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Hi, just wanted to say that I'm a fan of your work, Doc! Also, you're awesome! have a nice day! ^_^
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Shouting into the abyss after a year...
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Thanks to the efforts of :iconeastsportman:, I am proud to announce that the old love hina wg story of so many years past has finally been restored to its original form.

For those of you who recall this effort, it was one of the very first large scale projects I had ever attempt to write during my early days on DA with the help of a very capable team over the course of several years.

Unfortunately, DA one day decided to eat the download button on these stories which had been thought to have been lost to time as a result as I had not been able to retain the originals and my co-writer had unfortunately passed away and was unable to provide me any of his backups on the other side of the world.

Reading over these stories again reminded me of some of those fun times during the early weight gain story writing days and although this project is much more dated by comparison, I would like to think that the story has stood the test of time as a tribute to what can be done with fatty fanfiction set about by those dedicated enough to bring such a narrative to life.

I do hope you all are able to now enjoy the story in its entirety as we had initially conceived it, all the way to its grand conclusion and epilogue.
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Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

                                                    – Ronin 15 –
                                      Storyline © by Dr-Black-Jack & AnimeFA  
                                                     Editor: Mafia Puppet
                                       Inspired by Xyxtlin’s Ronin 15 Motoko
                       Love Hina and characters © all respected trademark holders

Chapter 13: Kurayami de Odoru Tsuki no Hahen (Shards of the Moon: Dancing in the Darkness)
Side B2

“I am dreaming…”

Motoko had awoken early the next morning, far earlier than her normal routine. She had to prepare herself for an extra special day of training which was to come. Though the temptation to stay in bed at 4 A.M. was strong, it was not strong enough to keep all of her 330 excited pounds wrapped beneath the futon’s double sheets.

Chubby arms brushed past beyond-chubby thighs, Motoko’s 60 inch belly pouring up and over folded legs as she sat upright. The sound of popping buttons flying off her figure-hugging pyjamas let her know that yet another pair had grown too tight. Absentmindedly she tugged at the ends of her two sizes too small attire.

A good handful of belly had been trapped in the elastic garter belonging to a pair of overwrought panties, burrowing deep into her sloping gut. The snap of her undies against the underside of her warm crotch when she freed her paunch was just what she needed to fully awaken. Her wide eyes adjusted to their surroundings.

The darkness of the night still lingered beyond her bedroom window, leading her to expect that no one else would be awake at that time. It would turn out that she was pleasantly mistaken as the enticing scents and sounds of an early breakfast preparation soon ensnared her senses. The delectable aroma grew only stronger as Keitaro walked in with a small bed-table, and placed it carefully by her side. For the very first time in her life, someone would be serving her breakfast in bed.

“This must be a dream…”

Anxiously she waited as he filled her plate, delivering sizable proportions of all her favourite foods. A warm cup of handmade miso soup, an enormous bowlful of stir-fried onions and stripped beef and an entire grilled fish platter were but some of the lay out stretched before her. She simply could not wait to dig in.

Bite by bite, the food slowly began to disappear. There was just enough to sate her appetite without making her feel too bloated. It wasn’t half bad for a man’s cooking. Everything he had made proved to be both deliciously filling, yet healthy enough not to cause her to gain too much weight if she were to eat like that every day. At least, she certainly wanted to eat like that every day.

Motoko licked the flecks of rice from her oily lips as she thanked him for that wonderful meal. Her comfortably stuffed stomach protruded through the parted curtains of her pyjama top to hang low over the sagging rolls of blubber which accumulated along her inner thighs. Another pyjama top button flew off into the distance as she leaned back happily, her full, bra-less breasts jiggling happily atop her padded paunch. Pushing her promise to Naru further towards the back of her mind, she simply resolved to enjoy that precious time.

“If this is a dream…it is a really good one…quite possibly the best I’ve ever had in years…”

After breakfast, and a short struggle to find something which fit her well enough to get dressed, the two had silently made their escape behind the dojo’s borders. Their destination was the towering Shimeiryu Mountain. With a pre-packed picnic basket in hand, Motoko looped her flabby arm through the gap at Keitaro’s free side. Together, they carefully walked along the training ground’s dew streaked path.

Motoko could not help but admire how striking Keitaro looked in those blue and white kendo training garbs, a fine match for her own red and white attire. They truly looked like the perfect warrior couple, the kind that she had idolized in many samurai books she had read during her childhood years. They had set forth on a journey of training, preparing to share a day alone in the wild. She only hoped that her great size had not spoiled that powerful image and her thoughts of a perfect life.

Pounds and pounds of pliable plushness bulged over her indomitable sides, barely able to squeeze into her uniform’s size 28 hakama pants. Even if they weren’t being shown off directly, the smooth outline of her contoured inner thighs could still be seen touching against each other at the knees, leading up the hilly slop of her mountainous behind.

Motoko’s chubby fingers walked that path around her hips every now and again to make sure that her sash wasn’t slipping. The flabby bulge of her full stomach was still curved and heavy with the contents of her morning meal. She only hoped that her clothes held a little longer whilst she digested. Her body was like volatile jelly just waiting to tear through her clothes, her flesh jiggling with each ponderous step.

A mountain air grew colder as they neared their lofty destination, its rocky surface chilled with a thin layer of ice. Despite her body’s thick layer of natural insulation, an unexpected blustery breeze had sent a shiver down Motoko’s spine.

Having sensed his wife’s seemingly minor plight, Keitaro reached into the wicker basket they had brought on their trip. If there was one thing he had learned from Tsuruko, it was always to come prepared. He withdrew a light jacket that had packed especially for her and carefully draped it over her broad shoulders.

Motoko blushed. A near-radioactive rosy red filled her rounded cheeks as several unexpected shivers of pleasure raced down the folds of her back. Keitaro panicked a little upon feeling those continuous shudders, offering to give up his jacket as well if it would help her to stop.

Laughing heartily, but refusing to trouble him any more than necessary, she simply thanked her husband once more and reassured him that she was alright. In truth, she was more than alright. She was deeply moved by that single act of kindness.

It soon became immediately obvious that her fears of them not looking the perfect warrior couple simply due to her size were completely unfounded. Having such a thoughtful partner around to take care of her was certainly proof enough of that.

“Even if this isn’t reality…I-I’m still absolutely thrilled to bits…I really do want to make this day last…forever…”

From freezing cold, to hot and sweaty, the couple wasted no time launching into their basic exercises as soon as they arrived. Motoko was deeply impressed to see how much Keitaro had learned. Her usually non-athletic husband was now even able to keep pace with her as they sprinted through the twilight hours of a bamboo forest dawn, two hearts beating in the stillness of the grove.

Shafts of light danced upon the great, bra-less breasts, supported only by rolls of tape and her uniform’s tight kagintou shirt. Her chest fat rippled only slightly as she speedily paced through the woods, careful to adjust her old movements to match her new bulk. It would not be long before he would come after her. She had to be ready for anything.

