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Interview with EintoeRn



How would you explain the concept of abstraction/surrealism to someone who has never heard of it before?

An abstract picture (maybe less so a surrealistic picture) requires the imagination, ideas and mind of those who watch it. Such it is not a one way street which transports the artist‘s vision to the watcher, but can at its best be a bidirectional process by giving the watcher the chance to be creative as well. 

  Black.Promise by EintoeRn

What inspires you to use the concept of abstraction/surrealism for your artwork?

It is commonplace knowledge that at least since the impact of the technical revolution of electronic media, a flood of pictures hits everyone of us a day by day. Many of these pictures show objects, situations, behaviors, scenes...which we all have seen ever so often with only little variations. Even with perfect technique these sometimes become less interesting to me. 
With (just my personal idea of) abstract photography there is at least a little chance to find some "hidden" or less or common or even new aspects, like of everyday items or of whatever you are able to imagine. Looking for these can almost create the feeling of a treasure hunt - or that of frustration.

What do you want to express with your artwork?

What’s your source of inspiration?

There is no message whatsoever related to my pictures, even to those which have a more conceptual approach. If one or the other of these pictures give the watcher personal associations which are beyond the actual origin this is about as much as I ask for and certainly always a source of joy.

Do you think that the "quality" of an artwork depends more on technical perfection or on the message/expression?

Noise, blurring and low contrasts from low quality optical sensors and lenses and long exposure times can certainly be means of artistic expression by their own - like it or not in general or specifically. In all other cases I personally prefer a certain technical quality. But in the end you probably can find as much uninspired stuff with excellent technical quality as you can find interesting stuff with low technical quality - and the other way round.

Who’s your favourite visual artist and why?

Robby Müller. Director of photography / cinematographer for movies such as Down by Law, Breaking the Waves, Paris (Texas). Master of reduction, composition, light. Mostly I think of him more as a still photographer than a cinematographer. 
Sure enough, paintings of German expressionists (such as August Macke, Franz Marc, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Müller) and contemporary art (such as Warhol, Stella, Rothko) had a large influence on my visual education and understanding. A larger number of movies, for instance long lens esthetics - as typical for a number of road movies and also the so-called "spaghetti western" from the 70s - certainly also had a certain impact. When I think of "The Graduate", for instance, I remember the pictures (and the music of course) rather than a somehow commonplace adolescence story with a little rebellion in it.

Which groups on dA would you recommend to someone who’s searching for abstract/surreal photography?

:iconphotograph-ism: :iconnadcreations: :iconwhoneedscolour: :iconnon-real:

Do you have any advices for absolute beginners or is there anything else that you’d like to say about abstract/surreal photography?

Rule 31. "Wander aimlessly most of the time." — Melanie Einzig

Rule 53. "If you’re not sure it’s a picture, shoot it anyway." — Carolyn Drake

Thank you very much, EintoeRn! :handshake:

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very interesting to read.
Ulrich is a great artist, with a unique point of view! :clap: :heart:
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Glad that you like it, and I agree with your opinion about Ulrich. :nod:
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Nice to see that sometimes Ulrich uses his head for more than a hat rack :lol:
Wonderful job :clap:
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Haha... :lol:
Thanks a lot, Richard! :ahoy:
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Great interview and the rules are 100% true :-D !
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Glad that you think so. Thanks a lot! :D
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Two of my most favorites dArtists in one place.
Loved it. :nod:;)
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Thank you very much! :blowkiss:
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You are most welcome dear Florian.
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Great interview between two very talented artists! :clap::clap:
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Thank you so much, Kinga :wave:
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Glad that you think so, thank you so much! :aww:
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Thanks dear Ulrich for mentioning #non-real as a group which includes abstract/surreal art. I really appreciate this support :hug:

And also huge thanks to you dear Florian for this wonderful series of the PE days focusing to abstract and surreal art :heart: Great work and superb done :clap: (Sorry for being so late, my real life work eats nearly all of my time and energy :-))
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Das habe ich doch gerne gemacht. So viel Engagement auch :wow:
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:hug: Das freut mich wirklich sehr
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Klar doch, Erdtrud ;-)
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Thank you very much, and no worries...I have a real life as well. ;) :hug:
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:lol: You are more than welcome. ... :phew:
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a great and interesting interview with a great artist :clap:
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