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The comics are broken down into several sections: All Ages, Teen, Mature, and OCTs (Original Character Tournaments). This list is different from the Gallery Categories (but similar). Please be sure to read the distinct guidelines for adding your comics into the galleries, as they are very important. A new feature for DPCA is that the comics listed here are also listed at the DPCA website (link) under the “DeviantART Comics” category.  

:bulletgreen: All Ages dpca.deviantart.com/blog/30878…

:bulletgreen: Teen dpca.deviantart.com/blog/30878…

:bulletgreen: Mature dpca.deviantart.com/blog/30878…

:bulletgreen: OCTs dpca.deviantart.com/blog/30878…

:pointr:How to Submit Your Comic

Please Note that Your comics will NOT be automatically added to the comic list upon membership of the group. You will need to read and follow the information below before your comic is added.

We welcome all artists no matter what skill level, but before you get to the form, please review these guidelines:

:bulletgreen: Your webcomic is about POKEMON. It can have either canon or non-canon characters, but it must be Pokemon-based. We also accept comics that include Fakemon, but be advised, if your comic contains Fakemon, we require that you post dex entries in your gallery and make sure they are clearly linked in your artists comments for readers to find. We also ask that you use canon Pokemon as well. We may not accept a comic that is entirely about Fakemon.

:bulletgreen:Your webcomic is DRAWN. It can either be digital (Photoshop, Painter, etc) or traditional (pencils, inks). It can also be colored or black and white and isn't limited to just a serial-type comic. It can also be short strips, but it must be DRAWN. This means NO SPRITES (Sprites, whether they are ripped directly from the games or slightly edited, are also against DeviantART policy, which we do want to uphold.)

:bulletgreen: Take Language into consideration... We are not limiting only English comics, please let me know if your comic is not English, and I will be sure to put a note for our non-English speaking visitors.

:bulletgreen:Comic rating When submitting your comic, I will ask for your comics "rating". This is because the comics will be sorting according to the esrb ratings (Everyone, Teen, or Mature). This is so visitors can sort out which comics they feel would be most suitable for themselves, and I can keep things organized. When submitting a rating, please keep in mind:

      - Everyone/ All ages (E): Material is suitable for all readers, Does not contain profanity or strong violence. Contains light-hearted themes.

      - Teen (T): There's more violence (Pokemon Battles become bloody/realistic), language, teenage situations, etc...

      - Mature (M): Gore, Strong Language, Nudity, and also any yaoi/yuri comics should be rated "mature".

:pointr:Comic Submission Form

Now that you've reviewed that, and hopefully you are still considering to submit a comic with us, use the form below. Please send a note to Blue-Uncia with the following information:

Name of Comic:  
Name artist(s) (If it is a collaboration please put all names):  
Category: E, T, M, OCT
Genre (IE: Humor/Action/Romance):
Brief summary:  
Comic start (please include the link to the FIRST PAGE of your comic. Also, it would be helpful for you to have links to the next pages of your comic in the artist comment, but not necessary):  
Also hosted off-dA (Website if your comic is also on another server)?  

:pointr:OCT Comic Submission Form
*Note* This form is only if you are entering your OCT comics into the comic list. If your comic is NOT for an OCT, please use the form above.

Your DA Username/ Name of Artist(s):
Category: OCT
OCT Name (the link/name of the OCT the comic is for):
Comic Start (Please include the link to either the FIRST PAGE of your comic or the link to the GALLERY where your comic is stored):

You will then receive a notification if your comic is accepted and when it is added to the list. The process might take a few days depending on submissions volume and other amounts of work, so please be patient.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Please note::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
4 April, 2011: If your comic is listed here, and you plan on deactivating or moving your account, please let us know! Help us keep this list clean and up-to-date.

Thank you.

- Blue-Uncia

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