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The Adventures Of Calvin 'Fire' Red - Cover 2 by Phi8
Kit's Platinum Nuzlocke adventure 1 by kitfox-crimson
Stuff of Legend: page 329 by Blue-Uncia
Critiques desired
PMD-EoV Prologue Page 1 WIP by Megatraven
PMD: Nexus Rush - 005 by Tayzonrai
Chapter One: A Blue Omen - Cover by Tayzonrai
PMD: Nexus Rush - 004 by Tayzonrai
All ages
Let's see you try and rip me off NOW. by TaeTheQuilava
RGEM Strip 6 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham
RGEM Strip 5 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham
RGEM Strip 3 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham
Explorers of Shadows Pg.385 by Quilaviper
Lost Legends Page 21 by Axxirah
Explorers of Shadows Pg.384 by Quilaviper
Pokemon Tales - Caught in a Cold Front 22 by Duckyworth
Project LIFE 07 FINALE: PERFECT BLUE by Billiam-X
Nightmares - Page2 by AbrahamDHR
Nightmares - Page1 by AbrahamDHR
Chapter 1 - Tracking in the mud - Page 3 by AbrahamDHR
NOCT2-ROUND5 by JustMiri
NOCT2-ROUND4 by JustMiri
NOCT2-ROUND3 by JustMiri
NOCT2-ROUND2 by JustMiri
Nuzlocke comics
Nuzlocke White: The Castle of Eyes, Pt 2 by ky-nim
Sketchy Johto nuzlocke #48 drama, I choose you! by Charlemagne1
NuzRea page 15 by Skitea
NuzRea page 16 by Skitea
Mature Nuzlocke comics
Project LIFE 8_2: Sunday Morning Drive. by Billiam-X
Project LIFE EXTRA 03: The Lore Verse 1 by Billiam-X
FireRed Nuzlocke 29 by TaeTheQuilava
One shots
Frontier Shenanigans 2: Pokken Boogaloo by Inudono19
Amizade | 66 | Quarter-Life Crisis by Thalateya
Amizade 63 - Talkey-Beanie by Thalateya
That moment when... by bekkomi
Reference sheets
Froaklin Frogadier Reference by Skitea
RR PKMN 3. Tagadirt the Meditite by Marjo-MidoriMedicham
RR PKMN 1. Rachida the Medicham by Marjo-MidoriMedicham
RR PKMN 2. Narissa the Medicham by Marjo-MidoriMedicham
Promotional art
Frontier Team by Inudono19

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RGEM Strip 6 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham RGEM Strip 6 :iconmarjo-midorimedicham:Marjo-MidoriMedicham 1 0 RGEM Strip 5 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham RGEM Strip 5 :iconmarjo-midorimedicham:Marjo-MidoriMedicham 1 0 RGEM Strip 3 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham RGEM Strip 3 :iconmarjo-midorimedicham:Marjo-MidoriMedicham 0 2 RGEM Strip 2 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham RGEM Strip 2 :iconmarjo-midorimedicham:Marjo-MidoriMedicham 0 3 RGEM Strip 1 by Marjo-MidoriMedicham RGEM Strip 1 :iconmarjo-midorimedicham:Marjo-MidoriMedicham 5 4 Pokemon World Adventure Poster by Decote Pokemon World Adventure Poster :icondecote:Decote 39 57 Nuzlock-Sapphire pg7 by SherlockianHamps Nuzlock-Sapphire pg7 :iconsherlockianhamps:SherlockianHamps 35 14 NCLG-- Part 21 by pettyartist NCLG-- Part 21 :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 458 218 Pokemon X Page 1 by DarkRedPhantomX Pokemon X Page 1 :icondarkredphantomx:DarkRedPhantomX 5 3 Small Balls... by AmukaUroy Small Balls... :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 723 245 Pokemon: That Guy... by AmukaUroy Pokemon: That Guy... :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 4,152 513 Totally Old School by AmukaUroy Totally Old School :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 891 317 10 YEARS- Then and Now by AmukaUroy 10 YEARS- Then and Now :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 1,787 329 PKMN: Dammit Ash by AmukaUroy PKMN: Dammit Ash :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 1,081 166 Pokemon: STOP IT. by AmukaUroy Pokemon: STOP IT. :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 4,921 767 Pokemon: Ben Dover by AmukaUroy Pokemon: Ben Dover :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 2,255 463











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The Drawn Pokemon Comic Alliance (…) now has its very own deviantART branch: DPCA on dA!