Sliding to a halt, she ground the heels of her sandals into the mountain grass. Turning on a dime required her to stretch her fat thighs as far apart as they could possibly reach. Fortunately, she was still surprisingly flexible in that region despite her crotch and pubic mound being layered with a rounded bulge of fat. With both hands raised, Motoko lifted her katana in defence.

Keitaro’s blade came screaming down a moment later, a mighty clash ringing out as their swords collided. Motoko could feel her body jostling even more as she absorbed the shock into her figure’s cushion. He was attacking her full force and she loved it. The couple gave each other a brief competitive grin as they were caught in the thrill of the moment, before disappearing in opposite directions to repeat the cycle again.

Every blow they exchanged sending rhythmic jiggles through the four corners of her body’s global padding, a fat-laden shock absorber if there ever was one. A warrior’s body was poetry in motion no matter what the size. This feeling of excitement which embodied her being was only made more potent by knowing that her opponent was also her love.

After about two hours in, Keitaro was finally starting to tire. Motoko’s years of endurance training would eventually leave her the victor. Though he realized that her movements had inevitably slowed down a little upon obtaining her gargantuan girth, he also learned that her regular strikes had become much more powerful when she swung with the force of her weight. In a final climactic finisher his wife had chosen o rush him from all sides using her weight to leverage her blade. With a mighty clash, Keitaro’s sword fell from his hands. He had just been disarmed with 330 pounds of breast and belly.

With that added weight also came added force. Motoko was simply unable to stop herself in time. Leaves rustled and bamboo splintered as their inevitable collision shook the otherwise silent glade.

Pinned beneath his wife’s great stomach, Keitaro’s scrawny form found itself slowly being absorbed into those tender sides. Something even softer had made contact with his face.

Motoko’s eyes grew wider and wider as she felt nearly all the breath leave her body, too shocked to move away or believe what she saw. The morning sun finally rose over the bamboo glade to reveal a very intimate scene. For those few precious seconds as desperately wished that time would stop around them as their lips accidentally touched…

“Even if this is what I want…I must not allow myself to get lost in fantasy. Keitaro…means the world to me and I so I shall awaken from this temporary slumber to be by his side.”


Motoko’s eyes slowly fluttered open as she awoke from her meditative trance with a gasp. The sounds of pounding water and the feel of a saturated uniform against her cold skin came as a greater shock than what she had just envisioned so clearly only minutes before. Even so, the former was still far more pleasurable.

Sitting behind a waterfall in a small mountain cavern was a special kind of training that the Shimeiryu encouraged, one which allowed participants to come in contact with their inner most thoughts. What she had seen, what she had felt, everything was just as vivid as their equivalent in reality. But as with all dreams, that overwhelming joy she thought she knew began to fade and was replaced by a far more intense sensation. Motoko’s empty stomach had started to rumble.

“You’re hungry again aren’t you?”

Through the cascading falls that pummelled the rocks before her, Motoko’s reflection slowly emerged into view. Her broad, white shoulders, her thick-set sides, and her phenomenal breasts were all growing steadily clearer as she allowed her eyes to adjust to the cavern’s gloom. Even as the water continued to flow, the image she saw stayed crystal clear. It was that of a fat Japanese girl of around 17 years of age, 330 pounds of Shinmeiryu samurai and by far the biggest woman she had ever laid eyes on. She found herself staring deep into the mirror of her soul.

“Heh...heh…heh…Even though you just ate a few hours ago, you’re even more ravenous now than when you woke up…Why not go to find that picnic basket loaded with delectable treats and eat them all yourself? Eat that snivelling man’s portions as well and let him see what a gluttonous girl you have become!”

“No! I shall not! I had a lot of fun with Keitaro today and will not spoil it by consuming our supplies! He reminded me that being a swordswoman is also about sacrifice, acting only upon one’s will when required. From this day forth, I shall wait for the appropriate lunch time before starting my next meal and eat only as much as my body requires.”

The reflection shifted a little, its eyes narrowing and its small mouth contorting into an amused grin. Motoko watched as it moved in her copied form, reaching into the opening of her uniform to raise her breasts out from within. Those plump reflected hands undid her body bindings and attempted cradled her supersized sides as they spilled onto her upturned forearms. Her real palms quivered as her reflection caressed and rolled her bare nipples. She was tempted to copy what she saw.

“You still don’t realize that he only seeks your company because of your new size. He’s attracted to the roundness of your ass, your belly’s multiple rolls and your bountiful chest. You must keep eating if you want to keep him away from Naru, you must grow bigger in order to satisfy his needs! Men are all selfish as you once thought in your childhood. Allow me show you exactly what I mean…”

Motoko’s reflection uncrossed its legs, leaning back to allow the folds of her hakama unfurl. This time, the real Motoko found herself powerless to resist as she copied her watery ghost’s every move. Her real arms fell backwards for support as her whole body leaned slightly forward to reveal her gloriously naked belly and breasts.

Folds upon folds, rolls upon rolls the real Motoko became enamoured at the sight of her body’s sheer size. She had to touch it, had to caress it, had to do as her reflection showed. That undeniable look of lust upon her face was just what the reflected samurai had wanted to see as started to trace lazy circles around its own cavernous navel. It needed to set the mood before it addressed her once more.

“A good start to a fine belly you’ve created, so large, so womanly and soft. You’ve done well to get so big on your own initiative without too much of my influence. Know now that whilst you slept, he caressed it, he pressed it and he sunk his fingers into your folds. If this grows bigger, he shall never leave your side. Food shall become your world.”

“But…but I…Yes…yes, my belly…is for Keitaro…”

A reflected smirk became a reflected grin as it acknowledged the real Motoko’s agreement.

“Look at your breasts…feel their circumference, these globes filled to the brim with meat. Men lust after your chest, your overflowing mammaries simulating the effect of being full of milk. These are what make you more of feminine girl. If these grow larger, Keitaro will always adore you, he shall never have eyes for any other woman for as long as you both shall live. Food must become your world.”

“M-my breasts…I will eat so much that they will continue to swell…so full…so bouncy…so fat…”

The reflected Motoko lay on its side, pulling down its hakama to reveal its rapacious rear-end.. Once more, the real Motoko had also copied the move by allowing her hands sinking into the silky smoothness of those great spheres. Desperate to feel more their curvaceous contour beneath her palms, she sliced the edge of her panties with a flick of the sword. They jiggled wildly once loose.

“Feel your behind, your hips growing wider. You were designed to bare many fine children. Men worship women who can bare their sons, fertile ground on which to plant their seed. You must ripen your voluptuous bulges, continue to plumpen your curves with much food and drink. Do this the man you seek will have no choice but to pleasure you day and night. He will love you forever and a day. Food will become your world.”

