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The Walking Dead Dixon Brothers

By Dr-Horrible
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how could they kill this guy off? he was the best character in TWD with maybe the expetion of shane and the govenour
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*ugly crying in the corner*
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DARYL & LIL ASS KICKER (judith) OMG IM IN LOVE, i've been looking for art of him holding her. so beautiful, great work!
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Silly question but: do you happen to be selling prints of this anywhere? I'd love to buy a high resolution print to frame!
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I do have a few prints left, there are 4 cards in the set (trading card sized, 2.5" x 3.5" each card)
Message me at TimShayArt@gmail.com if you are interested.
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Thanks for the reply! I'll send an e-mail soon. : D
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you did this so perfectly and you get to see both sides of Daryl and the one with Judith is adorable - you captured Merle's face incredibly too! XD Amazing, love this :p xxx
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thanks very much!
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even though Merle was an asshole, i was sad when he died. 
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lol ya he was horrible, then cool, then dead. :/
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Ohhhh, you made me cry again! You did Merle's face perfectly! (Daryl too of course, but this is the first time I see Merle.) 
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Thanks, I had fun on these sketches.
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These are incredible.  I'm also a huge fan of "The Walking Dead" and would love to know your opinion of my drawings of the characters:
The Walking Dead: Bite Club by cluedog
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wow!! just wow! awesome job really. the colouring is perfect! Oops! 
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Thanks very much!
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you are very welcome :)
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That picture of Daryl holding Judith... Killer, man! Amazing shading!
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thanks, I appreciate it!
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..... so insanely amazing! 
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L I K E !!!  <3
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