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The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIIII
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIIII
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13
The ground was now wet from the nights' rain, the clouds still hungover but partially as a fog floated above the ground and around the burrow, then Frith rose from the east turning the fog around them into gold mist then faint disappearing into the morning air. A brand new day filled with opportunities for those willing to share it with those they love and for the two in the lonely burrow, they had this potential, making it all the more worthwhile.
A new day is starting. The fog is still close to the ground but the sun is already shining...
Carduus opens his eyes and rubs the sleep out of his eyes.
Vespers, who snuggled close to the hare, was still asleep. Carduus gently strokes the back of Hlessi and closes his eyes again and continues to doze.
Vesper eventually woke to see his mate dozing off with a paw behind his back. The Hlessi smiled and cusped his mates head, startling Carduus a bit but Vesper sm
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The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIII
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIII
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13
It comes over a short silence. Carduus pulled the weasel from Vesper. It was lifeless. Carduus held his paw on the enemy's neck and felt it was not breathing anymore. His eyes fell on Vesper, who was lying on the floor in surprise, but suddenly his eyes narrowed to a worrisome face when he saw the bleeding wounds on Vesper's body. Blackberry, Acacia, and other rabbits gather around the two. Vesper grimaces and begins to cry and sigh. Carduus feels his pain and immediately begins to clean the wounds of the hlessi.
Blackberry starts to licking his wounds too. The hare has licked his wound of the hunter, and then he finished, he stopped. He Falls back, to sit on his hind legs and he looked at the floor. Noticed that his belly fur is red and bleeding too. The weasel must injury his belly with them claws. But he only hanging his arms and put his paws on his belly and starts to tears.
"That's all my fault..",
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The Hlessi and The Hare Part III
The Hlessi and The Hare Part III
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13
An indescribable night is coming to an end. The two kissed when they showed their physical love.
Carduus released the kiss and said
"That was a breathtaking evening, my sweetheart."
Vesper agreed and kissed the hare further. Until the two were tired and fell asleep.
The next morning, the twittering of birds reminded Carduus of the Owsla training. He lay on his back. Vesper is lying on the body of the white buck, with his head in the chest of Carduus cuddled. The hare gently strokes Vesper's arms and shoulders and speak silence.
"Good Morning my beauty buck. We should get up.." Carduus gives a soft kiss on Vespers head.
Vesper, who had been sleeping peacefully from a night he surely would not wish to forget for it was remarkable, woke slowly as he fluttered his eyes to focus and noticed the kiss upon his forehead. He then put a paw to gain support down only to notice he was resting upon his Mate's chest. He
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The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIII
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIII
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13
With this loud bang, Carduus feeling goes cold at his back and his heart is running "FAST, OFF HERE!" Called Hazel and the three rabbits ran away. Only Carduus hesitated and looked up. "VESPER ??!"
"CARDUUS, OFF THE BRIDGE !!" Called Hazel at the end of the bridge. Carduus started jumping to the three rabbits hiding behind the bridge wall.
"WTF is happening??!" Carduus asked, confused and anxious. Look out from behind the wall with Bigwig. The dark-clad man with a shotgun in his hand is meanwhile on the bridge looking into the river and around him. He just shakes his head, disappoints and goes back on. "It's a man with a thunder stick. It kills rabbits." Start explaining to Fiver in a very timid voice. "The black rabbit has now brought Vesper." Supplemented Fiver. The man has disappeared into the forest again and Carduus runs back again. Jump onto the wall of the bridge where Vesper was initially. Carduus
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The Hlessi and The Hare Part II
The Hlessi and the Hare Part II
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13
After the two finished eating there berries, the two to head back to usual routine for a bit as Vesper had to return to confer with Owsla of Flayrah for the kittens and Carduus deciding to search for any elil in the area and though he did pick up a scent of a weasel present in the area a while ago, he did not find any. In the evening, Vesper returned to the Hare’s burrow after a successful conversation with Owsla of a possible farm raid that may take place in a few days. Upon returning, he found the Hare waiting outside his burrow and once he noticed Vesper , he went to Vesper and gave him an unexpected kiss on his cheeks and hugs him. The Hlessi giggled upon being kissed by his mate and hugs back graciously. Vesper and Carduus, in each others embrace, looked at one another with a smile. "What is with the look, dear? In love with someone?" Vesper said amusingly with a wink. "Yeah I be in love with som
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The Hlessi and The Hare
The Hlessi and the Hare
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13
            It was a cloudy and windy evening day upon the Downs of Southern England as Frith was edging towards the west into the evening. Upon one of these down, near Kingsclere was the grand yet hidden gem of Watership Down. At the top stood alone beech tree that had stood its ground since its inception. Upon the grass field around the was a Hlessi Swamp Rabbit, a foreigner for those of the Warren here but after a while, he’s been known enough to be trusted with their kittens as the Self-described ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Vesper was playing with the kittens, as they tackled him and playfully pounce on them in response as they giggled at his futile attempts out beat them.
As this was going on, a Hare by the name of Carduus was laying in the grass and partially sleeping with slow and deep breath as he listened to the wind, blowing through the high grass and
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The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIIII
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

The ground was now wet from the nights' rain, the clouds still hungover but partially as a fog floated above the ground and around the burrow, then Frith rose from the east turning the fog around them into gold mist then faint disappearing into the morning air. A brand new day filled with opportunities for those willing to share it with those they love and for the two in the lonely burrow, they had this potential, making it all the more worthwhile.
A new day is starting. The fog is still close to the ground but the sun is already shining...
Carduus opens his eyes and rubs the sleep out of his eyes.
Vespers, who snuggled close to the hare, was still asleep. Carduus gently strokes the back of Hlessi and closes his eyes again and continues to doze.
Vesper eventually woke to see his mate dozing off with a paw behind his back. The Hlessi smiled and cusped his mates head, startling Carduus a bit but Vesper smiled as he looked deeply into his mates eyes, placing a good morning kiss on his forehead. ^^ "Wonderful morning to you, my Handsome Hare. Did you sleep well? You seemed to have had a bit of a nightmare last night. You alright, Carduus'chen?" Vesper asked in a bit concern as he then ran his paws through his hair and cheeks.
"Yeah have a weird dream. But I am fine now.
I dream about... That I was swim... Diving in the water and suddenly don't breathe anymore... I wanted swimming up, but I can't...
But then I noticed that you hold me and the dream was gone.
Thank you, my beauty!"
Said Carduus with a smile and a kiss on Vespers nose.
Vesper giggled as Carduus kissed his nose and in gratitude, he kissed the Hare's nose too and had the biggest smile that he could ever muster. "I love you so much for that, dear.^^" Vesper said as he hugged tightly his mate before letting Carduus go so he could stand up and stretch his slender body, which Vesper saw intently and blushed when his mate notices his stare. "You are one handsome buck, dear. In fact, a beautiful hare, my Carduus'chen." Vesper said cheerfully flustered as started tickling his mate and rubbing his belly in amusement. That Hlessi then stopped as kissed sweetly his mate before whispering, "Would you like to help me practice walking and hopping on my injured hind leg? I promise that if things go well, perhaps we can mate lovingly once more." Vesper said with a sly wink. "Or we could lovingly cuddle one another in each other's arms"  "Or both, we could try dancing, oh ^^ so many things we could do. Would do you think?" Vesper asked his mate cheerfully. "Sorry, if I may be a bother to you, I'm a full-on romantic," Vesper said in a clarifying tone with a joyful gaze towards Carduus.
Carduus stuck his body out and smiled as he heard the beautiful compliment of his mate
"Oh, you.."
When he heard Vesper's question 'mate', Carduus blushed heavily, chuckling and winking at the Hlessi.
"I think we'll pick that up in the evening... But if you want, I'm always ready."
Carduus kissing Vesper on his mouth and softly caresses his belly again.
"Of course I will help you to walk again."
Carduus stands next to Vesper and Hlessi tries to get back on his four paws.
Vesper stands on his three paws and let's his injured hind leg hang by as he then slowly pushed it down to the ground, and little by little, applied more pressure on it and stopping once and a while to let the pain fade away with time and after several minutes, his hind leg was firmly set on the ground, with Carduus caressing his back to calm his light pain he felt. After a while, Vesper decided to stand on his two hind legs and he pulled himself up with the help of Carduus as he grabbed the Hare's supportive arms. Vesper smiled upon seeing Carduus face up close once more and kissed his cheek on gratitude. "Thanks for the help, my love. Now let's see if I can hop out of this burrow out on my own." Vesper said with a hopeful wink as he then looked toward the Burrow's exit and made one leap after another but timing it after a momentary resting period as each moment he leaped, the pain would come back to his injuries and continued once more with Carduus close behind. Once he was at the entrance of the burrow, he made one more leap, yet tumbled upon his landing and fell into the grass and the growing dandelions around him. Vesper got himself up, sitting on his hind legs and with cold sweat upon his face as he looked at his mate, heading towards him and checking on him. Frith was out and the golden rays of Sunrise enveloped the two. The light turned Carduus Fur color into a golden color, which Vesper found stunning. "How did I do, dear?" Vesper said with a tired smile as he put a paw on his bandage over his wound.
"It looks a bit inelegant. But I think it's getting better.
But do not burden it too coarse. Not that it hurts too much for you. For me, it is not a problem if I have to carry you on my back .."
Said Carduus. He held Vesper's paw so he could relieve his leg.
" Maybe I should clean your injury again and make a fresh leaf on it."
Vesper lay down and Carduus bite down the bandage carefully. His injury looks good, which calms Carduus. But Carduus still begins to cleanse the wound. When he was done he gets a fresh leaf and covered his injury again. Carduus brushes his paw with Vespers fur.
"Your other scratches look good too. I think that heals fast."
Vesper smiled as he got up, with a paw in Carduus grip and smiled as he looked down at his hind leg with his new bandage. "Thank you, dear. I'm greatly in debt to you for kindness and generosity you have given me with my leg. I agree that my other scratches have indeed healed, perhaps in few days, you wouldn't even know that I had been scratched at all. I wish I could say the same with my leg. Don't worry, dear. At how fast my injured healed, I'm sure it will be better soon but I think it will still leave an everlasting effect on my performance. I mean look at Hazel, once and a while I've seen him limp due to his hind leg, though he's performed better over time. Perhaps that will be how I'll be in the future... I hope I'll get better soon though." Vesper said as his tone sadden a bit as he then hugged his mate tightly, nuzzling his fur chest and purring at his warmth with a blush. He always loved Carduus furry coat, warm and appealing to look at. ^^ Vesper then looked up into his mate's blue eyes they shined from the frith's light. "What do you wish to do dear today? We have the day to ourselves, perhaps we can have some fun. Do you want to go for a swim once more? Or would you like to do something else, my love? I'm alright with whatever's on your mind, dear." Vesper asked eagerly as he then leaned up to a rub Carduus nose affectionately as he then said sweetly, "Te Amo.".

The hare saw the Vesper rather a sadder face shows. He falls into Carduus chest coat and cuddles his head in the long fur.
"That'll become fine. Maybe that's just Hazel and he had a worse injury. It just takes time and then you can jump around again and race against me."
Carduus strokes Vesper's back and kisses him again.
"I think today is going to be a warm and sunny day .. Swimming a bit by the river would be wonderful.
But maybe we'll eat something my stomach growls.
Something is missing on you .."
Said Carduus and hops into his burrow. Then comes back with the blue charm of Vesper.
" You're still missing ... Or did you not wear that consciously?"
Vesper kissed back his after cheering him up with a hopeful statement that things may be better for him in the future. He loved how he could find the right words that would turn his sad day right on its head. After ending their kiss with an affectionate nuzzle, Carduus proposed of how swimming would indeed be wonderful after eating off course then noted something missing as he went back into the burrow,  as if in search of something. He scratched his neck and notice that his collar was not on him. He must have forgotten it, Vesper figured, perhaps love does that to you sometimes. You forget a few things significant to you because you know have someone newly yet amazingly significant to you. Vesper smiled widely at his thought as Carduus came back with Charm Collar and asked if he had intentionally left it behind. With his rare smile, he collected his collar and put it over his ears, and slide it down to his face, then Neck as he fixed it around him with a satisfying sigh and a cheer. "Yay! My Hero! Thanks, love. I guess I had forgotten about it. Looks like I'm not used to having it off my neck for long periods of time. I just keeping I still have them on when I wake. And after our mating, I guess I forget. No worries, though, I'm not complaining. I find it amusing in fact. That's good mating for me to forget my collar. ^^ That's love for you, dear. Thanks." Vesper said as he grabbed Carduus paw and kissed it, then his cheek in thankfulness. Carduus stomach growled once more, causing Vesper to chuckle as he patted his mates stomach with a little tickle as he chuckled a bit before nuzzling his mate once more.
"Now, let's get something for your hungry belly, dear. There's a new patch berry I saw nearby yesterday, that looked different from the ones we usually eat. It was red, blue, blackberries, including the Cloverleaf patch nearby. Perhaps we may feast on those, my Carduus'chen. Then, I can eat you up, if you let me off course." Vesper said slyly with a flustered laugh as Carduus, blushing with a chuckled expression, got on his four paws, helping Vesper climb upon his back as he made himself comfortable. "Thanks, my Snow Hare. Love you." Chu. A kiss on his hare head Carduus then Carried his mate towards the direction where the new berries and cloverleaves were. Meanwhile, Vesper sang a song that rang around them as a soft morning melody as he would sometimes kiss his mate on his head, like a sense of encouragement for him.
Vesper buzzed a beautiful tune as he was on the back of the hare. When Carduus was still a loner, he taught himself something. Whistling, he began.
He attaches his rhythm to Vesper's melody.
Together, the two make an entertaining piece of music .. Until they arrived at the place with the best berries.
Carduus puts Vesper gently on the ground and then jumps to a bush and bites off again a big branch. Bring the branch to Vesper and put it in front of his paws.
"Please, very much, my beautiful .."
Carduus looks up at the sky and says.
"Today is really a very nice day, but you are still more beautiful, my love!!"
Vesper blushed heavily, first the loving whistling combining with his melody, which he had found profounding of his mate, then the large berry branch in front of him which Carduus insisted on him eating. It had all the berries he had a talk about, and with Cloverleafs around him, this could make for a really good breakfast. But the thing that made his heart skip a beat once or twice was the fact that even with the beautiful skies above him, Carduus still found him beautiful. That was exemplary of Vesper as he then had an idea. He looked down and saw three different and yet very tasty berries, and ate them before getting a few more, and using his paws, smashed and mixed the berry juice all around his fur, from his back, hair. chest, etc. Vesper looked at the confused hare and smiled widely with a sweet laughter that made the hare's own heart skip as Vesper declared, "Awww, I love you." Vesper said as he got up a bit and snuggled his mate's side, and with a smile and a wink, said. "Now, I'm delicious too. I hope.^^ I'm now a Vespberry!" Vesper said as he rubbed his mate's nose with his own, the smell of sweet berries enveloping his mate.
“What are you doing there?"
Said Carduus astonished, as Vesper pressed the last berries into his fur and squeezed out.
Carduus laughed and thought to know what his mate was up to.
"Well, with such a sweet Vespberry, you cannot resist .."
Carduus said cheekily and started to lick Vesper's coat and tickled him in his belly.
Vesper laughed as his Carduus licked the berry juice and jam on his belly fur and blushed heavily him continued to lick closer to his legs. Vesper rolled his mate over to ground as he got into a loving embrace of his mate strong hare arms, looking at those sweet blue eyes he found so mysterious yet attractive. He then kissed his mate deeply as he Caressed his mates back and neck. Carduus could taste the delicious taste berries upon their kiss, and Vesper placed multiple kisses upon his mate's face before kissing and playfully biting his mate's neck with nibbling tickle upon him and using his paws, started tickling his mate's side, seeing that loving smile upon Carduus he knew deeply loved. And once more, they kissed for quite some time, arousing one another, Carduus's own white fur turning dark purple from the berries. Vesper did indeed notice this and with a sly smile, he slid down and started to lick his mate's belly fur, with his mate heavily blushing upon the Hlessi.
Carduus enjoys licking the juice of the berries from Vespers fur and is at the same time a little bit excited. This leads to the fact that he shows a gentle purr.
It then comes to an intense kiss, which excites the two very.
Finally, Vesper begins to lick Carduus' now purple coat. What Carduus likes a lot and blushes a lot.
Vesper licks turn into playful nibbles upon Carduus Juicy Purple fur coat, which he noticed his mate enjoyed a lot. After licking most of the juice off his mate, he kissed him deeply once more, noticing a gentle purr from his mate as he held him close in his arms, still covered in the berry juices, still a Vespberry, which the Hlessi found amusing. After a long while, the two had become excitedly aroused by their kiss and the two knew it as well as they briefly stopped kiss to look at one another once more with heavily flustered face, but when Vesper wrapped his paws behind his mates head, Carduus smiled and two kissed once more, this time more intensely. ^^ He allowed his mate to continue licking the sweet juices in his fur as he ended the kiss with a loving nuzzle and laid to his side upon the grass as his mate started licking his sides, back and would occasionally nibble with kisses upon his neck fur, causing Vesper to purr gently and adding his musical hum to it, which caught the ears of Carduus with a loving smile.
Carduus looks into the eyes of Vesper.
"Darling, I love you about everything. You are really an exciting, dear and beautiful buck.
Without you, my life would be boring .."
The hare said and kissed the hlessi again.
"Are we going to the river. Not that we still attract flies.
The morning slowly got warmer and the two lovers hopped, with a few more branches of berries, towards the river.
As the two continued to approach the quiet river ahead of them, Vesper would snuggle his body next to his mate in affection and in a deep loving gesture that Hare had returned with his own Snuggles against his Hlessi. Once the two had arrived, they found themselves in the river's edge as they set their branches of berries down on a nearby tree, before returning to the Riverfront to inspect and check for elil in their surroundings. The area was underneath a forest, providing excellent shade with rays of sunshine peeking through to create a beautiful atmosphere. Vesper looked as his mate and grabbed his both paws tightly as he stepped in front of him, his back to the river as he looked deeply into the blue eyes of his Carduus.. "Sweetie, I love you about everything as well. You're an amazing and the most Handsomest buck I've ever seen, but Carduus, the one thing I really love of you is your passion!"Vesper said lovingly as he placed a paw on Carduus chest where his heart would be. "It drives your heart to do amazing and creative things and when it comes to love, your kindness and personality of loyalty caring have made me one of the happiest rabbits in the world, and for that I am grateful. ^^ Honestly, without you, my life would be unexceptionally dull... you brought the colors of life back to my life, like real Colors!! As your best friend, I'm honored to have been so close to you and as your mate, well I Relish and Cherish being with you, making you smile, loving you till our heart's content, and so much more. Believe me, when I say, you are my living miracle, my best friend, my fellow partner, my lover, my Awesome Mate!" Vesper said happily and excitingly as he wrapped his paws around Carduus and pull him closer to the river's edge as they then started rubbing their noses together, nuzzling lovingly and purring satisfyingly.
Carduus just smiled and hugged the hlessi.
The embrace lasted a long time and cuddled into each other.
"You are precious to me, sweety."
Vesper upon hearing those, had his heart skipped a beat once more as he looked towards the Hare with a loving smile of his own as learned in a kissed his mate deeply, paws upon his the Hare's lower sided as they wrapped around his back to deepen the kiss. After a while, Vesper leaned back and his hold, brought Carduus along with him as they both fell into the river with a large splash as they were immersed into the cold water and started to sink little by little as they held their breaths. Meanwhile, Vesper charmed collar glowed a light blue as the two were in the water in each other embrace. After a while, Carduus swam back with Carduus back in his arms as the two caught there breaths after their kiss driven fall.
When the two reappeared and gasped, Carduus looks surprised under his hair as he wipes them away.
"Oh my gosh, the water is cold .."
The hare said and starts to tremble slightly.
Carduus holds Vesper around his back to relieve his leg.
Carduus senses the warmth his mate gives him and stops shivering.
Vesper was happy as he held tightly Carduus's back, using his own warmth to end the shivering of his mate in the river, though he started to shiver because of it. Nonetheless, he started to clean Carduus back, neck, and Hair clean while being in the River. Afterward, Carduus then flipped Vesper to his towards his chest as he floated onto his back on the water as they started to clean one another sweetly, occasionally planting kisses onto another in amusement. "Hold your breath," Carduus said suddenly as he grabbed and held Vesper tightly and once more, swam underwater to get the remain juices away before resurfacing. Vesper was having fun indeed as he nuzzled his mate as they floated in the water. Vesper then decided to rest his head on Carduus chest as the Hare floated on his back, holding Vesper safely, allowing the river current to pull them slowly forward as he watched the clouds and the blue skies above. Eventually, Vesper put his head to the side, so that he can see the clouds, though he looked back down to his mate looking at him with a smile, causing Vesper to blush with a warm smile. "You are my greatest passion, dear. I love you." He said as he nuzzled into Carduus wet fur chest snuggly.
Vesper climbed onto the belly of the hare, which was swimming on his back. Both enjoyed the peace of the forest. Only to be heard is the wind that fades through the deciduous trees, the individual birds that chirp and the humming of Vesper had a calming influence on Carduus.
After a while, Carduus had an idea. He released Vesper ... but lifted him in his arms, like a baby, so that Vesper swam on his back. Carduus supported him, he does not sink.
"Close your eyes and relax .."
Carduus said softly.
Vesper a bit nervous at what Carduus was doing but being affirmed by his mates support, he soon relaxed as swam a bit, floating upon the surface and then eventually closing his eyes. The sounds of birds chirping, wind rustling the leaves, and the pleasant coolness of the river allowed him to rest peacefully as he continued to hum sweetly to his mate. With Carduus arms around his upper back and shoulders, he felt safe and secured as they continued to drift in the water. "Thanks for this, dear. You surely do know how to make a day such as this one a relaxing one, dear. Would you like to eat the remaining berries we have? I know we have a lot by the tree over there, perhaps we could use a break from the water, then we'll figure out what to do." Vesper said in a loving tone as gaze above to sunlight peeking through the leaves and branches.
"Yes, why not. Maybe we can rest in the sunlight a bit. Then our fur is dry again .."
Carduus swam with Vesper towards the edge of the river and helped the hlessi out of the water first. Then climbed out and shook his whole body dry. Vesper did as well and leaned on the side of the hare and went to a sunny place which pushed through the trees. Carduus go and picked up the berry branch, put it down next to Vesper, sat on his hind legs and checked again for Elil's.
But it did not look like any danger. Carduus drops into the grass and looks at Vesper, who is already nibbling on the berries.
Vesper continued eating the delicious berries Carduus provided while he observed his mate looking for elil. That pose he took of alertness, his ears flicking at the tiniest of movements, eyes observing for danger and whiskers sensing the present of and elil. This was a buck for Owsla and he was glad that he was part-time, but he was also glad to have him by his side. The Hare looked down at his mate eating and upon seeing Carduus gaze, Vesper smiled and gave Carduus his own branch for him to eat berries, which he took gingerly. For a while, the two ate in solitude, enjoying each others presence as the Snuggled against one another a bit in comfort. Eventually, their furs dried and the two had finished their berries as Vesper stood on his own hind legs and stretched carefully next to the Hare and grabbed his paw upon his side with a flustered yet satisfied smile. "The was a good rest, dear. The berries were indeed delicious, the water was enjoyable, and now since we dried off, we're cleaned! Your coat looks beautifying white and my fur is back to its original form. Thanks for the wonderful time, my love." Vesper said as he leaned in and kissed his mate's cheek, causing the hare to blush.
"No problem and I thank you too. I feel me so much better, to spend time with you, my sweetie!", says Carduus happy and rub his head to Vespers and give him a kiss on his Cheek.
Carduus leaning his head back and saying with a serious tone.
"Are you think we should go tomorrow back to Watership down? Or are you afraid to go back?
But whatever it comes to us, I stay next to you. I promise you!"
Carduus holds Vespers paw and takes him near to himself.