By this point, the reflected Motoko had stopped its manipulations as the real Motoko continued to deliberately caress her flesh. Those breasts, that belly, her brilliantly wide hips and ass, all of them were so full with soft, jiggling fat. That indecent pose, that look of sheer covetous yearning upon her face and her burning desire satisfy her most basic desires let it know that she was ready for the final temptation.

“Keitaro…will be mine…”

“You cannot escape this endless cycle, you will keep grow fatter for the rest of your days. You are a slave to your appetite and a slave to your desires. You will hunger, always hunger, you shall want to keep eating until you explode! Accept me, together with your fatness, and I shall make you larger beyond your wildest dreams! Do this and Keitaro too will be yours forever! Grow far too big and never lift your sword again!”

The pangs of hunger within Motoko’s stomach suddenly strengthen, crushing her belly with an unseen grip. She immediately doubled over and ceased her sensual rubbing as both the pain and pain continued to intensify. She needed to be filled right away. She needed to eat something, before her stomach devoured itself.

Keitaro was just beyond the waterfall’s veil, most likely sleeping off his exhaustion from their morning exercises. She could do it. The opportunity to eat all of that delicious food was right there. Giving up her sword in exchange for growing fatter seemed like a far better deal indeed. Why bother training if it only made her hunger worse?

“I’m sorry Keitaro…but my belly needs to be filled…”

The super-sized samurai could take it no longer, an undeniable fact signified by her reflection’s cruel smirk. Motoko’s hands parted the flowing curtain of water to reveal the basket off in the distance…and then stopped.

“W-what are you doing?!”

Cupping her hands and lifting them to her mouth, she guzzled down handful after handful of fresh mountain water. Motoko started to drink. The cool, metallic taste felt good against her tongue and lips, the water slightly sweetened by the Shinmeiryu Mountain’s sakura trees.

“S-stop that! Stop drinking at once!”

Her naked belly started to swell, blimping rounder and rounder with every sip. Unsatisfied with her hand’s efforts alone, she lay on her back and slid under the falls with her mouth opened wide. It flooded her gaping mouth as she struggled to take it all in.

Litres of a pristine crystal spring soon flooded her empty stomach. Motoko could feel the softness of her midsection growing tighter as she filled up like a human water-skin. The size it had grown to whilst drinking Chinatsu’s tea was soon surpassed, making her belly look far more pregnant than it had ever been. The discomfort she felt was worth it as all that water finally extinguished her hunger’s burning flame.

“INSOLENT WELP! Without your insatiable appetite and gluttonous ways you would never have caught that foolish man’s eye!  How far do you think you can keep his attention without gaining more?!”

“Attracting Keitaro to my new size…” Motoko thought as she moved her mouth and body away from the open stream, her water-logged belly sloshing all the while. ”That might be true, but then again it might not. Keitaro…said he cared about me and made me promise that I would not let myself get too absorbed with endless eating. I may not be able to suppress my hunger all the time, but I can still take counter measures to ensure that I do not put on too much more weight.”

Stuffed to the gills with zero calories, she had discovered a way to curb her appetite’s temptation. She was a girl of principle and always true to her promises, no matter how difficult to keep. She trusted Keitaro’s judgement and strove not to gain weight too quickly if it was what he so desired.

Her reflection in the water started to seethe, gnashing its teeth as the real Motoko rose from her stone seat. It’s narrowed eyes, so filled with unyielding hatred as they following her every move. Ignoring the reflection completely, she pushed away the flowing falls and waded back towards the shore. There was someone important waiting for her that she could never disappoint.

“Don’t think you can dismiss me so easily...”


“Welcome back, Motoko-chan. Do you feel a lot fresher after your bath?” Keitaro greeted as he heard the sounds of parting bushes from his wife’s return from the hidden lake.

“I know you must be really hungry by now so we can break for a snack before lunch. I think that you’ve definitely earned…”

Keitaro went completely silent as the bulge of Motoko’s breasts and belly peered from behind the winding bend. Those enormous jiggling cups were still a little wet. The moist stains radiated around her visible areola, dribbling down slightly to reach her sloping stomach. Her cushiony caboose swayed to an invisible metronomic pitch beneath a tight pair of plain black slacks. The glossy sheen of her long dark hair made her look all that more captivating as she glistened beneath the morning sun.

“Actually, I’m not all that hungry,” Motoko replied as she took a seat by his side on the grassy slope. “However, I think that at least one of us should take a much needed rest before we continue.”

“What are you talking abou— Oh…”

It was all too clear to Motoko that he was doing his very best just to stay awake. The strain of going all out against a seasoned veteran was still way too much for his unconditioned body to handle. A rolling breeze across the windswept glade was all that was required to thwart his efforts, sending him toppling against his wife’s shoulder.

“I-I’m sorry…Motoko-chan…*yawn*…I just need...a few…*yawn*…minutes…”

Guiding him ever so gently, Motoko positioned her husband’s weary head into the crux of her belly and lap. She smiled warmly as he instinctively turned, burying his cheek into the warmth of her water-filled paunch. That gentle rocking of her titanic tummy cushion resonated with the beating of her jubilant heart.

“I no longer care whether or not this is a dream. Until these glorious three days finally come to an end…I will do my best to serve as my darling husband’s big, beautiful wife…”
Love Hina WG Story 13 B2
:iconeastsportman: has been so kind as to have saved a copy of this long lost story's missing chapters.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to bring them to me!

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

                                                     – Ronin 15 –
                                       Storyline © by Dr-Black-Jack & AnimeFA  
                                                      Editor: Mafia Puppet
                                        Inspired by Xyxtlin’s Ronin 15 Motoko
                        Love Hina and characters © all respected trademark holders
Final Chapter: Moetsuki - Yaketsuki - Kireitsuki: Watashi ha Tsuneni Hogo Suru
(Burn Down - Burn On - Burn Pure: I Will Always Protect You)

Side A2

“W-what’s going on?! My breasts are growing way too big! My belly’s pouring out of my clothes!” a Shinmeiryu student screamed as she clawed at her swelling garments to free the soccer ball sized boobs within. “Too much pressure…my clothing is…going to…rip!”

“Too fat! Too fat! My butt’s starting to spill out of my panties! Please! S-someone help me!” yelped a second as she felt her ass stretching out to fill the contour of her hakama, a defined ghetto booty if there ever was.

“Noooo! I can’t move! My feet don’t even reach the ground anymore!” shrieked a third, flailing her arms about her as she steadily sank into the cushion of her own paunch. “My belly’s just getting rounder and rounder with every breath! I-I-I’ve become a blimp!”

Despairing cries of a herd of obese teen girls could be heard from almost every direction as the scrambling Shinmeiryu disciples were being fattened beyond belief. Struggling students lay scattered upon the courtyard grounds, covered in the tattered remains of their tattered uniforms which had literally exploded off of their swollen forms. A variety of growths had racked the ranks of every exorcism clan, leaving each girl at an assortment of different shapes and sizes.

