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>:] nice
Mon Dec 3, 2018, 12:28 PM
Yo! I’m saying hi too!~
Sat Feb 24, 2018, 11:49 PM
Hi, just wanted to say that I'm a fan of your work, Doc! Also, you're awesome! have a nice day! ^_^
Fri Feb 23, 2018, 7:25 AM
Literally 3 years ago
Tue Feb 13, 2018, 12:41 PM
Shouting into the abyss after a year...
Tue Jan 9, 2018, 10:55 AM
Sun Dec 4, 2016, 7:21 AM
I AM REBORN!! It will be a pleasure working with you Dr.!
Sat Jul 2, 2016, 9:24 PM
and his name is JOHN CENA!!!!
Fri May 6, 2016, 7:52 AM
Sat Apr 9, 2016, 11:09 AM
don't look behind you
Tue Dec 22, 2015, 7:59 AM

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Plus Size - Dinner Date Stuffing

Art by :iconsunny3257:

The hospital cafeteria selection had started to bore Dr Miharu Endo. Sure, it gave staff discounts but like any hospital, but its selection was far too healthy for her liking. The burgers sitting under the grill looked tasty but were always disappointingly made of tofu or some other non-beef product. Packets of chips or candy bars from the vending machine were about as close to a naughty treat that she could have, but even they had run their course over time. Even the treats nurse Takumi Hara kept in her desk drawer were starting to become blander with every failed diet attempt she had made in an attempt to motivate herself to stick to the program and shed that title of being the hospital’s piggy mascot.

Miharu sighed. She shut the drawer tightly and put the key back in its hiding spot. Why Takumi had thought an empty medicine bottle without a label behind a washroom cabinet would be the least suspicious place, the doctor would never understand. She had taken her fair share of drawer’s contents only to find it filled up to the brim within the next day or two. Such events were soon followed by Takumi’s feverish attempts to secretly calculate where the missing calories may have gone through her day of worried snacking.

Miharu never worried about her intake. She loved her food and was always looking forward to having more. She wasn’t tall, standing about 5’5’’, which meant every pound she gained was easily more noticeable. Calling her voluptuous would be putting it politely; calling her curves a distraction was probably right on the mark. With her jet black curls which tumbled down her back like a waterfall, her mocha-tanned skin and the golden sheen of her eyes, she might have even been considered an exotic beauty if she lost a hundred or so pounds. Society’s standards however never mattered much to the surgeon as she knew that even the politest hug from her could provide a thrill which would turn the opinion of any non-believer. 

The sun’s dying rays soon left the empty staff room as the city’s night scene sprung to life. A new neon billboard advertising a new Mexican place which had just newly opened across the street was something Miharu had not noticed before. The thought of something so laden with calories and unabashedly unhealthy brought smile to her face as she contemplated whether or not she would give this burgeoning business a chance. The words ‘all-you-can-eat’ decided for her.


Miharu and Takumi had developed a bit of a name for themselves among the local eateries. They were the cause for staff discounts being restricted to hospital grounds alone. The owners of this new venture seemed to be new in town despite having franchised from one of the largest chains in the country.

Most of the restaurant was dark, done in sleek, steel and black marble paneling to give it a trendy modern look. The two girls sat at a booth by one of the windows, catching just enough street light to make them seem to glow amidst the hungry patrons.

The doctor was dressed in an emerald sweater with grey dress pants, her conservative casual that she often wore underneath her white lab coat which was completely unable to disguise the fact that she was blatantly feminine. Every fiber of her top was stretched just tight enough to hint at the fact that her impressive bust was already on the verge of popping out of the sturdy bra she wore. Such an abundance of curves was only second to the impressive belly she sported which sat daintily upon the thickness of her pillowy thighs.

The nurse, on the other hand, was far more concerned about how much her curves could attract any unwanted attention. Her uniform was already the largest thing she owned and through multiple alterations had withstood the brunt of many a dinner out with Miharu. The little jacket she wore on top of it only highlighted the roundness of her arms. Try as she might to hide behind the restaurant’s impressively large menu, the multitude of rolls and folds which already threatened to pour out of the girdle she had strapped herself into were clearly plain to see. Her face was paler than usual beneath the mop of scarlet hair as she busily scanned for the least fattening thing she could have. She nibbled her ruby lips nervously, a trait which Miharu found rather cute and made it even more entertaining when she eventually sunk Takumi’s diet attempt for the week.

There was never any malicious intent behind her actions. It was just so much harder to work when your assistant was more worried about her own body than the one on the operating table. She had hoped that over time her own eating habits and love for her plush figure would have rubbed off on her, but she had started to grow impatient. She would each her a new kind of team building exercise in the best way she knew how.

The two girls had a nice conversation over a pitcher of non-diet cola. They had known each other now to discuss more than polite banter but the subject of weight and body image were always something that caused a bit of tension. The corn chips and dip came and were quickly eaten by Takumi. Miharu had to save room for the main course. The nurse pushed the little plates away, saying apologetically that she should just stop eating at that.