Vesper thought seriously of Carduus proposal. Throughout the day, he had been thinking of their return to Watership down, what may happen, what was involved, etc. He was concerned returning to Watership down, perhaps a little afraid, but with Carduus reassurance that he was going to stand by his side upon returning to Warren, he felt it would be appropriate to return to Watership down as he looked back to his mate with his own serious tone. "Carduus, I think it'll be alright if we return to Watership down tomorrow. Perhaps we can leave in the morning and arrive there before noon. I know you'll stay with me, that's a promise I believe from you and I promise I'll do the same. Whatever these rabbits think of us, it won't matter. As long as we are safe from them and honestly, Loving you is not a thing I regret doing not then, not now, and hopefully, not ever!" Vesper said in confidence as he leans up and briefly kissed his mate in affirming gesture as he then pulled back with a smile as he placed a paw on his mate's cheek. "We can take them on, as long as we're together and stay true, my dear Carduus'chen. I love you so much and I know, we'll be alright, that I can hopefully promise you." Vesper said with a wink.
Carduus smiled at Vespers conviction.
"I would say we enjoy our day together, sleep well again and depending on the weather, we can make our way to Watership Down.
What do you think?
And above all what would like to do my beautiful buck now?"
Carduus said romantically and with a wink.
Vesper smile and Carduus shift in tone as he too spoke romantically and put his paws to Carduus sides, " I think it's marvelous idea from an equally marvelous buck. I'm all for it! As if for now, hmmm What to do? What to do?" Vesper said flirtingly as he pressed his body closer to Carduus and rubbed his paws to Carduus lower sides. "Well my Handsome Hare, what we could do is return to the burrow, secluded from those who may be watching or we could stay out here in the tall grass? It is up to you, as long as with whatever you decide that afterward..." Vesper paused with a heavy blush upon his cheeks and he looked back to his mate with a flustered smile, "We make love as long as best as we can. What do you say?" Vesper said with a wink as he placed his paws on his mate's lower hind legs.
Carduus passionately kissed Vespers. Carduus grabbed it Vesper rolled over him so Vesper lay on the ground.
"I think we just crawl into a bush ..."
The hare got up, hopped a few steps away, and lured Vesper with a smile.
But Vesper just stood up and looked at his hind leg.
"Ohh .. Sorry, I thought you were jumping wild behind me .."
Carduus went back and helped Vesper.
Both went to a shrubbery and jumped in. The bush was really tight around with its leaves.
Carduus grabbed Vesper and squeezed their bodies together. The hare kissed the hlessi deeply again. Strokes Vesper's abdomen with his paws .. and acting like lovers.
Vesper tore his Charmed collar and tossed it to the side as he enveloped his mate kiss. Throughout the remainder of the afternoon and to evening, the two lovers enjoyed moments of Bliss, Ecstasy, Love, Pleasure, and Satisfaction as the two would kiss often and deeply during their physical lovemaking. To the two, this was paradise for them as they made love to someone they love so dearly and continued on and on, expressing their love through Mating as they moan, gasped, cries of pleasure until the two could do no more. Vesper fell upon his back to the ground, breathing, sweating, panting heavily as Carduss laid his head upon his mate's chest tired as well. Vesper held Carduus close as he kissed his forehead and caressed his mate. "Now that's how you end a day, dear... You were Awesome, dear. ^^ I love you!" Vesper said as the two kissed once more.
Carduus growls like a savage. He could only lay his head on Vesper's chest. When the two then kissed again, Carduus rolled onto his back, but cuddles closer to Vesper.
"You were great too, my beauty."
Carduus exhaled for a moment. Then he lay on his side and stroked his stomach down to his leg again and kissed him.
Vesper kissed back, deepening the kiss he felt his mates paws, arousing him a bit as he then cuddled closer to his mate and lay on his side, facing his mate. After the two ended their kiss, Vesper rubbed his mate's nose as he closed his eyes with his rare smile strong across his face. He started to tiredly sing a song with Carduus whistling adding on to his melody adding a nice rhythm to it as an evening to quickly tonight. Vesper then grew quieter as he huddled closer to Carduus for Warmth wrapped his paws around him, "I think I'll rest here with you if you don't mind." Vesper said laid his head into the ground next to his mate. "Good Night, my Carduus'chen. Te Amo, mi Estrella Brillante... You probably don't understand this, It was a language my Human taught me, it means, I love you, my bright star." ^^ Vesper said with a chuckle as he kissed his mates neck sweetly before falling asleep with his mate.
"Aww. That's a beautiful language. I love you too. Vesper'chen"
Carduus fell then asleep too.
But after a while, Carduus awake and heard it's thundering in the near and the wind gets stronger in the wide area...
He gets out the head of the bush and sees the storm is coming.
Suddenly he goes with his head lower to Vespers Belly and take him on his back..and started to run carefully to his near borrow. It wants to start raining as Carduus see his borrow and going inside it. He laying down carefully Vesper in their own nest and he sleeps like a rock.
The hare then noticed that the rain is getting stronger and the thunderstorm gets worse. He only watches how the storm is going. Until.
It's getting better and it only rains. He gets back to his mate and snuggle to his back and wrapping his arms around him.
Vesper slowly woke as he opened his eyes and noticed his surrounding as he yawned a bit and rubbed his eyes awake. He realized he was back in the burrow, laying upon the nest inside the burrow the two had rested the night before. He sniffed the air to smell the wet humid air coming from the entrance of the burrow as a cool chill entered the burrow in a breeze, causing the Hlessi to shiver but then discovered he was alone in the burrow. He felt his mate behind him, breathing calmly, indicating that he was sleeping, and felt his strong white arms around him in a secure hold. Vesper smiled as he carefully backed himself up closer to closer to Carduus in a cuddle, wanting to be enveloped more into his mate's loving embrace. Vesper then started to sing a song, quietly as to not wake his mate but loud enough to be heard if he was awake.
The song was one he knew had a lot in common with them both, it was both mysterious and loving. He thought it was interesting how perhaps it was an allegory to them both as Carduus was the complex Hare and perhaps himself as the Rabbit who felt intrigued by Carduus mysterious character and delve himself deeper into who he was, as if he was trying to find the truth of Carduus, and all of sudden, he looked at the buck differently as if he finally figured it out. He was not just trying to understand Carduus but was intrigued by him and it grew to respect, then close friendship, and through hardships, it led to his forgiveness of his friend, leading to the two to becoming best friends. Then... he fell in love. He wanted to make this buck smile as much as possible, he wanted to be involved in his life more than he was previously. He wished for great success and happiness in his future and he was going to help him get there. He wants to show the Hare that he was one of the most significant bucks he ever met and he wanted to love him like no other. He thought of this as he finished the song in a loving song filled tone that perhaps echoed not only in the burrow but perhaps in his heart, "Oh, woah woe is me...The first time that you kissed me. Oh, will wonders ever cease? Blessed be the mystery of love." Vesper, satisfied with song and his life, rested his eyes once more and fell into a nap, huddled close to his Mate, loved and cherished, as he thought of those lyrics again. "Oh, will wonders ever cease? Blessed be the mystery of love..."
Carduus noticed that Vesper cuddles up to him to enjoy his warmth. The hare was still tired and slept on. But he still caressed Vespers chest and arms.
Also heard the song of Vesper that he sang.
After a while, the hare opened his tired eyes and rubbed his sleep out of his eyes with his paw.
Carduus gently kissed Vesper's neck and stroked his belly and hips ..
Vesper giggled lightly as he felt his mates paws upon his bellies and hips which tickled him awake with a sweet smile as he then shifted his to the other side where he was now facing his mate while laying down. "Good morning, my Handsome Hare. By Frith, you look gorgeous dear. I hope you rested well, my love. I can see we are in the burrow now though I smelled the wet air, so it perhaps rained. Thanks for moving me here without waking me, I had a fulfilling rest, the best I've had in awhile." Vesper said cheerfully as he placed his own paws around Carduus hips and lower back, bring him closer with a tired smile. "You look like you just woke earlier, dear. There appears to be something missing though, perhaps it's my lips upon yours!" Vesper said romantically as he kissed his mate deeply which surprised the Hare a bit. After a short while, Vesper pulled back and nuzzled his mate fondly as his flustered smile caught Carduus attention once more. "I love you" Vesper whispered as he buried his head snuggly into Carduus furry chest in a loving cuddle. After their loving embrace, Vesper stood up on his legs and stretched a bit with a loud yawn, which Carduus found amusing. Vesper helped Carduus up on his own hind legs as he held his paws tightly and looked towards his eyes and spoke in a serious tone, "Today, after eating flayrah, we make our journey back towards Watership down... Are ready for whatever may come next, dear? Honestly, for me, I'm still a bit nervous but I'll be alright as long as he does this together, by each other side. I believe in you, in us and our love. We can do this, right?" Vesper asked as he looked deeply into the Hare's eyes in hope.
Carduus felt flattered.
"Good morning also to my beautiful buck .."
As Vesper stretched out and gave a loud yawn. Carduus laughed and looked at the small but strong rabbit Buck.
"You are really a beauty. But how could you sleep so well?
Last night it was thunderstorms like crazy.
But you. no reaction.
So it looks like that you slept well .."
Carduus got to his feet and helped Vesper smooth his coat again.
Carduus coat was also disheveled and Vesper also helped him to bowl him.
Carduus noticed again that his charm is missing. And points to his chest.
"Ohh I think I forgot that .. Or yeah overlooked it
Let's eat something else, we pick up your charm and yes we go back to Watership Down.
Oh, that's me too. But believe me, that will become fine."
Carduus gets closer to Vesper and strokes his cheeks and gives him a kiss.
Vesper kissed back his mate as he wrapped around his mate with his paws around his neck and back, deepening the kiss lovingly. After a while, the two broke their kiss with a satisfied sigh as they rubbed noses upon one another, sweetly, happily as mates. "Now that was an Awesome good morning kiss, dear!" Vesper said cheerfully as he pulled away and reached over to grab and put on his Charmed collar with his mates help and sooner than later, it was perfectly wrapped around his neck as Vesper winked at his mate. "Thank you, my Precious. Now let's go eat the flayrah that's outside. Hopefully, there will be delicious Cloverleaves and Dandelion leaves that will make for an excellent breakfast for our bellies." Vesper said as he tickled his mates stomach a bit, causing Carduus to laugh and Vesper to smile, oh how he loved to cheered his mate up. "You're are so adorable, dear. You really are, even for a Hare like you. I love you... Do you mind if I can practice hopping out of the Burrow with you to our Flayrah, then you can carry me back to the foot of Watership Down. There we can hop back together by each other side. Will that be alright with you, my love?" Vesper asked curiously as he inspected his hind leg and moved it around a bit. His leg had indeed healed a considerable amount but still needed a day till he was all better or so.
"Of course, honey...
I think Blackberry will be amazed when she sees how well you are with your leg and your other injuries."
The two jump out of the building.
Vesper hobbles a bit, but he can strain his leg sooner.
The day was gray. There were still dense and heavy clouds in the sky and a cold gust of wind makes the two tremble briefly. It does not rain.
A few ways further the two found some clovers and nibble on them for breakfast.
"Burrr, what cold winds we feel, dear. Recently it was hot and clear skies, now it cold and potentially rainy." Vesper commented as the two continued to eat their Flayrah around them and would share it with each other such as a delicious leaf or delectable plants they found nearby. The weather was indeed cloudy and overcast as wind chills would occasionally ruffle through their fur coats at one point, it cause Carduus hair to block his eyes. Vesper giggled upon seeing this as he reached with a paw and fixed his mates hair away from his eyes, to reveal those blue eyes he fell in love and could not resist himself planting a kiss upon his mate forehead with a paw on his cheek. Eventually, they did finish there flayrah with full stomachs as the two prepared for their journey with Vesper bringing a small branch berries he would bring as a snack for the two when they needed energy, Vesper planned to feed himself and Carduus along the way as Vesper looked to his mate, who had already gone on his four paws down on the ground so that his mate could climb on, and he smiled generously as he did climb on. With Carduus help, he lifted his mated upon his back as the Hlessi held on tightly and the two then started their journey to Warren of Watership down, all the while, cold gust of winds blew across the two, causing them both to shiver and Vesper holding on more snuggly to his mate white furred back.
Carduus and Vesper are now on the feet of the Hill.
"Are you still have the energy to hopping on top of the hill, my sweetie?"
As Vesper heard the question, Carduus got on all four paws to help Vesper carefully climb off his mates back. The Hlessi then stretched his injured hind leg and a large smile formed as the pain he was expecting to feel sharply had not been felt as the only thing he felt was a bit of muscle stiffness with small pain that bearable more now than earlier. In satisfaction of his recovery, he hopped and hugged his mate tightly as he excitingly kissed the Hare neck and cheek, surprising Carduus with a blush upon his face. "Yes, I do believe so, dear. Those berries sure did the trick, among other things, dear."  Vesper said slyly which turned to the laughter of happiness as he rubbed noses with his mate lovingly "As long as I don't overstrain myself, I should be alright. I'll stay close to you just in case" Vesper concluded reassuringly... Yet when he spoke once more as he pulled away, his expression turned more serious as he laid his paws upon the upper side of Carduus. "My love, this goes without saying that as we return to the Warren, we should still be cautious upon those we encounter. I trust these rabbits but I'm not sure if their views and intentions upon us now that they saw us kiss... I'm not ashamed of loving you we shouldn't be pressured too... I just want us to expect the unexpected. They may welcome, respect, congratulate and may even tolerate us, dear and I'm hoping they do. But they may also despise us, shunned us, banish us, or even hurt us... I'm hoping they don't but the possibility is still there. Whatever we face, we face together dear. I'll stay by your side through it all, hopefully. Remember this to be true that I love you and they'll find no shame within me because of this." Vesper said as he placed a paw upon Carduus heart and kissed him deeply as an assurance of his love for his mate.
"Of course my love.
I also have respect for how others react to us and I were also a little bit scared too.
But Now we assume that everything is alright."
Carduus gave a kiss on the lips of Vesper and hold him in his arms.
Both of them are hopping up the hill.
The Junior Owsla with Pipkin as their captain has the two disadvantages. They were happy again to see Vesper and sore more than the Hlessi can run again. They literally overwhelm their guardian with hugs.
"Hey Vesper, nice to see you again .. We already missed you .."
One of the younger rabbits as there is a snack hugging.
Vesper immediately hugged the kittens back as he was indeed overwhelmed by the kits he knew and cared for dearly. Junior Owsla were the best Owsla in his eyes, they were enjoyable to be around with, plus their progression and training were something loved being a part of. He stood on his hind legs, still hugging the loving kits tightly when his Mate caught up to him to see if he was alright, in which he nodded that he was well indeed as he then looked to the kits around him. ^^ "I figured you had missed this Charmed Rabbit here, my dear little ones. I missed you all deeply as well, it is good to be back. I do have to say, you all look like you've grown a bit since the last time I saw you. Sorry for the sudden departure, Junior Owsla. I was with Carduus these past few days, hope you didn't mind me being gone too much." Vesper said positively tickled them a bit for fun. Vesper looked to see the Beech tree and a number of Rabbits heading there direction and a good number of them too! Vesper immediately stopped playing and alerted Carduus with a stomp on the ground and once he saw, he immediately got up on all fours and stood between his mate with the Junior Owsla from the rabbits heading there way as he looked to the Hlessi in a serious tone that alerted Vesper more what was to come."Owsla!"
The hare noticed that Vesper was getting ready like to fight. Then saw the rabbits sitting next to each other and watching the two lovers.
Carduus also fell back on his four paws and stood next to Vesper, whose eyes turned more to the Owsla.
"Are we going up!?"
Carduus said and kept on lapping. Vesper followed the hare behind.
Hawkbit, Dandelion and a few other Owsla are sitting next to each other watching the two. Carduus adjusted his pace to Vesper and the hlessi hid next to the big hare. But the two pass the Owslas. Carduus eyes fell briefly on the rabbits, which showed a surprised but serious look. He also heard a whisper, but what he said did not hear Carduus. Both went towards the entrance of the Warren and sat on their hind legs and looked again briefly to the Owsla, who is still staring at the two.
"They do not attack us. But they see us with different eyes .."
Carduus said and then looked at Vesper, who was recovering from the walk for a short time.
"I see what you mean, dear. Perhaps they didn't expect us to return this soon. Hopefully, we'll be alright, dear." Vesper said snuggled his mates side in assurance. The Junior Owsla by now had gone clear of the rabbits were keeping their distance as both Carduus and Vesper looked towards the Owsla then to each other with a tired smile. "I expected it to be different once we returned, dear. Luckily, they seem not to want to bother us, my love. Come now, let's go rest within my burrow. I can see that you're tired, my love." Vesper said as he held his mate paw not caring of the rabbits who were watching them as he led Carduus back in the Warren. The two hopped quickly through the warren and arrived at his burrow and they immediately got in, not wanting to draw too much attention to the rabbits they encountered on the way. As the two were getting settled in, the chiefs arrived to speak with them along with BIgwig, Fiver, and Blackberry. "Hallo, my fellow rabbits. It's good to see you all. Oh, hey Bigwig, How's Spartina been?" Vesper asked casually as he hid a bit behind Carduus upon their gaze towards the two.
Carduus and Vesper made themselves comfortable in the dry straw and wanted to rest. Bigwig, Blackberry, and Fiver have arrived at Vesper borrow. Bigwig Answer to Vespers question.
"My Spartina is fine, she gave birth to our children yesterday in fully healthy. She is currently resting with the children," said Bigwig with a smile.
"How are you, Vesper? With your leg, especially?" Blackberry asked, and noticed that the wound of the weasel was almost gone and presented to Vesper a smile too.
"I think you were in the right paws with Carduus," she said and look to the hare with a smile.
Vesper smiled also upon hearing the good news from Bigwig as he said in a more elated tone, "That's indeed is one of the most wonderful news to hear in this warren. Glad there in good health, dear. I would gladly like to see these kittens, though, through my experiences, it's best if I delay this, for now, they need to be raised a bit by their mother and father until they are ready in an appropriate time. Happy to hear Spartina is doing fine as well, great work on her part by the way.^^ My utmost Congratulations to you and your mate and for your kittens, dear." Vesper said happily as held his mate's paw lightly, who had close to him in their dry straw nest. Upon hearing Blackberry remarks about his injuries and the good luck being in Carduus paws, Vesper chuckled lightly as he responded in a relieved tone, "Yes, I think and believe so as well. He's been a big help towards my recovery. I'll be soon, fit as Owsla is after training. My leg is for the most part well, though still needs a bit of recovery from the long hop I had up the warren. As for me, I'm alright as well. I feel really good, indeed. This Hare tends to make me feel better and I'm lovin' this exceptional mood I'm in when I'm around Carduus." Vesper said in a lovestruck tone as he leaned up and lightly kissed his mate's cheek before looking at them with a large smile, though his mate blushed like a tomato.
Carduus smiled at the great news from Bigwig.
"Congratulations, chief!"
Congratulated Carduus with a wink.
As Vesper snuggles closer to Carduus and gives him a kiss on the cheek, only Bigwig looked confused and disturbing. Blackberry and Fiver just smiled.
"Carduus can I talk to you ?!"
Bigwig said to the hare.
Carduus looked surprised, but then got up and went with Bigwig.
Blackberry and Fiver were still talking to Vesper, while Bigwig and Carduus turned to a corner of the honeycomb.
"Carduus, it's very nice to see you care for Vesper. He is a great rabbit and a good keeper of our youngest.
But what was that two mornings ago? You made weird moves with each other and touched your lips .. What is behind it? You can be honest with me."
That's when Hazel comes along.
" Carduus, not seen for a long time?"
Greeted the upper rabbit the hare.
Carduus nodded in greeting to Hazel.
"The first one was a dance. Vesper showed that to me the other day ago. I know that standing in the rain is not everyone's case but we enjoyed it. The second.."
Carduus hesitated, was scared...
"Our lips touched us because.
Because we love each other!
Yes, I know it sounds strange that two bucks kiss and love each other.
But I love Vespers very much. Like you Spartina or you Primrose.
Vesper is just the best friend for me. Me and him we had a hard past, that's why we get along so well. And now he is also a life mate for me. He has a good heart and soul. "
"And what do you say to that?
Do you want to banish us or kill us?" ask Carduus afraid.
"No, no, Carduus !! What are you talking about .. I understand why you love each other. Vesper may be very grateful that you saved his life twice. And that you take care of him." Hazel said in a reassuring voice.
"But it's like your owsla colleagues scorn or mock you. They talked about it yesterday and today .. Maybe it's better if you do not come to our training anymore .. You are too good anyway !!"
Bigwig said with a short laugh at the end.
"Can you drum them together, I would be interested in what has a problem
Or can I and Vespers announce that to the whole warren?"
Carduus asked seriously.
"Yeah sure .. we'll organize that. But would like to hear before Vespers approval," said Hazel.
They go then to the way back to Vespers borrow.
Vesper spoke with both Blackberry and Fiver of the recent weather they were having these last few days before Bigwig, Carduus and Hazel joined them. The Hlessi immediately bowed his head in greetings for the chief before greeting him lightly in a positive tone, "Hallo, Hazel. Good to see you're awake and well. I apologize by the way for the departure though upon our return, I did encounter the Junior Owsla and your kits, dear. They seem to be good spirits upon seeing me. How has the warren been by the way and Primrose? I'm pretty sure out to get her." Vesper said with the last part being a little joke as chuckled a little when he noticed they seem to be in a serious mood, in which he dropped his ears down in light embarrassment. "Sorry for my cheerful attitude, I tend to do that from time to time. It seems we have important matters to discuss. You have my attention." Vesper said slightly in a worried and serious tone, not knowing what they wished to discuss with him.
"Thanks, Vesper. The whole Warren is fine.
Now we know that you and Carduus confess each other your love. Carduus told us two.
Incidentally, I have no problem with your love and Bigwig too .. right?"
Bigwig nods shortly.
"Now Carduus has the desire to announce that to Warren."
"Do you agree, sweetheart? We can tell everyone this evening together .."
Interrupted Carduus and gave Vesper a trusting smile.
Upon hearing his question and seeing that smile of his, he felt his shyness lightly but not enough to sway his decision returned the smile and responded. "Now that sounds like a good plan, my love. This evening would be an appropriate time to do so because by then, we'll have been rested and settled in. I'm a little shy but I don't mind it as much as I thought I would. So.. Yeah, I agree, my Snow Hare." Vesper warmly said in conclusion as he got upon his hind legs. "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make the announcement Hazel and thank you for trying your best to tolerate us, Bigwig. I can see this is still new to you and I can understand that. Perhaps it'll take time but I'll be happy to discuss it with you if you have any questions or concern." Vesper said supportively to Bigwig as he hoped next to his mate Carduus and held his arm tightly.
Carduus held Vesper's paw and smiled at him. He then turned to Hazel and Bigwig and said.
"I feel really grateful that you tolerate us. I was really afraid that it would be different. All the more even Vesper would have had to leave his home. That would have hurt me the most. Thank you Chiefs !!"
Saluted Carduus with a smile and snuggled closer to Vesper.
" If El-Ahrairah and Frith brought you together, I will not stand in your way.
I think we'll leave you alone, you wanted to rest .."
Laughed Hazel, showing a friendly smile to the two.
Hazel and Bigwig left the two and set to work to drum the whole Warren together.
Carduus rubbed his head at Vesper.
" You see, everything will be alright, darling.
And if someone has something against us. He should talk to me.
Do we want to rest or go outside?"
Vesper let out a sigh of relief as the Chiefs along with Blackberry and Fiver left along with the two. He rubbed his head against Carduus own and purred warmly upon being so close to his mate. He felt, secured, loved and with the good news from the chiefs, he was satisfyingly content with they wished to do later on today. "I have to hand it to you, dear. You were right that everything would be alright. I'm sorry if I worried you, I just wanted us to be ready if something did happen yet now, it seems less likely wish is all the more to celebrate, my Snow Hare." Vesper said as he then looked up to Carduus blue eyes and with his rare smile, leaned in and put his lips upon Carduus own and the kissed deeply, lovingly and passionately and as the two drew apart sweetly, he leaned into his ear and whispered, "I love you so much, my Carduus'chen. Never seem to fail to surprise me." Vesper said as held Carduus paw tightly and drew him closer to their nest. "I think a little rest will be good for us, dear. Beneficial for what we have planned later. Come,  my love. I want to be in your loving arms of embrace." Vesper said silently yet in a loving cooing tone as he then laid down in the nest and prepared himself to rest. As for safe measure, he looks to the Hare, lowered his ear down and bit, just to make sure it was all real. Indeed, with the pain he felt, he concluded that this all was his living dream, one he hoped to continue to share it with Carduus.