Overflowing handfuls of teenage tit-flesh had been forced out of the mandatory bandage bindings, squeezed out like rolls of play-dough from beneath a fabric mould. Rolls upon rolls of flabby waistlines began to droop over the edge of tightening leggings, ranging in girth from pleasantly plumping potbellies right down dimensions which could compete with a regular oil drum. Inflated asses, only really quite describable as a pair of rotund spheres, struck each other tightly at the half-way point, with up to a ten inch crease between the end of their backs and their exposed cracks. It did not matter where the growth started as all three sections would eventually catch up in size.

Bulging arms and legs burst into rippling developments of boundless excess. Their humble chests and bony butts were replaced by wobbling mountains of pillowy flesh. Such incomprehensible stoutness layered the girls developing chins as none were left below 500 pound by the end of their transformations. It was like watching a herd of squealing pigs wallowing helplessly as they reached semi-immobile states.

Observing a group of trim girls being swallowed by their own vast tonnage was just one of those things that could simply not be believed unless you had witnessed it yourself. The ever watchful gaze of the woman who had lead to the destruction of their once athletic figures could easily attest to that.

“Easy…easy…ya’ll just hold still now and stay in mah sights ya hear?”

High atop a nearby building perch she waited. Without taking her eye off the scope of a high-powered rifle, the pudgy fingers of a shadowy female figure moved to load a golden marble-shaped object into the empty bullet chamber. The weapon’s skinny tripod legs were held steady as she squeezed her gargantuan thighs around the base, each rounder than an army sandbag wrapped in the leathery fabric from a pair of gunner’s leggings. She nibbled her plump upper lip in anticipation as she centred the scope over the remaining Shinmeiryu student who had yet to join the others.

“That’s it. Hold it right there ya’ll…”

The butt of the rifle wiggled a little as it gently shifted across the firm padding of a chubby breast, pushing gently against the woollen black jumper. The sniper’s sizable paunch served as an excellent counter-balance to her oversized rifle as she adjusted for wind speed and gravitational pull. Once she was sure of her mark, that chubby finger prepared to squeeze the trigger.


There was a flash of light as the marble exploded from the silenced rifle barrel. Like a comet’s tail, the golden substance arched across the midnight sky as the bullet’s once rounded composition began to elongate and force its contents onto its surface. By the end of its conversion the seemingly harmless marble resembled more of a fine, golden needle, which was now evenly coated with droplets of milky dew.

The needle like projectile continued to whizz past trees and buildings, flying faster and faster towards its lone target as she ran past her blob-like comrades. Though the Shinmeiryu had trained their girls well, no amount of sprinting exercises would ever prepare them to outrun a speeding bullet. The needle soon found its mark, causing the girl to yelp as the golden shaft melted without a trace into her tender rear-end.

“Bullzeyeh! Now here comes the fun stuff!”

All resistance was futile, for the first changes were starting to take place. The eagle eye gazed intently at the girl in the distance, doubling over as she felt pressure begin to build within her abdomen.

A combined look of shock and horror crossed the young-student’s face, mouthing a silent scream as she watched her thighs and ass begin to grow. Gone were the trim legs and hips derived from years of diligent exercise, quickly replaced by a set of thicker hips, thicker thighs, and an enlarged, jiggling butt. Her body was changing.

The girl softly sobbed as she felt her belly rise from dormancy, quickly surging forward to catch up to her now 40 inch lower-half. A brand new little belly began to poke out of her tightening kendo gear, just slightly sagging over her enlarging waistband. Holes and tears were starting to form as the uniform struggled to retain her rapidly inflating body, allowing her thicker, softer and smoother skin to pour out visibly from beneath.

The sustained growth exponentially increased over the next couple of minutes, allowing the girl just enough time to gather her senses together to try and escape. Her plot would soon thwarted by her own body as she felt her belly began to droop even lower, her thighs and ass grow even wider and her chest rapidly evolve into a pair of perfectly toned orbs of sculpted breast meat. Their perky shape and size would not last long however, as more and more weight was added courtesy of her rapidly dividing fat cells. Her 15 year old body easily transcended the tiers of chubby and cute, fat and flabby, and was now midway through being categorized as morbidly obese.

By the time the metamorphosis was over, all that remained of the thin, amateur swordswoman in training was another immobile creature well beyond the aid of diets and exercise. Her legs had long since left the ground, leaving the swollen mountain of her ass riding high above her head. Another magnificent mountain of Shinmeiryu student was left in the wake of the power of the needle’s effects.

So distraught at her sudden enormity was the girl that she immediately fainted on the spot. The up-turned eye bearing down the end of the scope arched up like those of a sly fox as she watched her target slump atop a pillowy belly coated in more than 20 inches of soft, girlish flesh.

“And that’s the last of em! Ah mighta missed that instructa gal Mana, but at least those Shinmeiryu brats ain’t gonna be causin’ us no more trouble,” the sniper gleefully praised herself as she reached for the whisky flask hidden beneath the lip of her oversized stomach.  “Everythin’s goin’ as we planned. Ain’t nothin’ left to do now but wait until our star arrives…”

Raising the flask up high, she toasted her challenge towards the empty sky.

”This one’s fur you…Motakoh!”


It had been a long time since Motoko had worn a garment of single digit size, something she never imagined she’d be easily slipping back into any time soon. After overcoming the initial shock of once again being able to tie a sash around her waist without having to suck it in, the now slender swordswoman estimated her new weight to have finally levelled out at around 120 pounds. So much had been lost that she was at least 10 pounds lighter than she had ever been. A pair of slightly plump C-cup breasts would be all that remained of her heavier self, along with a voracious appetite.

“Even after eating all that chocolate before I left, I’m still a little hungry…No! Don’t let your mind wander! Focus on the task at hand!”

Her long, slender stomach growled fiercely for a fattening, culinary delight as she tied the last strap of the new uniform which Mana had brought. Watching her sister nibble away at a packaged Twinkie which she had pulled from her pocket reminded her of a yearning to be filled once again. Thin for only around ten minutes, Motoko was already starting to miss her exceedingly chubby body.

“Judging from how things turned out, I’d say the ritual was a failure,” Mana bluntly stated, peeling apart the wrapping on yet another snack-cake whilst she waited for Motoko to finish dressing. “A rather extreme measure of weight loss don’t you think?”

“Aneue probably had this planned entirely from the start,” Motoko replied as she knelt down to do up the armour across her leggings. “I’ve never been able to beat her before so this has to be the only explanation.”

“Actually Motoko-han, I did not know what to expect at all…Your belly had bested me fair and square…”

“Aneue! You’re awake!”

