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    Inkvelvet: "Nexivus" / Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi Summary: The world of Nexivus is constantly expanding; new regions, new habitats for people and pokemon are appearing daily. There are friends to be made, as well as enemies, and with the mysterious illness known as 'The Darkness' spreading, it is more important than ever to distinguish between the two. Nexivus is a very dangerous place, not for the light-hearted explorer. Cancer isn't a explorer, but she's arrived in Nexivus with the intention of having the best time she possibly can - and that means getting drunk and laid as often as possible. Maybe a little bit of battling in between. If she feels like it. However, she soon meets some rather interesting companions and before long finds herself having something of an adventure. Comic Start: nouveux.deviantart.com/art/NEX… Hosted off of DA: nexivus.smackjeeves.com/

    TravelersUnite: "Project Nuzlocke" / The beginning doesn't have a defining genre (the first few pages bounce around), but it has worked into an action/drama Summary: Alton, the main character, moves to littleroot town after his mother remarries with the intent of becoming a gym leader (maybe even a champion!) However, some of his favorite childhood myths and legends stand in the way. Comic Start: trav-is-a-noob.deviantart.com/… Hosted off of DA: -

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