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Minimal Taste for Windows7


Get my latest Windows 10 themes:

Note: if you like this theme, would you be willing to donate a mere 0.5€ as a symbol of your appreciation for me? If you are interested please click here:…

Firefox 4 users!!!

Due to the poor coding in FF4 default theme, my visual style and other 1px window frame styles, makes the title bar in firefox to disappear sometimes without any logical explanation. I found a way to fix that... at least in my case this works.
- check out the fix I made, available here

- another annoying bug that gave me 2 sleepless nights is finally fixed! I'm talking about the exaggerated height of menu and toolbar in Open and Libre Office. Users... enjoy!

- the much awaited fix for the autoscroll mouse cursor in Firefox is here! It was the damn tooltip PNG in Explorer causing all the hassle. Glad I've finally fixed it! Still trying to fix the huge height of the button/toolbar of Open/Libre Office 3.3
- also made the scrollbars thinner in the light and dark bar variations. I think they look cooler now!

- matching glass like scrollbars for the colored caption buttons Version

- another variation added to the package:

Color Caption Buttons

I had fun making the new buttons (inspired by the original OSX buttons of course), so I hope you'll have fun using them.


- the much awaited Light Taskbar is here!

Many people requested the Light Taskbar version of my previous theme Caesar mod. I have stopped working on that theme but didn't forget the request. So you can finally enjoy the Light version of the taskbar. Works great with the Token icons by brsev and with the TB shadow by sweatyfish available here:…

- improved the top frame of windows so now the inactive frame is is brighter than the active one
- changed the window caption font to Ubuntu (which is now also added to the package)
- fixed the aero wizard background

Yes it's a new Mac Clone Windows7 Visual Style... why? because I love it, it's cool and it works perfect for me... got tired of all the translucent theme (which are also cool btw) so I got back to my old Caesar Mod. This one had a number of bugs which I wasn't able to fix so I've started to remake the style from scratch using as a base the most complex and perfect Win7 Visual Style in my opinion Clearscreen Sharp by k-johnson:…
As I was recreating Caesar Mod I've started tweaking it more and more... and after aprox 1 month later here's the result: Minimal Taste!
As you can see there are tones of elements different: buttons are new, caption buttons are new, scrollbars are new, the start menu is fixed, and Java apps which used to crash using Caesar Mod are no longer crashing, the address and search bars in explorer are different... etc. etc.
Now this theme works great both on Aero and Basic interfaces, Top and bottom taskbar only. Didn't get enough time to do the taskbar on the vertical position.

Firefox4, Chrome and some other software which have problems with the windows frames of these kind of visual styles now work perfectly, but in order to do that I had to sacrifice the windows shadow. Personally it's not a problem for me since I'm not really into shadows (except for the taskbar).

So I hope you'll enjoy this new theme and will give you satisfaction using it.

If you find any bugs don't hesitate to leave a message!

What's in the package:
Theme: Minimal Taste by dpcdpc11: Dark Taskbar and Light Taskbar Versions!
Resources: ExplorerFrame (x86&x64) | Fonts | Start Orbs (…) | Wallpaper (…)
Tools: Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker | Windows 7 Start Button Changer

What's not in the package:
Icons used in the screenshot: Token by brsev

Here are some brief instructions which I think you may all know by now:

0. Patch your system files and install the required fonts!
0.1. Be sure to patch your system files before you can use 3rd party windows themes. Use this tool to do it:…
0.2. Install the fonts found in the folder "Resources/Fonts"
0.3. Restart your PC

1. Install the theme?
Copy the content of Theme folder in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\" (Asuming that you're Windows 7 is installed on partition C)

2. Change the start orb?
Use Windows 7 Start Button Changer from the "Tools" folder to change the start orb.
Launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose one of the 3 BMPs from the "Resources/Start Orbs" folder and you're done!

3. Change the ExplorerFrame?
Take ownership of ExplorerFrame.dll, make a backup of the original file and copy the one in "Resources\ExplorerFrame\" according to your OS (x86 or x64)

4. Remove the blured edges of the windows?
Use Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker from the "Tools" folder to remove the windows blur.

