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SSssssSSSSssssSSSSSSssssSSSSSssssOOOOooooOOOOoooo, i did a sketch jam with :iconlastscionz: some time back and it was on TINTIN, needless to say the homey Chamba killed it, so I decided to re-do it and make up so my sorry submission. That being said, I just really felt i needed to submit something other than graphic work.
Thanx for looking
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Excellent work!
dayem bra, may what he touches be blessed bra...those fingaz are educated!......
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Amazing! Looks like the art from LoL (League of Legends) new character possibly - TinTin
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Looks great Conz! Your coloring is getting so much better. Keep doing your thang man!
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nice Conz, cool sketch jam piece
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thanx Mr. Fermelis, how you been man?
BC3D's avatar
Good man. Life has been awesome!
Hope all is good for you too man.
SheepNumber97245's avatar
good job on the hair, dude
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why thank you me lady:bow:
XtreamCrazy's avatar
I love the reflection in his eyes. And the way your made his face and hand the focal point by blurring everything else. Awesome!
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