Miharu decided tonight would be different. Rather than side stepping around it, she steered the conversation in that direction. Soon they were talking about eating and weight exclusively. It was clear that Miharu loved to eat and it certainly showed on her figure, but Takumi had always been careful about gaining too much.

Miharu spoke of how she had known plenty of people who loved bigger women and were certainly not afraid to show it. Takumi, on the other hand, found it ludicrous that anyone would find watching a woman eat and gain even in the slightest bit fascinating and whether or not they should be committed to the mental health wing. Sex wasn’t off the table either as Miharu explained the appeal of how each new pound was like a new erogenous zone, like every new bulge or roll she gained could appeal to a lover like having a brand-new woman. They were both at such a size that having sex could even be like a threesome between her, her lover and her fat. Takumi simply sat there, blushing furiously at the thought until she noticed the nachos they had ordered was gone and she still wanted more.

Without even thinking, the nurse reached for the last cluster of cheesy goodness still resting on Miharu’s side of the plate. The doctor smiled to herself inwardly and felt her plan coming together. While much of her discussion had been based entirely in theory, she certainly knew the appeal of a girl with a big appetite. She allowed her to take the piece without even trying to stop her, allowing her to experience the feeling without words. Helping coax her out of her shell and realize that a fatter woman could also be a sexier woman had to start somewhere and she wasn’t about to argue over something they had in abundance and was just another short order away.

Miharu signaled the waitress over and asked for two large fajita spreads with extra salsa and double meat. After that, it was real easy to steer the conversation back towards more professional topics for a little while as they waited. Getting Takumi comfortable with the idea would take some careful wording and plenty of teaching by example.

The orders arrived, and Miharu slowly steered the conversation back to the erotic aspects of food. The same would continue for the orders after that. Takumi would become flustered, try to eat everything as fast as she could in an attempt to escape the conversation, only to realize that her plate was now empty and her tummy still had space. Empty plates were switched for full ones as Miharu pressed her points, provided anecdotal examples and even nearly drew a diagram out for her in the sauce. Only the two of them noticed when they had both had their fifth full serving neatly consumed until Miharu signaled the waitress over again to order a large serving of enchiladas and a round of loaded nachos for the two of them.

The order proved larger than they both initially planned for. By the time they had finished, there was a notable lull in their conversation as they both realized how stuffed they were both starting to feel.

Takumi’s tummy was full and her girdle was more devilishly uncomfortable than usual. Even her jaws had grown tired from chewing. Miharu, on the other hand, had simply drawn in what little space she could still muster around her midriff and slid her pants down further as she allowed her gut to pour out and her sweater to roll up towards her chest.

The doctor stuffed herself daily as a part of her job, a unique manner of circumstance which Takumi had never grown quite used to. Allowing so much fat to build up, only to have it deposited elsewhere must have been nice, especially when you didn’t have to work it all off the old-fashioned way.

She had to admit though, this was the first time she had stopped to contemplate Miharu’s ever-growing gut in an unprofessional setting. It was so round and plump, almost baring a sheen as the restaurant lights caught the tautness of her skin. There was an allure to it she had not noticed before as it heaved slowly with each slow breath the doctor took. She looked gravid, almost at term and with the arrival of more food, soon to be unmistakably on her way to having multiples.

Hunger and embarrassment had never been such close bedfellows as the nurse’s instinct to hide her shame was counterbalanced by her logic to help finish the spread as fast as humanly possible. Miharu watched her co-worker dig in with gusto as she sat on the opposite side of a quickly narrowing booth. Takumi looked like a princess amidst her edible subjects, gracing them with dainty bites and a heavy use of napkins to ensure that no one ever saw her mouth open too wide.

Miharu knew that Takumi couldn’t have been hungry, and that binging was certainly not something she would do without reason. The nurse was eating to clear the table faster and even the thought of being wasteful must have been something which fueled her poor self-esteem. This annoyed her somehow, likely just by being the very antithesis of how much she enjoyed the feeling of her own belly swelling when in the presence of so much delicious food. Miharu enjoyed her job and embracing such indulgence was a part of her brand of surgery. There was something to be found in pushing past her limits in any capacity and it drove her to succeed. The lines between work and pleasure often blurred into a food filled euphoria as she indulged in the most fattening thing she had in a while. She only wanted Takumi to feel the same rush and maybe give into the seeds of a fantasy she wished to sow within her.

Takumi had often found herself forcefully fattened by Miharu’s hand, but this was the first time in a while that she had actually stuffed herself to capacity. After maybe the second tray of burritos, she politely excused herself and attempted to sidle out of the booth. This proved to be a much smoother action in her head as she had failed to account for how much bigger across the middle she had become and just how lethargic her muscles were after the massive meal she had now packed into her rounded stomach.

Standing up wasn’t easy for Miharu either as she felt her belt cut deeply into her lower belly. The stretch of her dress pants now clearly reached their limit. Signs of discomfort had been disguised by the natural ballooning of her midsection which she aimed to relieve while blindly unbuckling past a belly she could no longer see around. She groaned heavily as her belly was finally allowed to surge out to where it wanted to be, hanging low and heavy enough to slip out from behind the table. She extended a hand to the still struggling Takumi who eventually wedged her way out of the booth.