Carduus puts himself in the nest with Vesper. He puts his arms around the hlessi and squeezes him gently to himself.
"I love you too, my beautiful one. I'm glad that I have you .."
Carduus gives a kiss on the cheek and strokes Vesper's chest and slowly after a time both fell in a nap.

For long while, the two bucks slept close together, snuggling and cuddling warming against each other's comfy coats of fur as they breathed calmly upon their slumber Carduus wrapping around Vesper back close with his paws holding him. Vesper slept deeply and peacefully as he felt safe and secured in his mates hold. In several minutes, it was time for them to awake as it was evening and around the Warren, the two chiefs were keeping their word as they prepared for the rabbits to gather for the announcement the two were going to make soon. It was big news for the Rabbits of Watership down as the rabbits began discussing of the two rabbits in question. Most were mainly curious and would occasionally talk with others about it, some would share what they saw the two did during the rainstorm, others would talk of their change in behavior as the two had grown closer together. However, there were some who were not happy with how the two had been and with the announcement coming, they hoped it would clarify their suspicion. Luckily, the kittens of the Warren were actually excited to head of what Vesper and Carduus had to say. They knew the two personally and with the upcoming announcement and how much attention it was getting, they were highly interested in what peaked the interest of their parents and friends.
Eventually, with a flash of blue light upon his charm, Vesper quietly woke with a yawn and rubbed his eyes open as he turned his body facing towards his Hare, who was sleeping soundly next to him.  Vesper smiled as he started to stroking one paw across his mate's side, from his lower half all the way to his cheek and repeated the process of caressing his mate till he knew his mate was well relaxed. With Carduus arms around, he carefully slipped away as to not wake his buck as he then stood on his hind legs and stretched satisfyingly. He then smiled as he grabbed an apple left in his burrow, cut it so that it was shared between himself and his mate when he finally awoke. When bit gingerly into his apple and stroked his mates hair playfully as he relaxed a bit a laid back down next to Carduus with his loving smile, the same smile that had a tendency kiss Carduus heart so sweetly. That was his secret over his mate, and he loved it as much as he did for Carduus. ^^ He leaned in kissed his mates cheek and nose pleasantly as he then started to hum lightly and stroke his chest as he then lay his head close to where it's touching his forehead as he then placed one more kiss lovingly and pulled away to grab Carduus slice of apple with his mouth and placed near his mates nose as at it down. "Rise and evening shine, my Handsome Hare. It's time." Vesper said happily as he giggled seeing his mate still sleeping soundly as if he never heard him. "Well, then. Plan B is a go." he then said in an exciting tone as he started to tickle Carduus sides in another attempt to wake as he then announced. "Fourth Rule of Owlsa, my love. Even your greatest ally could be your most dangerous adversary if not to careful, dear!"
Carduus also woke up and the first thing he saw was the happy smile from Vesper .. "Good. No evening. It's evening right?"
Vesper nodded briefly.
Carduus yawned and rubbed his eyes.
"Hmm, too bad I woke up from the dream. Have dreamed again of our little river, where we have bathed and flew around us fireflies ... Was just where we kissed. But I can do that in reality .."
Carduus first rubbed his nose against Vesper's nose and then kissed him.
" Häckhäm! ". It sounded suddenly. Acacia stood and leaned against the wall, grinning at the entrance to Vesper Borrow. Carduus and Vesper looked up in alarm.
" Nice that you two, are back .. And still as in love as a few days ago, what it looks like.
Hazel sent me to remind you that you have something to announce.
I think everyone is there.
Are you coming?"
The two stood up.
"Yes .. I am ready .. And you?"
Looked the hare to Vesper .. And noticed half the apple.
"Oh, I'll eat the apple later. Thanks for that, sweetheart."
"No problem, sweetie. ^^ Yeah, I believe I'm ready as well." Vesper said happily in agreement as he nuzzled his mate a bit before nodding in agreement to Acacia and the two followed their friend out of the burrow and through the passages of Watership Down. Most of the burrows they passed by were empty, indicating to the two there were lots of rabbits gathering around to hear and the announcement and indeed, their suspicion was confirmed when arriving in the Honeycomb of the Warren. It was packed with scores of rabbits, kittens with their parents, Owsla, Mates, friends, etc. And upon the rock ledge, that stood high up such as a pedestal, the chiefs were there and when they saw the two arrivals, they gestured for them to join up as everyone quieted upon seeing the two bucks. Vesper hesitated and blushed shyly upon seeing everyone's gaze upon them and was concerned if he could do it or not. Out of shyness, he stood close to Carduus and snuggled his side for reassurance from his mate.
Carduus and Vesper now stood in front of all rabbits. Some smiled, others looked serious and others just curious. Carduus is nervous, but when he looked at Vesper and he squeezed it, the hare felt stronger.
"Good evening my fellows. It's nice to see how many have appeared. Thanks in their place to Hazel and Bigwig.
Well. The reason why we all gather here is that I and Vesper want to enlighten you about what you have seen from us a few days before.
The strange fooling around in the rain was a dance. Vesper showed that to me before and I then led him there on my feet, because of his injuries.
And why in the rain .. We wanted to try that. And rain makes you beautiful, it's called.
After that, our lips touched. But that did not belong to the dance.
They touched because.
because we love each other .."
Carduus took Vesper's paw and held it.
He turned to him and looked into his blue eyes.
" Vesper is and was my best friend. Me and him we share a hard past. Everyone went through it alone. Maybe not always lucky, but when we met, we were immediately the best friends. A few days ago we ate berries in the forest when a thunderstorm surprised us. We fled to my borrow and rested.
Something magical came over us. Reminded us of our bad and good memories.
Is there no longer any sense that we should spend our lives together? Let's ask ...
Forget the bad past and spend a nice future together?
Vesper should be my life partner. I love him because he is nice, funny, personable and has a good heart.
I know two bucks that love each other are weird. If you were in our skin, you would understand that our feelings for each other are serious. "
Vesper then continued on his mate's speech as he held his mate's paw even tighter, a little bit more confident than before with Carduus starting off, now he was hoping he could finish it. "Hopefully, what we wish to ask, convey, and express to you all is that you are able to tolerate and accept us into the Warren still after this announcement of ours. We ask to extend the courtesy you have towards others who have mates onto us because even though we may be a unique case of Mates, we are still rabbits who still believe in dignity and respect towards others who are different. I've seen this warren do exceptional things when it comes to new endeavors, though there have been challenges in the past no doubt and we know this will be no exception. But we'll do our best to pull through this new change we have here and it surprisingly centers around something most of us have experienced and cherish."
Vesper said with a pause as he steps forward and made himself taller and with his rare smile, he placed his free paw upon his heart, "That my fellow rabbits are Love. :heart: Love shows us how important we are to one another and to ourselves. Love is what causes mates to care deeply for their kittens and for their significant other. Love is what drives to go and make sure this very warren is safe and secured well so that the rabbits that occupy it may prosper. Love is what changes us into roles we never thought we'd be ready for but in the end, lead and make decisions that are instrumental for the integrity and prosperity for the warren. Love is a lot of things and may indeed stand to differ for each one's perspective, due to their own experience. Yet the one thing love does that makes you believe it is all the worthwhile, because when you meet that special someone who changes everything and improves it through their own actions towards you and you specifically....well, I feel great." Vesper said in a satisfied serious tone as he pulled his mate next to him, closely and smiled upon seeing the Hare.
"Carduus is a Hare and a Buck I love deeply, unconditionally, and importantly. He makes me happy when I'm around him and he's happy when I'm around him too. Very important characteristics towards deciding someone you chose to be your loving partner and it happen to be my best friend. I am grateful that El-ahrairah and Frith through our experiences, brought us together and I hope good things to come in our near future. I smile now because I'm not ashamed of who I love... in fact, I'm proud.^^ I'm proud of my Mate, how much he has done for me and how much he cares for me, couldn't have picked a better hare to love." Vesper said warmly as he smiled to them all and after a wink to Acacia in the back, who had  been cheering them on silently, he looked to Carduus with a flustered smile, leaned up kissed his forehead happily and whispered to his ear, "I love you."
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIIII
Part five of our roleplay.Wertlosehoffnung. 
German Translations coming soon.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIII
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

It comes over a short silence. Carduus pulled the weasel from Vesper. It was lifeless. Carduus held his paw on the enemy's neck and felt it was not breathing anymore. His eyes fell on Vesper, who was lying on the floor in surprise, but suddenly his eyes narrowed to a worrisome face when he saw the bleeding wounds on Vesper's body. Blackberry, Acacia, and other rabbits gather around the two. Vesper grimaces and begins to cry and sigh. Carduus feels his pain and immediately begins to clean the wounds of the hlessi.
Blackberry starts to licking his wounds too. The hare has licked his wound of the hunter, and then he finished, he stopped. He Falls back, to sit on his hind legs and he looked at the floor. Noticed that his belly fur is red and bleeding too. The weasel must injury his belly with them claws. But he only hanging his arms and put his paws on his belly and starts to tears.
"That's all my fault..", he whispers and watched to his injured mate and then covered his face with his actually bloody paws and said louder,
"That's all my facking fault!... I have never let him alone outside, injured with a lame leg!!.. Never!! I am sorry!!" With that he said, he started to run away, downward the hill.
Acacia heard what Carduus talking about. "No .. Carduus wait!!" Said the light brown rabbit and sprinted behind the hare. "Please .. Wait for Carduus !!"
Down at the foot of the hill, Carduus stood still, his eyes still tears. "It's not your fault, do you hear!!  ... It's my fault, too!" Acacia said in a shaky voice. "Had I stayed with Vesper, that would not have happened, I should not have come with you, to search Blackberry"
Acacia hugs the hare and tries to comfort him.
"No, it's all because of me…"
"That's not true Carduus, stop it! The bigger mistake is when you disappear now! Vesper just needs you now… You wanted to leave, did not you? "
"Yeah ... Because I .. I just put him in danger, it's just me... he was nearly killed yesterday and even today ... If I had been looking for Blackberry for a long time, he would be dead now." Acacia grabs the hare on his cheeks. "Listen, it has happened now as it had to come. But you are a lucky charm to your partner and he needs a hare with four paws because Vesper is a bad luck bird and he now needs four paws from a hare like you. You give him luck he needs and the love he deserves. And now come with me. He just feels worse, if you are not next to him!!" Carduus listening to his friend and let him decide to go back.
Earlier, Vesper watched in great concern and shock as his mate ran away with Acacia hot after Carduus tail. The Hlessi tried to stand up and go after his mate but tumbled down hard as he watched two rabbits leave. He felt very weak as he grew more tired and tired, he called for them but they were already too far. Meanwhile, Blackberry ordered the Owsla along with Bigwig already there to help her take him back to his burrow as Vesper was losing his ability to stay awake. He could feel pulsing pain all around him, but it did hurt at the moment which he found very odd as he was then carried and placed on the Captain of Owsla back and along with a number of rabbits, they journey back to Watership down where he was placed back into his burrow. Hazel and Fiver, who just learned of the event accompanied them and tried to talk with him in order to help but Vesper could not even reply before he unconscious and they immediately put him in the burrow, grabbing every leave, herb, they could in order to help Vesper and helped recleaned his wounds as he was bleeding once more. Rabbits were running into each other, causing a little bit of Chaos in the Warren as they tried to figure out what was happening and how they could aid the injured Hlessi. Meanwhile, Campion and his Owsla had just arrived and found the deceased Weasel nearby and talked with the Watership down Owsla of what had happened. Just then, Acacia and Carduus emerged from the woods.
"By Frith? What happened here?", asking Captain Campion in a big surprise and watching around. Carduus hopping in a hurry to the entrance of the Warren, while Acacia stayed outside. "The day started with a big disaster. But no one of us is dead, but one or two are injured of this Bastard." Trying to explain Acacia to the Efrafa rabbits
"Ohh, we sorry to hear that... Well, I think we should kick this weasel into the woods. Not that a hawk sees him and catches themselves a rabbit." Campion and his two owsla take the dead Weasel on their back and bring it away.
Meanwhile, Hazel and Bigwig are standing in front of the borrow of Vesper and waiting for commands of the helping paws of Blackberry and Fiver, they have cared for Vesper's injuries. Hazel sees that Carduus arrive and looks to his red Belly, who is now dry with his blood and see his sad face. "Ohh my... Are you okay?" Carduus nodded yes. "How's going with Vesper?... Can I go to him?", asking the white buck in worries.
"He lost his ability to stay awake... But he is in best paws," said Bigwig.
"Is Carduus here? We need some help!" Called the voice of Blackberry and Carduus goes into the borrow. Fiver is trying to talk with Vesper but it does not seem that the answer.
"He breathing, but he said nothing... Come, try you Carduus!!" said Fiver and goes to off the side and starts to licking Vesper's wounds. Carduus sitting in front of Vespers head, holding a paw on his and near to his head and said... "Vesper, I am here. Come on wake up, my sweetie, Please, wake up and give me sign..."
Carduus received no response as he tried multiple times for Vesper to wake as he breathing was faster than normal and his temperature rising to cause cold sweats too. Vesper was in bad shape and they all knew it as there looks of worry and concern grew more and more. Just a moment, Campion discussed of the critical situation with Hazel as the chiefs reviewed with Blackberry of there options. Blackberry told them that there was little they could do except hope and wait for Vesper to recover on his own. Fiver suggested that they could take him to the Man that helped Hazel after the Battle of Watership down but they feared it too dangerous to move the hlessi in his condition and they look back to see the Hare sadder than normal as he cupped Vesper head into his paws. He was sobbing.
"Vesper.. please wake up!!", Carduus caressing his forehead and feel his head is warm. The hare starts to cry... "It's all because of me... I have never let you alone outside... I.. I am so sorry... Why not me... Vesper, my love, please open your eyes!!".. Carduus stopped by many times, as his tears hitting the face of Vesper.
For a long while, Vesper did not wake as Blackberry, Carduus and the other rabbits able to help made and put a new bandage for Vesper injured hind leg and others parts of his body that were severely injured as well. They stayed with him for a while though, one by one started leaving as they notice Vesper improving breathing and his temperature started to normalize as well after many long hours. Throughout all this, Carduus stayed with Vesper close to his mate and refused to leave the side he cried quietly, at times whispering to himself. Throughout the day, Acacia checked on his friend and Blackberry on Vesper. Then it became night time, most of the Rabbits were already resting. Carduus who still held Vesper head asleep as he leaned against the burrow wall. Vesper breathing changed from relaxing to normal as the Hlessi's eyes fluttered tiredly open. Vesper had awoken and he was hungry. He looked over to see a uneaten celery and reached carefully to grab and ate it eagerly, how sweet the Flayrah had tasted in his thirsty mouth. He looked up to see a still sleeping Hare as he continued eating, though he was happy to see his mate back again.
After many hours, Carduus have lost his hope. He leaning on the wall of the borrow and crying with covering his head with his paws. After of thought he was weak and falling asleep... But then he heard something. Someone eating... He opened his eyes and see Vesper is eating some Flayrah... The hare jumps up.. "VESPER" he only says and falls on him and hugged his mate... "Omg, you... You alive!!" Carduus find no other words at the moment and is crying of luck.
Vesper was startled by Carduus excitement as he was taken into the arms of his mate as the two fell down into a loving hug as his mate began to cry. It did hurt a little but Vesper held through the pain and hugged back very tightly as he mate cried of luck and he caressed his back. "Yes, I'm alive, dear. It's good to see you're well too." Vesper said as he then pulled from the hug and saw his mate crying and he licked and kissed his tears away all across his face. "You look like you've seen El-ahrairah, dear," Vesper said in a sarcastic tone he tried to lighten the mood of his mate. "Why you cry, love? I'm here, don't cry, dear." Vesper said soothingly as he held his Hare's face with his paws and kissed his forehead for a long time and then holding Carduus as tight as he could. Then Vesper was silent as her own tears started to form as he whispered sadly, "Why did you run away?"
"When I saw you with all your bleeding wounds, I blamed myself for that, that the weasel nearly killing you... I got so much guilt, I could not think clearly anymore and just ran away. I'm so sorry that I let you down. I'm such an idiot." Carduus hanging his head down...
"I have the feeling that I bring you in danger. I have let you never alone outside, with a lame leg..." He looks at Vesper's eyes, started to tears and only hug him softly. "I am so sorry for all, but please forgive me for running away. I am so lucky that you are awake, I and the others have made so much worry about you. It haves look like you die... Vesper, I love you. I promise that I will never let you alone, again!! I will care for you until your wounds are healing... " Carduus kissing Vesper on his mouth, to show his love.
Vesper tear-stained face to turned to shock as he was kissed by Carduus but quickly changed as he then kissed back with a moan and closing his eyes and deepening their kiss. The two passionately kissed for awhile, expressing their love for one another through it as Vesper held his mate close and tightly, the feeling of pure bliss overcame the two as Carduus held his Mate as well and Caressed his back. The two broke their kiss, panting and resting their forehead upon the other looking at each other, Vesper smiling as he responded to him, giving the two space. "My Snow Hare. I'm not dead yet, love. I still have life within me and I wish to continue to share it with you. I won't leave your side as well, dear... Thank you for caring me so much, I'm so glad to have my life sparred twice by the Black Rabbit to still be with you. These horrible experience made me realize more why I choose you as my mate..." Vesper then blushed as continued...Carduus, you're loving and caring, dependable and kind, you make me laugh even in the worst of pain. You make me happy and I promise I'll share and return my Happiness towards you so that we may enjoy it together. I'm honestly not afraid, I know who I choose to be Mate. Carduus, you still came back... I forgive you and I love you too. Please forgive yourself, dear as I have forgiven you. Can you do that for me?" Vesper asked as he put his injured paw on his Hare's cheek, caressing him, gazing upon those mesmerizing blue eyes he fell in love and smiling warmly.
Carduus lay his arms around Vesper and whisper to his ear... "I forgive me!... Let's forget this horrible day and watching into the future." The hare holds the hug a bit longer and enjoys the near of his mate. "I am so glad that you alright... More or little... I hope your injuries are healing fast... It's already night time. Do you want to sleep?"
"I would not mind sleeping, as long as you keep me warm," Vesper said in his own whisper as he snuggled into Carduus chest and looked back to him with a smile. "I love you so such much dear. Rest well and remember how significantly important you are to me. Have the sweetest of dreams." ^^ Vesper said lovingly as he kissed his cheek, nuzzled him and closed his eyes as he fell asleep with his Mate.
Carduus falls asleep too. But in Carduus dream, play something bad... He dreams of the weasel attack. The weasel killed his mate, catch and bite into Vesper's neck and run with him away. Carduus started hunting the weasel behind, but he did not catch the enemy up. A loud sound scared Carduus 'Peng' makes it, but the hare run. He gets slower and it gets harder breathing until He laying down to the ground and rolled on his back. His white gray chest gets to a red. He bleeding strong and he gets tired. The last thing I see is a giant man who holds a shotgun in front of his face. 'Peng' is the last sound he heard... Carduus rips himself out of his dream, breathing fast and is wet from his sweat. He looks to his mate, Vesper is in his deep sleep. Carduus gets careful up, that Vesper does not awake and the Hare gets out of the borrow and hopping outside.
The half moon is shining on the area and makes it all brighter. Carduus sits on his hind legs and holds his paws on his eyes and rub the bad sleep off. He looks at the moon and clears his head. "It's was all a dream, it's all fine." He talked to himself and then started licking his sweat away. After his cleaning, he goes back to borrow of Vesper. He lay down next to his mate and gives a soft kiss on his Cheek. But otherwise, he sleeps, he cleaning the wounds of Vesper again.
Vesper woke as to see his mate next to him, deep in his own sleep as he lightly breathed. The Hlessi moved carefully towards him hugged him tightly with Carduus head resting on his chest the Hare was sleeping and Caressing his as he hummed a sweet tune, kissing Carduus head every now and then as he ate a radish he found nearby. He stayed awake a while before closing his eyes as held Carduus snuggly enjoying his mate presence and finding the right balance between comfort and pain due to his Mate's heavy form. He then went to his ear and whispered, "I love you." Hoping that if he was having a dream, his love would help make it a good dream instead of a nightmare as he seemed to have previously due to the scent of cold sweat. Vesper then started licking his head and his ears and kiss his head while holding him tightly in his arms; the White Hare was precious to him.
The next morning awake and Carduus too. He noticed that Vesper is snuggle in his chest fur. After all and but now yet, Carduus feel his own injuries of the scratches from the weasel on his belly. But the hare doesn't watch on it, more he lay his paw on Vespers cheek and caresses it softly. At this moment keep Acacia a look into the borrow of the two males and have three carrots in his mouth, lay them on the ground... "Good morning you two, it looks that Vesper is snuggling to you." Whispers the brownish Rabbit.
Vesper, who had closed his eyes earlier open then to see Acacia and three delicious carrots nearby. "Morning, Acacia. Nice to see you here." Vesper replied kindly as he grabbed two of the Carrots and gave one to Carduus before eating his own. "Delicious indeed, thanks, my dear friend. By the way, I happen to enjoy snuggling with my mate. It's blissful.
" Vesper proudly declared as he looked back at the hare in front of him and briefly kissed him before he continued eating his carrot happily.
"Ohh it looks like, to killing a weasel give a lot of hunger... How's going with you, Vesper? Are hurting your injuries a lot?" Asked Acacia. Meanwhile, Carduus eating his carrot too.
"Not as much, dear. I can move a little more now but with the additional injuries, it's still significant enough for pain. Carduus here has been a big help and I love him for it as he wants to stay by my side till I get better though I am hoping to see my Snow Hare challenge Campion and his Owsla for training." Vesper said looking back at his mate with a confident wink.
"The Efrafas going yesterday back to their Warren. But I said to Bigwig, Carduus is strong enough to fight with all three at the same time. But actually the hare has other challenges.." said Acacia. "I don't think that is important, who is the strongest here. But actually, for me, It's definitely you, Vesper! Anyway, you were injured he killed a weasel. I really have respect for you, my beauty." Carduus hold with one arm Vesper and pull him near to him. " I am wondering how the weather looks like..? "
" Hmm not good, it's starting to rain since I was outside. And the wind blows cold. Very uncomfortable!" Said Acacia and nibble on his carrot.
Vesper blushed as he was pulled close by his mate and Vesper responded by snuggling against Carduus. "Thanks, my Love. You really do have a way with words," he said with a smile. His smile faded a bit as re-lived those events in his head. He had warned him and was forced to kill him for his own safety but it did eat him of killing the Weasel. He honestly did not want to do it, then he of the moment perhaps. Vesper saddens but said nothing of it as he snuggled more into Carduus as he heard of Acacia commenting on the bad weather.
"Perhaps we can go look at the rain, dear? A cool breeze would not be so bad to feel." Vesper suggested through in bluer tone.
"If you wish, my love…" Carduus gets lower, that Vesper can climb on his back... "Are you coming with us too, Acacia?"
"Noo... Uhh, I hate rain with combined cold wind. I prefer to go my dry warm borrow." Said Acacia. He helped Vesper to lay on the hares back and then he takes the way to his borrow. Carduus with the Vesper backpack going the way outside.
The two stopped at the entrance of Watership down below the Beech tree which led into the Warren. Carduus carefully let Vesper off his back and the two sit closely next to one another, looking out at the cold raining storm with a few chills entering the burrow but not that much. Vesper honestly enjoyed the storms, they matched his emotions, feelings, thoughts, and perspectives with storms ever-changing, unique and special conditions. It was familiar to him. He looked at Carduus but could not read his expressions, which concerned him. Yet again, he was concerned with himself as well. Vesper nuzzled into Carduus shoulder and neck as he then placed a kiss on his cheek. In his mind, he thought it remarkable that even with his mate, he wanted to be ever closer to the Hare he loved.
The hare put his arm around Vesper. While a cool breeze blowing through their fur. "The rain has something reassuring, right? If your leg were not injured, I would grab you and run with you through the rain ..."
