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Before noting or commenting us with any concerns or questions you have, please take the time look over this list. If your question remains unanswered, then feel free to contact us! We might post the question here for future reference.

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:bulletred: I'm working on a Pokemon comic or I am planning to start one, but there are no comics in my gallery yet, can I still be a member? We are hesitant in accepting people who have not put any comics in their galleries, but are planning on it, for a couple reasons. We want to have members who are active and have pre-existing comics so that once added, people can visit the gallery and see the comics. We also do not want to add people that soon in case they never actually get around to posting the comics, and we don't want to have to reject anyone once they are already a member. If you plan to join, please make sure you have 2-5 comics/pages already in your gallery!

:bulletred: I've stopped making comics but I still have my old comics in my gallery. Do I have to leave the group? NO! Ideally we would like all our members to be active but you do not have to be! If you still have pages from an old OCT or something along those lines, you can still be a member and you do not need to drop out of the group.

:bulletred: Oh noes, the rules changed on the front page about the number of comics I needed to have to join! Even though I am already a member, do I have to drop out or hurry up and submit stuff? Unless stated otherwise, current members would not be affected by these updates. Once you are a member you do not ever need to worry about losing your membership!!

:bulletred: I have a general question, what should I do? You can post general questions on our front page or you can note either one of the founders or co-founders.

:bulletred: I would like to become an admin. Is that possible? We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we’re currently not hiring any more help. If and when we do decide to attract more admins, we prefer to take the initiative ourselves.

:bulletred:I know someone who makes Pokemon comics, but who isn’t on your list. What should I do? You could of course go an pimp DPCA for us. Alternatively, you can tell us who this lovely person is, and we’ll check them out for ourselves!

:bulletred:I write Pokemon comic scripts but do not draw. Can I be accepted? Currently we are only accepting those who illustrate their own comics. If you are a writer, you are free to work with an artist and you may both join (as long as there are a substantial amount of comic pages in your galley). DPCA is , in a way, a directory for artists to post their comic work. We welcome writers to watch the group, that way you can enjoy the comics and perhaps find an illustrator. We can not guarantee we can find you an artist for your script.

:pointr:Comic List

:bulletred:Can I submit more than one comic to the comic list? Yes. Please be sure to check the guidelines thoroughly before submitting.

:bulletred:I no longer want my comic listed on the comic list. Can I remove it? Yes. Send a note to Merely-mango and it will be done.

:bulletred: Can I change the rating of my comic after I am listed? If for some reason you listed your comic as teen and then 50 pages down the road you feel it has become too mature, then by all means, note merely-mango and it will be moved to the new category. Please keep in mind that your comic will NOT be listed under both categories. It's either one or the other.

:bulletred: You say link for the first page of the comic. What about the first page for chapter 2? We want ONLY the link to where your comics begin. From there, you are on your own. We recommend putting comic navigation in your artist comments (IE: “next”, “previous” links) or linking them to a collection in your gallery that is neatly sorted. We are not responsible for posting the orders of your comics.

:bulletred: Can the first page be a cover page? If it is the beginning of your comic, then yes.

:bulletred:I don't have a comic on DeviantART but I have one on Smackjeeves (or another web host). Can I still be listed here? If you have a comic that is not on DeviantART, you can always submit to have it listed at the regular DPCA website at www.nyarth.net/dpca If you are intent on joining the group, then you can submit your comics onto DeviantART and then we can list you. Alternatively, you might also post a few example pages on DeviantART, with links to your main site in your artist comments. These example pages may also be submitted to the gallery if you so desire.

:bulletred:Can One shots and gag comics be added to the comic list? Sorry, no. The comic list is used to list ongoing, serialized comics. However, if you have a comic that is a series of strips (versus pages) like a Newspaper comic, you can be added to the comic list. Single comics can not be added to the list but feel free to enter them into the gallery.


:star: :bulletred: My comic has Fakemon in it. Can I still submit it/join the group? We don't mind Fakemon as long as it's not the entire premise of your comic/artwork. We will allow any comics with Fakemon as long as your comic still has canon Pokemon in it. Yes, your comic's main character can have/be a Fakemon or catch Fakemon, we just ask that it also includes Canon Pokemon. If you submit artwork with Fakemon, please make it known in your artist comment that your comic includes Fakemon as well as Canon characters. (This is for the courtesy of other readers.)

:bulletred:Hey, I made a meme for *insert OCT name here*. Can I submit that to DPCA as well? Sorry, but no. We welcome OCT comics, but do not consider memes to be comics. But if your meme contains cameo characters, then you might consider submitting it to the Fan Art folder in our faves.

:bulletred:The art I want to submit is in my Scraps. May I still submit it? Yes, you may!

:bulletred: I have a Flash comic, may I submit it? Flash comics, yes. Flash movies, no.

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