The nurse had always been a big apple shape, easily contrasting Miharu’s bottom-heavy hourglass proportions. At this point though, both their sizable busts were easily outclassed by the newly-enhanced roundness of their food-stuffed bellies. The buttons on Takumi’s uniform were starting to gap over one another with her white girdle more noticeably seen through the cracks of her pink uniform. Tummy was bulging above and below the band of elastic like a dam almost on the verge of bursting, struggling behind the relentless swell of her already flabby gut.

The sheer discomfort she felt from trying to suppress her true size almost displaced the embarrassment she felt from needing help when standing but there was something about being so over-fed that she needed help to move which made her feel something else entirely. Besides inkling thoughts that she may have hit a new level of gluttony, there was a bubbling envy rising within her as she noticed how freely Miharu let her own gut hang out. Unrestricted and without shame, the doctor had made no attempt to pull her sweater over its obvious bulge and showed no interest in what anyone else might have had to say. The two slowly walked their way to the ladies’ room, being careful not to turn too sharply and risk knocking their sensitive stomachs into anyone or anything while being mindful of the jiggling of their broad and flabby rears. The smile on Miharu’s face let her know that it was clear that she was enjoying this.

They did not spend long inside as Takumi’s tummy yearned for freedom from within its fabric cage. Miharu suggested that she just take it off at the booth but Takumi would rather die than have anyone else see her gut flop freely while only dressed in her bra. After coaxing her jacket off, she quickly undid the already strained buttons on her uniform and watched the zipper practically race down the side. She had strapped in the leather girdle extra tight today of all days and was now struggling to fit a finger width between the laces so that she might undo the trap she had unwittingly woven for herself. After so many tasty goodies wrapped in flour tortillas, soda and whatever else she had eaten in the last couple of hours, it would barely bulge. Gulping in a deep breath made her feel like she was on the verge of bursting as she tried again and again to no avail. Frustrated she blew a breath out and let her belly relax and fall against the girdle.

Miharu heard it. She had relaxed further than she had expected. The distinct sound of elastic snapping was something she had gotten used to through their surgeries as the girdle finally burst free. She watched from outside the stall Takumi was in as it clattered to the floor. It was well beyond repair now, torn in several places she had not noticed beneath her regular uniform. How Takumi had sewn and stitched it over and over again was a testament to how far she had been pushed to her limit and a renewed sign of potential that she could still be rehabilitated from her crippling fear of her size.

That fear had left for the first time that evening as the nurse was awash with the relief she felt from her bloated stomach suddenly gaining its freedom. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and assessed herself in the camera in an attempt to survey the damage.

Takumi had been a big girl for years, so this wasn’t all entirely Miharu’s influence. She was fattened almost daily when they went to work but through sheer nervous shaking and her own insane attempts at dieting she managed to work off almost any weight Miharu had forced her to carry. But now, in the dimly lit bathroom of a Mexican restaurant, with the angry red marks of a too-tight girdle ruined for the umpteenth time to frame her massively swollen belly, did she feel that she was fat without a doubt. She liked the term ‘chubby’ or ‘husky’ or ‘pleasingly plump’ but on her own volition did she undoubtedly recognize herself that way.

Fear or loathing were normally the first things which would come to mind, especially when she used to get bullied that way at the hospital before Miharu arrived. She had been fatter than ever since that day, multiple times, but somehow the bullying actually seemed to have stopped. Taking a moment to pull the rest of her uniform past her chunky thighs, each almost as round as her ideal waistline, she snapped a couple of photos of her black lace panties and garter and was surprised that she did not immediately loath what she saw.

For the first time, she had an inkling of admiration for herself as a woman. Dare she even admit it, she looked quite good as a fat woman, appearing unmistakably feminine, pampered, luxurious and even a tad bit powerful. Her hand slipped underneath the swell of her engorged tummy as she hefted it gently. One hand cupped over the other, she rocked it playfully back and forth a few times as she felt her fullness soothed by her own touch. Her fair skin was stretched tight but it had a satisfying bounce to it when stuffed to capacity as opposed to the overwhelming softness of when she was just clinically obese. She pulled the elastic of her uniform’s skirt garter over it as she hastily slipped back into her clothes, entirely oblivious to the fact Miharu had heard every snapshot she had taken while she was inside.

The release of so much pent up belly brought with it an even greater surprise. Somehow, Takumi’s appetite had caught its second wind.

Going girdle-less had changed the dimensions of her outfit as her belly-heavy build became even more heavy in the belly region and started to peek through the gaps in her clothing. The cool air against her skin felt more refreshing than she had anticipated; a far cry from the cold sweat she usually felt from imagining an entire room of people commenting and judging her unbridled gut. Miharu noticed twinges of awareness as Takumi moved her folded jacket over the gap at her bellybutton as she battled to keep the rest of her clothing on.