Our mission is to create a special directory of Pokemon-themed comics on dA. Artists and comic writers can share their work and get in touch with other artists here!

Important! Before you click that join button: We only accept members who are working, or have worked on Pokemon comics of their own. Please include a functional link to your comic (consisting of at least 3-5 pages) in your member application. If you don't have a Pokemon comic of your own, you're always welcome to watch us instead.

Important blog entries:

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Recent Journal Entries

To anyone still watching the DPCA: Hello, and thank you. We’ve been pretty inactive.

And that’s basically what I’m writing this post. I’m not really sure what to do in these cases.

I am just a contributor to the DPCA. I’m not an admin and I don’t have access to everything. I don’t even get to see page submissions. I can’t remember the last time I saw a batch of pages uploaded. (I used to get those requests but not anymore. Long story.) About all I get to see is when a new author requests to be a member or if a group wants to be an affiliate.

My point with that is I don’t have all the power in this group. That belongs to Blue-Uncia who is rarely able to get on, if at all, anymore. A few weeks ago, I put a message up in the admin area to see if any other group members were around and didn’t get a response, so I could very well be the only one who still is checking DA! (Or maybe they’ll see this and this will get their attention.)

So if you have submitted pages and the requests haven’t been approved, I’m sorry about that. I just can’t access them to approve them. We haven’t been purposely avoiding you.

I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time on DA. A group starts and over time the members or admins stop visiting or contributing. People have lives and things happen. I get that. I guess I just don’t know what we’re supposed to do about it.

I don’t think we should close the group. (Not that I think I’d have the power to do that anyway.) This is still a good place people can come to find a collection of comics. It can still act as an archive of sorts. I also don’t think I want to take on the responsibility of being a head admin if that were even an option. Assuming I have enough power to do anything, what should I do? Should I see if I can close submissions or something? Just see if I can get the page submissions again? Should I just stop worrying about the group all together and let it just stay inactive?

Maybe I’m the only one who worries about this. But I guess I just want to see what people would like to see happen! If you have any feedback to give, let me know!
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Freude-Le-Depressif Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay so I think I've understood the submissions rules ! But I've a question...I don't know if my comic has to be in the "Nuzlocke comics" folder or in the "Mature Nuzlocke comics" folder...Could you help me ?
Blue-Uncia Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We prefer to let authors make that distinction for themselves. We originally made the mature Nuzlocke folder, because authors asked for it, since they had blood and gore in their comics. So basically just ask yourself:

- Is my comic going to feature blood and gore
- or nudity
- or other more mature themes?


Ultimately, like I said, we leave that choice up to you.
Freude-Le-Depressif Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for your help ! I know in which folder I'll post my comic now ^^ !
Dr-Reggie Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have another submission question.

I realize that I'm only able to submit 3 more pages after my comic has hit 15-16 or so pages, IIRC. Including both chapter 1 and 2, my comic now has a total of 19 pages. Instead of submitting 3 more pages from Chapter 1, can I just go ahead and submit 3 pages of Chapter 2 instead?
Blue-Uncia Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely. :)

Which pages you submit is entirely your choice.
Phi8 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I asked a while ago to switch my Nuzlocke cover in the Featured folder every time I got a new one. I have the second version now, so can you switch the first version with the second please? I also noticed that the first page is also still there. It doesn't have to be there, so while you're doing your thing with the covers, you can also remove page 1 from that folder.
I submitted my cover to the Artwork folder, I'm not sure that's the right one.
If you're wondering what covers I am talking about:
This is the one that is currently in the Featured folder; can be removed from there.
This is the one that can be its replacement.
And this is Page 1 that doesn't have to be in the Featured Folder; can also be removed.
Thanks in advance!
Blue-Uncia Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Submissions in the featured folder can stay there for life, as far as we're concerned, but I've moved them for you. :)

Also, for future reference, the cover can go into the Nuzlocke folder (or in this case the Featured folder) along with the rest of your Nuzlocke pages. The Promotional Art folder is for individual art that isn't really part of the main comic. ;)
Azalonozul Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oops. I just saw the discussion down there. Guess it's 5 pages. Sorry about that.
Vye-Brante Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We'll typically accept your application into the group with three pages, but then with the page limit on submissions you can just submit one of them into the gallery until you reach page six.

So if you have three already up, feel free to ask to join and I'll get it through!
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