With her half-tied armour plating clanging loosely against her, Motoko anxiously jogged over to her sister’s side. It felt odd not to have her thighs grinding tougher with each step for once, leaving a surprisingly empty sensation between her legs right down to the knees. She had been so fat or so long that she had entirely forgotten what it had been like to weigh less than 1/8th of a ton. Tsuruko, on the other hand, was only starting to get used to weighing quite a lot more.

“Help me up would you Motoko-han? I’ve fallen and can’t seem to rise on my own.”

Motoko grunted as she wrapped her arms around her elder sister and started to lift. The soft padding of close to a quarter ton of pale blubber, though seemingly light and fluffy like battered cream in appearance, put up a lot more of a fight than she had anticipated. The multitude of fleshy rolls which had become Tsuruko’s side kept siding between Motoko’s fingers without allowing her to get a firm grip. So great was the circumference of her sister’s inflated stomach that her arms were constantly forced back into the small pockets of padding underneath her floppy udders. The angle to approach from was only part of the problem.

The next big problem lay in that sheer enormity of Tsuruko’s rotund girth, causing the young swordswoman to go red in the face as she attempted to heave with all her might. Although her extensive Shinmeiryu sword training might have granted her a boost in strength relative to normal girls her size, but it was still not enough to lift a 480 pound woman all by herself. All Motoko had succeeded in doing was rolling the roly-poly proportions of her super-fat sister onto her back, causing her exposed belly to wobble greatly as it spilled over the top.

“It’s no good…You’re far too big for me to lift alone…Mana-san, could you come help me please?” Motoko requested as she hoisted one of Tsuruko’s flabby biceps over her shoulder.

“Not quite familiar with your old weight as a teenager after so many years are you Tsuruko?” Mana smirked as she slipped the elder Aoyama’s other chubby arm behind her neck. “I wonder if this means we can resume our old positions as eating competition rivals”

“*Oooff* Only as much as you are at yours,” Tsuruko replied as she clutched Mana’s lower most belly roll to steady herself between the two. “The eating competition will have to wait however as we must first decide what to do about whoever…or whatever…is attacking the dojo.”

“It’s the demon within the Hina isn’t it,” Motoko interrupted. “That’s why you tried to use the Zan ma ken Ni No Tachi on me during our fight. You thought that I was possessed, but…why?”

There was no use hiding it from her any longer. Balancing on a pair of swollen cankles, Tsuruko waddled a few steps ahead of both Motoko and Mana before making a laboured effort to face them. Her tremendous, naked belly jostled like a platter of instant-set jelly as she shakily completed her slow, half-turn.

“Tell me Motoko-han, ever since the accident did you feel an unusual rush of hunger surge through your body, like a voice urging you to eat and eat and never stop? Have you ever had fantasies of getting fatter, getting fuller, wishing that you could be fed without end? I want you to close your eyes and think for a moment about any point in time where you had ever felt something…odd.”

Mental imagery from the food-laden past quickly resurfaced as Motoko began to put her gluttony into perspective. That time at the eating contest where she had pushed her stomach to its limits, that nightmare she had on her first day back at school where she was fattened by a very malevolent Sara and even at the waterfall whilst she was training all quickly came to mind.

Where she had originally attributed her 200 pound gain to a combination of Su tampering with her medication and the dampening of her own inhibitions towards eating as the primary causes for her initial bodily changes, Motoko also began to recall that same presence she felt at those times was also present whenever an abundance of food was laid out before her. It was something which she couldn’t quite place, something so small that she had never really detected until now. Her sister was right. There was the tiniest trace of a foreign darkness still lurking within the depths of her soul.

“As you well know, that wedding sword you hold once contained a terrible evil, one which nearly destroyed Kyoto and wiped our school from the history books. After witnessing you successfully sealing the weapon away during your last visit, however, I decided to do some research on the demon in order to make sure that there were no counter rituals through which it could be returned. What I discovered instead was most shocking…”

Tsuruko paused before continuing. Fatigued from both the fight against Motoko and the fight against gravity, she was finding it more than a little difficult to catch her breath. Hefty, watermelon orbs of swollen tit-flesh putting pressure on her chest weren’t making things any easier to speak without sounding even slightly winded. She shifted her sumo-like proportions a few feet to further in order to rest her blubbery buttocks atop a small boulder which Mana had previously occupied.

“*Huff*…as I was saying, though much of the ancient texts on the sword had been suspiciously erased, all that remained was a single diary scroll from our ancestors of the past. What was sealed inside that sword was a class S criminal named Hina of the Ichor Blade, an exiled master and the original founder of the Shinmeiryu School. That same malevolent force which tried to possess both Naru and Keitaro in the past was the tainted soul of one of our that had found a new host in you after you tried to seal it.”

“So, when I kissed Keitaro to distract the spirit, a tiny part of Hina went...inside me?” Motoko automatically queried, her voice thick with disgust and self loathing. The very thought of a vile, otherworldly entity residing within her stomach to fatten her up from within sent shivers through her spine.

“Correct, but that’s not all we learned. Hina was also the first to successfully complete the same ritual which you are had been undergoing to sever your accidental marriage ties. The record shows that it was some time after the completion of this ritual that she broke the Shinmeiryu taboo and started harming innocents in order to gain weight. She was so obsessed with becoming fatter, desperate to make herself bigger for the sake of tragic love. Though Hina herself is long deceased, her spirit seems to want to replay the same heartbreak again, only this time with both you and the girls of the Hinata Sou as the victims. She’s been fattening you all up for this very day.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” Motoko angrily exclaimed as she prodded Tsuruko’s swollen stomach. “If I had known that I would become so dangerous, I would have not gotten any of my friends involved! Hina can do what she wants to me, but if she so much as harms a single one of them I would never be able to forgive myself.”

“We could not, lest Hina learned of our plans to purify her via your own subconscious,” Mana solemnly replied as she seized Motoko’s hand in mid-poke before letting it go. “We needed you to undergo the same trials that Hina did in order to remind her of her past, rousing her consciousness to the surface with enough fattening treats so that we might strike and cleanse her before she could fully take control of your body.”

“But the plan was a failure. Rather than extract her from your body, she had arranged it so that any attempt to expel her would result in the absorption of the weight she made you gain. The little bit extra that makes me heavier than you means I tried to purify an innocent person and was punished for it as a result of our order’s taboo.” Tsuruko finished, rubbing the pinkish indentation where Motoko had made her mark. “As a spirit, Hina cannot survive without a host. I had told Mana to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity whilst I attempted to purify her from your body, but given her current appearance I would assume that Hina had also devised her own scheme to catch her off guard.”

Following the quivering poundage of Tsuruko’s outstretched arm Motoko gazed upon Mana’s presented form. Having been able to sneak up on someone like her must not have been an easy task, let alone being able to fatten her up without her noticing. Just what manner of demonic sorcery was she dealing with that could turn even a veteran exorcist’s sculpted figure into a lush valley of curves and blubber so quickly?