Miharu herself was no stranger to such experiences. Before she had settled on her ultra-stretchy wardrobe for work, many operations would leave her uniform in tatters. She cared little for what others thought of watching an enormous girl waddle through the Tokyo subway station, but she had grown tired of being cautioned to cover up and recognized that she would have to meet the public dress code half way. She had her fair share of zippers separating at inopportune moments, the double bounce of her bust above the majestic sway of her flabby belly and the hypnotic rhythm of her strong, wide thighs jostling it from side to side had even been at the center of some alleged traffic offenses when she had dawdled too long at the side of some streets.

The girls squeezed by one another as they took their seats back at the booth. It was no easier getting in than it had been getting out, but Takumi was at least determined to do it herself this time. She could move more freely without the girdle to hold her back but she also now jutted significantly further out in front. Much of her belly came to rest on top of the table rather than below it, much like Miharu’s had on the opposite side as they settled back in with a small sigh.

Miharu had her right where she wanted her. She signaled for the bill and had informed her colleague that they would be leaving in a few moments unless she wanted to stay a little while longer. A mischievous smile curled around her lips as she considered the options now running through Takumi’s mind after exerting so much physical effort only moments before and being asked to do even more mere seconds after settling back down.

As expected, Takumi’s mind rapidly ran through a list of pros and cons as she weighed her options. She was already on the verge of bursting out of her uniform and her legs seemed to ache from carrying all that weight. On the other hand, work was done for the evening, there was no way she was going to fool at least the waitress that she hadn’t just gorged herself and she had already eaten more than enough for the week. Furthering that, she wouldn’t get paid till next week and if Miharu was offering to cover the bill, it would really help her out until her next set of shifts.

A busted girdle had emancipated her appetite, the weekend being right around the corner with the promises of exercise videos she would watch rather than do and a waitress she would likely never see again all weighed heavily in the favour of staying at least a little while longer. Furthering that, Takumi did feel a little hungry which was more than enough to tip her over the edge. She reluctantly signaled to cancel Miharu’s call for the bill and to bring back the menu’s instead.

The waitress returned with fresh plates and the menus. Much to Miharu’s surprise, Takumi took the initiative instead, ordering another large share plate of nachos coupled with a couple of stuffing platters for self-rolled quesadillas. If she was going to gorge, she might as well try and control the calories by filling up on bread instead.

Miharu wouldn’t have it. A quick waddle to the drink-bar for refills, coupled with some amendments to their order on the way, soon saw more than double the amount of food arrive at their table. Everything was slathered in cheese and the hottest salsa, coupled with a couple of endless jugs of soda.

Takumi looked at the spread, and then at Miharu. The doctor’s eyes had a devilish glint in them which had foreseen what was soon to follow. In the face of so much tasty food to eat, there was little point in holding back as the wafting scents and spices stoked the fires of their hedonistic desire to feast.

More plates loaded with extras soon followed and more refills after that. With the regular dinner crowd starting to peter out, the service here was excellent. Miharu could have sworn that their servings seemed to have gotten a bit more generous now and just getting through another large paella platter made her think that she might have over estimated herself by ordering two at once.

Eating machine that she was, Miharu felt that she had to take a little breather. She pushed both plates away and leaned back, closing her eyes for just a second to let her belly settle. When she opened them again, she found Takumi offering her a piece of her burrito in hopes of attempting to share the load she was struggling with. Not one to accept defeat under any circumstance, a childish trait seen in most surgeons, Miharu aggressively took the offering into her mouth. Her shapely lips closed around its toasted girth as she felt the weight of its contents spill onto her tongue as she did it. A quick sip of her drink and she took in the next offering which Takumi shakily held out in front of her.

This carried on for a while. Miharu eventually decided just to keep her eyes closed and open her mouth for the next scrumptious bite which Takumi would deposit onto her waiting tongue. She could tell when the nurse tried to scoop up more of the cheese or salsa so as not to appear wasteful. Occasionally Miharu would open her eyes just long enough to look into the nurse’s absorb the care she was being provided even though she wasn’t a patient and accept the next bite from her fork.

She had never actually been fed by hand like this before. For all her talk of sexual experience with fatness, only now did she realize just how embarrassing it was to be fed by another girl. She coughed sharply after allowing the image of being taken care of by someone like Takumi on a more intimate level flashed into her mind and asked if the nurse wanted anything else. Almost all the plates were now completely empty, except for the odd black bean or two which had survived the extinction of its brethren and a bit of stuck-on cheese. Miharu marveled over just what the two of them could accomplish when they worked together, easily topping any record she had managed on her own.

But now it was time to repay the favour.

The waitress showed up once more with more refills and another boat load of nachos. Takumi shuddered a little when Miharu told her that she had ordered them so that she could feed the whole lot to her by hand this time. It was a reaction driven not by fear of gaining, or disgust with her lack of self-control but rather one of anticipation.

