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Voice of Reason Pointy by Dr-Chrono Voice of Reason Pointy by Dr-Chrono
This is a kind of request by JasperPie 
I don't know, this might appear in a future animation(probably will).
This is the last one for the night. I have no idea what will be next.
I just realized how many I have left to do... Even if I pump them out as fast as I have been I am not going to have all bronyanalysis of the rifts till sometime 2-3 years from now. O_O
I guess I will do them one at a time. I want to do everyone in the rift, but I downloaded the rift assets the other day and there are 294 doors/ponies... (Minus one, they have not removed Toon's assets for some reason, someone fix that.)
I want to make an artwork eventually containing all rift members as pointies... That will probably never happen!
Right now I'm just kinda making them as I want/need them for future projects.
I just realized I'm rambling in the description again, forgive me, It's 3AM right now.

I do not own the OC, it is owned by
 Henmo24(I too have no idea why he is called that on DA). :iconhenmo24:
Go check him out, his humor knows no bounds!
If anyone needs alterations here is a .SVG file that can be opened by many programs but I used Inkscape for this originally.
Here is the .SVG, it is zipped though. Voice Of Reason Pointy 
I am fine with you using this as long as you credit Voice of Reason for the OC and me for the rig.
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March 25
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