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The Walking Dead Season 2 Sophia Artist Proof

By Dr-Horrible
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The Walking Dead Season 2 Artist Proof Sketch Card

2.5" x 3.5"
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Poor Sophia, all this time was in the Hershel ´s farm. Carol was broken. 
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oh my, now im really sad X'D but its an amazing piece of art! :P you are very talented, love it xx
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How do you do it?
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unfortunately, I do it very slowly :)
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wow!!! Amazing :D
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now that i see this photo i really miss her
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Like I cried a lot when Sophia died....like dude they were searching everywhere for her and it ended up that she is in the god damned farm and when i realized that i was a swearing machineswearing 
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At least Hershel and his folks were trying to save her, or at least the one guy was.  If that guy had just killed her when he ran across her out in the woods, she'd have rotted where she lay and her mother would have never known.  It was awful, but it was closure.
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Yea i guess your right....but still im mad about that xD
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it's amazing how they look so different after they turn. They do have similar features that stay the same, but overall it's like they're a whole different person.
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amazing art! I felt sorry for her :(
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Thanks, ya that was an emotional scene.
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I'm not watching the tv series but I've finished reading all the comic issues. Did Sophia die in the series?
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well, let's just say that Sophia didn't have a very good time in Season 2...but you NEED to see it...great great show.
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That was such a sad episode.

Card is great (of course).
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Thanks a ton Gabriel, I appreciate that my friend!!! and ya, that scene was rough.
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Amazing! I love everything about this, the colouring is lovely ^__^
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Thanks very much!!!
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