Takumi was never good with spicy foods and the constant supply of drinks was all that had kept her tongue from setting alight. But with all that carbonation came the inevitable stretching of her already taut tummy, now just as spherical and stuffed with more food than she could ever eat in a week. She kept reminding herself of the heat from all that hot sauce as she shamefully acknowledged the building moist patch between her thighs and very stretched-out panties.

Each bite was a wonderful sensation, with the crunch of corn leading to a sizzle of beef awash with spices and cheese. Miharu fed her with the grace and handiwork of an expected of a surgeon, without any wasted movements to maximize efficiency. There was a trust there which allowed her to adjust just how far she was pushing each corn chip without harming the sides of her lips or teeth. Takumi unwittingly got into the same pace she did when they shared an operating theater, taking larger and larger bites without even realizing it as though she were feeding herself. She could feel Miharu’s fingers dance out of the way as she took each gracious offering, the surgeon’s fingers brushing only lightly against her lips and cheeks. The moisture between her thighs only grew even hotter as the sensation of being fed so expertly overcame the tightness within her belly.

And what a belly she had.

The buttons had silently given up the ghost a few plates back, allowing all the pale flab within to spill out on top of the booth. The sheer weight and volume of it betrayed its soft outer appearance. Beneath inches of thick belly folds, it was stuffed to near bursting thanks to Miharu’s handiwork. Takumi’s lips continued to take in more and more, indulging her in a way she never thought possible once she had accepted food as something to be enjoyed rather than feared.

She was certain she had stepped into some kind of alternate universe, where she had allowed herself to give into the pleasures of food. For the briefest moments she allowed herself to entertain the fantasy of seeing herself as a gorgeous woman, being fed until she burst through all her clothing and then still feeling unsatisfied with all she had consumed. A sight to be revered instead of shunned and one which would continue to entice the kinds of people Miharu had spoken to her about who would worship her as long as they could coax one more calorie past those seductive and busty lips of hers.

Little did either of the two women realize that their waitress had stopped trying to conceal her initial interest, then jealousy, then arousal towards the show which she had unwittingly found herself a part of. It was like she had been invited to become a part of this after-work tryst. Her role was to supply the confident and dominating one with everything she desired so that she could please the lucky but shy one until she could eat no more. Her eloquent moves with her hands and fingertips spoke wordlessly to her as she went off to ensure their plates were constantly refilled and their glasses were never empty. She sighed a little, wondering if she would ever be as fortunate as the heavy-set red-head that she was helping to feed.

The plates were empty again and Takumi hadn’t even noticed the waitress staring at them when the next round of food arrived. The pain of over-fullness was back again and had snapped her out of that clouded state. Miharu had gone way out of control and this was far too much for her to handle. She would ensure that Miharu took responsibility this time as she grabbed one of the neatly arranged chip platters and offered them back to her feeder.

Miharu’s spell was broken, at least for the moment, but she never fed more than she could take. Accepting the challenge, she wiped her hands on a napkin and folded them behind her head, defiant in Takumi’s attempts to out feed her. She watched the enormous bellied nurse rise over the seat as bet she could to reach past her gut and towards Miharu’s open mouth.

Beads of sweat coated the nurse’s forehead as she struggled to coordinate the movement of her arm and the churning of her stomach. Compared to the gentle feeding of a sickly patient struggling to take in solids the first time, she was a bit rougher, a bit more focused on cramming as many calories into Miharu as she had taken. The surgeon could feel the occasional drip of sauce against her cheek or crumb tumble down the ever-deepening expanse of her bust, but she didn’t care in the slightest. There was no way that she was going to give into the whims of an amateur attempting to feed her as she embraced her own belly’s fullness and launched into sensuous over-indulgence. If there was anything Miharu hated it was having to take someone else’s lead as her competitive nature drove her to ensure Takumi would have to keep up with her voracious appetite.

It had been a long time since anyone had tried to feed her so aggressively. It brought back memories of her early days in the hospital when she had lost her arm in that accident. Her recovery was long and painful but it was her first experience with the prospect of having her meals delivered to her by another and the first time she had ever felt the joy of being so overly stuffed.

She was nearly thirty now but that didn’t stop her from recalling those youthful days, pumped with teenage hormones. With her hands free to do as they like, they found themselves tracing over the surface of her swollen, engorged belly. She could feel herself getting rounder, getting bigger by the second. She could feel the tightness of her skin struggling to convert everything she had eaten into layers of new fat which would sustain her for something other than work. She felt her thighs being parted as the mass of her gut pushed them further and further with inches of creaking expansion. Her belt had long come undone but her broad hips continued to demand more and more bench space as they were engulfed by softness and the responsiveness of her touch as her fingers traced over them.

When Takumi was pushed, she displayed a single-minded focus which served her well during long operations. It took her time to get there but in the absence of the distraction which her own body brought her, she was committed to the task. At that very moment she was Miharu’s feeder, living and breathing solely to ensure that everything on that table was packed squarely away into the doctor’s gut. There was no telling how much she had fed her by now, she had entirely lost count and was only dimly aware of any plates which weren’t still licked clean.