“It knows the strength of our art lies within our body shape and that any severe change can render our style unusable. Our foe is a fearsome one indeed…”

“And what of my friends? Are they still alright?”

“No one has seen Naru or any of the other girls,” Mana reported, trying hard not to blush after having both Tsuruko and Motoko inspect her figure down to the last roll. “We presume them to have been taken hostage.”

“And…what of Keitaro?” Motoko anxiously probed as she felt a knot of worry twisting within her empty stomach. “Where is my husband?”

“Shinmeiryu Master Urishima…has also been reported missing.”

That was all Motoko need to hear.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” Tsuruko barked as the leaner Aoyama continued doing up the last of her new armour. “I acknowledge that you are strong but none of us alone were able to completely eliminate Hina’s taint in the past. The other clan sisters, as well as our mother, have already been informed of the situation and have advised us to wait so that we might strike as a single force. I forbid you to go until then!”

Stopping her little sister from leaving would have been a far easier feat 300 pounds ago. Where a much thinner, more agile Tsuruko would have impressively triple-flipped through the air to bar Motoko’s path with folded arms, the near quarter-ton samurai found herself struggling to even lift her immense body in order to stand. By the time she had managed to heave herself forward with the last of her remaining might, the younger Aoyama had finished preparing for battle.

Sliding her katana back into its sheath with a soft click, a now fully equipped Motoko stood tall beneath the spotlight of a pale, full moon. The brilliant scarlet and white of her new uniform fluttered lightly amidst the gentle twinkling of pollen from the flowers of the grassy field surrounding their battleground like a radiant aura to match her steadfast resolve. One battle-hardened stare was all it took to stop Tsuruko in her tracks as Motoko peeked back over her shoulder, turning to face her sister with a confident smile of a girl in love.

“Keitaro needs me aneue, just as I need him. Bringing Hina into our home is on my honour, and as such, I must defeat her on my own. My family, my friends, my dearest Keitaro, I swear to set things right before the night is through. After all, what good is a samurai if she can’t protect the things that matter to her the most?”
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Final Chapter: Moetsuki - Yaketsuki - Kireitsuki: Watashi ha Tsuneni Hogo Suru
(Burn Down - Burn On - Burn Pure: I Will Always Protect You)

Side D2


“Read it out loud.”

“I-I won’t…”

“Don’t be difficult Motoko-nyan,” Kaolla echoed through the loud speaker in a childishly sing-song tone as she tapped on a large electronic message board that had been deployed from their creation. “Sara can get pretty nasty if you don’t agree and you KNOW what will happen to you if you don’t do what we want you to do.”


She didn’t really have much of a choice.

“Irrashaimasen…” Motoko began softly, her head hung low as she tried to hide the redness of her face behind her fringe.


“Irrashaimasen! Welcome to-” Motoko tried again, still trying to remain defiant by keeping her gaze lowered as she clenched her fists.


“I-IRRASHAIMASEN!” Motoko finally cried out at the top of her lungs. “W-WELCOME TO AOYAMA BURGER, HOW MIGHT I SERVE YOU TODAY!”

Between that trembling upper lip and the sheer look of embarrassment Motoko was wearing, Kaolla and Sara exchanged a couple of devious grins. The subject was prepped and ready. The experiment could now begin.

Just like any common lab-rat, they had not been gentle with her. The duo had forcefully stripped her down to her undergarments, making sure to tear away anything from which their subject could potentially draw emotional strength. Her sword was confiscated and her uniform rendered to shreds from her body before being scattered to the four winds. Left cold and nearly naked, a cocktail of anger and embarrassment blazed white hot within Motoko’s eyes as she was gingerly placed back on the ground to futilely try and censor all of her cushiony excess with a pair of moderately chubby arms. Kaolla and Sara drank in her suffering with a twinge of sadistic glee.

“Smile more!” Sara barked into the loud speaker. “Press your breasts together more too! I’m filming this and I want to make sure that everyone can take a good look at your lewd side.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, Motoko’s near-nudity was not to last. The jellied layers of her flabbiness were soon covered by an ill-fitting, fast-food waitress cosplay outfit, one which dug into her sides and further accentuated her voluptuous dimensions. A bright orange miniskirt squeezed tightly around her hips and thighs, strained to the max by the deposits of flesh which were packed onto their blubbery surfaces. Her sizable stomach was volumized even further by the frilly hostess shirt and its engorged shoulder pads, the frayed endings which were meant to be hidden constantly pulled out from beneath her rolling love handles from even the slightest bend. Every inch of fabric had been drawn so tightly that the outline of her bandages that bound each fat-infused nipple were readily seen criss-crossing across the worldly hemispheres her buxom cleavage.

“This behaviour is unbefitting of a warrior of my status…” Motoko coldly retorted through clenched teeth as she tugged on the stinging elastic of her uniform’s orange suspenders. “What is the meaning of making me undergo such a pointless task?”

“Warrior? Status? Stop deluding yourself Kendo and accept your new fate. You’re nothing more to us than a test subject now, just a chubby doll for us to play with. Now, keep reading as instructed or you’ll get the turtle goo hose again.”


It was painful, but for the moment, Motoko was playing by their rules. Sara and Suu held the advantage as long as they remained in their armoured shell but if those tainted personalities were anything like their purified counterparts, then they were bound to soon reveal a moment of weakness as a result of their overconfidence. To get that far though she would first have to lull them into a false sense of security and to do that effectively, she would have to force herself to act the role in earnest.

Pressing her breasts together between hefty upper arms, the wide waitress leaned forward as though situated behind an imaginary counter top. Her accentuated assets strained the buttons of her silken undershirt as they poured out and over the oversized ribbon of her uniform which wrapped around her equally oversized waist. A half-hearted smile was squeezed across her lips almost as painfully as the garment’s biting elastic while she tried to suppress the notion that she presenting herself as a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

“My name is Motoko Aoyama, and I’ll be attending to you this evening. P-please make your selection from our extensive menu…w-we have everything a growing girl needs…”

The scoreboard screen quickly faded as Motoko looked on in silent wonder. The next display looked like a menu of the most extreme proportions from a regular fast-food drive-thru, complete with animated advertisements running up and down the sides. Though she could not read all of the small print from that distance, she could not help but notice row after row of selectable options lighting up the list like Christmas tree as Kaolla and Sara made their decisions behind the safety of their cockpit’s windshield.

“T-Thank you for your patronage…Please advance to the next window and I will have it ready for you shortly.”

Knowing better than to contemplate just where this ‘next window’ was, the weighty waitress could see that Kaolla and Sara had long since planned ahead. Pistons shifted and cranks turned as transformation after transformation slowly began to warp the turtle mech’s body to set the next stage for the fast-food role-play.

