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Maverick 8.1 light for Windows 8.1


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Check out Maverick 10 - Windows 10 Theme Pack: gumroad.com/l/tZLHq

resources used in the preview

Aura wallpaper
numix iPack for the the system icons
Token icon pack used for some icons in the taskbar
iOS 7 Style - Metro UI Icons by i0m1k used in the Grey version.


Starting as a mod of my previous theme Maverick 8.1, it became in the end a stand alone theme with some unique GUI elements like the push buttons, tabs, checkboxes and many more. So I invite you to discover a new way of "painting" your desktop in orange using Maverick 8.1 light as your Windows theme!

how to

• create a Restore Point using System Restore (safety first!)
• patch Windows so you can use 3rd party themes using this tool: uxstyle.com
• install the fonts in the Resources\Fonts folder
• install the theme by copying the content of the Theme folder in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\"
• apply the theme from the Personalize panel
• apply the registry settings by running the maverick_8_1_light_window_metrics.reg file in the Window Metrics folder
• remove the hover glow of the taskbar buttons: System>Advanced Settings>Performance Settings>uncheck Animations in the taskbar
• restart Windows and...
• enjoy using the theme!
OPTIONAL! narrow vertical taskbar: use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. Right click on the tray icon>advanced settings and set no_width_limit = 1
OPTIONAL! make windows explorer look cool: use OldNewExplorer. Check the option: Use command bar instead of Ribbon
CAUTION! the theme only works at default Windows dpi/scale level!

what you get

• one awesome Windows themes: folder Theme
• matching windows cursor scheme: folder Resources\Cursors
• matching PotPlayer skin: folder Resources\Skins
• unlimited support!


• added a new Extra version: Maverick 8.1 light grey.
• fixed some bugs.

• initial release.

check this out!

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Thanks to:
for the Aura wallpaper used in the preview!
neiio for the numix iPack (the system icons) used in the preview!
brsev for the Token icon pack used in the taskbar

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ngl this kinda looked like ubuntu when small image