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SSSsssSSSSsssOOOooooOOOOoooo, i need to learn how to paint no lines included and thats what this was. Been practicing, im not there yet, but i hope if i continue I'll improve, well thats the great hope. Heres tigro, you know to be honest he wasnt ever really my fav, I actually didnt like him at all, he was weird, just freaking weird. But yeah 80's baby fanart. Hopefully i will get better, thanx for looking.
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His original name is Tygra. Tigro is the Spanish version of his name.
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once again, thanks:)
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Love this one a lot
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when I was a kid Tygra wasn't my fav, it was Lion-O but now that I'm grown up. Tygra is my fav
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Cool! Nice work. Hey but isn´t it Tygra isn´t of Tygro?
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Man, you just keep getting better and better!!! Incredible work here!!!
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Wow really amazing coloring. It really is great work.
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sweet!!! i digs :)
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Smart thing to start with your least favorite character. lol! :P
He looks excellent. Very nice brush work.
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best Ive seen so far!!!
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Omg this is amazing.
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This is great! Hope to see the rest of the cats like this, too. :D
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love how the eyes came out
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Awesome, great work!
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looking good, I can see improvement in your work Conz!
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Yeah hes was not my fav....but I bet you I know who was your fav....PANTHRO. I though his name was been a while since I saw the show. Awesome job in the new paint style.

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Amazing!!!! This looks really great
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tis shit is legit! =D
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