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Castle Giant

Goliath. Needed to put something up, you know, i know this isnt really a very exciting picture, but its because I was sick when i drew this. I just wanted to snap out of it when i drew this, then I thought coloring it up, might make it more interesting...didnt work, but at least I can satisfy my need to submit something.
You know I dodnt know why I thought if i colored it, it would look better...:(
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Hi. If you are still active (hopefully, you are), I wanted to ask you about something... I found this picture posted on Comic Vine and wanted to ask if it was okay if, with giving you credit for the art now that I know it is you, I could borrow it for a written piece I am working on which involves Goliath?
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so long as its not for commercial(Ure not making money off of it) purposes, and you do credit me.
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It is not for commercial use in any way, I promise to you, and I will credit you. I have already edited the preview of the piece to credit you, in fact.

But thank you! Greatly appreciated.
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i absolutely loved that show. goliath was so cool. best roar ever
It looks amazing! What's he holding in his right hand?
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I like the picture alot. I do agree with you that the coloring should be a little more dynamic. It seems flat to me. Other than that I like the piece and I would like to see the penciling =). How have you been?
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coolest goliath fanart i have ever seen.
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Awesome one of Goliath here
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Now this I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! So cool. You did a great job.
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This is one of the best Goliath artworks I've ever seen. Technically it's just perfect, especially concerning perspective and light, and it transfers the original character without losing your style. Thank you so much for sharing! Whenever I feel hurt by men, I may look at this guy instead. ;P
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I think it's a wonderful picture! Very dramatic and powerful.

By thy side,

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This is fantastic! :D
Everything about it looks great and so well-done; I especially love the angle and the dramatic lighting/shading
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That's hot :D it does look great with colours, don't deny!
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You do such work when you are sick?! Oh my...I couldn't do it awake and with all my skills and concentration.
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