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Blade Color BUST Commission

Heres an example of the bust commissions im doing for $60.
please check out my journal for details: [link]
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Cool work!;) (Wink) The whole new cinematic universe of MARVEL all began with HIM back in 1998 ya know!:D (Big Grin) 
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mmmm bra.. you were flat when you drew this huh??... its tight.. was listening to that track you tuned... ur right it gets more potent every time..

remember what i was saying about shags item. how it has its own heart?... it was a lie, some girl just told me it has its own pulley system..
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bra ur finished
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so dooooooope
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Awesome Blade Conz! looks great! How was your Holidays?
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im being very lazy this holiday, im kinda feeling bad bout it, but then again i had a very busy year, my busiest ever.urself?
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It was busy. I've been working alot. I'm getting hours now since I graduated.
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thats great, congrats on the graduation hommie. im headed down that road this year, hopefully i shant remain unemployed for too long.
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I hear ya brotha. I'm happy graduation is coming close fo you.
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You're welcome =)
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Happy New Year,
looks good.
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thanx shaggles same to you. i hope ur intro to the year was splendid
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Diggin it, Doc! :thumbsup:
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