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Exodus Wallpaper 5120x2880px

By dpcdpc11
Your support is always appreciated: Hug 


Someday we will reach for the skies and never look back. It will be the start of a brave journey into the unknown to become an interplanetary species!

Get the mobile version here: Exodus Mobile Wallpaper

  • 3 amazing wallpapers @ 5K resolution (5120x2880px)
Works great with my latest Simplify 10 Dark Purple - Windows 10 Theme so give it a go :)
Simplify 10 Dark Purple - Windows 10 Theme by dpcdpc11

Enjoy! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

Thanks to Were for the inspiration :)
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These wallpapers look amazing! One of the wallpapers fit in well with the dark gray theme. Thank you for making my desktop look amazing.

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You're welcome my friend! I'm so glad you like it 🤗

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Exclnt old fashion minimal excellence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks! Glad you like it ;)

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Your choice of Colors and Concept are commendable...

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Thank you for the kind words my friend 🤗

Great wallpaper!!! Love it :)
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These are great! Thanks for the share :) I'm looking through your wallpapers and there are many great ones. Great talent.
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Thanks Allan! Really appreciate your kind words. I'm glad you like my stuff :)
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Awesome work!
Thank you! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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glad u like it my friend!
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I do, and you're most welcome!
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beautiful wallpaper! thank you :)
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you are very welcome :)
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nice shit man....lovee itttt.....
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Hello, I find your work amazing! I have a quick question: Does the fact of putting your themes (like Simplify 10 Light-Windows 10 themes Pack) damage the computer?
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Thanks for the kind words!
Themes can't damage your computer. What can damage your windows is the patcher that you need to install to make the themes work. That's why I always recommend making a Restore Point before applying the patch.
But as long as you follow all my instructions correctly you should be fine.
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All right, thank you for your advice ^^
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Awesome ! I like it.
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Thank you for your kind words Muna :)
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