Hello everyone, Blue-Uncia here!

We'd like to announce that from now on the Featured Folder has a new purpose. The themed features were nice, but we noticed a decline in interest. And thinking up new themes would have eventually also become more difficult.

So now the Featured Folder is for art and comics we'd like to give some extra exposure to. These comics have something extra - beautiful art, a particularly gripping story, or an extensive archive - in short: they have the wow factor.

This does mean, however, that we'll be performing a little bit of quality control. The Featured Folder is no longer open to submissions from regular members; only group admins will be able to move submissions to this folder.

Please feel free to suggest comics to us, so that we can consider them for the Featured Folder! Comics from any category are welcome here, and we will take all suggestions into consideration.

There are a few things to consider:

:bulletred: Please remain polite. We reserve to right to decline your suggestions, and we'll tell you so if we do. Pestering admins, or constantly recommending the same comic will not be tolerated.

:bulletred: Suggesting your own comics is allowed. No need to be shy.

:bulletred: We reserve the right to remove comics from the Featured Folder without prior notice, for whatever reason we see fit.

:bulletred: When suggesting a comic, it might help to briefly explain why you think this comic should be featured.

:bulletred: Have fun!

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