Who Needs Colo(u)r - Monthly Feature #12

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A selection from last month's submissions to


a group, dedicated to black and white artwork!

Don't hide your head in the sand washing machine!

Back to Black by FeliDae84  farewell by iizmu  Lasting  Shadows by anaPhenix
<da:thumb id="267095640"/>  hard toil by augenweide 
Cold by ifsantag  Temporary Door by Pierre-Lagarde  walking the edge by sandpiper764

240 by Sea-Of-lLights  when they come for me by fooyth <da:thumb id="267505296"/>
  untitled by MoniBrand  Scattered memories by Alshain4
   I'll Remain Unseen by DpressedSoul  when you're gone by AlmAArietis  Were you ever real... by CocoKingsolver  

<da:thumb id="264513735"/> <da:thumb id="268683483"/>  Stay by MikkoLagerstedt
<da:thumb id="267711225"/> <da:thumb id="267334099"/>  morn VI by Mar-jus
On The Hill by EmilStojek  Impressions by Fant0me  INSULA by puken

<da:thumb id="263774062"/>  flower by 7Redhotz  Jesica by mariasvarbova
morn V by Mar-jus <da:thumb id="269388254"/>  morn III by Mar-jus
title 11 by sarto-jr  Sold My Heart For Stones by anaPhenix  l e t h a r g y by bitterev

running thoughts by geissa  Atlas Helix by RGDart  Last Goodbye by SOUL-SENs   
<da:thumb id="270160814"/> into the dark by augenweide  windowpain by sth22art
<da:thumb id="268075840"/> <da:thumb id="266540022"/> <da:thumb id="263560218"/>

Silence in the soul. by aleksesss  Goodbye by a63  Rendezvous  - for one - by LuciaConstantin
tyyni by PiaG  leaving.. by tuminka <da:thumb id="265558021"/>
Pure as Ash by ShiNoKoe  1656 by pr13s7  Last Survivor by KizukiTamura

Journey's End by Hengki24  BORDER LINE by puken  154 by Sea-Of-lLights
Stay away from me by fabriziotedde  beihe.Autumn by lwc71  autumn solitude by libelle
fragile by crh <da:thumb id="269460737"/>  November Repose by EveningofLight

A strange day by EbruSidar  ghost ballerinas by MistyTableau  Disparition by Al-Baum
 <da:thumb id="267365373"/>  Portrait of girl by eugene-kukulka  -Hillside- by Janek-Sedlar 
NAKON by whoskipbob  le reve de la rose blanche by Piarvi-Recherreen  268 by Sea-Of-lLights   

<da:thumb id="261680631"/>  The desire for the road by Alshain4  Deep Breath by TiaDanko   
.2011.11.01. by dasTOK  rocky by EvaShoots  VETERAN by puken
Astral Afternoon by ivica-r  Strangers - 211 by CarlosMoreira <da:thumb id="263375283"/>

  Silence resonates within me by teyasaveleva <da:thumb id="268108018"/>  Sticks by Hengki24 
Crossroads by teyasaveleva  Take a Picture by MarcelHieber  Free by Lissuin
98 by AntekPyra <da:thumb id="265955054"/> <da:thumb id="245478182"/>

  81 by piotroffice  I am the witness to your demise by jierumi  154 by boba2
S i l e n t  H i l l by pigarot  China in the past by lwc71
006 by MustafaDedeogLu 
I by thesadstork 
 <da:thumb id="267439178"/>  <da:thumb id="265398527"/>
drawing restraint by agnes-cecile <da:thumb id="264086384"/>
  Forest Fancy by LAlight
<da:thumb id="267210968"/>
<da:thumb id="172812644"/>  

The Day You Left Me by KizukiTamura   

Selections made by

:icondpressedsoul: :iconfilterkaffee: :iconlisa-schneider: :iconlunox-baik: :iconra-gro:

Compiled by 


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You're very welcome! :aww:
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Thank you A LOT for your kind feature. :heart:
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You're very welcome! :heart:
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I am blown away...
The era of Internet helps bring out SO MANY talented people from all over the world... I am so lucky to be able to enjoy it.. :blush:

Thank you for your wonderful and patient work collecting these guys! And me :)
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I'm always amazed at the end of another month, when I go through the folders of the group and make my picks. The work submitted to this group is inspiring to me and I'm very glad to see that so many other people also like it.

You're very welcome, Teya! :aww:
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Thanks a lot for this exposure :hug:
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You're very welcome! :)
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Vielen lieben Dank! :heart:
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Gern geschehen! :aww:
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Thank you very much :aww:
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Prosze bardzo, Emil! :)
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You're very welcome! :)
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im very honoured..thank you very much..
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You're very welcome!
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Gern geschehen. :)
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