"It does indeed, dear. That's why I love the rain, it reminds me of myself and my character. Aww, You sure we can't run through the rain, dear. I would try to hold onto your back, dear." Vesper said with a little playful pout as he examined himself, his bandage, his injuries than back to his mate for his response as the pitter patter raindrops continued falling around Watership down.
"Or what's about with a dance through the rain? Try that stand with your feet on mine and I dance for you"
"I would like that very much, dear. See this is why I love you, you do your best to make a situation better.^^ My hind leg can take more wait now so that's a good sign of improvement, but it is still healing dear so I advise you to be careful with me, my love." Vesper said as Carduus stood up on his hind legs and pulled his Hlessi up and Vesper carefully stood on Carduus feet. He shifted himself carefully, one paw over his neck and his back, gripping tightly as he looked into Carduus blue eyes, mesmerizing and so inviting yet mysterious.
"I hope I'm not too much of a bother with my body form and my weight on you dear," Vesper said as he leaned in and Nuzzled his Mate in loving gratitude. "I'm ready when you are dear," Vesper said with his Warm Rare smile as he looked over at the rain once more then back to his Mate.
Carduus put his arms around Vesper's back so he has a little more hold. The hare tried only a few steps. When it was then comfortable for both, Carduus strutted with Vesper on his feet, in the middle of the rain. Carduus remembered the dance lesson Vesper taught him. He made cautious and slow steps that Vesper's leg is not overstretched. The furs of the two long-eared mates are getting more and wetter and the hair of Carduus covers his eyes so that he always brushes it with his paw. Vesper lays his head on the hare's chest and sticks to the hare. Some rabbits sit wondering and confused in the entrance of the Warren watching the dance of the two. One turn left and step forward and back again. And a lot of other steps that Carduus gives to his mate.
After a while dancing in the rain, the two are able to gain a rhythm as Carduus steps are more expected and calculated as he then twirls his mate along with himself in a small spin. Their dance is now going faster and two are enjoying themselves as they laugh and giggle happily with their dance. Carduus steps up, left, down, with a twirl to the right and repeats but then he adds a little bit of uniqueness causing the two to dance better as Carduus takes Vesper down one side with a twirl, then a different side with a tap here and there. At this point, there were completely wet, Vesper fur dripping with rainwater and Carduus soaked in it as he had to move hair from eyes again. Vesper, close to his mate's chest started to sing to themselves a dance Carduus could dance to and the Hare took lead and matched his steps with his song. The two noticed that Vesper gem glowed blue again and they smiled warmly to one another as they shared this lovingly intimate moment with one another, not caring of the curious rabbits watching them from the safety of the entrance of Watership Down. It was their moment, their experience, their love, their life.
The two danced for a while. Vesper, who was humming a calm and romantic melody, and Carduus immersed himself in the rhythms of the melody. When Vesper was quiet, Carduus also stood still. They kept their foreheads together while their noses touched and looked into each other's eyes. The hare noticed before that, including his Owsla comrades, including Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver, and others. Carduus wanted to finish the dance act with a deep and affectionate kiss but was unsure. He pointed to the other rabbits and whispers... "Do we want to cancel the kiss for later? Or should we...?"
Listening closely to Carduus whisper and noticing the rabbits as well, he pondered a thought and fear of what may happen. However, when he looked back at his mate blue eyes, his heart skipped a beat. He didn't care anymore if the rabbits did see their kiss, he knew the risks, he knew what may happen, he knew the potential for their romantic endeavor to turn to tragedy, but he was willing to move forward into a future that seemed uncertain yet with his mate here, he would not have to ever be alone. He loved Carduus and his willingness to do his best to make it work for the both of them, the opinion of others was little of concern, that of himself and his mate were more significant. He looked at those mysterious blue eyes, noticing the raindrops rolling down the Hare's cheeks and saw a smile upon his lips as their nose continue to touch as their forehead were together. Confident and contempt with his decision he looked back deeply in his mates eyes and whispered, "No cancelation, perhaps a little hesitation, but for me, no amount of rabbits should be our prevention to expressing our love for one another. Those rabbits over there may call us crazy and they may be true, but that's why I trust it Carduus. Because for the first time in my whole life, I'm experiencing a daily happiness I never had before because it was so rare and unique with you. I love you and I believe we should continue to share this everlasting love with one another for as long as we shall live... So with that in my mind, we should kiss, my exceptional Snow Hare." Vesper said with a blush as he then closed his eyes and pushed his mouth to Carduus's lips as he kissed his mate in the Rain.
When Vesper started to kiss Carduus, the heart of the hare hopped faster. Carduus put his arm around Vesper's back, squeezing him closer to him, holding his other arm or paw behind his neck, so that the kiss intensifies. The wet coat of the two arouses Carduus a bit.
Vesper held on to his mate tightly as he deepened the kiss as well, blushing crazily as the Hare kissed back affectionately and meaningful. The rain continued all around them, pouring and pouring over Watership down with the rabbits watching the two in mixed reaction. Some were in disgust or disapproved of it, some were silent, others were content or were actually happy for the two, Acacia had been one of those rabbits as he smiled at the two and whispered to himself, "Way to go you two.". The two kissed for a long time as Vesper caressed his Mate's back repeatedly and adjusted himself to where he was standing on his uninjured leg the most than both legs as they pressed their wet bodies against one another in a passionate embrace. The Hlessi finally pulled back from their long and intense kiss as they both panted for breath. The two were flustered, aroused and deeply in love with one another as they smiled warmly to each other as they both said, "I love you" at the same time, which caused them to giggle amusingly into a small laughter. Just then, a bright flash of lightning struck the Beech tree above, causing everyone who was watching to jump back into the warren in a panic, luckily though, no one was injured and the tree only suffered a burn mark and the loss of some branches. Carduus had been startled by it as well and with Vesper in his hold, he leaped high and away from the strike and they fell bush below. The two were not laying down with Vesper on top of Carduus and witnessing the remnants of the lightning, they both shared a surprised laughter as the rain continued around them. Both cold and wet, they were by now used to the storm and it did not bother them as much as it did before. The two then gazed back into each other's blue gaze and smiled as they touched noses and Vesper gem glowed faintly a bit as the winds picked up around the two.
The two fell in love couple found them again on the ground, when a lightning struck the beech. Carduus simply started and jumped aside with Vesper. When a cold gust hits Carduus, he said .. "I think we should rather go back into the warm borrow, my love .. I have really caught a cold. Was weak for days and had chills." Carduus smiled and rubbed his nose against Vesper's.
Vesper smiled as well as he rubbed his nose back to Carduus and nuzzled him sweetly though shivering with the cold gust too. "I think you're right dear. Let me look at you to see if you're sick." Vesper said as he placed a paw on Carduus head noticing it to be warmer than normal, even under the wet fur. "Yes, perhaps you do have a cold dear. Tell you what, how about head to your burrow this time since you were mainly in mine most of the time. We can be alone and we'll have tasty berries nearby, what do you say my love?" Vesper asked kindly as he looked in the distance, noticing an incoming rainfall approaching then back as his injured hindleg which now had a wet bandage over it. "Dear, the rain's coming!" Vesper said alerting to his mate.
When Vesper puts his paw on the hares head to see if he can catch a cold, Carduus says... "Oh, I will not get sick already. Just have a hot head because of the kiss. I am fine, honey." When he then heard the question from his mate he answered .. "Do you want to build? Mhh.. the berries sound tempting as well as the argument to be alone. Sounds very inviting to me! Carduus blushes and smiles. To be alone again with his mate. The last days were for the normally 'loner one' up and down of his feelings and nerves. Being alone with Vesper for a few days seems to be doing the hare very well, probably for Vesper himself too.
Vesper chuckled at his remarks of their kiss and seeing his mate blushed a bit, he put a paw on his mate's cheek, leaned in and kissed his forehead. "Thanks, dear. It does indeed sound inviting, just think of it dear, we'll be home in our warm little burrow, outside of the warren. Alone from any rabbits interrupting, we can cuddle, relax, rest, snuggle, kiss, perhaps a bit more. Whatever we wish dear and we'll have your delicious berry plants that grow nearby. We can even watch the rain from the safety of your burrow. Perhaps, in the future, we can improve the nest more and build it for two, my love.^^ Hopefully, we can recover a bit from our experiences. Honestly, I just want to be alone with you, sweetheart." Vesper said flusteredly with a big smile on his face. "Do you mind carrying me home upon your back again? I hope I'm not too much of a bother with this rain and your injuries dear," he said knowing that the incoming heavy rain would be here soon once more.
Carduus giggled when he heard the thing about, perhaps a bit more.., "This isn't a problem for me, to bring you to my borrow. Are we going now?"
"Yes indeed, dear. It'll be dark soon, might as well head their early and hopefully, we can get there in time to dry off my love." Vesper hopefully said as his mate got lower on his paws and Vesper climbed onto his back and after a few moments of adjusting himself to be comfortable, the Hare begins his journey back home with his injured mate as the rain continued to pour more heavily now as the time progressed and storm intensified.
The two made their way to Carduus Warren. It started to rain more and the wind is strong. But Carduus does not bother the wind and rain. The two come back past the berry bushes, plucking a branch from each again and went their way again.
Vesper had in his mouth a branch filled with juicy berries, as did his mate as he made his way with him and started to approach the burrow. The burrow was untouched besides the water that filtered around the entrance of his home as he made his way into the burrow. The two set the berries down nearby and Carduus immediately made his way to the fluffy and warm nest as he carefully set his mate down from his back. "Thanks, dear. I Love you." Vesper said in generosity as he kissed his mate with a loving lick to his cheek.
Carduus places his beautiful mate in his dry leaves, gets kissed and sits on his hind legs, breathing deeply, of the long walk. "I love you too, my beautiful buck!!", Carduus said, snuggling closer to Vesper and kissing his cheek.
Vesper was related more as he was kissed in the cheek, snuggled lovingly by his mate and was complemented sweetly by Carduus. "Aww, I love you more, my handsome buck!!" Vesper sweetly declared as he kissed and lightly bit his neck as he pulled away, stuck his tongue out him with a sly wink at his mate in amusement.
As Vesper stuck out his tongue cheekily and playfully, Carduus stood up and tickled Vesper's belly as he kissed him on the cheek again. Vesper laughed amused and tried to tickling back. Carduus stopped tickling and kissed Vesper's mouth like they were outside in the rain of Watership Down. Carduus then released the kiss and started kissing the neck of the Hlessi, licking his fur dry from the rainwater. Moved down to his chest and belly. Vesper now very blushed, but the cleaning action enjoyed him and lay still in the leaves. As Carduus then licking to his legs, Vesper himself turned on his stomach and Carduus moved on with licking and clean his back. Carduus felt a certain tension in Vesper's back muscles and shoulders with his paw. Carduus gently presses his paws on Vesper's back and says .. "You look very tense, my beauty." Carduus slowly strokes Vespers back with gentle pressure, massaging his muscles, all the way up to his shoulders.
Vesper was very pleased with the massages for it was very relaxing for him as Carduus stroked his muscles release of tensions from his back to his shoulders. When Carduus was close to his shoulder, the Hlessi turned his face, leaned up and kissed his mate in the cheek, then in the neck once more, shoulder, and then chest as he then laid back down, letting his mate continue with his message as he moaned at the feel of his mates paws releasing the tensions from his muscle, a pleasurable tranquility he enjoyed. Once Carduus, had finished, Vesper thanked his mate with a kiss just like the rain in Watership down, causing the hare to fall back with Vesper as there kissed continued, with Vesper putting his paws on his Mate's neck and cheeks and Carduus on the back of his head and back as their kissed intensified, arousing them both. After a while, Vesper pulled away, much to a disappointed Buck displeasure, causing Vesper to chuckle at with him in a satisfying smile over his mate as he looked over Carduus form, scooted a bit down from his Hare body and looked back at him with a wink. "Thanks for the message, my love. You do have great paws and a good heart. Vesper said as he reached down, grabbing both, giving a sweet kiss each then leaned down and kissed his chest where his heart would be. "Now it's my turn, my Valiant Snow Hare," Vesper said as started to lick his neck, chest, and belly fur dry and started cleaning him as well as he saw Carduus stomach wound and cleaned it as well. Though he did have a little fun with him as he tickled his belly sides, causing their to laugh uncontrollably, before starting to clean his legs, causing his mate to blush extremely at the moment.
Carduus flushed heavily as Vesper licked up his thighs and clean him. The hare was excited by his feelings to Vesper. He straightens up and Vesper finishes his cleaning activity. Carduus reaches for Vesper's paws and Hlessi cuddles closer to the rabbit. A cold, light gust of wind hits the two and they both tremble briefly. "Today was beautiful, my love, although it rained, the dance was indescribable and romantic. I would like to spend the day to an end with .. With a .." Carduus whispers shyly in Vespers ear .. "Lovemaking .. What are you saying?" Carduus asked sweetly, shy and licked the snout of the Hlessi.
Vesper blushed a lot now as he was extremely aroused by his mates' proposal of "lovemaking". He smiled at Carduus yet looked around himself and his injured hind leg, it had seemed to have gotten better though he decided to leave it on for reassurance. He had actually been expecting his mate to ask him of this, after all, he had noticed his mate aroused a few times today, then again he noticed it on to himself as well and would have probably asked later on when the time was right. He looked deeply into Carduus eyes, licked the snout of the Hare and said, "My love, I believe the correct term you could also use is 'Mating', dear. Nonetheless, I would like to end our day by doing that as well. ^^ You surely do know how to court your mate... Just Be Careful with me dear for obvious reasons." He declared as he motioned to his hind leg. "Carduus, I love you and to answer your question directly once more, I'm all for Lovemaking, though I have to warn you, I'm a devoted lover, as you'll see," Vesper said triumphantly with a sweet chuckle as he then took his amulet off his neck, tossed it nearby the nest and kissed him deeply, passionately, and lovingly as Vesper wrapped his arms around his back and neck and pressed his body onto Carduus.
After a while, when outside the rain only a little bit lessened, but it was still raining slightly, Vesper found himself next to the hare again. Strongly panting but both with a smile. "A wild lover, are you .. Definitely. But this I love on you." Carduus said with a satisfied and blushing tone. The hare cuddles on Vesper this time. Kissed the hlessi again on the mouth and licked him again relish his neck.
Vesper tiredly yet satisfyingly held his mate close to him and kissed his head multiple time as Carduus head was near his neck. "I love you so much, Carduus. You are my savior, literally. My Life Partner, my Mate, my Lover, my Treasure. An exceptional Hare." Vesper said as he cuddled his mate lovingly back and put a paw under Carduus chin, raising his face to look at him with his rare smile and they kissed once more with Vesper licking and rubbing his nose upon his mate once more.
Carduus finished the kiss but rubbed his nose against Vesper's. "I'm interested in whether it has stopped raining and whether the night will break soon. I am tired somehow. "
"Do mind checking, dear? It is good to know what time of day it is. Perhaps we can rest soon, my love. We sure had a long yet fulfilling day, a good rest would be essential for us indeed." Vesper said as he continued to rub noses against Carduus, holding one of his paws to his cheek and resting his head upon his with closed eyes and a loving smile across his face.
Carduus nodded. Goes down from Vesper and hoping to the entrance of his borrow. "It's still raining and slowly it went to dark, my dear." Carduus goes back to his love. But sketches him first out, with some acrobatic moves. He laying then next to Vesper and snuggle near to him. He staring at the earth roof of his borrow and starts to laugh. "Hah, I think Acacia is today a bit piss off, of this rainy day... But we have fun... What you think, how is a reaction if we are going back to the Watership down Warren? You know some see us, as we kissing us."
Vesper giggled ^^ "Yes, I do have to agree with you. I'm sure Acacia is just itching for the rain to go away, I actually hope it does not for a while at least, I happen to love this rain and I know you do too" Vesper said sly wink causing his mate to raise an eyebrow in amusement. Snuggling next his Hare, Vesper rested his head on Carduus shoulder next to him, wondering if the question involving the rabbits that witness there kiss. "I don't know for sure, but I assume those who did witness will tell the whole all warren what they saw, they may all feel differently about it. They may tolerate it and congratulate us, or they may despise us and treat us badly for it. Who knows but I believe we're already prepared what is to come, my love." Vesper said confidently as grabbed his paw and held it tightly, though he did not show at first, he was honestly scared of their true reactions. Anything could happen, even with so many of the rabbits of Watership down knowing them so well. There could be a chance that they could be killed, banished, hurt, etc, who knows. He was just hoping that whatever their reaction was, it was not something they could not handle. Vesper expression turned from calm to grim as he held his mates arm tightly and shifted closer to Carduus, "My love, I hope we are prepared, I hope we're not frowned upon by El-ahrairah or Frith or by the rabbits of our warren. I don't want to lose you. You're too precious of a Hare to lose." Vesper said as he then hugged tightly his mate, nuzzling deeply into his fur coat for a sign of reassurance. "If those damn rabbits or anyone tries to tear us apart from one another, they have another thing coming, my Snow Hare." Vesper said in a serious tone as he looked back to his mates face, both in seriousness, frightened, and in loving devotion. "I'm standing by your side as long as you'll allow me of course," Vesper said silently then as he looked down to the ground in sadness.
"Oh, I think that will come to be fine. If Hazel accepts that we both love each other, as he does Primrose, then that is a great value to our love. But yes, I think that a few rabbits have a problem with us, but I do not care. The problem then has the others. And when it gets bad and they want to banish us. We have a home here. But somehow I feel bad when it could happen. You have a home there, you have many friends and you are a guardian of the little kittens. I do not want you to lose them, sweetheart." Carduus looks a little stunned. But then look with confidence in Vespers eyes. That'll come to be fine. It just needs an explanation for all. We love each other because El-Ahrairah and Frith brought us together... That's why!"
Vesper sad expression into a relieved one as a smile slowly crept onto his face as Carduus confident declaration assured him a little that everything would be alright. Vesper leaned in and kissed his cheek then nuzzled him fondly as he leaned into his ear and said, "Thanks, dear. You were exceptional in your reasoning, though I'm sure there are a lot more reasons we love each besides El-ahrairah and Frith." Vesper said amusingly with a blush as he pulled away and blinked at him. He snuggled closely next to his mate as he enjoyed very much his presence. "Oh, here's something I was wondering my love. If we ever had a kitten or kittens, what would you like to name them? I have for one have thought of few names that may peak your interest, my love." Vesper said in a loving curiosity only Carduus was accustomed to seeing from Vesper.
Carduus shows a heartwarming face when he hears the question from Vesper, which name he would have for one or more kittens... "Ohh, I've never thought about it, sweety... Mhmm. A name for a lady I would have... Miira or Nuala I would have... And for a male name... Thistle or Wesley. Yes, let me hear. Maybe I remember something more.."
Vesper blushed heavily upon seeing heartwarming face upon him answering. Frith, he was indeed adorable buck. "My Love, I do think those are wonderful names for kittens, I especially enjoyed the doe names, Miira and Nuala and Thistle for a buck," Vesper said as he leaned in and nuzzled once more his mate fondly. "The names I had in mind for a doe was Serenity, Abilene, Rosemary, Rosetta, and Otulissa. For a male kitten though... perhaps Cyrus, Juniper...sorry for the lack of Buck names, I was mainly thinking of a does names. That'll probably hint to you the kittens or kitten I wish for though whatever frith has in store for us, I won't mind." Vesper said cheerfully in laughter as he then cuddled himself into his mate arms. "No matter what we go through in the future, as long as we are by each other side and true to one another, I'll be the happiest buck in the world," Vesper said sweetly as he nuzzled his head into his mate's warm chest.
"Oh, how sweet .. I really like your names. They are already so cute in my ears."
Carduus places his paw on Vesper's belly and kisses it gently on the mouth, down to his neck and gently strokes his belly down to his thighs. " I love you. Of course, I will fight with you even in difficult times. And I'm looking forward to our future, my beauty." Carduus yawns and lays his head in his nest while still caressing his belly. "Is probably a sign to go to sleep. Tomorrow we can really sleep out... I really wonder what the weather looks tomorrow…“
Vesper moaned and purred softly in satisfaction, pleasure, and relaxation upon his mates paws around him, caressing and relaxing him into snuggling and cuddling closer to the hare. Vesper Yawned as well as he looked to see his mate laying his tired head down in the nest and joined him by laying in front him laying his head next to Carduus with a blushing and loving smile. "I agree, dear. Today is a fuffilled day for the two of us, one I hope to never forget and experience more with you in the future." Vesper said as he put a paw into Carduus cheek, caressing his sleepy face as he leaned in and kissed his forehead with love. "Rest now, my love as long you like. I'll be here, keeping you warm and toasty. I'm sure the best way to find out the weather is after a good nights rest, so goodnight my loving snow hare. Have better dreams and a good rest. I love you Carduus'chen." Vesper said as shuffled himself and wrapped a paw around his mate, laying his body close to his mate as he laid sideways and close his eyes to with faint smile still on his face and went into a deep sleep next to the Hare he loved.
"Good night too, Vesper'chen. I wish you sweet dreams," said Carduus and closed his eyes and fell in sleep.
The two then rested peacefully, the two snuggled amongst one another for Warmth from the cold, and of their love. At some point in Midnight, however, Carduus started to fidget and move around a bit more than usual, he was having another nightmare. Vesper woke a little a noticed this and immediately started to rub a paw upon his chest, then to his shoulder while another was holding his head still and felt his paw around Carduus cheek and stroked his hair. Meanwhile, Vesper was singing his lullaby he sung to himself when he had his own nightmares, low enough not to wake Carduus by loud enough for him to hear. After a while, Carduus calmed down and his breathing became normal as he rested still once more, cheering his mate up as he then leaned in and kissed him lightly before closing his eyes and resting with his face close to Carduus with his nose almost touching the Hare as the two fell asleep till the morning.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIIII
Here's part five of our roleplay.Wertlosehoffnung. 
German Translations coming soon.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part III
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

An indescribable night is coming to an end. The two kissed when they showed their physical love.
Carduus released the kiss and said
"That was a breathtaking evening, my sweetheart."
Vesper agreed and kissed the hare further. Until the two were tired and fell asleep.
The next morning, the twittering of birds reminded Carduus of the Owsla training. He lay on his back. Vesper is lying on the body of the white buck, with his head in the chest of Carduus cuddled. The hare gently strokes Vesper's arms and shoulders and speak silence.
"Good Morning my beauty buck. We should get up.." Carduus gives a soft kiss on Vespers head.
Vesper, who had been sleeping peacefully from a night he surely would not wish to forget for it was remarkable, woke slowly as he fluttered his eyes to focus and noticed the kiss upon his forehead. He then put a paw to gain support down only to notice he was resting upon his Mate's chest. He looked to see Carduus fully awake and with a smile, as Vesper returned the smile with a blush as he remembered last night's Act of Love. "Good Morning to you too, my loving Hare. Looks like you slept well after... you know." Vesper said sweetly as he scooted up to Carduus face and  Nuzzled him Affectionately with a Love-written smile, before headbutting the Hare in relieving sigh, "Thank you, dear. You were Exceptional, miraculous even." Vesper said in a whisper of admiration for his mate. They locked their blue eyes toward one another, oh how they could become lost in each other's stare. Vesper then looked away a bit, a bit flustered as he used his ear to cover his blush "Carduus, I know I say this too much and I know I'll keep saying it a lot but I Love you, my Snow Hare. I really do." And with that, he looked back and kissed him as the two pulled each other up to deepen the kiss and after a while, they finished, breathing a bit from there intense kiss as they chuckled in satisfaction
Vesper then looked back at his mate and smiled warmly as he announced "Today's a big day for you, my Sweetie. Owsla Training." he said excitedly as he played with Carduus cheek, combing his hare and tickling his Long Ears with his paws. "Honestly I'm proud you're going to be Part-time Owsla, dear. I know you'll do well. Don't worry though for I believe in your success as a prominent member with Hazel, Bigwig and the rest of them. You're strong, dependable Hare, Love, and cunning as well. You single-handedly fought a Weasel, that takes a lot of things I know you of all Bucks have. Do exceptional and Try not to kick there asses too hard, dear. Alright?”  Vesper said amusingly with a small laughter.
"I'm careful that I do not hurt anyone. I will deal with them gently.
But I think we should go. Not that I leave a bad impression."
