:pointr: OCT list

DPCA supports Pokemon-themed comics. So it’s only natural that we also support Pokemon-themed OCTs! Looking to join an OCT, or do you wish to spectate? Check out the following list:

:bulletgreen: Open for audition, or upcoming OCTs:

Pokemon-League A group that takes rolling submissions filled with tons of tournaments and free battles.

GlobalBattleUnion Is a special group for IPL members, which hosts PCBC-like OCTs. This event is only open for members of IPL, so be sure to sign up there first (see group listed above this one).

US-Pokemon-League A relatively new group that focuses on the creation of gym leaders instead of trainers

NZ-Pokemon-League The same as above but aimed towards individuals from New Zealand

Poke-Rivals An open-minded OCT with various battle styles to choose from, and various other events to participate in.

Pokemon-Game-Over Is accepting entries in comic form, and it's open for auditions.

END-RUN--Pokemon-OCT An upcoming war-themed OCT.

:bulletyellow: Ongoing OCTs:

PCBC Probably the biggest Pokemon OCT community on DeviantART. PCBC3 has now kicked off. Admins say this will be the last PCBC ever, so keep that in mind!

bigskycarnival A plot-driven OCT, with what looks to be a varied set-up (battles, contests, etc.).

STABoct Is the sequel to PCBCOS!

Pokemon-UBF (Previously Pkmn-Battle-Frontier) A League-type group, the Battle Frontier also accepts entries submitted in comic format.

Battle-Frontier A large OCT group that also accepts entries in comic form.

PKMN-Grand-Festival A Pokemon contest-themed OCT.

:bulletred: Past OCTs:

PokemonSuperContests PSC's Black Tourney is over and the group has returned to its regular league activities. These are still worthwhile, however. Rumors about a possible BT 2.0 have been refuted by PSC's hosts: pokemonsupercontests.deviantar…
In short, there will not be another BT, but there will be a sequel OCT sometime in 2011. As always, we will keep you posted.

Poke-fanclub In the summer of 2010 Poke-fanclub organized the popular PokeVenture event: poke-fanclub.deviantart.com/bl… . It is now over, but it may come back eventually.

PCBCOS The PCBC - off shoot is PCBC’s little brother. Can’t enter the PCBC? Missed the audition deadline? Didn’t make the cut? Try your luck at the PCBC-OS!

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