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City of Angels by dperera94 City of Angels :icondperera94:dperera94 4 0
A Letter for the Things That Never Start
I don't know where you are, what you're doing, who you're with and what you're life turned out to be like.
But I hope you're happy today. I hope you'll be happy tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.
Because whatever happened between us, I know deep down you have a good heart. I've seen that side of you. I know you put a wall between yourself and others, and now I understand why, because I do that too. And even though I still think you made some mistakes and were wrong at times, I'm sure you had your reasons too, just like we all do. And after all, who am I to judge you? I forgive you. Will you forgive me too?
You will probably never see this. If you do, you will probably laugh and think "he still isn't over me, wow". I am in Dublin, thinking of you. Yes, almost three years since we parted ways and I still do think of you. And I still do miss you. I will go to Trinity College tomorrow, my sister will go with me too. Perhaps in another life, it could've bee
:icondperera94:dperera94 2 0
Greatest Act of Love
The greatest act of love.

I’d heard it before – the romantic notion of giving up everything and anything so that the one person you truly love could be happy, with or without your presence. There was always something that sounded so heroic and epic about it.
Now I know how it feels.  
All I ever wanted was for us to beat the odds. But statistics don’t lie. The dreams, the plans, it all faded away so quickly, but after all this time, I’ve finally realised that what’s most important is for us to be happy, whether it be together or with other people. It was always us against them back then, but that misguided notion led to nothing but unrealistic expectations and promises that could never be kept.
But without those lessons, where would I be? If there’s no suffering, no pain or healing, how do we learn? How do we appreciate the beauty and the greatness of what we have when we have it?
How do you go about this
:icondperera94:dperera94 2 9
Hello, Goodbye
I've been wondering for a while now...How long does it take to forget your past, move on, and start writing a new future?
Six months gone in the blink of an eye, and this lost soul still longs to find its self again.
The darkness has no answers for us. The so called romantic notion of misery, of suffering, of pain for the sake of a love long lost and never to be found again is trickery. It is a lie.
Life has so much to offer. God has given us so much to be thankful for. Don't ignore all that you have. Don't forget all that you CAN have. Rise above your sorrow. Let go of your past.
Easy to say, I know. But at some point you've got to move on. At some point, you've got to say "enough is enough". The sooner, the better.
:icondperera94:dperera94 5 0
Chained Eternally
How long? How long until this mass hysteria is put to an end? Why? Why is it this way?
We sing along to the symphony of life, but this…Is this really life? Is it living?
How can you define that which consists merely of work, as living? We have no time to live.
How fantastic it must be, to feel free eternally…
…When, and how can we put an end to this nonsense, this dogma, this predetermined way of life?
Home from work, finally free.
No, think again. Need to finish that report my boss asked for...
...Damn, it's past midnight. Time to go to sleep. Only to wake up to the same day. Again.
The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, there's so much to be seen and so much happening, but where are we? Nowhere to be seen. Stuck in the office, somewhere in between life and death.
Set me free, set me free of these chains. Sentence me to another life, because this is not living. I am not living.
We are not living.
:icondperera94:dperera94 4 7
Summer Love by dperera94 Summer Love :icondperera94:dperera94 2 0 Glare by dperera94 Glare :icondperera94:dperera94 4 0 Infinite by dperera94 Infinite :icondperera94:dperera94 4 0 High by dperera94 High :icondperera94:dperera94 1 0
The dark is your enemy.
It breeds pain, it breeds sadness, it breeds misery.
It takes you through a time tunnel, to remind you of your past.
Sometimes there's something so peculiar about it, you don't want to, or can't be bothered to move to turn that bright light back on. To bring back the happiness, the hope, the love and the faith back into your life. When faced with such a situation, remember to push yourself to enlighten your world yet again, before you get lost in that darkness forever.
:icondperera94:dperera94 3 2
ID2 by dperera94 ID2 :icondperera94:dperera94 1 0 Grey Skies by dperera94 Grey Skies :icondperera94:dperera94 10 2 Nap Time II by dperera94 Nap Time II :icondperera94:dperera94 10 12 Nap Time I by dperera94 Nap Time I :icondperera94:dperera94 3 0 One and Only by dperera94 One and Only :icondperera94:dperera94 8 0
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Hi all, I haven't been on dA for ages, been over a year and I just wanted to update you if you're still following me! :) 

I've been at university in England and I must admit, I haven't been keeping up with photography or literature since I got here. I've been meaning to write for a while now but just didn't seem to find the right words, things have been going on and my thoughts have been all over the place, but I'm happy to say that I finally got some stuff down, it was a relief to be able to write down my thoughts with such clarity after such a long time. I forgot how much I love writing and photography. I'm not going to make any promises for the future, in all honesty in a few months I'll be doing my 2nd year final exams and then I'll be off to London to work at an amazing, worldwide firm for a year to fulfil the requirements of my current degree! But I will do my best, I have another piece of work in progress so hopefully I'll have that up sometime soon as well!

Other than the job and university going quite well, I don't have much else to say, I've missed deviantArt and I hope I'll be seeing you guys around!

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Daniel Sean Perera
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