Welcome to the DeviantArt branch of the Drawn Pokemon Comic Alliance (or DPCA for short).  Whether you consider yourself to be an artist or perhaps just an appreciator of Pokemon fancomics, then we welcome you to our group!

But what is a "drawn" comic? Drawn comics are sequential art that is done using traditional media [Such as ink, pencil, paint, markers, etc-] or digital media [drawing in Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc]. But why no sprites? We have found that there is a surplus of webcomics that are based off of video games that feature sprites characters, so much in fact, that they seem to dominate the fancomic genre. Sprite comics usually focus on humor/parody aspects of a webcomic while a drawn comic can be flexible and leave room for many different genres. We want to bring together the artists who work to draw fancomics with diverse genres and storylines. Drawn comics also allow the artist to create visual personalities and to better portray their own characters, rather than characters straight from the game. DPCA encourages originality!  

A Brief History The Drawn Pokemon Comic Alliance was established back in 2007. The idea came from Ace who, upon talking with several comic friends, discovered that those who draw Pokemon comics (instead of sprite comics, which make up a large percentage of Pokemon comics) think they are alone in the vastness of the internet. Seeing this, he wanted to unite these artists. Destinie then took on the idea of making a website and making sure that comics are listed and kept up to date, which would allow listed artists to communicate and visit other artists on the web.  

About DPCAda Blue-Uncia discovered that there was a large amount of Pokemon comics hosted on DeviantART that could not be listed in the web directory because they did not have their own website. She then decided to begin a DeviantART group that had the same premise as the website but with more!  

DPCA@ DA is not just here to showcase comics, we are here to unite other artists with a certain goal in mind. You can not just view other comics, you can communicate with other artists, participate in events, and get your own work seen!

Those of you who are artists, please read the guidelines before joining the group. Those who are not, you are still welcome to watch the group, and we hope that you will take the opportunity to do so.

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