The plates on its back flipped open as row after row of long metallic cylinders pushed their way to the surface, each exuding fine wisps of dry-frost upon reaching  their full height. Its broad metallic shoulders arched back and its clawed legs embedded themselves into the bridge foundations all the while supporting its sliding chest panels which exposed its inner machinations. Where she had been expecting a series of fine cogs and screws, Motoko was even more surprised to find that its internal structures resembled something similar to a compact kitchen behind a regular burger joint, complete with greasy griddle and an oversized drink dispenser all managed by a series of robotic arms.

The mobile cookery was already activated. She could feel the searing flames rising from within the iron giant’s internal kitchen. A pneumatic hiss echoed like that of a steam-train about to leave the station as something was being rapidly processed through the small but efficient cook tops. The weighty waitress didn’t have to see to know what the girls were cooking as that familiar wafting scent of a fast food joint soon enveloped her with promises of her favourite fatty meals. Burgers were being made, and there were sure to be a lot.

She could see them collecting beneath a glass dome at the end of the cycle already, coupled with extra large fries and a large cup of something to drink. Each was more than three inches thick, triple layered beef with extra cheese as well as all of the usual trimmings. Ever since Shinobu had given her that first taste all those months ago, the memory of such mouth watering food left a lasting impression on her tastebuds which no other meal ever came close to completely satisfying. They had changed her and could stimulate Motoko’s appetite from even the slightest suggestion. A long conveyer belt lined with wax paper began unfurling itself like a large rubber tongue, carrying with it dome after dome of her stomach’s one true love.

“So that’s how they want me to gain…I can’t believe they would go this far to create so much food! Even if this is my favourite, there’s just no way that I could possibly eat all of this even if they force fed me for days on end!  I’ll pop before even a quarter of it makes it inside of me!”

Even with that though, she could not help but begin to salivate. The smell of tender grilled patties smothered with hot sauce and dripping with oil called out to her from beneath their clear prisons with promises of adding pounds and inches to her already prominent girth. They could make her huge and Motoko knew that. They could satisfy her desires to feed, Motoko knew that too. She was already zaftig, voluptuous, and even exceedingly plump at the moment, but Sara and Suu’s combined efforts would make her truly fat. It was now a question of whether or not she wanted them to.

“Please! Be reasonable you two!” Motoko gulped as wiped a hint of saliva which trickled from the corner of her mouth. “There’s just no way I can finish all of this! Y-you’re absolutely crazy if you think I could—”

“Oh? And what makes you believe that any of this is yours?”


Not half a meter from the salivating samurai-girl, the stretching conveyer belt took an unexpected turn. The wax paper carpet carrying its precious cargo was now headed away from Motoko and straight back towards the giant turtle-shaped food factory from which it came and slowly climbed towards the monster’s gaping mouth. Disappointment and relief both struck equally hard.

“Jumping to conclusions isn’t a very smart thing of you to do Kendo. Your warrior’s intuition must be starting to get as dull as the rest of your body. If you’re really THAT hungry, I’ll be sure to leave you one juuuuuussstttt beyond your reach!” Sara sneered as she motioned one of the robotic arms to dangle a burger-filled dome several feet in the air above Motoko’s head. “Jump for the burger if you want it so badly piggy. I want to see those mammoth breasts and that big belly of yours flop about before we even give you an opportunity to eat!”

“T-Those little brats…If only I could just get them out of that suit I’d show them the finer points of martial discipline…However, it is rather odd that they would choose to feed themselves rather than try to fatten me up like what Kitsune did. I don’t like the looks of this at all…”

Her inner monologue was disrupted once again, this time by the sounds of succulent scrunching. Motoko could hear the fatty burger meals being hastily devoured between the two of them, their teeth crunching past the flame grilled sesame seed buns to reach the flavourful centres to splatter their lips with oil and fat. The slurping of soda echoed through the loud speaker as the wide waitress stood with arms dutifully crossed over her belly, the rattling of ice-cubes at the bottom causing her own throat to feel slightly parched. This was psychological warfare and Motoko had to do her best to steel her will against temptation. She would NOT allow Sara and Suu get the better of her with such a childish form of torture.

“Mmmmm it’s soooooo good Motoko-nyan!” Kaolla cried out as she crammed her tubby cheeks full of greasy takeout. “We took the original recipe straight from Shinobu but with our own modifications we’ve managed to improve and perfect her cooking style! The meat’s so flavourful, the bread so light and fluffy! And all of it packaged with an extra little surprise…”

“W-What’s the surprise?”

Kaolla only smiled.

“Oh…you’ll find out soon Motoko-nyan…it shouldn’t be too much longer…”

With that said, Kaolla resumed her wild feasting an left nothing but crumbs and a puzzled Motoko in her wake.  The speed at which the girls grazed was relentless, the clockwork droning of the conveyer belt conducting their stuffing like a metronome for the morbidly obese. Flabby arms raised and lowered themselves like a conductor’s baton, ferrying delicious morsels to their open mouths. Handfuls of ketchup covered fries and tall glasses of cool creaming soda had become the accompanying instruments in this sinful symphony of gluttonous excess, with those perfect burgers holding a prominent lead. Little did Motoko realize that this was only a warm up act, a siren’s song that would begin to transform her into the main attraction from both inside…and out.

“W-what is this strange sensation…” Motoko wondered as she began to feel a prickling heat spread beneath her waitress’ uniform “Why does my body feel so warm…”

Something was spreading from within the folds of her uniform, an inexplicable hotness which radiated around her belly’s centre. Slowly but surely, it was building in intensity and travelling further and further in every direction. By the time it had reached her breasts, it felt as though she had just walked into a sauna fully clothed. Motoko started to tug at her uncomfortable shirt collar.

“There’s something wrong with my body…it feels like…like…*urk*”

Motoko moaned as she felt a cramp seize her midsection, her breath becoming shallower despite the deepening rise and fall of her chest. She clutched the ribbon wrapped around her waist, fingering the velvety fabric grooves where her fat folded in upon itself.  The sensation of invisible flames traced the furrows of her flab like spilt oil from a lantern, setting alight the remaining troughs of thinness that her body had been desperately clinging on to. Her hips, her waist, her belly and breasts, it felt like she was sweating melted butter from every fold.

“W-what’s happening to me…What have you two done to me?!”

“Nothing bad Kendo, I assure you. *much-much*” came Sara’s muffled reply through a mouthful of burger. “Just sit back and enjoy the ride…*chomp-slurp* I know I will!”

The sounds of noisy scrunching over the loud speaker only intensified together with the worried waitress’s climbing temperature. Despite the feeling of her body becoming absolutely drenched with a thick and greasy sensation, every inch of her uniform was still completely bone dry. Lifting the ruffled folds of her miniskirt to check on her meaty flank, she could only feel the unblemished smoothness of her swollen ass cheeks and the white cotton underpants straining to contain them.  Not a drop of excess moisture was to be found. Her probing fingers travelled a little higher, sliding towards the dimpled region where her back fat and love handles converged upon her rump to check beneath her panties’ elastic. Sliding two fingers in so easily at first, only to have them suddenly wedged in tight as she tried to wriggle them out, Motoko knew exactly what was happening.

