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Srarlight: "Wind in My Mind" / Humor/Action/Adventure
Summary This comic takes place in the world of pokemon mystery dungeon explorers. 20 years into the future(from when darkrai was stopped) all seems peaceful till a weird group of pokemon appear causing havok, soon after a young explore team: Star Seekers,find some hert lost pokemon that may be the only ones that can stop a mysterious foe from a different civilization.
Comic Start: srarlight.deviantart.com/art/P…

BummerForShort: "Rare Candy Treatment" / Humor
Summary A webcomic targetting the flaws and hypothetical situations in the Pokémon games. Ridiculing the trainers, mocking the various species, and overall making fun of a popular game we all hold very dear (author included).
Comic Start: fav.me/d2xawj5
Posted off DA: rarecandytreatment.smackjeeves…

PToG: "Persian's Tale of Giovanni" / Adventure/Comedy/Drama
Summary Team Rocket's Boss was not always the towering figure he is now. This is the story of a much smaller, brattier, and more injury-prone Giovanni, as seen by none other than his obnoxious (and hereto unevolved) Persian.
Comic Start:fav.me/d2jj0zj

Saronicle: "Versa and Sudoku" / Humor/Adventure
Summary: Dr. Sumar was one of Team Galactic's best scientist, until one scientist's treachery results in him and his friend turning into Pokemon and ruins their friendship. He then goes on an adventure to find a legendary Pokemon before Team Galactic.
Comic start: saronicle.deviantart.com/art/V…

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