u drew them AMAZINGLY! xD
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I lik lotus, shes cute and strong :D

i used to like karai, because i thought she would change to the good guys side, and now i dont like her >_>
Como me gusta este dibu! las mejores femme fatale del universto TMNT

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:O_o: I don't remember Lotus...
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This is good. I don't like Lotus at all. I liked her design, though. Karai, as far as I'm concerned, is better off with Chaplin, couple-wise. I'm not a LeoxKarai fan, but a couple of good fics with them as a pair have made it to my liked fics list.
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bad girls! bad girls! whatchya gonna do when they come for you? :XD:
sweet work
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