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Simplify 8 Theme Pack for Windows 8.1


Get my latest Simplify 10 themes: for Windows 10!


an elegant and minimalistic Pack of Visual Styles for Windows 8.1 that doesn't get in the way of your productivity.
+BONUS: Matching Firefox Style for the dark themes available here.

EXTRA STUFF!!! make sure you checkout the 2 matching PotPlayer skinsSimplify Light for PotPlayer and Simplify Dark for PotPlayer.

IMPORTAT!!!! The themes don't change the icons! I never said they do! If you want to change the system icons you can use iPacks. In the preview I've used this iPack: numix iPack. If you want to change the taskbar icons then please google something like "how to change the taskbar icons in windows".

how to

create a Restore Point using System Restore (safety first!)
patch Windows so you can use 3rd party themes using this tool:
install the theme by copying the content of the Themes/Light Themes or Themes/Dark Themes folder in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\"
apply the theme from the Personalize panel
apply the registry settings by applying the corresponding .reg file in the Window Metrics folder
remove the hover glow of the taskbar buttons: System>Advanced Settings>Performance Settings>uncheck Animations in the taskbar
restart Windows and...
enjoy using your new themes!
• OPTIONAL for Dark Point and Light Lines themes: use OldNewExplorer and check Use command bar instead of Ribbon option and all the sub-options except for the Hide caption text in File Explorer windows
OPTIONAL! narrow vertical taskbar: use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. Right click on the tray icon>advanced settings and set the no_width_limit = 1
OPTIONAL! change the system icons: install the numix iPack

what you get

10 awesome Windows themes + extra variations: folders Themes...
matching windows cursor schemes: folder Resources\Cursors
two beautiful wallpapers: folder Resources\Wallpapers
matching Firefox Style for Simplify 8.1 Dark: available here
unlimited support!


• added a new Bonus Version: Light Blue.


• replaced the original Simplify progress bar with the regular one (the one from the preview), in all the dark themes..


• added a new Bonus Version: Light Micro.

• added a new Bonus Version: Light Classic.


• added a new Bonus Version: Light Lines.
• dropped the themes and support for Windows 8.0.

• added a new Bonus Versions for Windows 8.1: Dark Point.

• added 2 new Bonus Versions for Windows 8.1: Dark Frames and Dark Micro.
• fixed the vertical taskbar in all the versions.


• fixed a few bugs in Simplify 8.1 Dark Colorful.


• added a new Bonus Visual Style for Windows 8.1: Simplify 8.1 Dark Colorful.

• added a Bonus Visual Style for Windows 8.1: Simplify 8.1 Dark.
• created a matching Firefox Style for the Simplify 8.1 Dark VS.

• added support for higher DPI display settings.
• merged Simplify 8.1 and 8.1u1 into one.

• fixed the missing context menu in the Start Screen in Windows 8.1 Update 1.

• added a new variation for Windows 8.1 called Simplify 8.1 which fixes the jumplist bug.
• added a Bonus Wallpaper!

• initial release of the visual style.

known bugs

Windows 8.1u1: jerky animation when minimizing/closing Metro apps.

check this out!

if you enjoyed this theme I bet you'll also like my other Windows 8 themes:
Maverick 8.1 light for Windows 8.1
Maverick 8.1 for Windows 8.1
Minimal Taste 8 for Windows 8/8.1

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any way to get the curved scroll bar from light theme (preview)?

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This theme hasn't been updated for many many years and if you look at my gallery you can see that I no longer use Windows 8. So the short answer is no :(

thanks bro, can't wait to try this....

Looks amazing,Could you give me the download link, please? 
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Just click the download button! This is a free theme ;)
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Simple is best, awesome💕 Could you give me the download link, please?  

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It's free to download! Just click the download button and enjoy ;)
But make sure you have Windows 8.1 installed and not another version.
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Looks super cool! Send it to my notes? Thanks :)
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Sure thing. Link sent to your notes. Enjoy ;)
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Hi! Looks amazing. Can I try it out?
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Sure thing my friend. Check your notes for the download link and enjoy ;)
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Could I please have the download link?^^
dpcdpc11's avatar
Yep. Link sent to your notes. Enjoy and Merry Christmas ;)
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Thanks! Sadly, it seems it doesn't scale correctly to 200% DPI on a high-res monitor: Merry Christmas to you as well :)
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It's an old theme that hasn't been updated for years (2016.01.26). Back then hidpi monitors weren't a thing.
I would suggest to update to Windows 10 and try my win10 themes which most of them work great at 200% scaling.
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Always doing a great work. Awesome happy  
Could you give me the download link, please?  
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Sure thing. I've sent you the link to your notes. Just make sure you have Windows 8.1 installed and not a different version.
Enjoy ;)
download link please?

dpcdpc11's avatar
Check your notes and enjoy ;)
Awesome theme! Could I get a download link please? Thanks, great work.
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