Hello everyone!

merely-mango is taking a little break, so here's an update from Blue-Uncia. Today I'd like to discuss affiliations, since we've been receiving more and more affiliation requests.

You may have noticed that we don't have as many affiliates as other groups. The reason for this is that affiliates are very special to us; we are very proud of them. To us they are not just logo's in the lower left-hand corner of our page. We want to be able to say: check out these groups and clubs, because they are awesome!

That does mean some form of quality control needs to take place, when we're accepting affiliates. And with the group getting ever larger, we figure it's time for some affiliation guidelines.

Don't worry though, they're not that strict.

:bulletgreen: Affiliates may be groups or just user accounts dedicated to club activities. Either form is welcome here.

:bulletgreen: Ideally your group or club encourages the production or further promotion of Pokémon comics, but it isn't a requirement. It also doesn't have to be about the exact same subject as DPCA, namely Pokémon comics. If your club is about a related topic, you are eligible for affiliation too. Here are some examples of what we're interested in:

:bulletblue: Pokémon in general

:bulletblue: Comics in general

:bulletblue: Pokémon-themed OCTs and leagues; including ones that do not exclusively accept comic entries

:bulletblue: OCTs in general, and OCT listings

:bulletgreen: Note that barring OCTs and comic listings, we are mainly interested in groups with broad subjects. Affiliates shouldn't be about subjects that are too specialized. We will not affiliate with:

:bulletred: Groups dedicated to one specific Pokémon, one evolutionary line or one type. Groups or clubs dedicated to one specific generation are debatable, if that group meets the rest of our guidelines.

:bulletred: Groups or fan-clubs dedicated to just one person's Pokémon comic will generally not be accepted. We are willing to link to them on our comics list, however, if the artist is a DPCA member: dpca.deviantart.com/blog/30878…

:bulletred: Groups or clubs that are dedicated to specific character pairings (e.g. Ash x Misty)

:bulletred: Any other groups we consider too specialized and/or unrelated to comics.

:bulletgreen: Your group or club should have English as its main language.

:bulletgreen: Your group or club should be completely compliant with Deviant Art's policies. That means no pornographic material, stolen art, or hate art should be present in your galleries. For dA's policies, please check out the FAQs: help.deviantart.com/

:bulletgreen: We expect our affiliates to be groups of a certain size. Affiliates should have a minimum of 25 members (group) or watchers (account-based club). We realize that implementing size-restrictions might seem unfair, but affiliation should be a mutually beneficial affair.

:bulletgreen: Affiliates should maintain a level of administrative activity (post new journals every few months, admit art, etc.). They should also ideally display and maintain some form of organisation. It doesn't have to be as minute as ours, but some organisation (and a mission statement on the frontpage) goes a long way.

:bulletblue: Affiliates of DPCA will have their icons added to our "affiliates" widget (in the case of groups), and we will also add a link to you on our main mission statement on the frontpage (groups and clubs). Non-group affiliates are expected to link back to us in one form or another as well.

:bulletblue: We may occasionally deviate from these guidelines as we see fit.

We value quality over quantity when it comes to affiliates. If you are a dedicated admin, then I'm sure we can work something out. Please don't hesitate to send us a note with any questions you may have!

- Blue

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