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Electric Boogaloo

By DPIStudios
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Electric Boogaloo is 5 years old but still remains one of my personal favorites. As with all of our work it was penciled by Embrio and digitally painted by Jaysin. Electric Boogaloo was one of our first pictures accepted to Ballistic Publishing's Exotique books.

You can check out our other cyberpunk girl pictures at the DPI Studios website.
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ScannerArtly's avatar
Awesome! :D

Can I use it for a game, granting you credits, and an annual percentage as it turns commercial?

Please consider my offer :)

to the following link:---> [link]

Have a nice day!
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Thank you very much for liking our artwork enough to want to use it in your project. Thank you for asking to use our artwork instead of just stealing it (as others have). Unfortunately, since there is very little to no information about your project I can't even begin to make a judgment if it is a project we would like our work featured in. In general though, we do not participate in profit share or pay later projects. Thanks again for going about this in an upfront and honest manner.
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Dear DPI Studios,

thank you for your appreciation, not everyone sees it so, and it's very appreciated also this very civil conversation. :)

Although I would not reveal more about this project, because of competitors, and because I have to bring it to life to then protect my right and artists license of use, I would like to answer you; is very hard for me to offer something that could afford to pay for 500 images, and keep money for other expenses for game building.

That's why I invested on a lawyer, to grant rights to everyone, and have a clear honesty proof of having a clear contract for them and me. And of course being sure to have things done clearly.

I'm sorry that this info is not reported and clear on the public journal, but this is because of many reasons, also cognitive of the user (a too long and detailed info is not read by most) as of competitors (the idea would be spreaded too soon and without enough protection).

Once the game is done, of course I'll reveal it to everyone. But first, since it has very new features in marketing strategies, I can't take such a risk. Really, because as you see I'm not a big fish, but just a man with an idea, and not that rich (at all) to develop it in other ways.

I bind myself in the contract to grant artist an annual income, and their credits and references to their works, this income is a proportional percentage on the commercial use of the game out of expenses, I think is good enough. But of course, being you a studio, I understand totally your answer, and really thank you for your courtesy.

Finally, I really appreciate that you don't had any prejudices on the game, as you don't know it; this is a very intelligent features, that I won't forget. Also, I hope that if the game launches and the earnings are enough, Artists of your caliber could consider to join too.

Best wishes you too! ;)
DPIStudios's avatar
Good luck with your game and be sure to let us know more when you're ready to launch.
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Sexy, cool, and badass.
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Thanks, thanks, and thanks.
Blunt-Katana's avatar
I love the way the shading and shine was did very softly, making them look more solid rather than over glossed glass. Beautiful..... Its shocking that it doesn't have more faves and views!
DPIStudios's avatar
Thanks for the comment, it's tough to find that balance between shiny and smooth ;). We're new to Deviant Art, so we're still in the back corner waving our hand to try and get noticed. :)
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Look at dem smooth rubber people :) J/k, fantastic quality! :D
DPIStudios's avatar
Hey, in the future we will all be smooth ;)
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Awesome looking piece.
DPIStudios's avatar
Thanks for the comment, glad you like it.
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