Both of them ate the berries they took yesterday as a branch and then went to Watership Down. Outside you could see on the horizon already the dawn, that seemed very romantic for the two.
As Frith rose to dawn, his golden rays of light enveloped the two, causing Carduus Coat to turn Golden White while Vesper turns to Golden Bronze. "My, my. You're one Handsome buck, particularly this morning, dear. You have a golden glow around you,  my Snow Hare." Vesper said as he snuggled next to his mate as they hopped to towards the Beech Tree of Watership down, where Bigwigs Owsla was prepping for training.
In a long way, both arrive at the meet place of the owsla training. But hide behind and tree. Bigwig and the other rabbits are not here yet, but that gives the chance that Carduus hold his beautiful mate in his arms and rub his nose on Vesper's.
"And what you doing today, my sweetie?
Watching for the little rabbits?"
Vesper smiled warmly as his loving Hare took him behind the tree and held him in his arms as the two rubbed each other noses. "Oh, I plan to join the Junior Owsla today. Apparently, they are also training a bit and I'm joining Blackberry (Female) in watching them, though I hear Primrose will be joining you guys with your training along with her mate so keep an eye on her. I'm sure I can help train the Junior Owsla better than you." Vesper said with a wink. "They'll learn from the best, I can assure you that."  Then I'll probably watch the rest of the kittens, dear. Especially the little ones. Oh how adorable they are, precious kittens indeed." Vesper said Happily.
"Ohh, that sounds cute, Training the little junior owsla, aww so cute"
Carduus say that with a funnier high voice, and tickle his mate on his side of the belly. But stop with it suddenly as Carduus look up and watch that a couple of rabbits hopping down the hill.
"Oh, it looks so they coming."
Carduus gives a last kiss on Vesper's mouth.
Vesper laughed at Carduus high Voice, like that of a kitten and he chirped up when he was tickled on the side. Yet Carduus saw that the Owsla were coming and with one last kiss :heart: the two departed as Vesper called out to his mate "Good Luck, Carduus. Knock em' dead, not literally though. Ciao!" as Carduus going off to meet Hazel, Bigwig and the rest of the Owsla while Vesper went towards the entrance of Watership down and before he went inside, he turned back to see that his mate was talking with the Owsla leaders and could barely make out what they said. He smiled, said a prayer for him to El-Ahrairah and Frith before heading into the elaborate burrow.
Carduus introduced himself to the rest of the rabbits, they are new faces to him.
Some are confused that is now a bigger hare in their owsla and some are very excited about Carduus.
They started with regular fights, more for training and warm-ups. Bigwig shows some moves with Carduus to the Group.
Then are harder fights. Carduus is always the dominant one to the others. But two or three is a bit harder to defend for Carduus, but at least he has won against anyone.
Meanwhile, Vesper was in the Warren as he entered the Honeycomb where he finds Spartina, Bigwig's mate was currently rounding up the Junior Owsla with Blackberry. When Vesper approached them, he greeted them respectfully with a smile and help Pipkin get the kittens together. Spartina and Blackberry that they were planning to join Primrose and the Owsla today and Vesper said it would not be an issue for he would watch these kittens. Satisfied, they said their goodbyes to the kittens and departed. Then Vilthuril came to collect her kittens, even though they had complained, they reluctantly followed their mother back to their burrow possibly.  With that, all who were left was Pipkin along with Hazel's and Primroses Kittens, Snowdrop, Gilia, and Mallow. Vesper followed the four outside to a little area near the tree where, Pipkin had his Owsla along with himself training by dodging a bolder, fitting under a tree, and play fighting. After a long while, the Sun was now in the top of the sky and Pipkin allowed his Junior Owsla to rest, which allowed Vesper to check every kitten's condition, in which he found most were indeed alright, even with Snowdrop extremely tired yet still ready for more. Vesper boosted her morale a bit as he got them fresh flayrah to refresh themselves. And once finished, they simultaneously tackled him completing there Junior Owsla training for the day.
It was a long day for Carduus but he was exciting and new for the young Buck. The battles with the other Owsla members were somehow too easy for the hare. But as feedback from the others, the hare got a positive enthusiasm. For the tips and tricks, he passed on to the rabbits.
The Owsla went back into their Warren and talked with a good mood in the group, so the training is over for today.
Carduus sought his mate but did not find him.
He, therefore, decided to rest in front of the beech tree and take a nap.
Vesper escorted the kittens back to their burrows, making sure they would be alright before heading off to eat flayrah. Vesper passed by many rabbits, including Fiver, who he spoke with for a few minutes before entering the Honeycomb to find the Owsla was talking of their day of Owsla training. Upon approaching, Dandelion called out to Vesper, "Hey, your friend was giving us a Heck of fight. None of us could beat him, even Captain Bigwig. Now that's what We call a "Resilient Hare". "Vesper smiled and thanked him for the compliment to his "Friend" and asked where he could find Carduus and Hawkbit answered that he last saw him heading outside and upon thanking him, Vesper headed out of the Warren. He looked around and accidentally hopped onto Carduus stomach, causing himself to fall over the Hare.
Carduus slept deeply and dreamed of a beautiful day at the orchard, with his mate Vesper. When suddenly an apple fell off the tree and hit him on the stomach. It tore the hare out of sleep and he was startled as he opened his eyes.
"Ahhhhhahaha.," he screamed a bit that turned to a tickling laughing. "Ohh that's you. Jess, you have startled me." say the hare and sees a smiling face on Vesper, who is laying on the belly of the hare.
Vesper, seeing how he accidentally awoke yet found his mate, was now currently laying on the Hare belly, yet was happy to see him. He stood and laid next to the Hare and held his paw between them, to conceal it as well. "It's great that I found you dear. Just finished with the kittens, you should have seen how happy they were and the fun we had though Pipkin made sure they had their discipline. Also saw Spartina today, she's alright it seems. Tell me about your day dear, how was your time with the Owsla?" Vesper asked as he snuggled close to his now awake mate.
"The day of the owsla training was nice and interesting. And you see No one is injured or dead because of me," said Carduus amusing. "Kinda was boring that I won anytime...
Aww, that's nice to hear that, that the little ones have fun by you.
Have I this ever told you... You would be a great and wonderful father. The way how you doing with the kittens is very careful.
Do you ever wish to have children of your own?? Something says me that.." smiled Carduus warm and put his paw on the chest of Vesper where is his heart.

Vesper blushed upon hearing this from his mate and with his warm smile along with his paw on his chest, he had to think it over for a bit. Vesper did often enjoy being and caring for the kittens, he often saw the wonderful parents in most of them and wanted to make sure they were loved and cared for as much as possible. And oftentimes, he received comments of how great a father he would be. He often smiled and thanked them for their kindness yet inside, he was scared and unsure. He knew there would be a big difference of a kitten of his own, that's for sure, he was scared of his inability to do a good job, even with his experience. Yet with the experience, he still had a small bit of excitement at the thought. Vesper's own kitten and with Carduus, he would not have to be alone and the rabbits of Watership down would be there too. Vesper then gripped Carduus paw and held it tightly over his chest as he looked at him and leaned in and nuzzle him fondly before speaking, "You often tell me that, dear. And it's very kind of you to do so. To answer your question, there is a time in the future where having a kitten of my own would not be a bad idea, though I honestly would rather adopt and care for one that is in real need of caring. And with you here, I think you make a good father too, you're right that in my heart, it does say that I want my own kitten. We'll see what El-ahrairah has in store for us, dear... What do you think, dear?" Vesper asked his mate, quite curious of his view on having a kitten of his own.
"Of course I want to be a loving father for a little fellow or fellows, some days. Not in hurry now, but in the near future... And yeah, I am wondering too what gives El Ahrairah for us." Carduus gives a soft smile and caresses the paw of Vesper.
"I am hungry, I go watch if it haves a carrot in the Warren. Are you coming too?”
"No, thank you, dear. You go on ahead, I'll be resting here for a bit, might close my eyes to sleep as well. Bring me back something sweet and rare, dear."  Vesper said as he let go Carduus paw and Kissed his forehead for a moment and after his fond nuzzle towards his loving buck, he curled up next to the tree and closed his eyes as his Mate stood up and said his goodbyes before going into the warren to see if there was a carrot.(edited)
As Vesper closed his eyes to rest and before he fell asleep, he thought how the two would be if they had a kitten of their own, oh the thought of it made him smile at the prospects before his breathing became calmer, indicating to his Hare that he was asleep.
Carduus is going into the Warren and find a fresh carrot and nibbling on it. He meets Bigwig again and discusses of the owsla training today... "So now you get something for your belly, huh? After this strong day." Carduus nodded with his head and smiled. And Bigwig continued... "I think about of your ability to fight. You are very strong, self for me.
It gives the other Warren, not much in a long way from here, there are all very strong rabbits in their owsla. I think there will be a good and better place for training and learn much too, to fight.
If you interested to want to be stronger.
Efrafa calls this Warren and the chief rabbit is now Campion. I will go with Hazel and Fiver to visit these guys. Can you come with us too? If you want to join us, we go tomorrow after the morning flayrah?!"
Carduus seems interesting to go with them. A training with stronger rabbits would be a great help, to be learning more.
"Sounds possible for me, Captain Bigwig.  I think I come too!", he nodded with the head, to say yes and Bigwig takes a carrot to and goes another direction.
The white hare takes his half-eaten carrot and goes outside.
He lay down the carrot and snuggle near to his buck and rubs his head on Vespers.
Vesper stirred a bit from Carduus head rubbing and woke to see his buck looking back at him with a smile. The Hlessi, smiled warmly and lean to nuzzle him but before he was going to,  he saw the half-eaten carrot nearby and snatched it with his mouth and ate it. Delicious, he thought. He then turned to Carduus to see the Hare chuckle and Vesper decided to surprise him. "Look out Carduus, behind you!"Vesper said all of a sudden, alarming the Hare to stand up and look around frantically but before he told Vesper of his confusion, the Rabbit tackled him to his side, causing them to roll down the hill a bit before, Vesper stood over the Hare triumphantly, pinning his arms down. "2nd Rule of Owsla, Expect the Unexpected, dear," Vesper said with a short laugh. "Looks like I've got you, something Owsla could not do."^^ Vesper cheered!
"I only begrudge you the success, my cutie!" says Carduus relaxed under his mate and rubbing his nose on Vesper's without to do anything against his attack.
"Hey, I have something to say to you.."
"Bigwig is hopping before in my way... He told me to join tomorrow with him, Hazel-Rah and Fiver to visit a Warren that called 'Efrafa'. I should visit the owsla of this Warren, that I can learn from them, eventually...
Do you know something of this Warren?"
Vesper blushingly rub noses back to Carduus, it always made his heart flutter and put a smile to his face and his thanks to him in gratitude for it. At the mention of the word of Efrafa, a famiarility connected in Vespers thought and he immediately agrees he had. "I am familiar with the Warren, dear.  I had visited it with Blackberry when she went to go see Campion, I think he's the Chief Rabbit. He's a good rabbit, we bonded well, the Warren is still recovering the last I was there so I'm hoping it's better now." Vesper then paused a noted that Carduus had agreed to go with them... "Would you like for me to come along, dear? I promise I won't be too much of a bother, I'm just curious on how Efrafa is now... and since it would be an adventure, perhaps it'll be fun for us. I promise to support you with your Owsla training, my Snow Hare." Vesper said as he then laid onto Carduus chest looking down at him and put his paws in Carduus chest to support himself, which he found to be cozy with the Hare's white fur coat against his own rustic brown fur.
Vesper smiled back to hear that he come along as he then pondered on the Carduus question on what to do this evening. Honestly, not much was planned for the evening, the kittens were going to be taken care of by their parents or Dandelion and Hawkbit, the Owsla clearly was tired after training with Carduus and there was plenty of food at the moment already so he did not know what they could do. There was also the option to relax through the two were in a compromising position where they could be spotted so they probably have to go elsewhere. Vesper in his state of thought did not notice how he was starting to hum to himself, a nice little tune then starting singing a bit and Carduus was confused a bit. When Vesper did notice the bewildered buck below him, he stopped and smiled as he then stood up and helped his mate up. "You know, there's this performance Humans do, they move their bodies to the sweetest sounds or catchiest beats they create called music, they put words into their expressions as well. My Humans showed me a few..."Vesper then paused and then extended a Paw, "Would you like for me to show you what I mean... a dance they call it?"
"A dance? Never heard of it. But I am interested what's that is.."
Vesper smiled shyly a bit as he grabbed Carduus paws and for the next several minutes, Vesper taught him a dance his Human did with him and his mother before the flood. It was hard, especially for the Hare as kept accidentally stepping on the rabbits foots but eventually the two developed a rhythm as Vesper sang something quietly between the two of them, a song he often enjoyed and sang till his heart was content and at the end of their dance, Vesper laughed a bit as he rested his head on the head of his mate after letting go and completing a twirl.
Vesper showing the white buck some dance steps. Many times standing Carduus on Vespers feet, but it gives any time something for laughing. After a little act of dancing, Vesper lay his head on Carduus chest. "I think if I would be a better dance partner for you, it would looking more elegant. This is an amazing talent you have, darling! Never thought that we could do this.
Come we try again. I try to give my best, to not stand you on your feet.
It makes fun Btw.."
Carduus try with Vesper again and more and more they look more elegant with the steps.
Vesper had a smile that would not leave his face, there dancing was improving, as Carduus was taking into the Rhythm and Vesper continued to sing, not really caring who heard, all that mattered was the tall rabbit in front of him. They practiced more and more and it got to the point where Vesper let go of Carduus and did his own dance, tap here, tap there, twirl with a leap as he sang with a loving smile to Carduus. With his charm glowing, he shined and glowed blue from his eyes as well, he was enjoying himself, especially with someone he loved.
Carduus is watching the dance activity of his mate and see he enjoyed it very much.
The last move of Vesper he taps near to Carduus and then falling into the arms of the white buck, like the last part of a Tango. In this way, they come near to the noses. Vesper breathing extremely and Carduus comes near with his mouth to kiss the rabbits. But they hear a clapping of some paws. Carduus watching up and looking to the side. There friend Acacia applause with his paws and smiled. The hare pulls his mate up, to stand on his hind legs. "Is this a new technique for the owsla training? Or is this something to confuse the elils?"
Vesper stood on hind legs, straighten up and blushing extremely. There friend Acacia was there but he seemed to be curious about what they were doing as he approached the two. "Hallo, Acacia. You seem to have caught us in our secret technique to confuse elil."Vesper improvised. "You see, after the Weasel, we figured that the best way to defeat and elil is to confuse it to the point of bewilderment and with once accomplish, we ambush it," Vesper said as he danced a bit around Acacia. "See, confusing," Vesper said as chuckled nervously, looking at his mate for help.
The hare sees the trick of Vesper. Take a big jump and nail down Acacia on the ground. "the one confusing the enemy and then the other attacks. That's work, you see!.." Carduus rolling next to his friend and let him sit up.
Vesper hopped over to Carduus and helped him up as he whispered into his ear "Thank you, Love.". ^^ They then stood in front of Acacia, who seem to be taking all this positively as he stood up with a chuckle. "I  see how it works now. Well then, good luck with your... distraction technique. It was good seeing you too, by now."Acacia said with a wink as he hopped away from the two. By now it was night time and Vesper squealed excitingly as he jumped in the air. "That was Awesome, dear. The way improved and took over our dance with your own, and the moment you held me after I fell, epic indeed. And even with the surprise from Acacia, we Improvervised!! I'm so proud of you. By Frith, this feels wonderful. Carduus, Te Amo Mucho! Once and forevermore!" Vesper proudly declared a bit out load as he hopped around Carduus happily.
The hare catches up his mate who hopping around him, with rubbing his head on the rabbit. "I love you too, darling!
You are a fantastic dance expert. I feel that you very much enjoy doing this, don't you?"
Carduus smiled softly. Watch around to clarify that none is here and give a kiss on his Cheeks.
"I think we should say to Bigwig or Hazel-rah, that you come with us too, to Efrafa.
And would not bad for sleeping soon.
And hey, I ask then if we can tomorrow after the visit goes to my borrow again and take us the next day for us. What you say?"
"Yes, I think we should inform those two of me joining you guys. I think they are still awake in the Honeycomb perhaps, then we can rest in my burrow soon, dear. After today, Cuddling and Snuggling in your Arms would be the most enjoyable way to end this lovely day.^^ Don't you think so?" Vesper said warmly as he checked to see that they were alone and he kissed his forehead and rested his head on him before continuing on, "I think that's a swell, an idea also to go home as well with you. Be with you alone..." Vesper said as he blushed a bit more, understand what Carduus meant as then played with his mate's cheeks with his paws.
"Yeah, I think the long way to Efrafa would be hard for us. I think a good rest is important."
Carduus cuddle his mate again and hopping then into the honeycomb. Hazel-Rah is still awake and Carduus together with Vesper next to him told the chief rabbit that the Hlessi come tomorrow too and that the two are leaving the group after the visit. Hazel nodded yes and wish a good night. Carduus and Vesper wishing that too and hopping to the borrow of Vesper.
Once there, Vesper and Carduus entered the burrow and the two snuggled and cuddled a bit together, enjoying each other's presence and their tenderness as the two nuzzled a bit before Vesper looked at him with a loving smile. "By the way, were you going to kiss me before Acacia interrupted us?" Vesper said sly.
"Ohh hmm, yeeesss. He has stopped me by this.." Carduus use his paw to hold soft the cheek of Vesper and kissed him on his mouth.
Vesper willingly kissed back and the two embraced each other for a while as it had deepened when Vesper pulled himself closer to his mate and held him tightly. It got to the point where the two had to stop to catch their breaths and they aroused themselves a bit too much as the two blushed with and chuckled. "Looks like we got a bit carried away, dear. Though you seem to have enjoyed, so I'll consider it a victory. ^^ You're honestly cute when you blush dear." Vesper said lovingly as he held his mates face with his paw and caress him tenderly. "Would you like to rest now?" Vesper asked shyly though with a smile to his mate.
Carduus nodded yes. "Sleep well darling! I love you." Carduus rolling to the side and lay his arms around Vesper and hold him warm. Snuggle his body near to his mate and gives a kiss on his Cheek.
Vesper snuggled next to his mate as he was then kissed on his cheek by his mate. "Rest well, my Snow Hare. I love you too." Vesper said as he returned the cheek kiss with his own and fell into a deep asleep, putting his ears beside his head and cuddling close to his mate, putting his back on Carduus fur belly and chest, making him feel safe and secure in his arms.
It was morning upon Watership down as Frith rose steadily from the east. Within the Warren, the rabbits were waking, Hazel waking to see his mate and his kittens still asleep and kissing each one them goodbye before departing to the Captain of Owsla waiting outside his burrow for him and once joining him, they went to wake up Fiver from another. Meanwhile, Vesper had already awakened and turned to his mate, who was still sleeping soundly and allowed him to sleep a bit more as he cuddled him and caressed his head, ears, shoulders and his main body to make him feel relaxed before their journey. "My loving Snow Hare, time to wake up, dear. Come on, dear. It's morning already... perhaps those three are already waiting for us." Vesper said as he rubbed Carduus nose and whispered close to his exposing ear.
It was a sweet awake from the Hare's deep sleep, as he felt the paw over his body. He laying on his back smiled and opened his eyes then Yawning extremely. The hare gets up and scratches his whole body out. "Good morning, darling. Are you sleeping well?. I think good, you look fantastic!!"
Carduus gives a compliment to his mate and started rubbing his nose with Vesper.
Vesper giggled with Carduus Extreme! Yawning. "Yes, indeed. I slept well and Soundly, my love. I'm glad you slept well also, good to have you up and ready to be running." Vesper blushed when he was complimented and rubbed his nose back to Carduus, "Awww. You are sweet, dear. Sweeter than fresh flayrah. Glad I kept my fur coat clean by the way. ^^ Thank you and you look Handsome as ever my Snow hare." Vesper said as he adjusted the hair out of Carduus eyes, who were looking upon him with an adoring smile. Vesper then held his paw as he stood up and himself stretched with a yawn and saw his Hare chuckling, "See, I'm tired a bit too. Have I told you that you're exceptional, dear? You really are... that's what I love about you." Vesper said as he leaned closer to his mate.
Carduus takes his arms around Vesper, as he leaned near to him and licks his head fur. "Well, we should get outside. I am sure someone is waiting for us..", said the hare and both moving in a direction outside. Greetings the few rabbits are coming in there way. (edit
Hazel and Fiver, the two brothers, are nibbling on some grass. The mates arrive at the two rabbits, wished themselves a good morning and eating some grass too. "Hmm. where is Bigwig? I told with him before and he says he would come soon... Fiver, look fast, who he is!" Fiver goes into the borrow and searches his fellow.
Meanwhile, the two Mates ate fresh clover growing nearby and Vesper snuggled a bit next to Carduus but then noticed Hazel was observing them, their behavior specifically, but when the chief noticed Vesper gaze, he immediately continued eating. Vesper looked to see Carduus that he saw it too, just then, Fiver returned with Bigwig.
Carduus see the look from Hazel to Vesper, as he wants to snuggle him.
"I think we should now be normal for the moment. Like friends you know.. .", the hare whisper to the ear of his mate... "Think about the evening when we were alone... We can snuggle and kiss all night long."
Carduus pokes his mate at his arm with his elbow and smiling with a wink.
"Oh, I am so sorry for my late. My mate Spartina is on the way to born our first litter. But was a false alarm.", says Bigwig with a proud voice, as he joined to the three with Fiver.
"By Frith, coming this so near now. It feels for me you told us this news if it is like yesterday," comment Hazel to his fellow... "So are we can go? Vesper, Carduus, Fiver ready?"
the three are nodded yes and the five are hopping down the hill.
Vesper blushed but nodded approvingly in agreement with needing to keep hidden they're the very nature of their relationship and tone it down to friends at the moment with the three rabbits. After Bigwig had arrived with his Mate's false alarm, the rabbits made their journey away from Watership down and into the pastures, crossing dirt roads, an actual road, over a rock wall, and into the forest. Meanwhile, Vesper spoke occasionally with both Fiver and Bigwig of various matters such as Bigwigs expecting kittens, Visions, Efrafa, etc. while Hazel and Carduus listen in and pitch in to make a comment here and there. After a while, they found their way to a stone bridge that was partially damaged and over the River Test. Hazel announced that they should rest here before the bridge, and they did so with Bigwig scouting for Elil, Fiver checking with his Big Brother, Vesper inspecting the broken patch of the Bridge, and Carduus resting and occasionally eating any flayrah nearby. Vesper then noticed from the bridge, Kehaar above and signaled him, and the two spoke eagerly at the bridge.
Carduus is sitting in the grass and nibble on some flayrah. Watching out for enemies in the sky and the area around.
The seagull Kehaar is landing next to his mate and they start to talk.
The three rabbits are coming back from checking out of elils and joining to Vesper and Kehaar. Carduus see that and follows there again.
The three rabbits including Vesper mate join the Hlessi with Kehaar to see that they were discussing of the Seagull's journey around with his mate, with Kehaar telling them remarkable stories of the cities where Humans would live in, etc. Hazel and Bigwig asked what he was doing here, a replied that earlier he caught something with his eye and was investigating it before Vesper caught his attention. Before Fiver could inquire what it was, a fish leaped from the river below and Kehaar immediately made his way to get it for a delicious lunch as they leaned to see the Seagull in action as he dove into the river. Vesper hopped to the upper side ledge next to the damaged part of the bridge as the four rabbits peak to see the Seagull successful in catching his fish. "Bigwig, what do you think Kehaar saw?" Hazel inquired of his Captain of Owsla, "I don't know but it had to have been noticeable to catch his attention, I think we should be on our way soon." Bigwig suggested.  "I agree, it could be Elil he saw, perhaps..." Fiver said ominously as Carduus listen to the three intently.
