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Lilith Morrigan Vocaliod Pose ref



Magic School Universe


Lilithian Birthright? The Birth of Caililith


Parable Part 1a -Whateley U-


Parable Part 1b-Whateley U-


Parable 2a


Hangfire -Delayed Fire-


Hangfire -Delayed Fire-

 Hang Fire: An unexpected delay is encountered between a firearm being triggered and the initiation of the propellant. East Texas Crisis Response and Rescue, Main Office Wednesday August 16, 2006 Tyler, Texas Corrin tapped a quick beat on the metal leg of the lobby chair, winching at the pain as static electricity hopped from him to the chair-leg each time; with renewed concentration (and less likely to fry the 'slate) he went over the application one last time before signing it. With that out of the way, Corrin let out a sigh of relief and got up and stood in line with the other applicants returning their styluses and e-slates to a rathe




First off NONE of this is Canon and is a Whateley Academy Fan-work: East Texas Crisis Response and Rescue: A Privately owned business that acts as a Mutant Outreach center and provide aid to local law enforcement and emergency services to East Texas. It is based in Smith County in Tyler Texas (about 40 minutes by Hwy 31 to Kilgore Texas home of Sandra and Jericho of Outcast Corner in Whateley Cannon was set up after the lynch mob incident, possibly because of the incident.) It is located in a small office in an industrial park it has a heliport and several underground levels (Unusual for East Texas which has a lot of sandy clay in the soi

Slip and Slide


Psiad Story(Working Title)


Trinity Universe Glossary


Trinity Universe Glossary

Glossary Ships • L-B NEL (Non-Military Lifter):  Hybrid freighter capable of transporting 5,000 cubic meters of cargo stock acceleration is 1.5g's • Bakuhatsu E-15: Military hybrid fighter in many countries space forces.  Seats pilot and gunner/RIO and can accelerate to 2.5g's • Banji Falcon: Hybrid freighter capable of carrying 1,200 cubic meters of Cargo and Stock configuration has an Acceleration of 2.5g's • Banji Raven II: Smaller than the Falcon capable of only carrying 900 cubic meters of cargo and has a stock acceleration of 2g's • Nova Starcraft A-5L Phoenix: aka "Aberrant Buster" Attack craft larger

Shadowwraith -Cosplay Caper-


Shadowwraith -Cosplay Caper-

 Adam's Mark Hotel, A-Kon Friday June 1st 2007 Dallas, Texas Cody frantically weaved his way though the crowd from the the slightly shorter preregistration line at the _______ anime convention. This was a process made more difficult be the bags of costumes he was lugging, and he was  desperately trying to keep his older sister and her friends within sight. [Outline: boy attends an anime con gets coaxed into wearing a sailor fuku and his powers manifest making him a her. The event happens on the third day but is wearing a body suit up until that point. Most of this is up for revision at any time, the boy may not be a natura
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May the 4th: Celebrating Star Wars
My Bio
Name: DPRagan

Concept artist specializing in Transgender/latex/rubber and other odds and ends.

Commission'sare still in the consideration Phase

Current Residence: House sitting for family
Favourite genre of music: See above
Favourite style of art: Anime Manga Realisitc
MP3 player of choice: Don't have one.
Shell of choice: Turtles in a Half Shell-Turtle Power ;p
Wallpaper of choice: Something with females in skintight "plugsuits"
Skin of choice: Human Female
Personal Quote: ~Despite what they say, reality is in the eyes of the beholder, and therefore up for grabs!

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
ZZ Top Don Fransisco
Favourite Games
EQ II, Pokémon, SC II
Tools of the Trade
Pencil paper scanner photoshop
Other Interests
Latex Rubber and red-heads

Lets see if it works this time...

Lets see if it works this time...

They really pushed this live WAAAAY too soon and they made it needlessly complicated, makes you wonder why they do this, I doubt it's money in my case since I pay core so as to keep adds with viruses out from popping up... In other news I'm awaiting the First DLC expansion pass for Sword and Shield, and somehow even managed to breed a Shiny Lucario. :D also got a Scorebunny with a hiddden ability and mostly best IV's So here is to try 3

Coloring this pic http://fav.me/ddwmbgs

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  • Smooth rubbery finish
  • Rubber scales finish

Computer Repaired and Apparantely Running

Computer Repaired and Apparantely Running

Power Supply, Motherboard AND memory got zapped, likely by a power surge (Thinking of buying a UPS next week) all totaled about $300

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Forgive me being something of a single-string mandolin, but do you have any new art coming down the pipe soon...?
DPRaganHobbyist General Artist
I have a few sketches :) I keep loosing my train of thought/creativity
With all the craziness going on right now, I completely understand!
DPRaganHobbyist General Artist
Thant and my IRL job is outside so my Supervisor has us coming in at reduced hours.
a22dHobbyist Artist
Happy Birthday my friend, Sorry if it's a late one, But you should check this out.... I like to believe this artist was inspired by some of your Pics fantia.jp/fanclubs/14206
Here's his pixiv, too:  www.pixiv.net/en/users/8397306

Has a DLSite too, but I can't post that due to the spam filter.