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Simplify 10 Light Circles Clean Screenshot

Hey guys... I'm bringing your again another updated theme:
Simplify 10 Light Circles

Simplify 10 Light Circles - Windows 10 Theme by dpcdpc11

Here as well, the main focus was to improve the UI for HIDPI displays while fixing some consistency issues with some of the elements.

But that's not all of course! Now, the theme comes in two flavors: Simplify 10 Light Circles Gray and Simplify 10 Light Circles Clean. The Clean variation gives the UI a bit more contrast and introduces rounded corners on various elements to make them look awesome, as you can see in the screenshot above.

So what are you waiting for!? Get the updated version using the same download link you used before for either the Simplify 10 Light - Windows 10 Theme Pack or the Simplify 10 Light Micro theme.

Well, I really hope you like this one, and I'll catch you on the next update.

Wallpaper used in the shot: Wanderer Wallpaper 5120x2880px
Wanderer Wallpaper 5120x2880px by dpcdpc11

ENJOY! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Again very nice respect my friends 
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Thank you for the kind words ;)
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Love how it looks, it's really catching. Well done, mate!
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Thanks! Glad you like it!
Thumbs up okay 
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eye catching
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I think start orb icons is quite smaller than the taskbar icon.
it's disturbing me
hehe ^^
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Ha... Didn't notice that before! I'm using 7+ taskbar tweaker to make the icons bigger because I don't like the default size. They look too small and weird for me.
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and now start orb became small and weird (for me)
no tweak for bigger orb? for match size
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Hmmm, not sure if there's such a tweak. What's weird is that I've never noticed it before.
There's one setting in 7+ taskbar tweaker that hides the Start Button all together to give you a more Mac like look.
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very clean look bro...its just WOW ;)
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Thanks, man... glad u like it ;)
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Interesting... I like it!
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Thanks, Vic! Glad to hear that ;)
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