Thanks for downloading!!!

CREDITS GOES OUT TO (sorry if I left someone out... it's not on purpose):
:iconk-johnson: :iconkal-el84: :iconaaron-a-arts: :iconfatezoom: :iconkishan-bagaria: :iconkatz93: :iconnardoxic: :iconsalmanarif: :iconihelian:
© 2010 - 2021 dpcdpc11
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Skepticu's avatar
Great Job ! Thank you
dpcdpc11's avatar
Thanks. Glad you like it!
any chance you can make a version of this skin with blue that matches OSX and the pill buttons from OS X as well as the pill style scroll bars?
dpcdpc11's avatar
Sorry my friend but I don't do window themes anymore. I've switched to the shitty win 8 which really limits theming.
Medicris's avatar
"Now this theme works great both on Aero and Basic interfaces"

Um. I've used a lot of themes before, and I might be missing something, but I don't see any Basic themes in here. Any help? I'd like the option to use as little resources as possible by using a Basic theme if I want to (and not having to look at the ugly Windows 7 Basic default theme if my GPU is rendering another environment like a game).

I see no basic themes in the Personalization Menu like the NOOTO port does. Please help?
dpcdpc11's avatar
I don't understand... the basic theme is part of the main theme... apply the theme and then turn of aero. It's as simple as that!
Medicris's avatar
Duly noted. Other themes that say they're Basic-compatible have their own separate .theme that goes into the Ease of Access Themes dir, which are selectable from the Personalize menu under the rest of the built-in Basic themes. Some examples are the W7 NOOTO and EnoO/EnoS ports and the Placebo pack.

I saw no such Basic edition, so I assumed it had none. This is the first time I've seen the need to go through this alternate method to select the Basic version.

Thanks for explaining, anyhow.
dpcdpc11's avatar
I know what you mean now... I could have done that but since a really few people use the Basic UI it thought it aint worth the effort since you can achieve the same thing just by unchecking an option box.
Thanks for using my theme btw!
Medicris's avatar
Perfect, thank you for explaining.
This is almost the perfect Windows 7 theme. It is amazing, BUT...
You need to update the Light taskbar, so it's all light. e.g. when you click the start button, it's still that dark color scheme.
And secondly, the close, min, max buttons need to adjusted so they are a bit closer to the right edge of the screen. On huge windows it's okay, but it really pops out smaller windows.
And also, windows colors should be a little more lighter.

And that's about it. I believe this is the best theme out there, and I really searched and searched.
I'm just a perfection bitch and want it all perfect. So, if you have time, please consider these comments.

I shall recommend this to everyone ether way and this some brilliant work sir!
dpcdpc11's avatar
thanks for your appreciation and download!
this theme is really old and I won't update it anymore.
the min, max, close btns can't be moved more to the right due to the Windows 7 design limitations.
make sure you check out my other themes which are newer and even more perfect... I specially like Minimal Taste Flat
d14gvn's avatar
will be released a non aero version? :)
dpcdpc11's avatar
no, sorry... the version is final!
d14gvn's avatar
thanks anyway :)
nhimchanborey's avatar
Too young to make the themes, please, please, please don't ever make such a damn theme and upload to this site.
dpcdpc11's avatar
What??? I don't understand what you're saying here
nhimchanborey's avatar
dpcdpc11's avatar
up 2 me? well ok! thanks... I think!
nhimchanborey's avatar
DJanne's avatar
And now Aero doesnt work at all, thanx very much...
dpcdpc11's avatar
don't thank me... thank you intelligence! these are 3rd party themes, which means that windows doesn't embrace them by default so you have to first patch you system files... did you do that, genius??
I've updates the description of the theme so other geniuses can make this theme work.
Btw, Aero works but it's just turned off... if you didn't manage to turn it on again here's how you do it: Start>Type 'Services'> restart 'Desktop Window Manager Session Manager' service... and voila... it works again!
DJanne's avatar
Doesnt work, i just get Windows 98 look when I choose from Personalition theme menu
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