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Leaf Visual Style for Windows7

By dpcdpc11
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Get my latest Windows 10 themes:

The much awaited Leaf Visual Style for Windows 7 is here!
6 SUBTHEMES INCLUDED: top, top-small-fonts, bottom, bottom-small-fonts + an extra variation of the bottom versions: Bottom Flat (normal and small fonts)!!!! Plus the same cool versions have now a new variation with changed window caption buttons!

View in action here:…

Note: if you like this theme, would you be willing to donate a mere 0.5€ as a symbol of your appreciation for me? If you are interested please click here:…


- NEW VARIATIONS!!! I've got bored of the caption buttons so I made another set of caption buttons which come as a extra versions of the same styles as before. Hope you like them! You can check'em out in a fresh screenshot here:…


- fixed the height of the All Programs section in Start Menu


- another annoying bug that gave me 2 sleepless nights is finally fixed! I'm talking about the exaggerated height of menu and toolbar in Open and Libre Office. Users... enjoy!


- the much awaited fix for the autoscroll mouse cursor in Firefox is here! It was the damn tooltip PNG in Explorer causing all the hassle. Glad I've finally fixed it! Still trying to fix the huge height of the button/toolbar of Open/Libre Office 3.3


- finally fixed the More Options popup menu in Explorer. Thanks to solmiler


- changed the selected item image in explorer and also the text color from white to black. The white text color was the same as in the details of items when searching in windows explorer which was pretty annoying, for someone using windows explorer.
- I've included another version in the package: bottom flat. What's that all about? It's a previous version of the taskbar which I like and kept alive. It's flat like you guessed and does not have that inner dark gradient that the normal version has. This works perfect on flat minimalistic wallpapers!


- finally fixed the buggy display of fonts in microsoft office 2010 tabs. Thanks to jhanford for the suggestion!

Update 7

- Yes, another update... but it's a GOOD update!
- improved the Small Fonts versions: thinner window frames and also thinner scrollbars. Since some people have small resolutions on their display, I though this change would improve their experience and productivity using this theme, since the desktop space is so limited. Enjoy!

Update 6

- fixed the undetermined progress bar... try checking for windows updates and you'll see what I mean! Thanks to iBest for the bug reporting!

Update 5

- made some small modifications to the bottom taskbar version... added a pale dark gradient to give it a little depth. This will be more visible on simple wallpapers.

Update 4

- fixed the bottom taskbar... now it's smooth as silk!
- removed the aero reflections... now the taskbar and the window frames are all cleaned (thanks to troubada for pointing this out).

Update 3

- added SMALL FONTS version for Bottom and Top taskbar placement. The new font used is called Aller but since I don't have the License to distribute it, I can't include it in the package. Fortunately you can download it for free here:…

Update 2

- added bottom version for the people who use their taskbar on the bottom. It's slightly different from the one on the top but I hope you like it!

Update 1

- fixed the extended start menu (thanks to sergiogarcia for the bug report!)

Package includes:

- 6 Theme versions: Top, Top Small Fonts, Bottom, Bottom Small Fonts + an extra variation of the bottom versions: Bottom Flat! What's that all about? It's a previous version of the taskbar which I like and kept alive. It's flat like you guessed and does not have that inner dark gradient that the normal version has. This works perfect on flat minimalistic wallpapers!
- Plus the same cool versions have now a new variation with changed window caption buttons!
- Fonts need to make it work perfectly, except Aller... read bellow!
- Explorer Navigation Buttons
- Windows Start Button:…

Not in the package:

- Aller Font Family needed for the Small Fonts versions. Available for download here:…
- gdipp - the tinny app that makes your fonts clear and smooth like those in Linux Distros. It's available in 32 and 64 bit flavors. Download here:…

How to:

1. Patch your system files and install the required fonts!
Be sure to patch your system files before you can use 3rd party windows themes. Use this tool to do it:…
Install the fonts found in the folder "Resources/Fonts"

2. Install the theme?
Copy the content of each folder inside the Theme folder to: "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\" (Asuming that you're Windows 7 is installed on partition C)

3. Change the start orb?
Use Windows 7 Start Button Changer to change the start orb. You can find the needed tool here:…
Launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose the BMP from the "Resources/Start Orb - Leaf" folder and you're done!

4. Change the Windows Navigation buttons?
Use Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer to change the Windows Navigation Buttons, resources available in the folder "Resources/Navigation Buttons"
Download the tool here:…

5. Smooth Fonts like in OSX or Linux?
Use gdipp, the little app which changes you font rendering engine to make the fonts look smooth just like, or almost like in Linux or MacOS. Download here:…

Thanks to jsz for the wallpaper used in the preview:…

Thanks for downloading!!!
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I LOVE THIS. DO you have this exact same but for Win 10? I'm looking for a clear theme but I can't find

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Thanks for the kind words! You won't find such a theme for Windows because unfortunately aero has been disabled since Windows 8.1 unless you're using a 3rd party hack like Aero Glass.

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You could do it for W10, and people have already decided for themselves whether to install "Aero Glass" or not.

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It would be crap without Aero Glass and made no sense. The idea of this design starts with transparency.

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Who Want Wallpaper Form Preview?


Green Leaf Wallpapers 4
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Thank you :)
Those were some good old times for customization!
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I can imagine I have Windows 10 for some daily user projects but really I like Linux Mint and cinnamon desktop and now that photomatix makes it completely working HDR program for Debian Linux, and GIMP has gotten so much better... I can almost use Linux as my every purpose machine .. one thing is updates coming immediately and install and deploy and update the kernel so so much faster than Windows
dpcdpc11's avatar
Definitely Linux has its advantages and myself included I would love to switch tomorrow but I'm a web designer/developer and I need fast reliable tools like the Adobe suite, Affinity designer and a bunch of others a well which don't work on Linux and WINE is not an option for me so for now I'm stuck to Windows, which to be honest it's quite stable for a few years now and most things just work plus I have some creative freedom to customize it as well.
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I use windows 10 daily  and like  i just test distros  ....and use the 1  version as my 2nd go to system   today i am experimenting with ELIVE
dpcdpc11's avatar
I see.. That's an interesting job for sure! Elive looks interesting, minimalistic and fast. Never tried it.
Alembic-Lynxxx's avatar
Well Elive is 32 bit... They have code programmed in some special way to have physical address extension of ram like 64-bit computers have so it will recognize and use all of 16GB or 24 or 32 whatever you have but it's still a 32-bit program so in that respect they are incredibly unique. But because they are 32-bit program for Linux Google Chrome or chromium stop developing 32-bit browsers way back at about version 42 so it's way behind for security and I wouldn't want to use their browser for doing anything that requires a secure password login to any specific website that might be involved with banking or PayPal or something moving money this way or that way but it is absolutely beautiful what they have done with their Enlightenment environment and iCandy and Compizz Fusion graphics
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Man, I'd wish there'd be Visual Styles like this for Windows 10. There are so many awesome Themes for 7 while 10 is so ugly that it needs awesome Themes like this one so much more.
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Windows 10 doesn't have Aero no more which made the window frames translucent so that's why there aren't themes likes this for Windows 10!
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awesome thank you <3 
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Hello ! Congrats for your well-deserved DD ! Just discovered it today ! I love your theme, ans still have a few laptops with Windows 7, I might try it ! +fav Bullet; Purple Bullet; Red Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Pink Bullet; White Bullet; Orange 
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Thank you.. Indeed Leaf for Windows 7 was a big hit at that time. If you can, you should definitely try it out.
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is it there for windows xp
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no, it's a theme for window 7
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