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Simplify Squared - Windows Cursors

If you enjoyed my original Simplify Cursors, then you'll love this fresh new remake! This time the cursors have a nice balanced size, ideal on any screen, and they also come in both Light and Dark color schemes.
So I really hope you enjoy these babies because I put a lot of effort into them!

And if you want to support my work, please consider getting them at

  • 2 awesome mouse cursors schemes (Light and Dark)
  • HiDPi compatibility
  • after unpacking the archive, navigate to each folder and find the _install.inf file
  • Right Click on the _install.inf file and select Install from the Right Click Menu
  • now just go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers and from the Scheme drop-down menu choose the new Cursor scheme installed
  • make sure the option "Enable pointer shadow" is disabled since the cursors have their own shadow baked in
  • and finally hit Apply or Ok and you're good to go!

For a sleek desktop experience, pair the cursors with one of my Windows 10 Themes, especially my...
Simplify 10 Light - Windows 10 Theme Pack by dpcdpc11  Simplify 10 Dark - Windows 10 Theme Pack by dpcdpc11

ENJOY!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

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Is there a way to purchase this in PNG / SVG format?

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Why would you want them in svg or PNG format?

This is amazing! Thank you!

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I love the cursor Christian and can you make the Breeze theme (form KDE) for Windows 10 please ?

I will be happy to have the Breeze theme in Windows 10 :)

Stay safe and continue to do your best


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Thanks for the feedback, Ben! I'm not really comfortable copying those cursors for Windows but I might do something similar inspired by the Breeze cursors.

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Your welcome :), and for the breeze dark theme, that's what the theme looks (from OpenSuse 15.x KDE)


I think that would be a good inspiration for you

Stay safe and i always love your work


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Thanks for the effort, Ben!

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Hey, please can you make a macOS Big Sur theme? I really want Niivus Big Sur theme but she requires us to buy access to his/her premium gallery because it's a premium deviation. But with you, whenever you make a paid theme, you allow us to ask for a free download in the comments. Still please can you make it? I kinda want to game over to a waddle dee because of that premium deviation.

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wow Kirby, talk about being manipulative. Niivu has stated the beta version is part of premium because it's a beta. Once the full version is ready, it'll be available for download like the rest of the themes. Never was it stated that Big Sur was going to be a premium deviation.

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There's a lot of work involved in the making of a Windows theme so artists like niivu need support too.

I'm able to give away my themes for free because there are some supportive people that buy them.

That being said, I don't plan on making a Big Sud theme. I already have a Mac like theme and Big Sur doesn't bring much of UI changes.

Maybe add a Big Sur option in Simplify Macish

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What exactly do you want from the big sur UI that can apply to windows?

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Can you be more specific? Because most of it can't be applied and it isn't really different from the previous macos version.

Big sur focuses a lot on translucency which isn't available in windows.

Now you have to do it, Niivu stopped allowing me to access her page and deviations

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Nice job dude, really clean :thumbsup:

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C'est magnifique minimal cursor :la:

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These look amazing! Great work. Gonna try them out tonight. :love:

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