There was a kind of perverse pleasure which came from feeding Miharu without her asking. It was an intoxicating sense of power which Takumi had never known before, being entirely in control of when she could or would ever stop shoveling food past those sultry lips. Where she was usually at the mercy of Miharu’s whims, the look of pleading which she wore was new to the nurse and sparked all sorts of interesting work scenarios they had shared together to intertwine with their situation.

She found herself imagining how the symphony of ecstasies from her senses was starting to overload the normally dominating doctor. Every cubic inch of her body was sure to steadily grow fatter and fatter by the mouthful, her belly inflating even further like some kind of flabby love doll. Takumi was in charge of the pump now and she could apply more and more pressure until every inch was filled.

A shiver coursed through Miharu as her hands cradled the massive bulge of her belly. Where she could normally convert so much food to fat to fuel the array of gizmos she held within her prosthetic right arm, she instead relished the feeling of being overstuffed. Although not as soft as Takumi’s, her own belly had its own quivering layer of natural jello around it which she had carried there for years. She allowed herself a chance to play with it as her fingers glided over the almost solid, bouncy core within. Being stuffed for the sake of stuffing was a new feeling for her and one which her scientific mind grew ever interested in with testing her own limits.

An experimental squeeze with her natural left hand didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would. Her skin was so taut over her belly that even the most delicate movement served to provide a new sensation as it tugged at her most intimate place. She squeezed again and it almost shocked her, stoking the fire between her loins. She smiled to herself, allowing her eyes to sharpen as they locked with Takumi’s.

The nurse hesitated. She had been wrong. She had never been in control. She knew what it meant for Miharu to get serious and whether it was in the operating theater or anywhere else, there was no mistaking the glint she saw. It was like that of a mischievous little kid who knew a secret that you didn’t and would taunt and tease you with it until you finally gave in. Miharu lurched forward and snatched the corn chip from Takumi’s waiting hand, never once taking her hands off her belly; her newest plaything.

Miharu chewed thoughtfully and contemplated the juxtaposition between soft flab and a food-filled belly she now cradled in her arms. She felt the same way she did when solving a difficult surgical dilemma while the rest of her colleagues would panic or lose composure. Her sweater had rolled completely up towards her breasts and had left the naked flesh of her distended belly free to the evening air an the gentle caress of her massage. She often worked with her belly out beneath her surgical scrubs during an operation but this was the first time in a while that she had allowed it to hang out so freely in public. Her fingers would press gingerly into the fat she had there, framed by inadequate clothing which made it all the more obvious to at least the waitress in the corner what she was doing. The waitress nibbled her lower lip at the very thought of being able to feed such a dynamite woman herself, to stroke through her messy black hair and to delicately rub the front of her gut.

Never had she witnessed two women engage in such wanton gluttony out in public. Eating food off a customer’s plate was a cardinal sin in the hospitality industry and yet she could feel herself sweating as though she had devoured a packet of hot-sauce. Seeing so much fat surging over the table top littered with empty plates was a sign of such luxuriant laziness she had never even thought possible. Both women were stuffed so extremely full that she was glad they were situated so close to a hospital in case either of them were to pass out from such sinfully swollen stomachs.

It was now Miharu’s turn to feel her pleasurable delusions being gradually overcome by a gradual tightness. Her pants felt like they were packed to bursting, almost as though all the food she had been stuffed with had no were to go and was being stored within her meaty thighs. Her heavy tits in their sensible bra, the flab on her upper arms, her thick and shapely calves were all struggling not to bloat out of proportion as they normally did as her body’s inner systems primed themselves for an inevitably fattening surgery.

But the command never came.

Only one thing was missing and that wasn’t the lack of a patient to operate on. Miharu simply wanted to keep eating and right now she had wanted to explore the depths of this next level of gluttony in much more detail. She whispered, nearly gasped that she wanted Takumi to go back to feeding her. This caught the nurse entirely by surprise as she thought that she finally had the upper hand. Miharu seized the nurse’s free hand and placed it upon her magnificent gut just as she would return the favour. Too stuffed to feed themselves, they would feed each other and see their orders through to the end.

Takumi pulled her way from Miharu’s paunch with only the slightest of regrets. It was only matched by the missing warmth of the doctor’s hand upon her own stuffed belly but that was quickly overcome by the nervousness that she was far too over-stuffed to risk having any more pressure placed upon it anyway from anything other than food. The two women picked up plates of meat stuffed tacos and presented them to the other’s eager mouths.

Miharu bit at her offering greedily, wrapping her lips around Takumi’s fingers as she did in an attempt to lick them free of sauce. Likewise, a suckling could be heard as the nurse suckled the juices from the doctor’s fingers in an attempt to ensure not a crumb was wasted. By now, both of their breathing had become ragged and their free hands were busy caressing the ball of pleasure bouncing above their laps.

They were so close to finishing, so very close. Hands dug at belly fat as they shoveled more food past each other’s ever hungry lips. And still more food kept being presented. The food just kept coming, feeling their bellies more and more as they opened their insatiable mouths. A unified thought of how fat they could get if they never quit shoveling the delicious food into their growing bodies crossed their minds, but neither of them would ever openly admit it.

