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Minimal Taste Reloaded for W7


Get my latest Windows 10 themes:

Just for you, and for me of course... I give you Minimal Taste Reloaded! This is one of my older themes revamped, cleaned up and polished for a photo finish.

Note: if you like this theme and would like to donate a mere €1 as a symbol of your appreciation of me and my work please click here:…

Update 6

- cleaned up the window borders of the wBorder version... now they're nice and clean. Also the bottom frame now matched the top one... you'll see the difference in Windows Photo Viewer for example.

Update 5

- NEW SubVersion available in the Pack! To fix various Aero dependent programs like Windows Photo Viewer or Opera, I've created a new version with window Borders!
You'll see what I mean after you unpack the archive!
The new version is called Minimal Taste Reloaded wBorder, which can be found in the Theme folder of the archive.

Update 4

- added my newest creation to the Pack: Minimal Taste Cursors and Minimal Taste Cursors Dark

Update 3

- changed the shut down menu, control panel and toolbar menu to fit the general right click menu.

Update 2

- changed the BAM! animation to a animated Plus(+) sign... I know people likes the BAM! animation but it wasn't an original creation and didn't really fitted the theme.
- changed the start menu All Programs arrow to a Plus(+) sign
- changed the slider button bar vertical and horizontal

Update 1

- fixed the start menu height which looked nasty for those using the taskbar on top... now it looks just perfectly for bottom and top taskbar users!
- fixed the system tray popup background color. Click now on the Sound Volume icon to see the difference.

Firefox 4 users!!!

Due to the poor coding in FF4 default theme, my visual style and other 1px window frame styles, makes the title bar in firefox to disappear sometimes without any logical explanation. I found a way to fix that... at least in my case this works.
- check out the fix I made, available here

Package includes:

- the theme itself
- Fonts need to make it work perfectly
- Explorer Navigation Buttons
- Windows Start Button:…
- Matching windows cursor schemes: Minimal Taste Cursors and Minimal Taste Cursors Dark

What's not in the package:

Icons used in the screenshot: Token by brsev
miniBin by e-sushi:…
gdipp - the tinny app that makes your fonts clear and smooth like those in Linux Distros. It's available in 32 and 64 bit flavors. Download here:…
Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker by Kishan-Bagaria:…

How to:

1. Patch your system files and install the required fonts!
1.1. Be sure to patch your system files before you can use 3rd party windows themes. Use this tool to do it:…
1.2. Install the fonts found in the folder "Resources/Fonts"
1.3. Restart your PC

2. Install the theme?
Copy the content of Theme folder in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\" (Asuming that you're Windows 7 is installed on partition C)

3. Change the start orb?
Use Windows 7 Start Button Changer to change the start orb. You can find the needed tool here:…
Launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose the BMP from the "Resources/Start Orb" folder and you're done!

4. Change the Windows Navigation buttons?
Use Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer to change the Windows Navigation Buttons, resources available in the folder "Resources/Navigation Buttons"
Download the tool here:…

Thanks to art-styles for the awesome wall:…

Thanks for downloading!!!
© 2011 - 2021 dpcdpc11
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I like your start menu,filled with software shortcuts in small icons style.
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Thanks for your appreciation!
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I am attempting to do this on a Win7 Entreprise x64, when I apply the theme it looks like I am using the Classic Win98 appearance?
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Make sure you have properly patched the windows dlls and are using Windows at default dpi / scaling
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Very good work and splendid, thanks for sharing Clap 

a question: How do you open "Control Preview?

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thanks man... the Control Preview is part of the Windows Style Builder.
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Thanks my friend ;)
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when i select objects in explorer they dont seem selectes i mean the transparent box dissapears, please tell me how to fix it !! 
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can you send me a screenshot please? As I recall I fixed all bugs in this theme long, long time ago.
Ey could yo just post the icons please?
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the link to the icons is in the main description... Icons used in the screenshot: Token by brsev
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Nice theme! But you should've changed the IE icon to a trollface :P that would be hilarious.. ^^
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thanks! glad u like it!
After installing the theme and all the fonts along with the gdipp app the text on steam is unreadable.
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remove gdipp and try this app: [link]
gdipp hasn't been updated for a while and is buggy.
Its working much better now thx.
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happy to hear that!
love it:love:
P.S.: can you port it to windows 8.
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