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AngelZoneOCT - Novus and Stephan

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I'm here to fite Winters


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> The only item he has on him is a small bottle of pills. There are only 10 left.
> Has never smiled before.
> Eldest twin by a split second.

Slightly Approves: Peace, technology, Stephan, intellectual talk, music, heights, the night sky.
Dislikes: People - especially annoying ones, migraines, kids, socializing, crowds, religious preachers, people interrupting his work, people in general.

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> Stefanos is his real name. He adopted 'Stephan' because it sounded more human-like.
> Picked up learning how to play the piano by interrogating a pianist.
> Youngest twin by a split second.
> Forgot to mention that Stephan can only summon FIVE weapons at a time. :new:

Likes: Novus, smiting the punish-worthy, spicy flirts, fights, exotic culture, gold, ladies, wine, fashion, taking the spotlight, smokey stares.
Dislikes: Harm to brother, tacky fashion, interruptions, failure, getting his coat dirty.


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They do have their own language that the two speak from time to time. The language consists of a range of frequencies. Some. They don’t have to move their mouths.
> Mood Music

Lol do anything with them, I honestly find everything better than my trash ouo
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Gabriel-de-la-TorreHobbyist Digital Artist
Woah best characters ever.
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
You'll do great in the competition!
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VenomouswolfStudent Filmographer
-sits patiently for audition-
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Dr-GunStudent Filmographer
-sits patiently as well-
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I-Need-BaconStudent Digital Artist
You got any more info on them? Like powers / strengths / weaknesses and such? Not exactly a lot to go by here.
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Dr-GunStudent Filmographer
Everything's on the sheet, unless you mean more-more then I've got a google doc if I even get into this oct uou;
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I-Need-BaconStudent Digital Artist
>mfw it's late, and I'm tired and didn't even bother expanding the image to read it
I did a stupid =P sorry
Very interesting characters and powers!
Just wondering, with Stephan's ability to make weapons from visible light, would this power be cancelled out or minimized somewhat if he was in the dark?
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Dr-GunStudent Filmographer
Ahah no worries and thank! UuU

Nope. Stephan can create his own light whenever. The weapons work just the same in any other environment I.e in the dark. They are a solid form and I guess they are similar to a neon light rod but in sword shape and can cause burns.

There plenty of ways to go about preventing his powers - just gotta be creative with it~
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