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They shoulda neva met

Inspired by the web of shadows trailer. The venom logan symboite<----spelling!! but yeah, the trailer was kinda cool.I want to play that game, alas i have no PS3.Poor poor Conz.

But yeah i figured i hadnt posted in a while, been working on my sequentials, so figured i'd take a break from that...i think, not really, but kinda.

thanx for looking, might be a while till my next submission:(
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Too bad Logan's healing factor has him constantly reject the symbiote otherwise this would work.
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This is made of pure awesome. :3
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that's... truly terrifying.
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One of the best pics of the year!! Man! Check me out too...I cant color due to being in Iraq but hopefully I can catch your attention a bit with my work. Yours is extravagant!I like how an artist gets big word complements and shit! Hahahaha! Other folk get good..ok..alright..ect!
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lol, thanx man
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He tells me he can't color, he tells me he needs to step it up a notch. This punk bang out the solid awesome like this like a true pro yet fluffs my ego. Whuh the fuh is with this guy.

So wicked bloody awesome this is. This artist rules!!! You dork so awesome!!!!!:faint:
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lol, thanx man. but i still have ways to go, trust me. how u been lately bud?
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You and me both. I probably have further, believe me;)

I've been... Uh... I won't get into that:yum:
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ayt well i'll try get online more often so we can have a good ol' fashioned sit down.:salute:
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thats amazing man!
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you killed it homie. this is effin greatness
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thanx you been hombre?
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i been good man. on the grind as usual. how 'bout you?
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That's awesome, i'm lovin' it!!! :D
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It's been awhile, I have seen your work :nod:. I really like the coloring you did here. The different tone of purple in the background helps balance out the character. The expression of this character is cool, and I can tell it have some personalities of Wolverine, Venom, and Hulk. Your execution of showing personalities is becoming stronger man. Don't lose that technique when you create your character, because it helps your piece look stronger. Keep it coming Conz :thumbsup:
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hey awesome work....^_^
nice colors
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Freakin' awesome
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