Elsewhere nearby, an elderly fellow in dark old clothing, loaded his intricate rifle and aimed his sights at the bridge. Rabbits were indeed on his menu for a nice catch of hunting. He aimed behind a bush to a certain Rusty brown rabbit completely exposed as he stood on the side of the bridge and upon looking closer, he saw something of value, his charm.  Vesper, who had cheered his friend into getting his meal, looked at Carduus to his mate concerned look as he listened to the rabbits next to him. "Carduus, you alright, there bud?" Vesper said inquisitively, "Oh, Fiver was mentioning that the.." BANG a loud crackle interrupted the Hare, causing the rabbits to duck and Kehaar immediately flying away in panic. SPLASH Was the sound Carduus heard before peaking to see his mate not there, small blood patch in his place as he looked to the river test to see it faintly turn to red in one spot as he realized, his Mate had been shot.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part III
Here's part three of our roleplay. I had accidently posted the fourth unknowingly yet thanks to my Snow Hare, Wertlosehoffnung , I was notified and did my best to correct this error. We hope you enjoy.
German Translations coming soon.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIII
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

With this loud bang, Carduus feeling goes cold at his back and his heart is running "FAST, OFF HERE!" Called Hazel and the three rabbits ran away. Only Carduus hesitated and looked up. "VESPER ??!"
"CARDUUS, OFF THE BRIDGE !!" Called Hazel at the end of the bridge. Carduus started jumping to the three rabbits hiding behind the bridge wall.
"WTF is happening??!" Carduus asked, confused and anxious. Look out from behind the wall with Bigwig. The dark-clad man with a shotgun in his hand is meanwhile on the bridge looking into the river and around him. He just shakes his head, disappoints and goes back on. "It's a man with a thunder stick. It kills rabbits." Start explaining to Fiver in a very timid voice. "The black rabbit has now brought Vesper." Supplemented Fiver. The man has disappeared into the forest again and Carduus runs back again. Jump onto the wall of the bridge where Vesper was initially. Carduus stares at the river. And yet he recognizes something dark in the water, a rabbit body. "This is Vesper!!" Cried Carduus and jumped into the river. The current was strong under the water, but Carduus grabbed Vesper with his paw. He grabbed his arm around Vesper's body and pulled him toward the water surface. Carduus gasped and moved with Vesper to a bank of the river. It drove down the two rivers. Carduus pulled his mate out of the water and put his body on a side position. The hare noticed the hind leg of Vesper bleeding very much.
Carduus lays his paw on the hlessi's chest. 'Is he really dead? Is he now with the black rabbit?' The thoughts make Carduus start to tear his eyes. "Vesper, please do not leave me!!" But Carduus noticed by his paw Vespers heart still beat. The hare shakes his partner's body and pounds him on his back. "Come on Vesper wake up! Wake up, my darling!!" Carduus said as he hoped he would get a sign of life from him.
Vesper, when he had been shot, was hit with a Shotgun wound but not your regular pellets as it was a single shot bullet. It had dug partially to the side of Vesper Hind leg but was still a really bad wound for it caused an injured bullet path mark on the left side of his hind leg from back to front. Once he was hit, the force caused him to lose his and fall immediately into the river. At that point, Vesper fell unconscious from the shock of the extreme and sudden pain he felt. After a while, it took moments for Vesper to wake suddenly, coughing out water and gasping for air as he believed heavily and rapidly as he was in deep pain and bit the ground below him to endure. To Vesper, it was hell. He started to cry of his Pain and didn't notice his mate next to him until the Hare shook him again. He tried to get up, but an immediate stinging pain caused him to yelp in pain and he laid on the blood stain grass, panting quietly as he tried to control his breathing. Meanwhile, the Chief, the Captain and the Seer made their way to the two rabbits.
"By Frith is he alive?" Asked Hazel in deep concern for Vesper and see his bleeding wound. Kehaar is landing next to the rabbits too. "Ohh no is this little fellow Okay?" ask the seagull. "I think yes, he is breathing. Come on Vesper, open your eyes and say something!!... Hazel, Bigwig, search for something to stop the bleeding, leaves and long grass!!", command the hare the two, "Fiver, can you carry Vesper a bit and try to calm him down if he awake.." Fiver hopping around the two and sitting in front of Vespers head and caresses his head, while Carduus is clean his wound...
As the Carduus cleaned his wounds, Hazel and Bigwig brought a sufficient amount of leaves with long grass and gave it to the Hare to apply to his wound. Meanwhile, Fiver was holding the hurt rabbits head, caressing him as he attempted to wake him. After a while, Vesper finally open his tear stained eyes to see the four rabbits around, but it was a blur.  "I'm ... not dead yet..."Vesper said before he was cut off by a new wave of pain and closed his eyes because of it.
Of the leaves and grass made Carduus like a bandage around his hind leg. The bleeding is stopped a bit before of his cleaning with his tongue. "You don't die today. It disappears only some hair and some fleas, my dar.. buddy!" says Carduus and try to calm down Vesper with some thumping with his paw on the belly of his mate. "I think we should go back home. This Efrafa can wait for me now. Or without you want really make a visit?", asking Carduus the three rabbits. "Yeah, I think it would be the best, to move home!", says Hazel with a respectful voice, "Kehaar can you fly to Efrafa with greetings, we are doesn't visit today, maybe tomorrow, near we had lost an awesome rabbit!", says Hazel and looking to his injured fellow. Carduus stands up and picks up his mate on his Back. The three rabbits helped a bit to make it for Vesper a bit comfortable on the hares back.
Vesper smiled a bit as he rested upon the hare, though he was still in a lot of pain. He would have to remind them it would be best to put in a new bandage every once a while to make sure he did not get an infection. "I'm not that awesome, Hazel... Thanks though, thank you all, You've been exceptional in my time of need..... I'm sorry I ruined your trip to Efrafa. When we get back, you go on to the far warren without me, please... Hazel-Rah, we're the same, kinda. Both shot in the Hind leg, except, I don't know if I'll live to use this bad leg of mine now." Vesper said sadly as he adjusted himself on his mate's back. The rabbits started their slow journey back to the Warren, meanwhile, they were keeping up a conversation to keep Vesper awake fearing he might not wake if he goes to sleep. Vesper did not mind for he was really afraid, no matter the confident demeanor he put towards his friends. As they continued, Vesper would Nuzzle his mate fur back, providing the tiny of comfort that helps eliminate his pulsing, throbbing pain; and even with the three rabbits observing, they didn't question it.
Meanwhile, the five are back on the hill of Warren and are in the honeycomb. "I'll send Blackberry over, she's a good healer for such cases. Vesper, that will be better again!", says Hazel and put his paw on Vespers shoulder. Carduus carried his mate into Vesper's borrow and lay on his stomach so Vesper gently dropped into his hay. Carduus look has been much depressed and sadder since the incident. But he snuggles closer to Vesper, puts his paw on the chest of Hlessi and softly strokes his forehead with the other. To distract him from his pain. Blackberry comes into the borrow of Vesper and reopens the leaves jumble that is supposed to be a bandage. "Huch, that's deep. I hope that healed without infection... I'll get some more leaves ... Carduus you can clean the wound again, I'll be right back." Said Blackberry with a concerned voice and going out and Carduus licking the wound again.
The bodily reaction of cleaning his wound was almost instantaneous as Vesper breathed sharply and turned his head to where Carduus was. He had been taken care of by his friends and his mate, he didn't felt embarrassed, more of a shame, perhaps he should not have stood so exposed on the bridge. He was really thinking deeply of what happened and what could have happened. He could have been killed right then and there, but he wasn't. Still, the possibility was there and to Vesper, it was all the more to be shameful of. He was saddened with pain as he looked to see his mate cleaning his mouth, noticing the usually white fur around his mouth was now red from his own blood. "Carduus... Thank you again for your help, dear. You honestly don't know how lucky I am to have you, I'm extremely lucky... I'm sorry, dear. I'm sorry for giving myself an easy target for the hunter. It was stupid of me. Carduus, look, I'm hoping that you all could for... Oh no..." Vesper said as he looked towards his mates, feeling defeated and saw Carduus with sadder expression than his own. Upon seeing that, his heart shattered, the pain of his own deep pain was hurting his mate more than himself. And to that, Vesper felt completely ashamed as he used his ears to cover his and a sob started from the Hlessi as he repeated quietly more and more "I'm Sorry." as used his paws to help cover his face. Vesper felt terrible. He now perceived that there was no room for forgiveness, he has putten his Mate and his friends in an awful situation. 'For shame' he said to himself in his thoughts as he quietly continued to sob from both his pain and his mistake.
Carduus cleaned his partner's wound and thought of the scenarios that could have happened. This made him a sadder face. Meanwhile, Vesper deeply apologized in his own way and blamed himself. But as his voice started shaking and sobbing, Carduus head turned to him. He hugged Vesper, holding him in his arms and saying reassuringly: „It's not your fault at all, you hear. That damn hunter could have hit anyone of us. I'm just glad your injury is not more worse, the hunter could have killed you as well .." Carduus stopped as he too sobbed.
"I know, dear. And if he would, that would have been the worse." Vesper said as hugged his Mate back and when they pulled apart a little, Vesper whipped away his tears and Rub Carduus nose. "Look, I'm still here, dear. I think that's got to count for something, my Snow Hare. Thanks for your support...You're the best Buck any mate could ever ask for, dear." Vesper said as he blushed, leaning to Carduus and hesitantly wanting to kiss him, "Do you mind if I kiss you, love? Before Blackberry arrives", Vesper asked cautiously as he put a paw on the Hare's cheek.
"My mouth is full with your blood, you really want to kiss me, with that? But Btw you don't just ask for that, darling!!"
"Well, I know that dear. It's just nice to ask of you, dear.^^" Vesper said with a chuckle as he patted the Hare's Chest before looking back at with a smile. "As for kissing you, I don't mind, I think, I mean it's my blood, dear. Though, if you're still a concern.." Vesper then leans in to kiss his forehead instead and nuzzled him lovingly. "There, Happy now?" Vesper said sarcastically as he used both paws to play with his mate's cheeks. "Or can I still kiss you?" Vesper said with a chuckle. But before he could answer, he gave him an unexpected tickle, causing the laugh uncontrollably, though he stopped quickly as he held the Hare. "I love you, My Snow Hare," Vesper said as he rubs noses with him.
Carduus smiled softly and said in a silent voice... "Kiss me, my beauty.." rubbing his nose in Vespers.
"As you wish, my love..." Vesper said with a big smile before leaning in kissing his mate in his mouth. They kissed for a while with the two cuddling each other in their arms as they deepening the kiss with Vesper arms around his mate's neck and Carduus around the rabbit's body. Even with the slightly bitter taste of his own blood that Carduus cleaned from him, he did not mind as he then fondled his Buck a bit, causing the Hare to blush. Vesper giggled as they pulled, "Flustered and Aroused already.^^ You really are in love with me." Vesper said with a laugh before kissing his mate once more.
Carduus enjoys the kiss with Vesper very much. In Carduus mind, ideas spread that Vesper could have been dead. This intensifies the kiss for him of course. "You are my one and all, my angel. I love you more than you can imagine and I could not imagine it all without you. You know, the thoughts that you had not breathed when I pulled you out of the river, are always playing out to me. It would have broken a world for me. That's why I'm in such a depressed mood. I'm just glad that I can hug and kiss you." Carduus kisses the buck again. He heard someone approaching, released the kiss and sat down again before Vesper. Blackberry brought fresh leaves again and tied, now a more elegant bandage.
With Blackberry completing creating a more sufficient bandage for now at least before they would have to replace it so that it would not cause an infection, she with the help of Carduus placed the bandage over Vesper wounded Hind leg and Fiver, who had arrived shortly after Blackberry helped calm Vesper a bit as they proceeded with this operation. "I'm sure you had to do the same with your brother when he got shot I suppose, dear. So knowing you have experience, I'm reassured," he said with a pain-ridden laugh as he rests his head on the paws of his dear friend. After the delicate operation, they were successful in covering up most of his severe injuries.
Carduus thanked Blackberry as they both smiled and looked over Vesper laying in his burrow and at the moment, Hazel and Bigwig arrived and entered and inspected there injured rabbit. "Nice to see the leaders have joined us," Vesper said in an amusing tone as he saluted them both. In admiration for the comment, the two saluted back at the injured buck below before talking with Blackberry, Fiver, and Carduus of the recovery. "I believe that Vesper now has to rest for a bit and try not to move to severely as to hurt himself again" Hazel inquired. "Yes, he does indeed and I would recommend he eat certain herbs to heal much for effectively. Carduus already know of these herbs, they grow close to his burrow surprisingly so that is very convenient indeed." Blackberry commented as Carduus gave a nod of agreement. "Will he be immobile for long?" Fiver questioned in concern for the Hlessi and Vesper ears perked in curiosity. "I don't think so Fiver. I've seen my fair share of injuries such as his though he so far is the worse case I've seen recently with a wound like that. Perhaps in a week or two, this old chap here will be up and running around with the kittens. Hopefully in time to see me and mates litter." Bigwig said kindly with a positive tone as Vesper smiled at the Captain and chirped up in saying, "I'm counting on it, Thlayli. Soon or later, at least. By El-ahrairah luck and Frith's will, I hope." in a warmer mood than before.
"Spoken like someone who will recover soon. I admire your outlook, my dear friend. Come along now everyone, I'm sure Vesper here has a long day, Frith nows I have. Let's let him rest at least as to start his slow recovery." HazelRah said as he motioned for the rabbits around him to join him in his departure as Vesper waved them bye while Carduus was standing next to him, contemplating whether to join the rabbits, go off on his own for a bit or stay with his mate. "Don't worry, dear. You can go to if you would like to." Vesper said supportively as he gave him the rare loving smile he often did towards his mate.
"If you wish I stay here with you. If I resting here or at the outside, that doesn't matter to me.
But you looking a bit Disheveled" Carduus near his head to Vespers and started to lick his head, with ended until his belly
"You're right that I'm disheveled. What you expect after a day like today, dear." Vesper commented smiled at his mate as the Rabbits left, leaving the two all alone at the moment. At the moment, Carduus was cleaning his belly, which tickled a bit for him but Carduus had to be careful not to move around too much and he knew it. "Thanks for staying though, dear. It is nice to rest here with you, hopefully in your arms." Vesper said with a loving sigh as his mate was now licking his legs clean, which was relaxing for the Hlessi as he rested his head down to his paws. "Careful, dear," Vesper said silently with a flustered tone along with a blush as Carduus was cleaning his fluffy tail.
When Carduus took care of his mate again looked well and clean, he cuddles next to him again and puts his arm around him. Rub his head against Vesper's. "Hope to see you soon and look forward to romping with you outside, my sweetie.“
"Thanks, my Loving Snow Hare," Vesper said as he nuzzled his head to his mate as he then kissed his cheek sweetly. "My turn," Vesper said as he started to clean the hare's face with a few licks here and there and would playfully bite his ears or neck to tease him as he saw reactions of Carduus and giggled at him. "You turning red as a tomato, dear," Vesper said as he bit and actually held Carduus ear in his mouth, quite curious on what his Hare will do in retaliation. There was only so much Vesper could do as he laid in his burrow to recover so he thought it would be fun to play with Carduus a bit.
Carduus was licked by Vesper and he played with his ears. "You are injured already, I don't want to hurt you more. Otherwise, I would bite you in your ears too… But I can do that...", Carduus started to tickling his belly and holding his paws.
Vesper chuckled from being tickled from his belly as he then held his mate's paws. He looked towards Carduus with a smile, he really did love his Mate. With Carduus smiling gaze upon the Rabbit, Vesper unexpectedly kissed him before pulling, "That's for being an awesome mate, dear. I love you so much, it's in fact indescribable. But I do my best though." Vesper said as he nuzzled his Hare before resting his head on the Hare's chest and playfully tickled his sides and his belly. "Do you plan to go to Efrafa soon, dear?" Vesper asked inquisitively.
"This I don't know.. I may ask later Bigwig... But now, more importantly, are you. This Efrafa can wait for me and the Owsla training too"
Vesper smiled a bit as he kissed the Hare's forehead before whispering "Thank you, dear. I'm going to sleep now. You are welcome to stay if you like. I love you." Vesper said as he snuggled next to hare and closed his eyes, holding Carduus paw tightly.
Carduus caresses the head of his mate. "Sleep well, darling! I love you." and give a soft kiss on his head. Carduus close his eyes too but don't fell in a deep Sleep, more he thinks again of this crazy and horrible day. After a while, he opened his eyes. He sweats strong in this scenario he could have lost his mate. Vespers head laid actually on the ground of hay and Carduus stand carefully up to not awake his buck. He kissed again his head and then going outside.
At the outside of the Warren, it was already evening and the sun is hidden behind fat clouds. Carduus is sitting alone in the grass, but he looks kinda sad. Hazel standing then next to him and asked. "Is your friend Okay? Blackberry told me the wound is deep... But she says if his friend Carduus clean his wound, that healing fast.."
"Yeah, he has smiled at least after all. I think he is soon on all four Paws with his enthusiastic mood."
"You are a hero. Definitely for Vesper self and for us too. This what happens today is fast speech through the honeycomb. You have our respect, my friend."
"Thank you, Hazel!. Ohh and Btw the thing with Efrafa. What's going on with them for me.?" "Yes, forgot this near.. Kehaar comes back to us. He told, Campion and some people coming tomorrow to our Warren. Soo. Bigwig hopes now someone is strong enough to make a short fight with you. But you don't must fight, in my sight. You strong enough. The Efrafas are only some hair stronger than Bigwig. Not much important for you, or not..?“
„Well, I watch this rabbits tomorrow. I see if I must kick some ass, or I want.“ Said Carduus with a laugh.
Hazel put his paw on Carduus shoulder and thumping on it. „Hope all comes good!“
The chief goes off to see where the other was and left the hare alone.
Carduus ate some more grass and collected some dandelion leaves for Vesper. As he hops into the honeycomb with a mouth full of leaves, he encounters two female rabbits who happened to want to get out. The two rabbit ladies smiled as they saw the big buck. They giggled as Carduus also gave a smile and he only nodded, as a sign of greeting. But the buck did not stop and kept on hopping towards his mate. The two females are watching behind the hare. "Hmm... He never noticed me before."
"Right, but... He is really beautiful and tall, especially."
"The others said he was not a normal rabbit, he is a hare. But you're right, he's really beautiful. Do you think he has a mate?"
"Hihi... I don't know. Maybe we ask him, soon..?"
Vesper woke to a certain smell of the fragrance, flayrah perhaps. He slowly opened his eyes and rest his head on its side still on the ground to see his Mate bowing happily with flayrah as he set it down in front of Vesper. The Hlessi perked up to see delicious food, Dandelion leaves and also a Clover mixed in the collection by accident. Vesper scooted close and took a mouthful ate it eagerly. Vesper smiled at his Hare and thanked him graciously for it. After the previous events, he was glad to have been eating something, to replenish his depleting energy. Vesper ate another Dandelion leaf and kissed Carduus briefly, kinda tasted the leaves in his mate mouth and pulled away as he then rubs his nose. He looked over to his bandaged leg and moved it a tiny bit and still felt sharp pain which caused him to fall a bit into Carduus, which the Hare instinctly caught, held and set Vesper down and brought more flayrah for him as he cooed him not to move it for it was still recovery as he caressed his side before gently putting a paw on the bandage, making sure it placed right and nothing was wrong with at the moment. Vesper sigh as he apologized for attempting to move his injured leg though he commented that it felt a little numb and tingling feeling throughout his hind leg. Carduus put his paw over part of his injured hind leg that was not covered by the bandage and asked if felt his paw over certain parts.
For few moments, Vesper corresponded that he did and Carduus moved from one spot to another, with little pain to none on some part then to extreme pain when the pressure was applied, causing Vesper to tear a little and the Hare to stop and licking his mate's tears away. "Thanks, dear. Holy Frith! My legs hurts." Vesper exclaimed as lightly gestured to it and then patted his mate's Hind leg. "I'm sure this injury of mind makes you appreciate your own hind legs, keep em safe, love," Vesper said slyly though jokingly as he tickled him a bit. Vesper looked to Carduus who had a positive expression with a great smile as he looked back at Vesper, causing the rabbit's heart to skip a beat. "Have I told you that You're one of the most handsome and beautiful Hare's I know and love dearly." Vesper confidently said as he winked at him.
As Vesper laid with Carduus standing next to him, they heard steps coming towards there directions and as the two looked to see who it was, the Junior Owsla of Pipkin and Hazel Kittens were here with Clover and Vesper saw that they were accompanied by two does. "Sorry to be of a bother, Vesper but they wanted to check on you and Primrose told us to accompany them, would it be alright for them to see you?' They asked politely and Vesper nodded politely as the kittens approached him slowly before putting the clovers nearby and immediately hugging their injured caretaker and Vesper hugged them back with nuzzles. It was good to see that the kittens are alright as they immediately expressed their concern of his well being and Vesper assuring them he was alright as they started asking the usual questions and concerns of what happened as Vesper started to light-heartedly tell his stories to the four kittens, turning it into an entertaining yet factual adventure story for their amusement as he laid on his side. Meanwhile, Carduus and the Doe's stood outside the burrow as they decided to give them privacy.
"Carduus right? I am Clover Btw... You are a hero, say everyone here.."
"Vesper is my ma.. Friend and he is an amazing one."
"Today was hard for you... I see you are tired, don't you? I don't want to bother you. Would you me to escort you back to your borrow?"
"Yeah it was indeed hard, but tired I am doesn't... I think I will listen to what story he told." Say Carduus with a smile and goes into the borrow and sitting next to one of the kitten. While Clover is listed at the outside of the borrow.
"And then BANG. Man got me with his rifle. And fell into the river." Vesper said as the kitten gasped. He then continues on with his story on how he was saved and taken back to Watership down and Vesper lets the kittens look at his hind leg with Carduus watching carefully over the kittens before they say their goodbyes and wishes him luck as he thanked them for their time as the Junior Owsla joins the Two does and they depart. "Carduus, do you mind following to see that they get back to their parents alright. I trust the does, mainly I would for you to check in with Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig, tell him I am alright, dear and send them my many thanks if you don't mind, dear?" Vesper asked of his mate.
"Sure I can do that, darling..", said Carduus and send Vesper a smile. They are following the kittens until the honeycomb. Finally, then they sitting next to Hazel and Primrose. Carduus hopping to Fiver and Bigwig, which are some other rabbits. He tells them that Vesper is fine and feels better, and his thanks for the fellows. Then he gets two carrots and went back to Vespers borrow. Put the carrots out of his mouth and hold them in his arms... "Sir, you wish is done!" said Carduus with a clear strong voice, but laughing than and sit next to him and put the carrot in front of Vesper. "Here you have something for energy, darling... And Btw best greetings from all."
"Thanks, Beautiful. Come to eat with me, dear." Vesper said as the ate their carrots eagerly. Afterward, Vesper looked up at Carduus how yawned a bit as he looked back to the rabbit below. "Alrighty, I believe we had a long day today, my love. I relieve you of your duty, Owsla." Vesper said in a commanding tone with a salute before lightly hitting him in the stomach and laughing. Vesper then carefully around the hare, resting his head on the Carduus chest and since he had to lay do for his lower half, he could only hug Carduus lower half as well as he stood next to him. "You are fluffy and warm, you make for a good resting pillow,“ Vesper said as he pulled the Hare towards him.
"Yes, for this I have my fur. El Ahrairah want this for you and you give me much warm.", said Carduus amusing and caresses his back softly. "Forget to tell you that… About the Efrafa visit. Camion or what the name? ... Campion? Campion and some other rabbits are coming to visit us... Kehaar has said that as he arrives back here. And... Heh... Bigwig hopes now it comes to the strongest rabbit, to fight with me... Now I looking for this strong rabbit tomorrow and see if I must make my fur dirty for him. Hazel said they are only a little bit stronger than me... But not we must get up early, we can sleep so long as we want.."
"That's great to hear your training can progress dear, even after what happened. From what you're telling me, you might face some rabbits that can actually be more than you can handle. I'm honestly quite curious on who's it going to be or how it will all go down. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in you but even you have your limits and sooner or later, you'll find a worthy opponent." Vesper warned as he looked up at the Hare. "But don't worry, even if you do get beat, you'll have a lot to learn and use what you know to defeat those rabbits," Vesper said triumphantly with an enthusiastic smile as he nuzzled the Hare which turned into a sweet kiss for the two.
Vesper then ended the kiss with his eyes closed and with a smile as he had his paws on Carduus cheeks as he then looked at him and in quiet and tone of love asked, "Would you like to rest now, dear?"
