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Light em UP!!

Ok SSSsssoooooooo, this is my spin on mario, inspired by the idea of, what if MK9 and the supermario bros on Wii were blending into the ultimate barbaric 3D side scroller ever. And this would be an ultimate power up mario's, like a special move where he not only fires fireballs at you but the ground opens up behind him and rain volcanic rock and ash your @$$.

Just a thought. thanks for looking.
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3 way combo of Fire Mario, SF5 Ryu, and Mike Haggar from Final Fight.
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Amazing art mate,goodjob!! :D
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AMERICAAAA, FUCK YEAH!! :iconmuricaplz:
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Those eyes! There's so much emotion!
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This is how Mario should look if Nintendo ever decides "HEY, let's call up Tatsunoko and do a freakin' TATSUNOKO VS NINTENDO!"

Despite having never played Street Fighter *Plus never really having had teh chance to. I would actually enjoy trying the game out. Fighting games are just not my niche. ^^* I would totally play the crap out of that...
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Fire, brimstone, ash and hell! An amazing take on Mario. I absolutely love it, the rugged looks, the plumes of ash and the warping heat of the flames erupting from his hands. Very well done. :D
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Some shitbird is posting your art and saying it's his:…

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thanx for the heads up, looks like they deactivated.
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Thats one of the most badass marios I've ever seen
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Nice art, man! Keep up the good work!
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Really AWESOME approach of Super Mario, love it!!
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Great work!
Very cool!
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Now this I wanna to see a kickass Fire Mario
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lol I like it but when I first clicked I thought he looked like a trucker xD but seriously great art :3
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There is definitely a large amount of realism in this piece. Great job with the details on Mario and the F/X for his flames. His eyes burn as bright as the fire that is at his command too. Keep up the good work!
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reminds me of dragon ball
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that is a super badass mario
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Lite em up an git er dun
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Badass concept! Looks amazing! :jawdrop:
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thanx for all the :+fav:'s
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:O_o: That's a Mario to fear.
Awesome job
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