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Justice Glows

trying something a little different.Been drawing a whole lot lately, i just wanted to color something. thanx to all the folk that support my work, i appreciate it.:)
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amazing coloring and drawing!

Really inspiring for my work ;)

Keep on rocking!
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This is mad wicked keep it up doc!
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Thanx Amorle. Just working out this coloring thing
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keep it up man! when ever you are ready for some collabs give me a shout!!!!
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awesome batman, ya nailed it, those are sum real tight colours , i aint no fag but those abs are great man
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Batman is like, "If this motherfucker lands on me i'll kill him."
sheething with the shine, this is tight....
The wondr woman came out brilliant, i mean obviously we dont know what you're expectations are in terms of what you were going for, but since im neutral i can say that it makes sence and achieves the sunny effect..
now lets kill these ballzy mice.

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lol, for the realz
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great i liked colors....^_^
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damn dude, those are some seeeeeerious flares O_O lookin good dude!
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looks awesome keep it up
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