“I’m getting fatter?!”

“Surprise! That’s our Motoko-nyan, a smart girl who gets it right the first time!”

“B-but why am I getting fatter if I haven’t eaten anything? *ah-ha~*H-how are you doing this to me?”

“Weeeelllll, smart as you are, the fine details are things which you’d never be able to fully comprehend so I’ll give ya the dumbed-down version.” Kaolla contemplated as she suckled her greasy fingers. “Let’s just say we’ve been experimenting with nano-technology recently and loaded some into the goo we bathed you with. This particular strain allows us to enjoy the taste of food we love whilst giving other girls the unwanted calories and pounds, which is why you’ll keep on getting fatter whilst we continue to eat. I know you probably don’t like it now but our new line of personality altering uniforms will see to it that you grow to love the new changes…and I do mean GROW!”

This wasn’t a bluff. Even now Motoko could feel her fingers being squeezed through the vice of her tightening undergarments. Every pound they consumed was somehow being transferred into her, softening her figure even more as the weight continued to trickle on.

“My clothes are so tight…this skirt…it’s crushing me…”

The changes were starting to become more visible now as pound after pound continued to pile itself on. Her hips ballooned beneath her jet black miniskirt, the hem gradually being pushed higher and higher like a rising curtain. A full moon was about to take centre stage as the two great wobbling masses of Motoko’s pillowy ass were slowly unveiled. The point where her cheeks converged starting to plump and sag over her uniform’s thigh high stockings. All hints of her long, toned legs began to disappear as the gain continued past her thighs and calves, their definitions becoming lost under more and more accumulating fat. Mini-muffin tops formed over her mid-thighs to match the one which dominated around her constricted waistline.

“Ooh would you look at her go? She’s positively overflowing! Faster Sara! Faster! We need to eat more to keep blimping her up!”

With so much extra weight, and all of it piling on so quickly, Motoko could feel the greasy sensation intensifying from below begin to creep towards her upper regions. It was like she had become a wax sculpture, one which was being gradually packed with more than her fair share of excess fat. The sloping shelf of her tremendous ass was staring to cause her waistline to thicken, the rolls of fat at her belly rpiening underneath her uniform’s orange ribbon. Pressure was building as the thickness of her belly rolls stretched any creases in a bid to begin to hang once again.

Running her fingers along the sides Motoko desperately searched for a way to vent her body’s building pressure, a release to the uncomfortable girdle which her uniform had now become. Already two sizes too small and bordering on a third, she tugged and stretched wherever she could to try and free herself from the demonic garment as it sunk into the deepness of her widening waist.

“Not going to happen I’m afraid. The only way you’re going to get out of this one is if either the clothing snaps or you do! An ingenious counter mechanism, no?”

Motoko was no longer listening as she felt her desperation beginning to rise. The greasy sensation had now moved into her breasts and arms as they too started to feel constricted by her uniform’s garter gulag. Her upper arms began expanding, limiting her movements and her search for release. So full and chubby were they becoming that she could see the changes taking place when she held them out in front of her, the very definition of her wrists and fingers being buried under a new playful roll of fat. Even when she was at her heaviest, her arms had never grown this big, so thick and full that she could barely hold them out straight enough to try and free her ample breasts now ripening between her suspenders. Her prominent hourglass figure was returning at the time she needed it the least.

“Too fat, too fat…there’s far too much fat….I….I can’t…”

The fabric of her uniform was now so tight it squeaked and whined as she slowly continued to fill out. Her puffy shoulder pads, once only filled with air, were now stretched taut over her bulging upper arms, filled with the excess fat that could no longer be contained by the heavy rolls which flanked either side of her titanic tits. With that bulkier bust, the added thickness of her back fat which accumulated as a result of her now sagging paunch and an ass and thigh combination which were bloated beyond comparison, it wasn’t long before Motoko could hear the whispers of tearing fabric.

“All this fat…*urgh*…everything so tight…getting softer…getting wider…uniform won’t hold…”

The tearing was becoming louder and louder as her body continued to inflate with hot, jiggling fat. Fissures filled with her ponderous paunch to protrude left, right and centre. Motoko grit her teeth as she felt her clothing approach its limits.


She could take no more. Like a pastry overstuffed with too much vanilla jelly, the orange and white waitress uniform was torn asunder, unleashing her blubber in a torrent. Pound after pound of excess adipose had finally found their release, free to flow and sag down her sides just like they had before. Rather than the expected agony of having her clothes cutting into the bulges of her youthful skin, Motoko instead found herself bombarded by wave after wave of unbridled pleasure. The heat which engulfed her had immediately dissipated, bringing with it relief so strong that she could not help but fling back her head to let out a long and passionate moan. Being naked never felt so good.

Revelling in her throws of sagging cheeks and a multitude of extra creases, Motoko’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as she felt herself being ruined. She was fat without a doubt now, almost back to her once gloriously obese state. Feeling her knees grow weak, they eventually gave way as her humongous body slammed against the floor in defeat.

“Tch, down already after the first round? What a terrible research subject. She can’t even stomach an extra 50 pounds through the device at 20%.”

“But look at this Sara! The last reading shows that we brought her morality and inhibitions down by a whole 15%! If we keep going like this, we’ll completely drain her and make her the perfect submissive girl who only lust for food!”

“Oh! Oh! If that’s the case, let’s try the next one at 50% and increase it in increments from there. I look forward to seeing what she’ll look like at the end.”

As the dark shadow of the mecha’s hand descended upon her naked form to begin the reclothing process again, Motoko’s sensibilities returned long enough for her to whimper a small prayer. It was all she could do to try and stay strong as she faced her darkest hour.

“Please Keitaro…help me…”
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Thanks to the efforts of :iconeastsportman:, I am proud to announce that the old love hina wg story of so many years past has finally been restored to its original form.

For those of you who recall this effort, it was one of the very first large scale projects I had ever attempt to write during my early days on DA with the help of a very capable team over the course of several years.

Unfortunately, DA one day decided to eat the download button on these stories which had been thought to have been lost to time as a result as I had not been able to retain the originals and my co-writer had unfortunately passed away and was unable to provide me any of his backups on the other side of the world.

Reading over these stories again reminded me of some of those fun times during the early weight gain story writing days and although this project is much more dated by comparison, I would like to think that the story has stood the test of time as a tribute to what can be done with fatty fanfiction set about by those dedicated enough to bring such a narrative to life.

I do hope you all are able to now enjoy the story in its entirety as we had initially conceived it, all the way to its grand conclusion and epilogue.
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