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So Second in my learning process of how to actually paint without depending on line art, which i might add is way hard for an old penciler like me. STill learning as i go, so hopefully i'll perfect and become more confident with this process.
This panthro, i hope i said his name right i know tigro might be called tigra but i guess i just remembered him wrong or whatever. But yeah Panthro, the hard working mechanic he was actually harder to do cause i was referencing a black panther, urgh very hard to accomplish that sheen their smooth coat has.
thanx for looking.
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MY GOSH... THIS IS SO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I love Panthro ^^
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*I* love Kevin Michael Richardson.  That voice is BOSS.
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The colors pop a bit more in this one. Not sure what those spots in top right corner are (water drops?).
They're a bit flat and a little distracting. Maybe if they looked clearer and more transparent, it would complement the pic better.

Nice work, anyway.
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This looks amazing! :wow:
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Absolutely stunning work. i love it. for this being one of your first tries at digital painting, you did a fantastic job.
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Wow! Panthro was always my favorite and you've....REALLY...done a marvelous job of him!!
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Nice work Conz! I really love the coloring and great work on Tigro as well =)
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WOW! I'm very impressed! This is amazing!
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These are looking really great!
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This is awesome. How long did you spend on this?
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