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been watching alot of TRUEBlood lately, dont really know bout that show man, i mean, its cool and all, but i dont get the hype.
Most average vampire show i've seen ever, only thing i see in it is that there's really is a lot of sex scenes, not that im complaining, but other than that nothing really.

but enough rambling, this is a fanart of a real vampire Flick i like, i love the blade movies except for the third one, cause they always make dracula so f**in corny tho.I liked ryan reynolds hannibal king character he was cool, but blade F**king rocks tho' the character that iz. All hail the Daywalker.

-thanks for looking.
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I'd love him Giant sized! 💭😏
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I’ll try to put it up on my redbubble
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Do you have a link for your redbubble?
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flattered thank you.:)
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dope ! and i agree the last was terrible . dracula was a huge tool with a buzz cut .......come on LOL
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The only Quote that never gets old just like Jules Winnfield(Samuel L. Jackson) Pulp Fiction LOL
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this is VICIOUS!!!!!!
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Great piece !! Love the light here !
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Blade rox! Need I say more?
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wooaah. this is awesme. o: i love the colours. :heart:
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