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Simplify Dark - Winamp Classic Skin

Remember the good ol' days? Of course you do!

For me the good ol' days smell a lot like a new AMD K6-2 white-ish case, 15" tube monitor, 3 buttons white Acer mouse, white Genius keyboard, windows 98, brand new Carmageddon 2 CD, fifa 99, tomb raider 3, loveparade 1998, rave, techno, trance and of course... WINAMP... it really whips the Llama's ass!

The last few weeks I found myself swimming in nostalgia and Winamp jumped on my desktop. I've always wanted to make a Winamp skin but never got the chance and patience to do it. So I took a long breath and decided to go for it! And here's the result: a skin that matches my well known Simplify 8 For Windows Theme.
So I hope you like this skin as much you did my windows theme!

This goes out to all the old school computer fans out there... you know who you are if you're downloading this one!

Wallpaper used: Monument Valley Unofficial Wallpaper 5K.
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I stopped here when i'm looking for winamp classic theme.
this is too good for me!

i will use it for my audacious
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Glad you like it, Eve! Since it's my only Winamp skin, I've tried to make it as good as possible. It's the one I'm using myself right now as well ;)
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Awesome work dude, i love the skin
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Thanks man! Glad you like it ;)
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Man, it's 2017 and this skin is exactly what I needed. Thanks for this.
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glad u like it my friend!
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Damn...awesome Skin
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thanks.. glad u like it!
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Thanks for this great skin, I love it !  I could give it a DD, although your writings also deserve a DD !!  +fav :) (Smile) 
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Thanks man! I really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you like it!
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Hey, thanks for this prompt reponse ! Never got one so quickly ! Yes, I love these "old" classic skins, yours reminded me of Mindich Classic or Exeed ! I don't bother with playlists, but use them to stream internet radio stations (Ambient/Downtempo/Lounge/Chillout mainly) and to decorate my screen, along with a nice visualization...
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You're welcome my friend! Nice to hear that some else still uses visualizations! I used to make my own AVS presets.. good old days!
Speaking of visualizations and good old days... not sure how old are you... but you might remember this:…
Also have you tried aimp ( ? Which is pretty much a winamp on steroids.
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I had heard of Sonique, but never used it. Very interesting reading on Wikipedia, thanks. The Sonique skins must have been quite wild !
I have had Aimp on a laptop for over a year and was very enthusiastic about the sound, some of their skins were great but many disappointed me. I tried to have both Aimp & Winamp at the same time, but it got messy, so I removed Aimp.
I'm amazed at the number of comments you got on your latest piece. Have you broken DeviantArt's records ?? !
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I'm asking you about Sonique because the visualizations from aimp are actually from Sonique which are really cool, especially the Core Aorta and Rabbit hole ones.
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I agree, that's what I liked best about the Aimp skins, the small visualizations "stuck" in the main window. But why are they so small ?? And I told you many Aimp skins disappointed me, because many are very much alike & have no vis !
Also, I like the Soundspectrum visualizations (G-Force and Aeon particularly) and they work well with Winamp, but not with Aimp.

Regarding Oblivion, no, I haven't seen it. I have enjoyed Avatar, E.T. and most Spielberg's sci-fi movies. And I love some American series such as Mentalist & Criminal Minds !!

And on another subjet: I'm having problems with DeviantArt, I've installed Adbock Plus and DeviantArt asks me to place the site on my whitelist, but I don't know how to do that !! Sometimes, they block me & make it impossible to download !
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Here's video tutorial on how to whitelist websites in ad block plus:…
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I remember the good ol' days! lol.  Nice job mate.
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Thanks my friend! Do you also remember Sonique player? Now that was a special player!
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Great stuff mate! 
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I like it. Very nice and simple. My kind of colors too. :thumbsup: 
I still use winamp to listen to all my songs on my pc and new skins are pretty rare these days so I'm glad you released this.
Keep up the awesome work!
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Happy to hear that my friend! Thanks for your appreciation. Glad to see another Winamp user! You know there's a new Winamp in development.. Can't wait for it.. If it will be released that is.
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