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megaman tribute

this was my attempted failure at the megaman tribute book, i dont think i made it in, but yeah, heres my
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How did this not get in? :0
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hey there how did you get the detail on the suit ?
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used a layer filter n wrapped the texture with the wrap tool round the form.
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Looks like you threw Mega Man and The Flash in a blender, and got this.
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Awesome Megaman!
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It looks fantastic!
VAXION's avatar
Amazing colors and textures!!! :omfg:
michaelAndr3's avatar
straight vicious......
zender3162's avatar
i don't think it's a failure it's awsome
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This is tons of awesome! I love the textures.
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Conz! You continue on growing man! You're getting so much better! I'm so happy for you homie! Keep doing your thang!
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thanx keith, how you been hommie. You sound like you been busy my friend.
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Oh yeah! Working two jobs, spending time with my girl, getting some drawings in. I have to post some new stuff. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Yeah trying to stay focus. I have to talk to my friend, and see I can share a booth with her when Sugoicon comes around which is in November. I want to make some money on the side, using my art skills :nod: How have you been?
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chilled, trying to move, and bout to graduate. other than that nothing much.
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That's good! How long do you have until you graduate?
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one semester left
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Nice! You're almost there! =)
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Great rendition of Megaman.

So cool.

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:clap: Totally Kick-Ass!
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Loving the perforated texture! great job!!!
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