"Yeah, that's fine for me" Carduus is yawning strong. And Vesper still laid his head on Carduus chest. "Sleep well darling, that all comes good with you. I am sure.." As Vesper closed his eyes and rub his head on the chest fur of Carduus, he gives one last kiss on his head and closes his eyes too.
And the two rest together with Carduus laying on his back, arms around the rabbit who had rested upon his warm chest. They didn't need to say 'I love you' at that moment, their actions of love implied it greatly, better than words ever could. For the two, it had been a long day for the two one of adventure, disaster, and recovery. Vesper would have a long and grueling progression for his wound to heal properly yet luckily with his mate snuggling him below, he was not worried for the most part. He felt safe, secure and loved. That's all a Mate could really ask for, he thought in his sleep as fell into his dreams and Carduus into his rest as tomorrow would hopefully be an interesting day for the two mate. But for now, they fell into a deep and passionate sleep that was fulfilling and satisfying for the two. Night Patrol was out and about Watership down, the Warren, for now, was peaceful, as it should as the moon and the stars shined brightly above.
The sun has already risen over the horizon and the birds wake up and chirp. Even some rabbits are going out from the Warren to nibble the wet grass. Carduus slowly hears the birds opens his pale blue eyes and yawns very deep. Vesper, who still had his head on the Hare's chest and snuggled in his fur, moves from Carduus caressing his back and opening his eyes as well. "Hello, darling, did you sleep well?", ask Carduus dear.
"Better than most nights dear."Vesper tiredly with a loving smile as he leans in and nose kiss Carduus. He looked back to his injured hind leg and carefully got off his Mate's Chest to the hay floor as Carduus was able to get up and stretch. Vesper struggled a bit as carefully moved his hind leg, it did not hurt that much but still quite significant enough to stop himself from causing more pain. "My Snow Hare, do you mind helping me out of the Burrow outside for flayrah? I would not mind being outside for fresh air." Vesper asked of the Hare.
"Yeah, yeah, sure!! Wanted to ask you this anyway..." smiled Carduus warm and laid on the ground. Vesper tries climbing on his back, with some little troubles but at least he laid on the hares back. "Are you enough comfortable on me?", asking the white buck. Vesper nodded and Carduus and he walked outside, with Vesper on his back.
Vesper held tightly across Carduus back as he made his way through the warren, making sure his bandage did not fall off as his mate hopped through the runs, which hurt him a little as he kept jumping up down, but Vesper reassured the concern Hare that it was alright he tried to be as careful as possible. After greeting a number of rabbits in the warren, they finally reached outside as Carduus a nice hidden patch of clover and dandelion leaves under the shade of the Beech tree and delicately laid Vesper down in the middle, which made Vesper very happy as he thanked his mate with a quick nuzzle before starting to eat delicious flayrah, while Carduus did the same but watched out around the warren as his personal guard, which Vesper found amusing.
Carduus watching around, mostly in the sky of a hawk or something like that. But it seems nothing of them. Acacia is coming near to the two males. "Ohh, Vesper I be sorry what happened to you, my friend! Are you fine now?", said the Brownish Rabbit and give him a soft hug, while the thumping with his paw careful on his back...
"Oh, yes dear Acacia. I'm still recovering which may take a while, but thanks to Hazel, Fiver, Blackberry, Bigwig and especially my Hero, Carduus here, I think I'll be alright." Vesper said with a smile as he ended the hug and thanked Acacia for checking up on him. "Carduus, I hear from Kehaar the rabbits of Efrafa are close by. You're to handle them in a fight for superiority?"Acacia said peeking the Hlessi and Hare's interest as Vesper patted Carduus shoulder in support for his mate. "I'm sure splendid, my dear friend. Just look at him, I'm sure he can take on the world as long as he puts his mind and heart to it." Vesper said complimentary towards the Snow Hare.
"Oh, stop exaggerating, my buddy. I'll see if the rabbits are really so strong as Bigwig tells. And if it is worthwhile at all to ruffle my fur.", Said Carduus with a sarcastic tone and smiled.
"It's not an exaggeration, my love. They are indeed valid facts though I did over imply it a bit." Vesper said in a flustered laugh with Acacia laughing upon the two. "What Acacia? Can't I be here in support of mate, even with unproven statements." Vesper said as he held Carduus paw. "Besides, I'm trying to boost his morale, dear. He'll need all the confidence he can get when these rabbits come to challenge my Snow Hare." Vesper said triumphantly as an upcoming victor, though he laughed and kissed his hare's paw.
"I am wondering what rabbits are come with Captain Campion and this I want to see when Carduus is winning… or losing and crying like a little kitten who is running to their mommy, eh?!", says Acacia while he goes pocking Carduus Chest and belly. Carduus watching angry to his joking friend and pull of his arms, so it looks like he will punch Acacia. The rabbit is Frightfully recoils and put his paw on his head, while Carduus begins to laughing and saying, "Aaaha, who is now the little kitten... Ehh?" and started to pocking the rabbit back in his belly and tickle him out.
"Oh, my," Vesper said as he watches the two bucks playfully fights with one another and he continues to eat more Flayrah. The two then stopped when Vesper accidentally tries to stand but the pain he felt caused him to yelp and Carduus went to check on him.
"I'm alright, dear. Sorry for worrying you guys, you can proceed to wrestle, you could still wrestle, dear. It'll be good for your practice, dear." Vesper said assuringly.
"Well I think we had enough play fight.., I don't want hurt Acacia, then I must care for an injured rabbit more… " Carduus said as he hopped to his mate and put his paw on his back.
"Are you okay, my buddy?" Asked Acacia to Vesper. "I think we should maybe now put a fresh leave on your wound. I go and search Blackberry for checking it out.", said Carduus.
And with that, Carduus went to look for Blackberry and Acacia decided to join the Hare as they went to the warren and to look for the doe. Meanwhile, Vesper was still eating his delicious flayrah. He suddenly heard footsteps nearby and looked around and then, went tharn as he looked at who it was and prepared himself for what was about to happen. "Long Ears, you flatter me with your warning the other day and I thank graciously for letting me go. I have the privilege to feast and since I'm well rested, it will be quick and I'll try not make a mess. Seems like you're injured, can't run on this legs that Prince of yours gave you. Try not to resist too much alright." The Weasel said as he licked his teeth and prepared to leap. "Too bad, dear. I'll resist for my self-defense. And, didn't I warn you what would happen if you did come back. Though I see how you'll exploit my vulnerability and you may kill me..." Vesper said as he looked back at his leg, then to his the other uninjured leg. "Yet you forget one thing to consider, dear. I still one good hind leg." Vesper said suddenly as he leaped towards the Weasel, beginning there fight.
Blackberry wasn't wide... She wanted to get out too. "Good morning, ehm just wanted to you. Can you with me looking on Vespers leg and give him a fresh leave on his wound and.." "Yeah, yeah, I search for him and you at the moment. Is he outside?" Carduus nodded and the three went outside. "HOLLY FUCK ... VESPER!!", screams out the hare as he sees his mate who is fighting with the weasel. He suddenly running to the two, take a big jump and hitting the weasel off of Vesper and Carduus push his mighty front paw with his claws, on the throat of the Weasel and screaming at his face .."WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU FUCKING BASTARD.."
Carduus was able to push off the Weasel from Vesper but when the Hare looked upon the Hlessi, he saw that his Mate's injury was indeed serious. Vesper bandage had been torn off in the fight, causing his wound to re-open, severely bleeding once more. As of the rest of his body, he was covered in scratches or bites from the Weasel, which were bleeding as well and hurted Vesper a lot more every time he moved. The Hare, who was at the moment looking at his mate's injuries, didn't notice the Weasel about to pounce him but the rabbit leaped painfully once more into the Weasel to stop him and through the scratches, yells, kicks, and yelps of pain, Carduus joined in, continuing their struggle against the Weasel. Vesper, his adrenaline energy high enough to mask his pain, saw a small rock nearby and grabbed it and turned around, violently throwing it into the face of the incoming Weasel, causing the Elil to immediately fall into him and Vesper in a panic, grabbed and bit hold into the Weasel's throat and held it with all he had left in him as they fell down together as Carduus pulled tried yet to pulling the Weasel away in time and when he checks on the Weasel closely, he noticed something alarming. The Elil had stop breathing, with Vesper clamping down on its neck.
Meanwhile, Owsla had already been notified of the fight between the three and they were already on their way to help put the fight to an end. Elsewhere, Campion and his Owsla heard the scuffle and were making their way towards them through the forest at the foot of Watership Down.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part IIII
Roleplay writing part IIII with Wertlosehoffnung and the output of our two Oc Characters... Hopefully It'll be a good read you all. Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy.^^

German Translation Coming soon! 
The Hlessi and the Hare Part II
By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

After the two finished eating there berries, the two to head back to usual routine for a bit as Vesper had to return to confer with Owsla of Flayrah for the kittens and Carduus deciding to search for any elil in the area and though he did pick up a scent of a weasel present in the area a while ago, he did not find any. In the evening, Vesper returned to the Hare’s burrow after a successful conversation with Owsla of a possible farm raid that may take place in a few days. Upon returning, he found the Hare waiting outside his burrow and once he noticed Vesper , he went to Vesper and gave him an unexpected kiss on his cheeks and hugs him. The Hlessi giggled upon being kissed by his mate and hugs back graciously. Vesper and Carduus, in each others embrace, looked at one another with a smile. "What is with the look, dear? In love with someone?" Vesper said amusingly with a wink. "Yeah I be in love with someone. He haves the beautifully sky blue eyes I ever watched and a cute smile... oh wait, that's you my sweetheart." Replied Carduus and kissed the rabbit once more in front of him.
Vesper kissed back sweetly upon hearing the lovely comment. "I love you", he said after ending the kiss as they decided to rest a bit earlier in the day and upon entering the burrow and into the nest, the two snuggle together with Vesper then resting his head on Carduus chest and cuddle him a bit as the two, snuggled lovers fell asleep after there long day. A while later, Vesper awoke in his burrow to find Carduus had shifted away from, perhaps from it being to warm but nonetheless still  was sleep with him close by. Vesper smiled and hop towards him as he then kissed his forehead
Carduus noticed the kiss from Vesper on his forehead and focuses on his hind legs. He rubs his nose on Vesper nose as he was close by. "Did you sleep well, my dear?", He asked as the two got up and hopped outside, to see how the weather is. There has been some clouds in the sky, but in most places the Sun pushed through. "Do you think that the children of the Rabbit couples or their mothers need two babysitter , to look after the children again?"
Carduus asks with a smile and his head based on Vesper's head, while they enjoy the beautiful weather.
"Oh, definitely, dear. The more the Merrier for these kittens are quite the handful. Plus, they do like you already, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a game changer." Vesper said as he held the Hare's paw tightly. "Though I hope they don't have an issue with us being mates around their kittens." Vesper said in concern. “When we do tell them but we can wait for the right time, now come on, dear. I’m sure we’ll have we’ll have a good day at the Warren.” Vesper said as the two made there way to Watership down and after watching the kittens the two decided to take care of their own particular businesses in the Warren for a bit, so they would have to separate. The two went to a secluded burrow as they briefly said goodbye and before departing, Vesper said "Love you" and gave him a loving embrace.
"Love you too", saying Carduus and cuddle his little angel in which Vesper kissed Carduus sweetly and nuzzled his handsome lover before departing.
After a long while, Vesper returns to the warren and hops into the Honeycomb to find Carduus with the Owsla, talking with the other bucks and does', and not wanting to intrude, he left them where they were, undetected, yet with a smile on his face as he went to rest in his burrow in Watership down. After talking with some other rabbits for a while, Carduus searched for Vesper and found his mate in his own nest. He looks a bit sick, see Carduus, because of his loping ears. He then laid down next to him and licked his head. Vesper was currently in a deep Sleep and Carduus laid his arm on the back of his mate and caresses him.
After a few moments, Carduus feel asleep too.
Vesper woke a little weakened but seeming to be fine as he moved his paws to stretch. He noticed Carduus, resting next to him and smiled warmly as he felt and looked to see his arm around him. Vesper started to nuzzle the Hare's head in gratitude, yet when he leaned to his ear to tell Carduus he loved him, he found a problem. He tried to say it, multiple time yet could not, his voice was to raspy and rough and he couldn't speak properly. 'Oh Frith!' Vesper thought, as he held his through, 'I've lost my Voice!' Vesper started to calmly worry more now as he even tried to sigh sadly, yet even that sounded rough. He coughed a bit before putting his head down in defeat.
Carduus woke up, noticing that Vesper is moving himself and heard that his voice is raspy and rough and that he is coughing. "Oh no, my buddy.. Are you alright?", asking the white buck in worries. Carduus remembered he had something similar like that in his past.
"Are you have Sore throat?"Carduus thinking about of some flayrah that would be healing..
Vesper nodded yes and coughed as he pointed to his throat. He then got up to eat flayrah but struggled a bit as he tried to make his way outside though he did try and succeeding in communicating "I love you" Vesper motioned with his paws pointing at himself, his heart, then to Carduus. After a while and with the help of his new mate, Vesper was able to receive Flayrah from Carduus that are known to help sick rabbits and in a while later and after another good rest, he's almost better but still recovery from his sickness. He was finally able to tell Carduus he loved him once more and kissed his forehead and licked it as he held the Hare in his arms as they rested next on the Beech tree on top of Watership down.Both lay in front of the Beech tree and enjoy the sunny evening and take the  sunshine to warm up themselves. The voice of Vesper is going better and better than in the morning of the day.
"I think tomorrow you sound better and be in new energy, when I hold you warm tonight.." said Carduus amusing with a smile."Would you like that we entertain ourselves, by playing? Or would you like to rest here and go to sleep soon, my sweetie..?” Carduus inquired.

Upon looking up at Carduus, seeing him with his amusing smile, he blushed a bit and amusingly said back, "When you hold me warm tonight? Dear, I thought I was the one who did that since you often love being cuddled." Vesper said as he nuzzled him. He thought of Carduus of offer to play or rest and then brought up something he was asked by the Chiefs earlier. "Well actually, Hazel-Rah and Primrose asked if I could go get Apples down by the orchard for their kittens and I said I would do it. Would you like to come along? I'm sure you would like the adventure and it be nice if I did not go alone..."Vesper said with a smile once more as he stood up in front of Carduus
"Apples? Ohh dear.. It was a long time ago, since I bite in a such delicious Apple...", Carduus licks his mouth of the thoughts of this fruit, "And for sure, they are my second love, after you my sweetheart!!" He laughed with a smile as then stood up too. "Sure I come with you." responded the Hare. "Second love! Looks like I have competition then." Vesper said with a sly wink. "Glad you can come though, I'm sure we will enjoy ourselves." He declared as he smiled warmly upon Carduus confirming that he was coming with him as they then started hopping away from the warren and talk with another as they grew closer and closer to the orchard. Once nearby, they stop to look around for elil before Vesper briefly pronounce a challenge for his mate, "Race you there dear. I must warn you though, I'm a runner." Vesper said in an competitive yet enthusiastic tone as he prepared himself. "That's good that you're fast. I'm also fast too", says Carduus proudly, "But I'm more of a defender and a fighter. A weasel has little chance against me." Carduus makes himself big and puts his chest out.
Upon Carduus prideful remarks of himself, Vesper chuckled and lightly punches his shoulder. "Well it's good thing I'm here then, to make sure you're not getting into fights you shouldn't get into, especially with a Weasel. We gotta share this world with all, dear. Even Elil." Vesper said firmly. Vesper then looked at him once more and winked, "You look handsome by the way...Ready?!" "Ready for what?", asked Carduus confused..
But before he knew it, Vesper had kissed his cheek and ran all the way to the orchard in front of him in big leaps in the air that made it seem like he had flown in the air. Once there, Vesper had found a perfectly stack pyramid of apples and out of excitement, he jumped right into the apples, though he forgot they were not soft apples and he injured himself as he poked out of being semi-buried in apples and felt his head bleeding between the ears. Carduus had arrived to see if his mate was okay. When the Rabbit saw the concerned hare approaching, he said "Oh hey, looks like I won the race.. oh sorry I jumped right into these apples." Vesper put a paw on the stinging pain in his head and pulled his paw down to see blood on it. "Don't worry dear, tis but a scratch. It does not hurt that badly. On the bright side, I found apples." Vesper said with both assurance yet in pain
Carduus shows himself a painful face as he sees the wound on the head of his mate.
"You're so overconfident, my sweetie! And you know that apples are not hay.."
Say Carduus with a laugh.Vesper smiled in response as he got out of the apples and hugged the Hare as he then started to clean the rabbits wound, making him wince at its stinging feeling upon his head, "You're right. I'm sorry about that." Vesper said as he took an apple in his mouth and ate it. Vesper than grabbed another for Carduus. "Here you go, this is to make up for it, love." Vesper said as he extended an apple to him."Oh, no problem, sweetie."
Carduus gleefully bites at the Apple which is rolled to him.
"So yummy and so sweet, like you my dear!!" Smiles and Raves the White buck and continues to eat calmly.Vesper looks at the apples, and takes two for the kittens. Yet, Carduus ears are suddenly steeply upwards, as something in the bushes rustling. With a subtle hit, he gets Vesper attention and says that he should be hiding. Both jump into a bush and Carduus observed it to be a weasel on the lookout. Earlier, Vesper blushed heavily upon hearing the Hare's remarks as he gave him a gleeful smile back and looked upon the apples around and picked two for the kittens of the chiefs and was about to grab more when Carduus caught his attention with a hit and jumps to hide with the Hare.  A weasel appeared, seeming to be looking for something or someone as he strolled through the trees.
As the Weasel approached closer to their bush and the apples around them, Vesper looked to see the Hare about to pounce the Weasel. Upon seeing this, Vesper put his paw in front of the Hare, causing Carduus to look at him in confusion as the Hlessi nodded his head ‘no’, not wanting him to attack. Perhaps there is the possibility that the Weasel will go away from them, he hoped as he looked intently through the bush and used his paw to reach down and grab his sweetie's paw.
Both are very in afraid that the weasel is lurking around only little hopps in front of them. Carduus wanted to make a offensive decision, to fight. But Vesper is holding him back. Confused look the hare to his mate yet a look in Vespers face show Carduus, that a fight against the weasel, would be the wrong way, for himself and especially for his mate. A weasel does have the capability to end both of their lives when given the chance. Carduus make the decision not to fight, but he whisper in Vesper’s ear."We sneak back quietly and cautiously and when I say RUN then don't look back and run home. I promise to be right behind you!" Say Carduus and take a paw of Vesper and continued on as they sneak out quietly. "We survive this!!" he assured as Carduus watched out for what the weasel might do.
He see that the weasel is sniffs the sent from the two and coming near to the bush they hopping in. The weasel head turned in the direction of Carduus to the sound of a twig that snaps due to one of them accidently stepping on it. "RUN!!" the Hare shouted. Both are running in the direction of the Warren. In front Vesper, directly behind Carduus. And of the bad luck of the two, the Weasel is running behind them.
With the Weasel going up to the hill of the Warren wit Vesper running faster and faster and Carduus is slower and slower, the weasel is now directly behind the hare. Carduus watched behind him  to see how near is this weasel on the ass of the hare. He makes a split-second the decision to stop running, pulls out his claws and beats his powerful hind legs directly into the muzzle of the weasel. The elil hits on the ground and Carduus turns around and starts attacking the weasel. The enemy gets up again and attacks the hare too. The elil hits the back of the tall hare but today, Carduus is be still stronger and smarter and hits the weasel with his front paw again in the face."PISS OFF YOU UGLY PIECE OF SHIT",
scream the big hare in another voice and shoo’s the enemy away from him.
Vesper was indeed a bit horrified to witness the Hare fight with the Weasel, but he had faith in him and was silently cheering him though he was still tired. Once his mate had yelled at the Weasel to go away, the Weasel who was wounded limped a bit and looked around the area and seemed to have focused on something else as he went away from the hare and then started to run. Vesper noticed to his left in the distances, the Junior Owsla with Kehaar close by there, and alarmingly noticed the Owsla of Watership down already jumping after the Weasel were still to far and too slow to get to the Weasel in time. Vesper ran towards the Weasel and cut him off a bit before coming around and Charging him from the side as he jumped towards him, pouncing and hit him violently to the point where both himself and the Weasel rolled off the hill to the bottom.
Vesper got up to see that his head was bleeding again noticed the Weasel there, struggling a bit to get up. Vesper approached cautiously, "Please go away from here Weasel, look!" Vesper pointed to show him the rabbits coming in there direction. "I'm certain they will kill you. I'm warning you they will. Please don't come back to harm or look for a meal here, look for it elsewhere, yet if you do comeback, you better hope  it is not me you'll see first because I'll be the last you'll see before I kill or hurt you myself, I honestly hope you don't put me in a situation where I have to though." Vesper warned as his Charmed glowed a bit more along with his eyes. He then motioned for him to go and leave. "Go... GO!" And with that the Weasel went away from the warren as Vesper stood up and observed his departure.
Carduus is out of energy and was injured by the weasel. He can only watch, that his mate ran to the enemy and attack them again. He hopping slowly down the hill to see that Vesper is alright. His wound on his head have bleeding again."Please go away and never come back again!?" say Carduus a bit sarcastic and with a little laugh, behind his mate, who is observing the weasel is disappear behind the woods. The hare sat down next to his bit angry looking, but courageous mate. "For this Bastard you don't must say, Please go.. This fuck can likely come again. Then I can revenge myself, first for the apples they I not eaten and for the scratches!" say Carduus a bit  grumpy and look at his Back and arms,who bleeding a bit out of his white fur. "It’s very likely, dear. But I'm hoping for the best he does not. If so however, he's been warned and knows what to expect if he does." Vesper said a bit sternly yet calming himself down a bit and looked to see Carduus was bleeding a bit out of white fur and he was bleeding as well.
By that time, the Owsla had arrived along with Bigwig and once the two told what had happened, he ordered Dandelion and Hawkbit to get the Apples and for the rest of Owsla on extra guard duty throughout the hill of Watership down. "Great work by the way, dear. You were exceptional." Vesper said assuringly as he got up and leaned into his ear so that the others would not hear, "I love you" before quickly kissing his forehead and smiled.
On the top of the Watership down hill, waiting the chief rabbit Hazel with his doe Primrose, Carduus and Vesper are telling and showing what happened. And saying that Hawkbit and Dandelion are on the way to take some apples. It was not a problem for the chief couple.. And telling out there respect to the two injured rabbit and hare.Carduus licks first the little wound of Vespers head and then himself. Vesper licking the hares wounda too.
At the same moment the two apple bringers are come back.
Upon Hawkbit and Dandelion arriving, Vesper and Carduus had just finished cleaning most of his wounds, through the fur around them were still light red from the blood. The two owsla gave some apples for the Chiefs to take back to their kittens and a few to Vesper and Carduus as well as they said their goodbyes and went to rest when Bigwig was not looking. Vesper still tried to clean Carduus wounds as he was eating an apple.
After the two cleaned there wounds, Vesper and Carduus decided to rest outside for a bit as they found a nice patch of leaves on the hill and Vesper rested with Carduus in his arms as the two cuddled and snuggled for a bit and Vesper gave multiple kisses on the Hare's face as the two looked at one another with a smile and were about to kiss once more until a friend of there's startled them. "Dang it, Acacia. Can't you see I'm with my Mate, OH!" Vesper covered his mouth but it was too late. "Mates, you two?! That's new." Acacia said triumphantly upon his discovery as the two untangled from there snuggle and got up to see there friend. Carduus saw the confused face into Acacia. But the desert-rabbit smiled at the two males. The Hare gave a soft smile back to Acacia and gestured with his paw for him to come closer and says.., "Okey, you caught us.. We are in love, like a buck in love with a doe...But can you hold, our love, secret for a moment?" Carduus hold next to him Vesper in his arm.
Vesper blushed a bit as Carduus held him close, a gesture he often adored from his mate. Upon hearing Carduus asking his friend to keep it a secret, Vesper joined in, "Until the time is right dear, then we'll tell the warren." Vesper said optimistically. Acacia smile and nodded his head, confirming he would keep a secret as he congratulated the two and both Vesper and Acacia talked for a while, enjoying each others presence, as frith slowly sank to the West horizon, turning there day into night.
