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Simplify Vanilla - Curtains Styles

By dpcdpc11
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FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: gumroad.com/l/NSuPn

A set of matching Curtains Styles to properly enjoy my Simplify 10 Vanilla - Windows 10 Themes.

These styles basically add a matching title bar and caption buttons (min, max, close) to most UWP (modern) Windows apps resulting in a seamless user experience.


  • download and install Stardock's Curtains app: www.stardock.com/products/curt…
  • open the Curtains Styles folder next to this readme file and double click on each Curtains Style that you want to install, which will also open the Curtains Styles panel.
  • now choose the right Curtain Style that matches your current Windows Theme.
  • for better compatibility, go to Curtains Options > More style settings... and uncheck "Apply style to window title bars".
  • and finally, enjoy your new Windows Style!

Simplify 10 vanilla macish screenshot 02 by dpcdpc11   Simplify 10 vanilla macish screenshot 03 by dpcdpc11 
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I have windows blinds, because the curtains are good and etc., but you have to pay ... so ... it's cool, but it doesn't work

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What are you talking about, buddy?

All my Curtains style are free. 0$ means they are free. Are you seeing something different?

And not sure why this has to do with WindowBlinds? I don't have themes for this software.

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Stardock is on Steam :d

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Do I need to pay for get this?

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Only if you want to. As you can see, the price is $0, so it's free.

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You always killing it sir. I think curtains is really cool, esp because you can customize not only title bar, but also the taskbar and start button

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Thanks man! I'll roll out Curtains styles for all my themes but it takes time to do it so stay tuned ;)

For now I'm only going to customize the titlebar and caption buttons but in the future I might try to play around with the taskbar as well.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing

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Thanks, Andrew! Let me know if you need any help with Curtains if you want to make some matching styles for your Windows themes as well ;)

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I sure do. Thanks for offering to help, I'll dm you.

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No problem! I'll be more than happy to help ;)

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Was reluctant on trying Curtains (don't really like the Stardock apps) But glad I tried this one! Really sweet to have the consistency. Also like the "Apply styles to Google Chrome..." setting (used the shortcut fix before but that didn't stick on auto launch after reboots). Glad you made this for your nice theme, thanks!

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You're very welcome ;) I'm working on making a matching Curtains style for each of my Windows themes so stay tuned!

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sounds splendid! keep on keeping on!

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Looks cool mate. Very nice addition to the themes! :)

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Thanks mate! You where the one to give me the impulse to look into Curtains and aim glad you did 😉

For now I've only tweaked the titlebar and caption buttons but I'll look into customizing the taskbar as well.

How about you? What are your plans for Curtains?

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I think I'll continue just using it for the Caption Buttons Most of my skins have support for StartIsBack as well so the Start Menu and Taskbar is usually covered. To me it's great add on but I doubt I'll be creating any full blown styles with it.

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Makes sense. I’m curious to see how far will stardock take Curtains bec right now it’s very limited in what it can do and it definitely can’t replace something like a custom Windows theme or WindowBlinds.

But in the meantime it gives our themes a longer shell life :D

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Looks good, man!

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Thank you my friend 😉

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