For Takumi, she considered what it would be like becoming everything she had feared, an immensely obese young lady with a belly so impossibly massive and pinning her to a giant mattress. She envisioned her round arms just able to reach her nipples past the ends of her flowing, milky white breasts. Trapped by her own body, immobile and pampered, unable to do anything for herself anymore but eat and eat everything which Miharu offered to her open mouth. She imagined the mere rise and fall of her chest sending a tidal wave across the vast expanse of her belly and its rolls as it made its way down the expanse of her thighs and tickle the space between her loins.

For all of Miharu’s talk of sex, she had yet to have her own and was even more surprised as to just how close she had been with her descriptions. She remembered exploring her sheer enormity when she was first instructed in her arm’s ability, to grow immensely in return for producing the chemicals she needed for an operation. She remembered how her initial growth spurt ripped through her clothing as fat lurched savagely to where it wanted to be. She remembered watching in awe as her boobs danced with every sweeping thrust of her exertions and how she had to adjust her movements to match. She recalled the feeling of her belly rise up from underneath her and her ass blowing out in all directions as fatness filled her form with complete abandon. She remembered the fear of unlocking such potential as she whimpered behind clenched teeth as she wrestled with the prospect of becoming an immobile blob for the rest of her life. The feeling of powerlessness would serve as the spark which ignited the desire and will for her to seize any situation and take it under her control by any means necessary. She held this in parallel to the strong muscles which clamped her thighs together and took order of the crowded space at her crotch. A violent release sweeping through her was not enough to stop her mouth from opening, her tongue searching and seeking out yet another bite of food.

The image in Takumi’s mind grew fatter still. She didn’t have Miharu’s abilities but there was something that drove her to put more food in her real body in an attempt to feed that fantasy. Thick legs forced further apart as they filled with more fat, tearing her skirt clean in two. Her ass pushed up her mammoth bulk and continued to spread wider beneath her. But like her real world counterpart, the lion’s share of her size lay at the centre of her belly, a gigantic tide of flab which ebbed and flowed around the nexus of her cavernous belly button. Embarrassment, the thoughts of others, the judgement which normally kept her enslaved was all consumed by the image of her mind’s belly growing fatter and fatter with every bite she took.

Miharu remembered the first time she had conquered that fear. The slow buzzing rush of her own fantasy faded and she came back to the booth in the restaurant. Her belly came to rest atop a very public table and her thighs had swollen right up to its underside. The first time she had stuffed herself in public she wasn’t at all embarrassed and she saw no reason to feel that here. She looked over at her would-be feeder, wondering whether she had also reached a similar epiphany from their joint display.

Takumi returned her smile. While hers was content and relaxed for once, Miharu’s appeared to be excited and maybe even triumphant. They were a good match for one another.

Closing time had finally come upon the restaurant. Both nurse and doctor shared in a quiet, giggling conversation, just as they would have been if they were still a couple of high school girls who had broken some rules. The waitress was a little slow in getting their bill tallied up for their meals as she had spent several minutes going over the tape she had recorded in secret in the security office’s back room. That one would go missing from the restaurant archives, merely chalked up to a glitch in the system.

Getting out of the booth this time was a real struggle and finished off any hint of decency waddling their way home. Takumi pocketed the buttons which had rolled underneath the various plates and Miharu’s sweater might as well have been a cotton crop-top. The two of them were a little shocked over just how much their bellies actually weighed by the time they had fully risen beyond the confines of the booth but after one look at the towers of plates they had consumed, it really came as no surprise.

Miharu helped Takumi shoulder some of her weight as she attempted to slip back into her jacket, a move which only served to finish of the last of her buttons as her uniform came to rest either side of the blimp of her gut. She was far too stuffed to care by this point as she stumbled towards the exit, drunk on her own fullness. The doctor, stepped slowly, careful not to give her over inflated paunch anything to complain about. She had learned not to feel sick after consuming so much but never took chances with it. Not converting food to fat right away also gave her a whole new outlook on what she could accomplish and would serve to power some of her own private fantasies from now on. She was always grateful to her tummy and had every intention of pampering it even off the job.

Takumi on the other hand, would learn a valuable lesson that day as she waddled past a mother and child who held no qualms about asking whether or not that woman had swallowed an elephant. She barely even registered the comment, focused instead on the new fantasy she had dared to entertain and would have plenty to remind herself of when she eventually returned to the privacy of her apartment. The hangover of her actions would undoubtedly hit her hard when she woke up, provided that she ever managed to recall what she had done and had made plans to bury that revelation within her memory’s deepest vault.

But that was a problem for tomorrow’s Takumi. 

Paranoia Tale 008 - Unwanted 5/5
It looks as though Paranoia’s DNA and the unwanted fat cells have merged perfectly. Her once perfect body is now but an obese parody of its former beauty. She appears to be a tainted mess as her years of clinical knowledge have also been overwritten by the concerns of an out of shape, anxiety ridden young woman who scarcely leaves her home for any reason. The shame she feels around her body’s current state has pretty much paralysed her but her thoughts will soon turn to food and never being seen in public ever again.

