:pointr: Submission guidelines

:pointr: Becoming a member

Because our aim is to create a list of comic artists on DeviantART, we ask that you only apply for membership if you actually have a suitable Pokemon-themed comic here on DeviantART. You will be required to link to at least one active comic in your submission request (either link to the first page, or to a gallery folder containing your comic). Make sure you read our “Comics List” blog (link), to see whether your comic meets our requirements.

If you do not have your own Pokemon-themed comic, but would still like to follow DPCA’s activities, you are of course more than welcome to watch us!

:pointr: Submitting to the galleries - rules

Members are allowed to submit art to our galleries. However, to keep things organized we ask that you keep to a set of rules and restrictions.

:bulletred: Please make sure you submit your art to the correct gallery folder. This will lighten our workload. (See the folder explanation section below.)

:bulletred: Please do not submit to the Featured folder, unless your deviation meets the current Featured Theme. You can check the theme on the group's front page.

:bulletred: All submitted pieces must abide to DeviantART’s policies, which you can read up on in dA’s FAQs (help.deviantart.com/). In case you require a summary: it means your work may not contain porn, underage nudity or hate art, and it must be 100% your own work. Policy violations should not be submitted to DPCA and will be reported, not approved.

:bulletred: Please make sure your submission is in the correct DeviantART category. Pokemon-themed comics should either be in the Fan Art category, or in Scraps, depending on your views on gallery maintenance.

:bulletred: The number of pages you are allowed to submit depends on the total size of your comic. For regular comics (All ages, Teen, Mature) and Nuzlocke comics the rule is that you may submit 1 page for every 5 pages you have. The counter starts at page 1, mind you. You may submit 2 pages if you have 6 pages in total; 3 pages if you have 11, etc. For OCT entries you may submit 1-2 pages per round or 1-10 pages of your entire adventure throughout the OCT (if you did not pass round 1, please submit only 1-2 pages, unless you’re doing spectator entries in later rounds).

:bulletred: Say your comic is 500 pages long. Just because you’re allowed to submit 50 pages, doesn’t mean you have to. Nor would it be very clever to submit them all at once. Please keep our watchers’ in-boxes in mind when you submit. While we do not impose any restrictions on how many pieces you may submit per week, we’d appreciate it if you limit yourself. Our aim is to attract more readers for all our members, not to make our watchers unwatch our gallery on account of in-box spam. ;)

:bulletred: Note that you are allowed to submit any page of your comic. You are not required to for instance submit every tenth page of your comic. You may also just submit the first few pages, or just chapter cover pages, or pages you’re particularly proud of, etc, etc, etc.

:pointr: Submitting to the galleries - folder explanation

:bulletred: Featured folder: This is our special spotlight folder. Please don't submit here, unless your work meets the current theme!

:bulletred: Critiques desired: This folder is specifically for those of you who are looking for critiques on your work. We recommend that you mention in your artist comments what kind of critiques you’re looking for (just for that particular page, art, panelling, entire comic’s story, etc). Note: This folder will periodically be emptied, and submitted works will be moved to their appropriate folders.

:bulletred: All ages: This folder is for comics that are listed as suitable for All Ages (see “Comics List” blog dpca.deviantart.com/blog/30878…). Note that the entire comic, and not just the particular page you wish to submit to DPCA, should be suitable for All Ages. If your comic is listed as Mature, the page should be submitted in the appropriate folder, no matter what the page in question depicts.

:bulletgreen: Teen: Ditto.
:bulletgreen: Mature: Ditto.
:bulletgreen: OCTs: This is where your OCT submissions go.
:bulletgreen: Nuzlocke comics: Comics you make while taking the Nuzlocke-Challenge can be submitted to this folder.
:bulletgreen:  One shots: This is where single page gag-type comics go.

:bulletred: Reference sheets: Reference sheets contain detailed information about your human or Pokemon characters, so that others can also draw them. Regardless of whether the sheet is for OCT’s or for regular comics, this is the folder you want to submit them to.

:bulletred: Promotional art: Got some random art of your comic’s main character with a Rattata on their head? Think others might find it cute? Submit it here! We only ask that you don’t go overboard and submit every random doodle you make. Remember: help us avoid that in-box spam!

:pointr: Submitting to faves

While only members can submit art to our gallery, any Deviant may suggest faves! Any submissions here must meet the same general rules as regular gallery submissions. These are the folders you may submit to:

Featured folder: We realize that we cannot list every Pokemon comic on DeviantART. Either we miss them, or they’re on hiatus, or their artists did not want to become DPCA members. Whatever the reason, this is the folder where you may find these comics. And yes, you may also submit your own, already listed comics here if you like, though again: please don’t go overboard.

Fan art: Comics are not all about the comic artists. They’re also about the fans! Are you a fan of a Pokemon comic out there? Have you made them some fan art? You can submit it here! The comic in question does not have to be a DPCA-listed comic either.

Tutorials: DPCA’s aim is not just to inventory comics, but also to be a useful home base for comic artists to meet others, promote their work, and yes: improve their own art. To that end, we also have a tutorials folder. This folder is for quality tutorials on art in general, comic writing, special effects, anatomy, Photoshop techniques, story-writing, and whatever else might be useful to comic artists.

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