The night had arrived and all going into the honeycomb. Dandelion, the storyteller, entertaining the whole Warren. Acacia, Vesper and Carduus are sitting next to each other and listening to the teller. Carduus yawning a little bit and lay on the ground, but is still awake to continue to hear the story. As Dandelion was telling a particularly exciting tale of El-Ahrairah, carduus laid on the ground next to him and he looked down and smiled warmly to see him still listening though he could tell his mate was tired. He leaned down and nuzzled him fondly and asked if he would like to go outside with him for a bit, to look at the night sky and it's stars.

The question of Vesper to going outside, is for the hare a wonderful idea. "Yeah, I think the fresh air makes me a bit awake.. And I haven't seen the stars yet since some night's"
Vesper get up first and hopping outside. Carduus say to Acacia that he and Vesper going outside to enjoy the night sky.. Alone..Carduus then hopping behind too.Keeping his head up to the sky and Carduus move himself next to his mate.He sits down and lean his back to the Beech tree. Vesper sits down in front of the hare and lean his body into Carduus and he lay his arms around Vesper and caresses the chest of the Brown buck.
Vesper leaned his back onto the Hare's chest and was wrapped by the Hare's loving arms. He smiled very warmly at being caresed as he hummed happily with a nice little melody. He and Carduus look up at the night sky to see so many stars and Vesper started pointing out constellations his Human had shown him. "There's orion over there and above him is a taurus, a bull he was fighting and that bright star, is not actually a star, I think it's another planet called Venus also known as the Morning and Evening Star, that's where my name comes from dear." Vesper said intringuiling as he giggled a bit from being tickled by the Hare.
Just then, a meteor shower started and they witness an astronomical number of shooting stars and awed at this celestial rarity. "Wanna make a wish?" Vesper inquired.
Carduus listening to the pointing of the constellation, that Vesper called. He never knew that names and is interested how Vesper name is coming from."A wish?.. Hmm mine is coming true already.. To be here with you!.. And your wish?"Carduus declared as he then kissed the shoulder and the neck of Vesper. The rabbit then turned around facing Carduus and stood a bit in front of him as he put his paws around his mates neck. "I have many wishes dear, though none can compare than the one that is coming true already, being with you! Dear, we're Mates! I honestly can't believe such a miracle could happen but here we are, what more could I ask for, I thank Frith for you and El-ahrairah for his blessings. I feel safe and at home with you. This to me is my wish, that I'm living it with you by my side." And with that, Vesper kissed the Hare lovingly and deeply as he stroked his cheeked and snuggled his rabbit body closer to the Hare.
Carduus returns the kiss from Vesper and gently presses his paws on Vespers back of the head so that the kiss is a bit more intense. Carduus gets aroused so he releases the kiss. "Maybe we should pick up the moment for later, when we are really alone .” Carduus said with a bit of red in his cheeks."Ah, I see. Alone, you say..hmmm, you make a good point dear. Sounds like a date!"Vesper said sweetly though in flirting tone and gave the hare a quick peck on the nose with a warm smile. "Also, do you mind if we stay here for a bit and then we can go to your burrow to rest?" Vesper said as he laid back into Carduus and looked at the night sky a bit more. "Oh, Carduus, I haven't asked this of you yet but might as well do it now, where do you come from? Like where's your family, etc? I'm sorry, you don't have to answer.."Vesper said cautiously.
"Hmm, that you don’t think it is to dangerous to wandering in the dark night with all elil’s. The weasel was enough for today.." He smiled with a laugh. "I think we stay here for the night. Don't you think, my sweetie? Tell you what,  I think tomorrow we can go swim.. I know a lovely place with a very little river near my borrow.. If I can presenting this for a date for you?” "You make a good point about Elil tonight. We'll stay here then, you can rest with me in my burrow if you want. I know you'll like it because I'll snuggle you to sleep." Vesper said cheerfully and upon hearing about the river, he gleefully said, "It is a date in which I accept, dear. I would not mind swimming tomorrow. I'm a swamp rabbit, love, I'm built for it. And close to your burrow, that'll be perfect for we can rest there afterwards. Oh this is thrilling. Thank you my Snow Hare!" Vesper said as he kissed his forehead and nuzzled him.
Upon asking Carduus then of where he was from and his family, the Hare told his story, "I come from the north and be this kind of  snow hare. And of my family, I don't know much about them. Only what I know is my mother. When I was younger, little like the kittens we playing days before, I was wandering with my mother. We found a place to survive the night. But she was awake to look for elil’s. In the morning I awoke and search for her, but only what I found was her Scent which led me to find her... ", Carduus stop speaking and sniffs.."she's gone..", Carduus was quite and seeming to be stricken by painful memories.   Vesper immediately took Carduus in his arms and held him tight as he wrapped his paws around his back and caressed his fur. The Hlessi then started to sing a sweet lullaby that his mother sang to him when he was sad and used it for his Mate and sang it completely to calm him down. "I'm here, dear. I'm here." He said before kissing his cheek with a paw on his face as he looked at him with a supportive smile.
"Thanks for sharing this with me, love." Vesper as he then looked at the night sky before telling him his own story of where he came. "I came by from a distant land, by a river, where the trees' were evergreen with Pine and Oak and the river as big as if it was a lake. The area is not like here, back there, it felt spectacular, my mother was a swamp rabbit, a species indigenous to the area and she would often take me around there before we returned to our unnatural home. I say this because the home was with a Human. He took care of us and was very fond with my mother and love taking care of me as well. They met when my mother lost her burrow when the river over flooded from rain unexpectedly came. She was able to swim to a bridge where the Human found and took her in and the two grew close. Then she gave birth to me and we had been there since. My Mother was amazing, a truly amazing doe, smart and loving, adventurous yet cautious. Once we had a visitor, a glowing rabbit, he often hung around my mother and they seem close. I remember him giving me my charm and I was able to talk to the Human and I understood him. It was unbelievable but it was a profound gesture I took kindly too and I've been close to this Golden Rabbit too. Those were happier times. The Human house was close to the river and we often hung around there, enjoying the forest, the dry and humid air, enjoying our time together. The Human would also show me his world with the other humans, the big Hrududu that flew in the air, etc. It was mind blowing how big the world really was. That was, until a bad storm came again river got big and ...uhmm" Vesper struggled but pushed his words forward.
"That damn river got my mother, trapped her in the home and she drown. We lost the home and it was just me and him and he got us a new home all the way here, in a little cottage, and we lived and grew up there with one another. The Golden rabbit visited me often and was very sad about my mother but he took care of me too and I grew into a young buck. My Human did his best as well as he too was sad. I loved the human and the Golden rabbits as if they were my guardians, perhaps they were. Yet, one night came where everything went boom, I went to see and my Human was dead where the fire was, a strange smell overcame me and I ran out of the house and it blew up. Nothing was left besides ash... I walked for Frith nows how long. I was then attacked by Elil and fell unconsciousness, then Fiver and Bigwig with Dandelion and Hawkbit came to save me and with the help of the Golden rabbit along with a very dark rabbit who appear and disappear like the golden rabbit, they took me to Watership down... That's my story." Vesper said as he sat down in front of Carduus and looked out into the night sky, tears rolling down his cheek as he looked to the Moon above.  
Carduus listening to the sad past of Vesper and sees rolling tears down his cheeks. The hare hold Vesper a bit stronger in his arms and caresses his arms and and chest. Give him a kiss on his Cheek and licks his tears away. He then said, "The fate of life want that this happen.. Or if this was only bad luck.. I know this sounds hard, but now I think our hard past is ending, now we have a lot days to make us a better future...Together! Gosh, I be tired. Come, we going into the Warren, I want sleep." He yawning before and drums with his paw on Vespers chest and belly to show to get up.
Vesper stood up and helps the hare up as well by pulling him with his paws. Vesper yawned as well and gave a tired smile to his mate a they then hopped into the Warren, said goodnight to the few rabbits they came across and came to Vesper burrow. Carduus immediately went in the burrow and made himself comfy in the cozy nest the rabbit had and the Hlessi chuckled upon seeing his mate eager to rest such like a little kit. Carduus motioned for Vesper to join him and Vesper did as he snuggled cozied up in the Hare and Carduus place an arm around him. They kissed and said goodnight to each other. "I love you" Vesper whispered before falling asleep. "Love you too my Sweetie." Carduus whispered before falling into his own slumber. They rest throughout the night and before they knew it, it was morning upon Watership down.
Carduus awoke first in the next morning. See that his mate is in a deep Sleep. He gave him a kiss on his Cheek and the go outside. This morning was cloudy and colder than yesterday and thinking about the "promise date" in this evening. To go swim it would be nice that the sun is shining. Maybe the day would be later better. Carduus stretching his tall body and licks his fur. Wishes to the rabbits coming out of the warren a good morning.
Chief rabbit Hazel meets the white hare this morning as he sat down next to the half head taller buck. "Carduus right?.. You are very new here, aren't you?" "Yeah, I be new. My ma.. Friend Vesper take me here and show me this lovely place.."  "Our Captain of Owsla, Bigwig asked me as he’s interested to know if you want to join us for our owsla. He and I had heard what was going on with the weasel. So you were a strong fighter?"
Carduus thinking about but, he only said.. "Can I think this over my head? It's a nice thing, but I think about it today. You know it this evening.."Hazel said yes and hopping in a other way. Carduus hopping to the Warren and went to the borrow of his mate.
He slept deeply and Carduus snuggled him again and watched his beautiful buck rest.
Vesper woke to see an awake Carduus snuggling him in his arms and said morning to him with a nose kiss. The Hare smiled upon his awaking and let Vesper get up and stretch. "You seem to be in a good mood, dear. Come, let's go eat." Vesper said warmly as he and Carduus went outside to eat delicious flayrah. Vesper stumbled upon the Chiefs kittens and ate flayrah with them. Carduus seemed to be thinking of something and Vesper went to check with his mate of what he was thinking of, perhaps he was a bit disappointed with the weather. "My Snow Hare. May I ask what seems to be on your mind? Is it the weather? Oh don't worry about it dear, the day is still young. I'm sure it will clear out soon...Oh something else is on your mind, I'm assuming?" Vesper inquired. "You don't have to answer, I know something's of your is not my business." Vesper corrected.
"As you sleep, I was outside and watching the weather. But I thought too, the weather would hopefully change. It's better if the sun would shine and make it warm, to go swim..
But anyway, Hazel had asked me if I want to join there owsla..But.. Mhmm... I have another home, I like to not go away forever of there. I need a place to be alone and alone with you. About time, kinda.. I be a hare, normally I prefer not being in big groups.. But in a Owsla you being permanent in a bigger group..." Carduus stopped speaking and thinking for a decision.. "I ask if this would be possible for being owsla for a little time.. One day owsla one day a stranger hare.."say Carduus amusing. "I don't it's a particularly bad idea. A Part-time Owsla member would give you something to do and you get to be in a lot of adventures. Moreover, you have someone to come back home to.." Vesper said with a blush.
"I sure Hazel-Rah and Bigwig would be alright with the idea. Don't' forget to ask though." Vesper said supportively as he placed a paw on his shoulder. Vesper said a good word with his idea and Carduus smiled. "Yus, I talk with the two if I see them."
Smiling back, Vesper decided check the Hare's wound and to his surprise, there were indeed being healed quickly which satisfied the rabbit deeply. With that, Vesper noticed the kittens banking up to playfully attack the Seagull and Vesper decided to join them in a coalition and when they launch the attack, Kehaar got out of the way in time and laughed at their failed plot. Vesper had known Kehaar for a bit and was actually fascinated by his stories of Beeg Water for he was familiar with it. So when Kehaar settled down, the two started talking of their stories. Meanwhile, the Hare was asked by Bigwig to talk with him about his offer. Carduus talked with Bigwig and Hazel, together they discuss of Carduus join in the owsla. It's would be not a problem, that Carduus is a part time owsla.
Plus the chiefs asked him from where he comes from to know a bit more about him. Until yet he was a stranger for the rabbits. Carduus can come tomorrow to visit and participate in owsla training, have Bigwig told him. Meanwhile it's the early afternoon. Vespers and Carduus wish with the weather comes to a reality as the clouds are disappearing slowly and the bright sun warm the area up.
Upon seeing the change in the weather, Vesper hops to Carduus as he was just finishing talking with Bigwig and Hazel. As he approached, he bowed respectfully in front of the two leaders and commented that the weather was now sunny. Hazel and Bigwig agreed and then tell Vesper that Carduus will indeed be Part-time Owsla and his training starts tomorrow with Bigwig. Vesper congratulates Carduus with a playful punch on his shoulder, commenting he would be perfect for the job as the two said their goodbyes and Bigwig reminding Carduus to meet him tomorrow morning to start training early and leaves. When out of range, Vesper gleefully commented that he was happy for him and fondly kissed him and smiled. Vesper then asked if he would to play bob stones before they go to the river to swim later on.
The hare is happy actually. It seems the day would be better and better with being part of the owsla and can't wait to the special evening. Carduus does not know how to play bobstones or how it works.. The friend Acacia joins the two mates. "Heya Acacia, can you play with Vesper this bobstone game. I want first watch how this work..?", says Carduus to his friend. The hare is rub his paw on his chin and watch interesting while the two rabbits playing.
The two rabbits played intensely as they focus how many stones there are under their paws. Meanwhile, Carduus watched as he silently routed for his two friends along as he learned as well. Vesper play Acacia a really good game as he wins the first two games yet Acacia beat him in bobstones and won, Vesper thanks him for playing and then noticed the time, Evening!
"It's Evening dear. Finally..Our date!" Vesper said excitedly but lowered his voice down to make sure no one heard. "Ready to go for a swim my love?" He said as he grabbed both his paws, and gave Carduus the rare smile that made his mate heart melt of adoration for the rabbit."Yus, I think we can go now...Oh wait I forgot, I must be tomorrow in the early morning must be here..." say Carduus with a voice that destroyed his good mood and the warm smile of Vesper.. "Wait I ask Bigwig to change a new meet place or I go directly to our training place.." Carduus search the little bit smaller rabbit, of Bigwig and handling out a new meet place for the hare. He explained that he want today go to his borrow to visit a friend of his. Carduus hopping back to his mate.. "Okey now, I can go tomorrow in the morning directly to our training place.. But actually I don't know where is the place be. Bigwig come now, with Pipkin, with me to show me the way. You can come with us too.. Then we go to swim.. Okey?" Carduus smiles as he finished his weird explanation.
Carduus and Vesper catch up Bigwig again, with Pipkin. Pipkin is a accompaniment for Bigwig, because it gives a golden rule. No rabbit wandering alone in the early morning and late afternoon. And Carduus said to Bigwig, Vesper is his accompaniment, plus he know Carduus "friend" too. The four are hopping to the area, where the rabbits always trained there hide, fight, and running skills."Well then Carduus, we are excited to see you tomorrow in our Owsla and we are interested how is to fight with a strong hare. Eventually we learn from you.." said Bigwig and let the two go.
Vesper and Carduus watched as both Bigwig and Pipkin hopped away from the training spot. "Accompaniment.. my, oh my, you sure do know how to court your mate, dear. No worries though. So this is the area you'll train." Vesper said inquisitive as he looked around the area, before unexpectedly tackling the Hare in front of him with being on top of Carduus with a sly smile and his paws on his chest. "First rule of Owsla dear, Always be aware." Vesper said with a wink as the two kissed. Vesper then helped his mate up noticed it was late evening. "We still have time to swim, dear. Do you mind if we still have our date? I'm quite curious on this little river you talk of." Vesper calmly asked though he seem to be hopping the answer would be yes.
"Yes,.. Finally.." Carduus watching around the area to remind which direction is his special spot. "I think that I be tomorrow warm up, I make a running activity.. Come on, catch me!!" Carduus push his paw to Vespers chest, that he falls on his back and suddenly run away.Vesper got up and nodded his head at the Running Hare. He then started to chase after his mate, catching up to him on his side in no time as they raced through the grass and into the woods, enjoying the activity with one another. "This is fun, dear. Your running is getting better, glad to see that, but you still have a lot to learn." Vesper said excitingly as he jumped over him onto the other side and continue running with his mate.
While they running, Carduus said.. "Lot to learn?! I give not my full power of speed, my buddy, that's why!!But anyway I think we are here.." Carduus said with a smirk.Both are getting slower and Carduus watching, with a fast breathing, around the forest where the two actually are. The good hearing skill of Carduus turning his head in the bushes. He heard the water of a river. It was silent, because the river is small."Follow me, my lovely dear. Behind the bushes it is."
Vesper followed behind and through the bushes they went and once out, The forest revealed its grand secret. A small river but still looked deep with trees next to it, a few actually in it like the swamps he's seen in his childhood. Vesper was in Awe. He turned to Carduus and said the only thing he could think of... "I love you!" Carduus watch his mates face and see in him a special look in his eyes. Vesper leaning his head on the hares chest and Carduus speaking..."I always come here if I want to clear up my head and clean myself with jumping in the water.. It's haves something to relax and anytime it works.
The hare hopping near to the river and put his whole paw in the water. A bit cold but Carduus like it that way. Vesper smiled warmly. He was very happy, elated. Vesper being happy continuously was new to him, he truly loved his mate for this. He felt honored. Vesper then starting laughing as he ran as fast as he could and leaped in the air fell into the water. Splash!! Oh, how Vesper missed this, having himself immersed in water, the cold wetness of relaxation pulsating his senses as if he was reborn and he was swam underwater into the river and pop up for a breath. Vesper was now poking his head out and starting swimming playfully in the water, like he did when he was a kitten. He charm gem glowed a light blue as he would swim deeper closer to the river bed. Vesper then got of the water, wet as fish and smirked and his fur was cold and wet. He then hop to his mate and gave him a hug. "Thanks for bringing me here, dear. Te amo. Come, join me, please."Vesper said as he pulled his paws towards the river.
Vesper was excited to be here and the Hare saw that his mate having much fun. A special look is in his face. Vesper grabbed the paws of the hare and Carduus followed. He laid his arms around Vesper and lifted him up like a stone. Walking on his hind legs back and falling backwards into the river. Pflatsch again!! Underwater,Carduus let Vesper free from his hug and both were poking up their heads. Carduus whisked his long wet hair away from his eyes and nose. And watched again to his wet and surprised mates face.Vesper was surprised and looked at his mate, only to have the Hare stick his tongue out at him playfully and splash water at him and swim away. Vesper chases him and the two starts having a playful fight in the water in where one point, Vesper was grabbed by the Hare and thrown a little bit into the air and back into the water. Vesper counter attacked by grabbing a hold of Carduus with his arms around his neck and and crossing his rabbit legs around him with the front of his body pressed behind the Hare's back, but Carduus took advantage of this as he made an evil laugh :smirk:, used one of his arms to hold Vesper arms in place and took him underwater. Vesper held his breath and let the hare swim him underwater and was able to get free as they swam underwater, going up to catch their breath before swimming underwater once more in the cold, clear water river. They would sometimes grab and hold one another, in each others or held each others paw as they swim. Before they knew it, it was night. Yet the secluded area around them glow a phantom blue as Fireflies were flying around and the stars and the full moon shine brightly above, reflecting off the ware. Vesper pops his head out of the water to breath and floats a bit in and Carduus does the same to see his mate glow, Or maybe it was just him he thought as Vesper wet fur shined from the Moon and his charm glowed a little blue, including his eyes as he gave another rare smile, not rare anymore with Carduus around.
Carduus noticed that's already dark and looks around the area. Fireflies are flying around and the moon is full and bright up the place. "By Frith, that looks so beautiful!!", Carduus have a stunning look at his face and move forward to his mate and lay his arms around Vespers back and look wondering tho his charm."I have never noticed that your charm was glowing.. Why is that?"
Ask the hare and touch with his paw careful his blue necklace..
"Oh this old thing."Vesper exclaimed as he help show it to Carduus with his paw, "It tends to do that on it's own. Don't know but I often find it miraculous it does it, thought it would be interesting to know. I'll have to ask El-ahrairah when I have the chance. If I can. Here, hold still, my love, please." Vesper said as he carefully took it off and pulled Carduus ears down and wrapped the charm around the neck, fitting him just right. "Aww, it suits you dear. You look handsome with it." Vesper commented as he wrapped his own arms around his neck.
Carduus smiled, that Vesper says that."Oh no, it's around your neck on a better place and it looks beautiful to your eyes. By me would it disappear someday..It means lot for you, dosn’t it?"Carduus asked shyly.
Vesper contemplated then smiled warmly to Carduus as he placed a paw on his cheek then to his shoulder. "You're right, it does mean a lot to me but for know, I put it on you for tonight. Don't worry my love. I trust you with it and remember, tomorrow you have Owsla Training in the morning so it may get in the way.I'll be rooting for you by the way. I know you'll do exceptional. Tonight is just us dear. So don't be shy, though I do commend you for being kind." Vesper said a he leaned towards the hare and blushed. :blush: He stop just a bit in front of his mate face. "What do you want to do now, my Snow Hare? Any more unexpected surprises we may enjoy with one another?"Vesper giggled with a grin as he nuzzled his mate before pausing, leaving their mouths close to one another, feeling each other's breathing

"Only this." said Carduus and pressed his mouth on them from Vesper and make a long kiss. And caresses with his paws on Vespers cheeks. A long moment later, the kiss ended.
"Are we want to my borrow.. If you remember, I said last night, we should pick up the moment for later..I hope you know what I mean?” he smirked.
Vesper blushed extremely and looked away but flustered as he used his ears to cover his face, causing the Hare to chuckle. "Oh Frith, you do have way with courting me, dear. Though, I do know what you mean..." Vesper became quiet as he then looked back at Carduus with a smile and with a nod, he swam to the river shore and helped Carduus out as they dry themselves off and Vesper followed the Hare towards his burrow.
Both are going out the river and shaking there bodies out like dogs.Of the moonlight Carduus see a bush of berries and reminded him of some days ago."Hey, do you remember, this is the bush we are eating this berries, before the thunderstorm surprised us.. Come we take us a twig to take away." Vesper saw the bush he was referring to an indeed it was the same berry bush they had eaten when they rested in his burrow after declaring their love and becoming mates. Vesper eagerly took a twig or two of berries and occasionally ate a few, oh how delicious they were he thought. He hopped to Carduus and kissed his cheek in gratitude. "Thanks dear, you don't fail to surprise me. Do you know I love you? " Vesper said lovingly yet in a flirting tone as he snuggled his body next to him in adoration.Carduus was flattered when Vesper is snuggle him. "I love you my sweetheart!" Both are continuing to go to the Hare borrow, hopping next to next and snuggle sometimes while they walking.
At the entrance of Carduus borrow, the hare looks to the full moon. Then He noticed that the charm of Vesper around his own neck is glowing again.
"Wow, looky here, dear. My charm glows a lot more now. It must like you, dear." Vesper said as he kissed his forehead and carefully took off the necklace from his mate neck, pulling it above his head and over his ears and put it back on and smiled warmly as he stood on his hind legs, closed his eyes and hugged his arms around his charm around his neck, sighing happily as it glowed a bit more. "This feels wonderful dear. I feel so loved." He said as he went to the Hare's side and snuggled him more before biting his own ear and declaring, "This is no dream of mine. This is real, it really is." A smile grew on his face as he grabbed his mate paw and leaned his head on the Hare's chest as they looked at the moon.
"This I want try out too, to bite me in my ear..Carduus laughs if he see that Vesper do it.
The hare hold his rabbit warmly in his arms and lay his head down and whispers to Vespers ear.."Are we continuing on where we began yesterday.?"Carduus licking Vespers head top who is a little bit wet from the river.Vesper blushed a bit, as his mate licked his forehead lovingly and asked his question, the same one he was thinking of what is to come though he was alright with it. He did love Carduus and was willing to move forward as he was curious and shy though wished to share the experience with Carduus, doing what lovers do... "Yes, dear. We'll continue." He said shyly as he turned around and kissed him one more time before hopping into the burrow and Carduus following his mate. The Night was still a young one. The two left there berries close to the entrance of the burrow and Vesper set his charm down away so it would not get in the way of their Act of Love.
The Hlessi and The Hare Part II
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