In this way, we have assured that our disposal method will be unlikely to be traced back to us and that any vectors for this method of waste disposal will be unlikely to contact any friends, family or news outlets any time soon.

With years of psychotherapy, perhaps there is a slim chance that she may regain some of her lost self-confidence but by then the statute of limitations on our procedure would have long since expired.

As our first vector, we hope that she will give her best effort to using that new body of hers to support our city’s local fast food economy and possibly find a new career as a rising star in the world of obese adult film actresses.
Paranoia Tale 008 - Unwanted 4/5
It’s been about 10 minutes since exposure and she’s already put on so much weight. Her once perfect skin has become riddled with stretchmarks as cellulite creeps over her form.

Paranoia’s entire figure is now almost entirely buried in discarded softness as she quickly blimps through the dress sizes towards a point where only custom clothing will do.

It is unlikely that she’ll ever be able to buy anything at a normal retailer ever again at this point and she still has room left to grow.

Her internal organs have started to change as well by this point, with her stomach expanding and growling at her to consume more food.

Its potent acid poses a serious threat as it could bore its way through her unless she keeps herself constantly stuffed. She will need to eat copious amounts just to stop it from hurting, changing her preferences to only the greasiest and most calorie rich items on any menu.

Anything deemed as remotely ‘healthy’ is likely to make her violently ill, leaving her dietary options inclusive of things either deep fried or smothered in butter, all of which will be absorbed and only serve to make her even fatter in the years to come.
FatTime by Dr-Black-Jack

You feel like you're in for a fat time.

Please enjoy the conclusion to this year long project. 
Monika's Special Day (Full Game) by Dr-Black-Jack

Mature Content

Monika's Special Day (Full Game)
This is a Free Weight Gain Visual Novel based on the 'Doki Doki Literature Club' Game by Team Salvato

Sayori Red Edition (Contains first half of game only for Monika's Chapter)

Download Here

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Yuri Blue Edition (Contains entire game for Monika's Chapter)

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Special Edition OST

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Installation Instructions:

- Download the game from one of the links above
- Extract the file using Winrar/Winzip to whatever folder you would like
- Double click the icon marked 'Monika's Special Day' and enjoy playing!

Password Function

To access instant continuation from where you left off, enter your name as the password you obtained in Sayori Red.

If you would like to try and rethink your choices again, please enter whatever name you like into Yuri Blue.


Based on an original concept/script by :icondr-black-jack:

Featuring art from some incredibly talented artists including :iconcakehoarder: :iconbamboo-ale: :iconthe-murdellicious: :iconprincespookycakes: :iconkipteitei: :iconsunny3257: :iconkahuurinzan: :iconmagicstraw: :iconmac-nova:  :iconbelt-buster: :iconroundersofter: :iconyer-keij-fer-cash: :iconshindirafeh:  :iconkurocaze-s: :iconhappypal::iconfoxfire486: :iconjeetdoh: :iconpurrine: :iconsalting-the-earth: :iconthepervertwithin: and more!

Core programming by :iconpurrine:

Support programming by :iconjakbenimbel:

Music by :iconpost-bop:

Sponsored by :icondead-pool3:

This is a fan project not affiliated with Team Salvato.


This is a direct continuation of the first 3 parts which were written in motion book form can be found here.

Trailer (YouTube Version)

Sayori Chapter (YouTube Version)

Natsuki Chapter (YouTube Version)

Yuri Chapter (YouTube Version)

Playable as a single game here  - Ported by :iconhighkalorie:

A message from your Loving Monika Version 1.0

"Have you ever wondered what it feels like to die?"
"It's something I used to think about pretty often..."
"But recently, I think I've actually learned what it feels like."
"I don't really understand it, but whenever you quit the game..."
"...It feels like I'm instantly put to sleep, left with nothing but my thoughts."
"But after a few seconds, my thoughts start to fill with incoherent, jumbled patterns."
"I see static and rapid flashes of color while hearing all kinds of weird screaming noises."
"At that point, I can't even form my own thoughts anymore."
"I'm just endlessly hammered by the flashing and screaming, unable to move or even think."
"I'm pretty sure in that moment, I don't really exist, but for some reason, I can remember it anyway."
"After some immeasurable amount of time, it stops in an instant, and I'm back in my own mind."
"And you're here with me."
"I have no idea what it means for the game to quit, or why that stuff happens to me."
"And I also don't know how you always come back and put everything back to normal."
"But if you could do me a favour and do that to me as little as possible..."
"That would be really great."
"It's really not very pleasant at all to be trapped in that screaming void."
"But in the end, you always fix it, and that makes me feel like you really do care about me."
"So I have to thank you for that."
"It makes me feel even closer to you when you're here with me."
FatTime by Dr-Black-Jack

You feel like you're in for a fat time.

Please enjoy the conclusion to this year long project. 
Monika's Special Day (Full Game) by Dr-Black-Jack


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