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Sight Beyond Sight

The Head Hancho, The El-Capitan, Lion-O, by far my favourite thundercat, this one was very hard for me to finalize i must have changed the lighting and the initial sketch like dozens of times. I havent really tried anything new on this one, but the lighting was challenging for me, i know its not perfect, but the point of these was to figure this painting ish out, and the process has been quite insightful.
By the by people, thanx for all the comments, i will reply them, i just wanted to keep knocking these out, then respond to everyone when im done. Thanx for looking.
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You should be proud man! This is great work Doc!
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as always fam... well done!

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Thanx homes, preciate it.
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Bad-ass Lion-o, Doc :thumbsup:
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this is pretty bad ass. i really like the lighting and the eyes are amazing <3
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Absolutely gorgeous!!
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This is dope
You should be proud
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As you probably know, I love the style of your drawings. It's just amazing! No.. It's stunning!! :D
I love the lighting because it looks like there's something on fire? :D
It's very neat. That's for sure :)
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Awesome! the blonde 5 o' clock shadow/scruff definitely adds to it!
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